Open Thread: Pick 33

Have at it guys – what would you do with the Patriots 33rd pick? Tell us your trade terms or who you would pick with the first pick on the important 2nd day of the 2011 NFL Draft.


47 Responses to “Open Thread: Pick 33”

  1. ETHAN STRAIN says:

    Dequan Bowers is an amazing player but if he’s not healthy enough for the Patriots likings, they should trade for a 2nd round pick this year and a 1st round pick next year.


  2. Chris says:

    bowers is high risk medium reward to possibly low reward based on his injury and how much he will contribute to the defense, cant see it happening and id like to know why no one is considering a safety right now with the 2 best available still there i know pass rush is an issue that needs addressed and i want them to go that route but theres people talking about them getting a corner. I just say that with merriweather back there hes been a liability at time and i got sick of seeing his blatant dirty play

  3. Wilson says:

    I say the pats trade down a little bit. that #33 pick has huge value with QB’s like Dalton and Mallett still on the board, and you know teams like Buffalo and Arizona and Cincinatti will be looking at those two guys with their early picks. The pats could cash in big trading that #33 pick and still get the guys they need/want later on. It’s almost like they have another 1st rounder and that has humoungous value

  4. Ken says:

    If the Pats don’t see someone really worth a #33, then the question becomes, “What can they get for a #33?” If they could get another pick toward the end of the second round plus a first-rounder next year, I’d take it. A third plus a first might even be worth consideration. A second plus a second? Maybe. Nothing less than that, though.

  5. Ken says:

    The Patriots certainly have targets on whom the #33 choice could usefully be expended. Da’Quon Bowers was, going into draft season, on many lists as the #1 prospect in the country, and considered a sure thing to go in the top 5. Then questions emerged about the condition of one of his knees, even though all physicians pronounced him fit to play.

    If the reports of the knee’s condition are overblown, BB will know that, and will probably grab Bowers. There is certainly no other comparable talent left on the board, and Bowers, as the NCAA’s sack leader last year, would fill a major need of the Pats. The Pats don’t use defensive ends his size, at least not on the regular basis that would have to justify using such a high pick; one doesn’t use the #33 pick in the draft for a spare part. My guess is that if he has a future with the Pats, it will be as a Willie McGinest type linebacker, a huge LB who gets to the corner before running backs and shuts down the outside run, also incidentally getting very respectable sack numbers.

    If they don’t go for Bowers, RB Mikel LeShoure might be interesting. He was productive at Illinois. He is a big back with breakaway speed; such backs have been a productive tradition in New England, including Corey Dillon, Leonard Russell, Craig James and Sam Cunningham. Robert Edwards might have been another had he not suffered that terrible freakish injury that ended his career so suddenly. The only smaller back to be a big success in New England was Curtis Martin (honorable mention to Carl Garrett and Tony Collins).

    I would NOT favor drafting a smaller back. There are two kinds of smaller backs: pluggers and scatbacks. The Pats have one plugger (BenJarvus Green-Ellis) and two scatbacks (Danny Woodhead and Kevin Faulk, who returns from an injury). All have shown themselves to be well above average in their category. What is lacking is a big banger. They have one aging power back, now pretty much strictly a fullback, who will have to be replaced within two years (Sammy Morris). LeShoure is a big banger who can also take it to the house.

  6. Ken says:

    Ultimately, isn’t the question of whether the Pats would trade their #33 pick–or any other pick–a matter of what’s offered? The story is told of Winston Churchill getting out of a car and asking a woman if she would sleep with him for 5 million pounds. The woman was a bit taken aback, but said, “I suppose so, yes.” Churchill responded, “So would you sleep with me for 5 pounds?” She became incensed: “What sort of woman do you think I am?” He responded, “We’ve already established that; now we’re just haggling over the price.”

  7. Bill says:

    The Detroit Lions struck gold by drafting Fairley at 13.

    The Lions draft team must now be something like a junior executive who just got promoted and wants to celebrate by visiting a high end strip club, with his credit cards.

    I believe the Lions draft team are now drooling over the possibility of having Suh, Fairley and Bower on their D-line.

    Which makes them vulnerable to being manipulated by those who are trained to manipulate vulnerable people. Too bad the Pat’s draft team are more focused on other issues.

  8. kevin says:

    trade 33 for a 2012 first round pick. while we’re at it, lets trade both of our third round picks and get another second round pick and trade that second round pick for another first round pick next year. this will leave us with four first round picks next year, two second round picks this year, and a boatload of value. ๐Ÿ™‚ this may seem far fetched ,but bb can pull it off.

    ps: we can use one of our first rounders on a proven nfl player.

  9. TD says:

    This pick is gravy and was the result of what a lot of bloggers hate about BB…trading down. BB traded down last year, still got McCourtey and someones 1st & 3rd. Traded the 3rd to Carolina for their 2nd in 2011, Carolina tanked and that 2nd became #33.

    A lot of fans piss and moan that he trades down, but never acknowledge the strokes of geniuse like this time.

    I expect a DB or OLine.

  10. Ray says:

    Pats should trade #33 and maneuver around a bit. Pick Torrey Smith and Allen Bailey in the 2nd. Select Rodney Hudson at #60 or trade back into early 3rd to get him if there’s value there. And then Marcus Gilchrist and Shane Vereen in the 3rd.

  11. Jeff S. says:

    You know I scratch my head quite often at all the picks the Patrioots drop back from and trade out of. It is so rare that they stand pat (sorry) and pick with the pick they actually own but from way before this draft was held I said repeatedly to anyone who would listen that the Patriots should in no uncertain terms use #33. They M-U-S-T trade it! Cleveland is the team that needs to move up or Cinci but Cleveland has the better chance with the picks they have available to move. I would ask Cleveland for #37 and next years second rounder along with a sweetener of maybe a 5th rounder this year because there are three other teams that I see as possibilities for moving up that have some ammo Cinci, Denver, and Arizona. Others might enter it but they would have to give up a 1st round pick with a 3rd this year and a sweetener.

  12. Pete says:

    Here’s what Kiper has for day 2 for the Pats:
    33-Brooks Reed, DE, Arizona Natural pass-rushing threat in the 3-4 defensive scheme.
    56-Rodney Hudson, C, Florida State New England needed help along the offensive line. It got Nate Solder in Round 1. It’ll get more help here.
    60-Mikel Leshoure, RB, IllinoisNew England opted to pass on Mark Ingram in Round 1. Leshoure adds a new dimension to the Pats’ running game.

    Seems if this holds true the Pats might think the O-line has become a bigger area of need. I do like Reed & Leshoure, and Hudson is a very good lineman.

  13. Bruschi54 says:

    If BB is offered a 2nd this year and 1st next year for the 33rd I am sure that he would take it, smart move. If he looks DB both Williams and Harris are talented young guys that would probably help immediately as nickel Backs and on special teams if nothing else. You might be able to get the same type of contribution out of Ras I-Dowling, Johnny Patrick, Davon House or Brandon Burton later in the 2nd round and into the 3rd. As far as Bowers I think they probably are trying to get some type of consensus on his medical evaluations. There are obviously some concerns that he has fallen like a rock, but this guy is incredibly talented rushing the passer. Bowers is a 4-3 end, but the Pats have a lot of packages that he could excel in, he is very disruptive in the opponents backfield. If we would entertain Brooks Reed as a pass rush specialist ( no other real value at this point in the draft), why would we not want Bowers to do it at a much higher level in passing downs? If they stay put I would be OK with Bowers being the pick here. I think the Browns will trade up to 33 and take Bowers.

  14. j says:

    I can’t take stupidity! Bowers is not coming to Foxboro. First of, where do you play him? OLB? So, with a bad knee, you’re gonna ask him to drop in coverage? Secondly, he’s not even fluid, he’s stiff and CAN”T play OLB. Do you ask him to add 30 and play DE? I’m sure that’ll be great on his knee as well. He’s not coming to Foxboro…No Way!

  15. AM says:

    If the value is good, trade back for a team that wants Andy Dalton or Ryan Mallett, and pick up some more ammunition for this year or next. If the value is *really* good, trade out of the pick altogether, although I’m generally opposed to that at this point. If we stand still, Brooks Reed, Jarvis Jenkins, or even Jabaal Sheard are good ways to go.

  16. Ricky Keeler says:

    If Belichick loves his DB’s, then why not go aggressive in free agency and make a play at Nnamdi? I mean they will need another impact player defensively and to have an elite corner with a near elite corner in McCourty, you wouldn’t even need a pass rush lol

    • JR says:

      That would actually help the pass rush. If they do not draft a DB maybe he is the target

    • TD says:

      Because Nnamdi’s contract would equal at least 3-4 DB’s on this team. Also, BB does not play press coverage that much and would not need someone with that skill set.

  17. TD says:

    Take Brandon Harris or Aaron Williams. We can get an OLB/pass rusher at 56 or 60.

  18. BAMNATION says:

    trade down grab another 2 this year and either a 1st or 2nd in 2012.

    • JR says:

      You have 5 teams that still need QB help. Buff and Cincy are sitting, Arizona,Oakland and Washington need to get in front of them. My guess is that they will end up with another 2nd and a first next year. They will end up with another O-lineman, Corner and WR in Round 2. In round 3 Running back and Dline/LB

  19. Nathan N says:

    To me I think it will be buffulo or cinci will trade up for pick 33 but i really want the patriots to draft justin houston, to me he is better than reed and has experience, he played his senior season as an OLB, pick #60 Will rackley would be great as a fit at OG round 3 take DL, pick 54 take Randell Cobb=lethal weapon BB will use him that way

    • JR says:

      Justin Huston, If you can watch a replay of a georgia game. Isolate on what this guy does. He might make 3-4 plays a game. Head scratcher of a guy. Brooks Reed, same thing. His team mate Ricky Elmore would be a better pick than him.

      • AM says:

        I like Elmore, but I think the third round would be way too high for him. I wonder about Houston–he’s pretty good, but a little stiff. Also, I shy away from guys who fail drug tests at the combine; it’s as much an intelligence test as anything.

      • Phil says:

        I totally agree…been saying it all offseason. Houston is just too inconsistent…looks unblockable and then looks like a pansie the next play…and this coming from a UGA fan! I think Brooks Reed benefited from having Ricky Elmore on the opposite side…teams were more concerned with him and Reed padded his stats. Elmore reminds me of a taller Bruschi…could be a Patriot in Wildcats clothing! And we won’t have to reach for him!

  20. Brian says:

    Bill will do whats best for the team he knows how to draft. I would love to see him take Akeem Ayers the dudes a beast.

  21. Ricky Keeler says:

    If the medical records are okay, you have to go to Bowers here

    The Patriots need a pass rusher in the worst way and Bowers can get after the quarterback. He could be a huge steal and using a 2nd round pick would be low risk, high reward.

    I think they could trade the pick either to go down in the 2nd round or if some team is really desperate, a 3rd first rounder next year in 2012. They have to take impact players eventually.

    Maybe we are looking for the first time at a Pats team being overly aggressive in free agency

  22. Ryan Buske says:

    If I were Bill I don’t think I’d trade away this pick UNLESS he has 2-3 guys with similar grades. I think you have to consider Austin, Ballard, Bailey, Reed (maybe a little high), Houston(a little high), even a DB. I would be reluctant to take an OG here, or WR.

    • JR says:

      Ryan, I think if he does not trade those would be the guys. Do not rule out a corner or a safety. He drafts one high almost every year.

  23. David Hunter says:


    Red flags have varying degrees of severity and teams will draft players depending on there own evaluations. If memory serves me some team called the Patriots drafted a player with all kinds of potential medical issues who had fallen into the second round just last year. His name was Rob Gronkowski, and he turned out okay wouldn’t you say?

  24. Doug Kyed says:

    I know the character concern guys aren’t the most popular in New England, but I’d love to see Justin Houston or Marvin Austin taken 33rd.

    Reed, Wilson and Harris are also among my favorites not taken round 1.

  25. Derek Havens says:

    David- provided there were no medical red flags for Bowers? He didn’t go in the first round and was once deemed the top overall pick.. i’d say that’s a big ‘ol red flag lol

    • AM says:

      It’s worth noting that he hasn’t actually failed any recent medical tests–in fact, he’s passed all of them, insofar as we know. A lot of what’s driving the slide is fear. A similar thing happened with Rob Gronkowski last year. He would have been a mid-first round pick, but teams were concerned that his back problem was actually a spinal problem. That ended up turning out well for the team that eventually pulled the trigger.

      All that being said, I’d rather pass on Bowers. Even if he represents good value at 33, he’s strictly a 4-3 player: not strong enough to play end in a 3-4, not fast enough to play linebacker.

      • TD says:

        There actually was a report on NFL Sirius that Bowers had some kind of bone on bone situation in his knee that could be very problematic for him going forward. He may really drop.

  26. Harry says:

    Take Bowers. He was the projected #1 overall, a big injury risk but has a lot of potential. With all the picks on day 2 could be worth the risk.

    • Wilson says:

      he was the projected #1 overall at the end of the regular season, he has since fallen back because of the unknown status of his knee.

  27. David Hunter says:

    I’m all for going after Daโ€™Quan Bowers with the 33rd pick,provided there were no medical red flags. Could be the biggest defensive difference maker left in the draft if healthy.

    • j says:

      First of, where do you play him? OLB? So, with a bad knee, you’re gonna ask him to drop in coverage? Secondly, he’s not even fluid, he’s stiff and CAN”T play OLB. Do you ask him to add 30 and play DE? I’m sure that’ll be great on his knee as well. He’s not coming to Foxboro…No Way!

      • B says:

        Pats were in a sub package over 40% of the time last year, if Bowers can come in and add a pass rush when called on that would be well worth the 33rd pick and help with the serious woes on 3rd down last year (last in NFL)

        • Wilson says:

          Because you still have guys like Houston, Ayers, Reed, Acho, and Moch on the board, and they are solid OLB prospects with no medical concerns

    • CC says:

      Bowers?? Those knee issues at age 21?? Never a good sign, not at all!

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