Patriots Draft Mockumentary: Volume 4

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At least one trusted NFL Mock Draft has one of these QB's going to the Patriots in the 1st Round - or at least whomever makes the 28th pick.

While we have our own three round 2011 NFL Mock Draft for all the Patriots fans to look at, it’s always good to get a second (or sixth) opinion.

We compiled a short list of five of the most trusted mock drafts out there for you to check out.  Read what they have to say about each of their first choices after the jump.


Patriots 1A  (Oak)

Patriots 1B

Draft Insider J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin Mike Pouncey, OL, Florida
Draft Breakdown J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA
Draft Ace J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin Gabe Carimi, OL, Wisconsin
Nawrocki (PFW) Anthony Castonzo, OL, BC Andy Dalton, QB, TCU
Draft Maven Anthony Castonzo, OL, BC Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA

Draft Insider on Watt:

J.J. Watt has the size/athleticism ratio as a potential five technique 34 teams dream.
Draft Breakdown on Watt:

He is scheme versatile and has the length, strength, athleticism, and hand quickness and ability to disengage from blockers you look for in a 3-4 end, and also the pass rushing abilities of a 4-3 end. Watt ultimately looks to be one of the safer defensive picks in the draft.

Draft Ace on Watt:

Watt is a top-10 talent, but the depth at defensive end will likely cause him to fall into the 10-20 range. He’s a great fit for New England’s defense and should be a starter from day one.

Nawrocki on drafting Castonzo:

The Patriots have done a very good job scheming protection on the offensive line to conceal the shortcomings of their left tackle. However, with Matt Light(notes) unsigned and Nick Kaczur(notes) proving unreliable, the Patriots would benefit heavily from a very smart, versatile and dependable left tackle such as Castonzo.

Draft Maven on drafting Castonzo:

The Patriots have too many questions on their offensive line that they would be dumb to not consider a player like Castonzo here.


31 Responses to “Patriots Draft Mockumentary: Volume 4”

  1. DaveD says:

    I agree with Nawrocki, we need a left tackle. My first preference though, would be a pass rusher like Aldon Smith. I believe he could be another Jason Taylor. They have the same body type, length, long arms and success in college.
    I think a trade up with the second pick could secure the tackle. Of course it depends on the Patriot’s own evaluations.

  2. Jeff says:

    Man I gotta say, if we got Watt, Jordan, Heyward or even Wilkerson at 17 and then Pouncey at 28 I’d be doing flips!
    We could go for Jabaal Sheard or Brooks Reed or even Justin Houston at 33 if he’s still there, then take Marcus Cannon, Clint Boling or Marcus Gilbert at 60 and Vereen, Toddmann or Thomas at 74 for our RB.
    I’d go through the roof with that draft. We could even steal Ricky Stanzi in the 3rd round with the 92nd pick as well!
    Man what a haul!
    I’d love to see us grab John Moffit in the 4th round also if he’s still there!
    Man if BB took his picks at those spots and these guys fall to them what a haul on the OL, DL, OLB and RB!

  3. Michael says:

    The word we need to keep in mind when it comes to first round picks and Partiots is “SAFE”, the Patriots usually don’t go for projects, players with limited college experience/production, etc, even if they have a lot of upside, they wait until Round 2 to take those types of risks. When you factor this in, to me, this tells me guys like Kerrigan, Quinn, Watt, A. Smith, & T.Smith are off thier draft board and guys like Pouncey, Ingram, Costanzo (or one of the other tackles), Amukamara, & Watkins will be the players on their draft board.

    In round 2, I see them looking at Sheard, Bailey, J. Carpenter, C. Brown, M. Wilson, R. Cobb, B. Harris, etc.

    • Phil says:

      i could see them going with Martez Wilson early. in this draft…not a project player but a guy that is a versatile linebacker which will help immediately in sub rush situations. I wouldn’t be surprised if we trade back and get another 3rd rounder and pick in the 20-25 range and grab wilson and an O lineman in the 1st round. No doubt that we really need a player that can contribute right away.

      • Jared says:

        Phil…love Martez Wilson for everything you said and more, i think there is a really good chance hes there at pick 33.

    • Jeff says:

      I don’t think Watt falls out of the “Safe” pick zone, but I do agree with the others on the unneccesary risk for these players.
      I think you can add Wilkerson and Cam Jordan to your list of safe picks as well, and probably remove Amukumara from it as he won’t be there, nor is he worth trading up for.
      I also highly doubt the Patriots interest in Danny Watkins. I know all kinds of pundits have said they’d pick him possibly at 28 because they compare him to Stephen Neal playing football late, however, Neal was an UDFA, not a 1st or 2nd rounder.
      Watkins is much more likely to have a 3rd round grade for the Pats than a 1st round.

    • cc says:

      WE can alway’s wait and see about a DE in free agency……….
      Jason Babin,
      Ray Edwards,
      Tamba Hali,
      Charles Johnson,
      Shaun Ellis,
      Mathis Kiwanuka,
      and Cliff Avril are all nice choices for a Free Agent DE. Depending on who and how much nevermind one year, two year’s…….? and then next year get the best one available in the draft as well.

      • Jared says:

        not one guy on that list fits in a 3-4 scheme. there are all 4-3 DE’s

        • cc says:

          I just threw them out there simply because I knew off the top of my head they were DE’s and available in free agency. I’m sure there is a 3-4 DE somewhere that could happen within a trade for Mankin’s if it goes to that.

          I’d be willing to forgo a DE this year if we sewed up the depleted O-line in protection of Brady with top tier guy’s as well as nabbed a decent OLB.

          I’d totally wait on free agency, the Mankin’s trade if it came to that, the next trade deadline, or even next year for a solid long term DE we can be happy about if they took care of all the rest.
          The missing O-line pieces are more important, so is replacing TBC at OLB.

  4. Michael says:

    Alot of people seem to be on the JJ Watt bandwagon, maybe I am in the minority here, but I think he is a little overrated as a player. Also, although he has the height (6’5), he doesn’t have the weight New England typically looks for in their 5 technique D-End’s, all of our DE’s are all 6’2 to 6’3+ and 300+ lbs, except for Mike Wright and he went undrafted, Watt I believe is at the 290 range. Another point, NE takes College Dtackles and converts them to D-Ends in their scheme in the NFL…Ty Warren, Richard Seymour, Ron Brace, Deadrick, etc, etc, all played as DTackles in college, Watt was almost exclusively a D-End in college…look at the Patriots Contacts on this website and you will see a “majority” of the players they spoke to for the Dline, fit the mold that I just mentioned…I’m confident in saying that I do not see JJ Watt being a target for the Patriots, let alone be drafted by them, sorry to burst everyone’s bubble !

    • TD says:

      I would not get hung up on the weight part, these guys lose or gain 10-15 for the combine.

      The big guys lose some weight to squeeze out a faster 40 time, while V Miller gained 15 pounds to entice both 4-3 & 3-4 teams.

  5. cash says:

    Watt just doesnt do it for me at 17. He seems decent but nt worth the 17th pick. I have been hearng that Daquan Bowers is sliding a bit because of his knee, I would trade love to have him if he fell in the 11-15 range. He was only a junior so people need to chill out with the whole “one year wonder” thing, same with Fairley. Ndamuking suh was a senior when he came out thats why he was such a beast his last year, could you imagine if Bowers or Fairley stayed in school? they would have dominated too.

  6. John says:

    Anybody have any idea who BB is actually high on with their evaluations?

    Based on all the articles, it seems that Prince Ak….. seems to be the only one that has particular interest. Just a guess.

  7. JMC says:

    I still think interior line is the greatest need- Call me crazy-

    • BAMNATION says:

      JMC – I agree with you , but the value is not there w a Pouncey type going so high. Rather have Wesniewski, Boling or Moffit in 2/3 rounds.

    • Jared says:

      ur crazy…last in the NFL on 3rd down, 30th in pass defense….thats worse than bad.

      • cc says:

        So is missing a Tackle and a Guard from the get-go as well as still tuning in now and again for the latest on the Logan mankin’s Soap Opera……..That O-line folded in the jet’s game-Period. Letting Brady get squashed and injured in what could be his final couple of year’s would be even worse.
        O-line replacment with top tier guy’s and a Great OLB to replace TBC is clearly priority

  8. Bruschi54 says:

    Watt seems to be Mike Wright clone in size and style of play, sure he will help but I would rather see us try to land more of a pass rusher with our first pick. Pouncey will be gone before 28, but I really like TDHarry 2nd round selections of Watkins and Cannon. If Watt is the guy at 17 Ayers and Houston will probably be there at 28 if BB likes one of them.

  9. Jared says:

    I would love to see Aldon Smith fall to the Patriots, id say without them moving at least to 15, no way they get him. I think Smith is the best Bill Belichick 3-4 OLB prospect in the first round.
    Unfortunately, the more analysis i watch and read on the DE/OLB prospects coming out, the more i feel that we are going to go the 2nd or 3rd round OLB, another Jermaine Cunningham. Two under the radar guys at DE/OLB are the two kids from Pitt, Jabaal Sheard and Greg Romeus.
    In the secondary, i would like to see the Pats take a look at corner/safety-Marcus Gilchrist of Clemson with there 74th pick, kid is a great athlete and ballhawk, he picks up everything well his coach said. I like him because he is a good centerfield type safety that can also cover. And in my opinion, James Sanders or Brandon Meriweathers’ jobs arent already won.

    • Rossco FTC says:

      Nice Very Nice Aldon Smith should be the pick Jared your right about that and i wouldn’t cry about them picking up Romeus if they don’t grab Aldon. It’s like everyone forgot about Romeus after this year of injury’s but he was a top ten pick going into this year! but hurt his back and missed alot of the season . I also wouldn’t mind Marvin Austin DT UNC in the 2nd if you watch UNC’s ProDay and the Combine it was Austin who shut the Critic’s up not Quinn who only put up 20 reps on the bench . How are you going to be out of football a year and not be a beast in the gym cmon you wan’t this kid to play in the 3/4 guys Aldon did 22 i think and his arm’s are wayyyyy longer then Quinns

  10. ralph says:

    Watt would be a great pick, but i think the team also needs a stud at OLB, it all hinges on QBs if the go off the board early on day 1, we can double dip with Watt and Kerrigan, Houston, Reed, Ayers…

  11. Yak says:

    Nawrocki doesn’t have Dalton going to the Patriots. He has the Patriots trading out of the spot to a quarterback-needy team who will draft Dalton.

    • Jared says:

      I like Watt at No 17, in my opinion they have to go defense first. basically for the reasons TDharry stated, Bill drafts well in the trenches on offense especially. But he hasnt needed to draft them in the first round to find them. I would like them to go DE and OLB with their first couple picks, but i wanted the same thing last year…and we got an OLB in the last 5 picks of the 2nd, and no defensive end.

  12. TomDickHarry says:

    All for the J.J. Watt pick and Pouncey at 28 is solid, wouldn’t rule out Watkins or even Cannon, both could play some RT if need be but would certainly bolster that interior line.

    I’m not sure Castonzo is worth 17th overall, at least not compared to the value of DE’s in that area…….might expect the Pats to move up from 28 a la Daniel Graham, only this time to snag Carimi, Solder or Castonzo……it seems the Pats do real well drafting in the trenches, it’s the skill players at the end of round-1 that seem to be where they reach. This time they can take the risk of moving up but draft a much safer and resilient position.

    • cc says:

      Pouncey won’t be there at 28. Just don’t see it! All the more reason to give Tampa Bay our #28 along with the #74 for their NO. 20 spot and guarentee that we do snag Pouncey!!!

      Also-Ryan Kerrigan IMO is a much better pick for us now and long term than JJ Watt for a DE. depending on the number of QB’s that go will be the deciding factor though were all sure. But we also really need to specifically jump ahead of Jacksonville concerning that spot/possition since they’re biggest need is in fact aDE.

      They are ONE PICK ahead of us currently sitting at #17, and depending whatever DE is available, you can almost guarantee that JAX will snake that guy from us. Tossing Miami our #17 spot and giving them the #92 as well is enough point’s on the board and for them to take it. They get an extra 3rd round pick to help they’re need’s and they only move 2 spot down-no big deal for them.

      & were lock-up both Pouncey and whatever DE we want be it Watt or Kerrigan!

      and we still have both our 2nd rounder’s and of course the usless #125,159 and 193.

      • JMC says:

        I agree- Pouncy is gone at #28 and Kerrigan is a better pick for the Patriots than JJ Watt. Kerrigan is also gone at #28-probably-

      • brant says:

        Kerrigan should not be mentioned in the same sentence as Watt. Watt has far superior hand speed and strenght and gets off the ball faster than Kerrigan…watch some film please

    • Big Dan From Maine says:


      The Pats WILL NOT pick JJ Watt. His agent is Tom Condon, and the Pats WILL NOT pick one of his clients. The negotiations with Ben Watson got ugly with Condon, and then the next year Condon lobbied to get the rules changed so that lower first round draft picks could not be signed to 6 year deals, “the patriots rule”.

      Have you guys lived under a rock for the last 6 years. Condon wont even TRY to get one of his players onto a Pats team.

      JJ Watt will not happen!!!!!!

      • Bill S says:

        Not drafting a player because of his agent is non-sense. In this new era of salary caps thats coming, agents will become facillitators of endorsements, not deal breakers. They simply have no leverage.

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