Open Thread: 2011 NFL Draft Recap

2011 NFL Draft

What do you think of the Patriots 2011 NFL Draft?

So the 2011 NFL Draft has came and went. How do you think the Patriots did overall? Doug Kyed, our staff writer will be writing grades for all 32 teams this weekend, but we want to hear from you guys.

To help you out, here is the full list of the 2011 Patriots Draft Picks.

If you want to look at what the Patriots might be up to in 2012, check out the 2012 Patriots Draft Picks and even who we have the Patriots using those two first-rounders on in our 2012 NFL Mock Draft.

After the draft is over, you can see what undrafted free agents are the best remaining prospects.

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87 Responses to “Open Thread: 2011 NFL Draft Recap”

  1. Liam says:

    My version of the draft would have looked like this:
    17: Keep Solder. Gives us the leagues top bookends for the forseeable.
    28: Make the trade. Incredible value.
    33: Brooks Reed. Dammit, I want a pass rusher.
    56: Mikel Leshoure. He’s a bruiser like Ridley and catches the ball like Vereen. Don’t see how we got better value here.
    60: Justin Houston. Dammit, I want another pass rusher.
    74: Will Rackley. OL who can help now instead of in the future.
    92 + 125: Make the trade. We just fleeced Al Davis again.
    159: Jake Kirkpatrick. Our Center of the future who somehow went undrafted.
    194: Greg McElroy. We don’t get Mallet (Assume SOMEONE would have taken him by now) but I think McElroy will be a very good backup. Stupid Jets.
    219: Lawrence Guy. Underated 5 tech who I think will end up starting for the Packers.

    I hope I’m wrong and all the above players (apart from Solder) turn out to be rubbish. I still trust BB as a talent evaluator alot better than me (or anyone on the internet for that matter). However, I’m going to keep an eye on these players, just to see what might have been.

  2. joe says:

    Ocho is coming to foxboro everybody knows he and BB are good friends. thats why ocho was talking trash about his coach we wants out. but he cant catch one ball against revis so what good is he

    • Jared says:

      hope ur right, I think Ocho, even at his age, could develop a “thing” with TB12 just like Moss did.

  3. Anacleto says:

    I hope they trade for Steve Smith, Vincent Jackson or Larry Fitz. One of these guys will make the offense unstoppable. Also I got tired of seeing their D get man handled last season at certain times, they need to get rid of Darius Butler he’s trash, also Wilhite.

    The one thing that will piss me off is if they don’t get a decent outside backer through a trade or free agency. Also they need a deep threat at WR, Tate is a kick returner that’s it, he’s a bum at WR. Welker and Branch are no threats at WR they do move the chains but give Brady a weapon! Steve Smith fits the bill.

  4. TD says:

    I like the fact they got younger on offense, especially RB. IMO, our RB’s and WR’s got very predictable near the end of the season. Another 3rd down back would help Woody be more effective.

    Dowling will add more competition in DBackfield and may make Wilhite and/or Butler expendable or he may move to S like Eugene Wilson did.

    Mallet could be a big steal, as Phil Simms said he thought Mallet was the best QB in the draft because he can make all the throws and is smart. The lack of brains is what sent O’Connell out the door.

    • Wilson says:

      dual backfield with Woodhead + Vereen, with Branch, Welker, and Tate/Price (or gronkowski) will be a nasty offense

      • Adam says:

        Absolutely! Offense will be tough to stop!

      • JMC says:

        Ridley fills a RB need too (as power short yardage back) – I just think he could have been got in later rounds.

        Don’t forget offenses runs and passes succeed by blocking. And since #3 QBs don’t block, here is to the hope that the 2011-12 OL blocks better than the OLs of the last playoff games.

        • Jim R says:

          The O-LINE got a whole lot better, IMO they now can close out games with 4-6 minute drives keeping the ball on the ground. If (Big if) Cannon is healthy, they could be nasty up front. Here is (hopefully) why they drafted Ridley.

        • JMC says:

          Yes- Jim I think the line got ‘better’, but it could have been a whole lot better if Moffitt and or Boling were in the Patriots fold, both guys have versatility and especially Moffitt a Mangins like nastiness. Plus Solder is at least a year away from starting.

          Cannon was a good 5th round pick, and let’s hope he works out- he has some good scouting reports, but one that I saw that questions his love for playing football.

          Ridley also fills a real need- but he had a sixth round grade and could have been got in another round.

          Would “I” trade Mallett, Ridley and Cannon for Moffitt and Boiling? Yes, “I” would, but I’m a non-profit Program Manager and not and NFL GM.

          Interesting that the Chiefs took a well thought of C/G at #56. Had the Chiefs made another selction, I wonder if the PAtriots would have picked Hudson (the OL) at #56 and not made the trade with the Texans, and picked Verrene at #60.
          Who knows?

      • Jared says:

        need to upgrade on Branch-Tate-and Price, need someone who can get open.

        • Tyjax says:

          Why don’t we wait another year on Tate and another 2 on Price before condemning them. Not saying that they will be HoFer’s but they could end up being very good for us. This upcoming season will only be Tate’s 2nd and Price played in only one game last year. I am all for depth though because Branch has durability issues and Welker is in the last year of his contract I believe.

        • Jared says:

          Because we need someone that can get open. Tate didn’t show me much as a receiver last year, retuner yes, receiver, no. And Price, none of us have seen enough of him to pencil him in as a possibility for a starting wideout spot. He was healthy had some points last year, and didn’t get a sniff of the field. I think the Pats need to bring in a veteran wide-receiver that they can plan on getting 2 years out of, and it looks like its the right year to do it.

  5. joe from Lowell says:

    I think this draft was driven more by a need to fill holes that emerged than by a desire to get better at already staffed positions.

    The offensive backfield and the o-line suffered serious losses, and they were higher priorities than linebackers, where there are young guys who can play, and we’ll see what emerges.

    So, I’d give it a B/B+.

    • Steve says:

      Teddy Bruschi said it best…the Pats took 2 full-time key positions..OT & CB and that’s a solid thing to do….they are two key positions, obviously. And, we needed running backs…
      The rest can come via free agency, and/or trade(s).

    • edward0383 says:

      Which is odd because according to BB he picks for value
      not need!

      • Tyjax says:

        Need matched value, if you watched BB’s moves more closely he said that’s what he believes makes a draft successful.

  6. Chris says:

    Also something to keep in mind here is that last year the pats had the 2nd lowest payroll in the leage and if mankins ends up a free agent theres some serious funds availible to go out and get a couple big name guys to fill these “holes” were all concerned about and i think they have the bodies to fill in the OL without neal and mankins. Im pretty sure light comes back one more year and worst case scenario they can move him inside which we all know G is much easier to play then LT so we will see what happens

    • Ryan Buske says:

      Mankins has intangibles though, when he came back the OL was completely different. They played harder, they played better, and they acted like they had something to prove. He makes the OL better, his presence is needed. Pay him and get over it.

      I’d like to have Light for a year or two, just to teach Solder. If Solder wins the spot, he would be a nice figure to have on the roster to sub in occasionally. Only if he can be gotten for a steal.

      • Steve says:

        I doubt Light comes back, and Dante can teach him…that’s his job…it will be about money mostly, he’ll get a deal to play somewhere and won’t be paid here to back up…unless he really just wants to make very little (like min) and finish up here? I doubt that.
        Mankins wants money, but he wants very big money, and I feel for an interior lineman it’s not reasonable, nor the wise move for the team. I want him also…he’s very good, as you said, but you can’t just give a guard a blank check…there’s a salary cap; but maybe they can make it work with a bonus or something???
        I just hope he calms down and comes back to play hard again for this next season and then he gets his big money somewhere else…or takes less…that would be ideal.

        • edward0383 says:

          I’m tired of his antics if you can get a first or even a second round pick dump his butt. I’m sure the Bears or even the Eagles would throw a first round pick. They gave one to Buffalo for Peters. People say but he’s an all pro guard, but
          If I’m not mistaken Conolly did a decent job in his absence and he is a four down player cause he can return kickoffs. LOL!!!!!

  7. Steve says:

    Yes, the Mankins thing is big, but it will play out and we’ll have to live with it; whether he’s signed long-term, shows up with the franchise, or traded, or just sits out again???
    The positive is that other teams are dealing with much more uncertainty.

    Here’s some questions for you well-informed fans:

    -How is Kaczur?
    -How did Price come along at receiver?
    -Will Ty Warren come back, will they ditch him?
    -I keep hearing (for months) about Mallett’s off-field stuff…does anyone have specifics?

    • Ryan Buske says:

      1. Price to me looked good. Todd McShay for what its worth still thinks the Patriots got a steal.
      2. I can see Ty Warren being ditched. What he did last season was unprofessional. He ditched the NFL for school, and then got hurt way to early in the season. He has his whole life to get a degree. I suspect more than a few people feel disrespected. There is a time and a place for everything.
      3. Mallets suspectness was drug use (I still think he looks like a drugie), and poor decision making in game play (refer to Alabama game). However, as most analysts think or believe, he is in the perfect if not the ONLY scenario in the league where he could succeed. I feel bad for Hoyer, but I hope they do good by him and put him some place nice. They may even keep him, Bill did say they were one of the few teams to only carry to QB’s on the roster, not including Crompton on the practice squad.

      • Wilson says:

        It’s not like Warren was completely away from football, you can’t blame his injury on his decision to go back to school. some key player suffered freak injuries last season and with Warren and Bodden coming back to reinforce that defense the Pats will be considerably better from last season

    • Wilson says:

      Kaczur projects more as a RG now coming back, and Price will be a solid reviever option for Brady to throw to. Ty Warren is still under contract so he’ll be back atleast for this season

  8. john m. says:

    If the Patriots trade B. Hoyer this year to some team do you think they could get a future 3rd rounder for him? I remember they got a 2nd rounder from KC for M. Cassel after he had a very good season with NE.

  9. Pat!m9 says:

    Grade – B+
    I love the mallet steal! OL looks good although I’m concerned with how they will handle Mankins and mat light…I still think tho…with all those picks a young DE is needed…we will never get a pass rush if wilfork has to go to DE..I mean why not….what we did nt need was two RBs. We already have two young fresh solid RBs ….our DEs would have had us looking a lot better had Warren been healthy but we need a young DE to get tha learning! Our DEs are a little old and slow… But I’m sure BB has it figured out

    • Chris says:

      Peaple keep talking about pass rush and how brady only has 4 years left in him. Well think of this if we didnt get the OL help we needed he may have only had one year left, i like the OL priority here. If we tank this year cause we have no pass rush i can live with it, however if we tank cause our MVP QB had no one protecting him and he gets some career ending injury, that i dont wanna see happen, GJ BB

    • Wilson says:

      The 2nd RB Ridley was a head scratcher, but he gives them a bruising back who can slash it on the goal line and in short yardage, plus it gives them youth at a spot where all the old RB are probably on their way out. Look for guys like Eric Moore, Ron Brace, Myron Pryor, and Jermaine Cunningham to have breakout seasons (or at least productive ones). if they don’t step up, BB will most certainly address those positions in 2012

    • Andrew says:

      Don”t forget that we have some young defensive players, Guys like Jermaine Cunningham, Brandon Deaderick, Kyle Love, Myron Pryor, Ron Brace the later of the two I think if they are give playing time they will do the job. also maybe with stroud, wilfork, warren they will open spots for rushing because wilfork requires 2 blockers stroud as well and the last time i checked there is only 5 o-line plus a tight end. then consider that we could have 4-5 shut down corners, Leigh Bodden, Kyle Arrington, Darius Butler, Ras-I Dowling, Devin McCourty if butler is your 5th corner I’m pretty happy. I think that BB just needs to trust young guys alittle more. he tends to go lean on vets and i think it hurts the team with speed. i think talyor price will be a impact player next year.

  10. joe says:

    I’ll give u a response it was to long

  11. Steve says:

    Here’s a thought, and a statement:

    I give all grades an F
    …because grading players that haven’t played a down yet is so ridiculous to be considered absolutely useless, so that’s a big fat “F” for stupidity.

    Talk to me in a few years…bring on free agency and football

  12. Pat!m9 says:

    Like I said , pats had both DEs out last year so I’m sure BB fills that they can take that responsibility once they return. I have heard rumors about the wideout position….Vincent Jackson, l Fitzgerald , Chad ohoco wants to come…I’m sure BB won’t want him…what do y’all think about out wideouts and why did we draft Two RBs and we have two decent ones already…

    • Chris says:

      because you need more then just 2 the pats run with 2 backs consistantly now what happenes if one or both get injured which is common at that possision they up a creek without a paddle the rb pick ups were good with taylor and morris out the door

    • Ryan Buske says:

      Well the reason we took RB’s is two fold:
      1. Two younger running backs have a better opportunity to succeed rather than two older running backs that get hurt all of the time. I also think Bill believes that BJGE and Woodhead are good enough leaders to teach this two backs the game of football, which is very telling of our stable or running backs.
      2. Money. We can get rid of two maybe three over paid RB’s that haven’t and will not contribute. And pay two younger guys, who have yet to been seen in the NFL less money. Sounds like a win, win.

      I think there will be some serious cuts or trades we have SOO many players that can be traded:
      Hoyer, Sanders, Whilite, Meriwhether (I’m being careful here), Butler.. TRADE BAIT

    • Wilson says:

      Taylor Price! nuff said

      • Phil says:

        Thank you…i completely agree…this kid showed promise in what little we saw of him last year…and he doesn’t have to learn the system anymore. just wish they’d get a deal done so tom could throw him the ball!

  13. Ryan Buske says:

    I would give the draft a B/B+ here is my analysis:

    1. This was a deep draft for D-line but not a strong draft, I think after JJ Watt and Cam Jordan (who many consider a tweener anyway), the decision was between someone they had on the roster or what was available. Thats why they didn’t take anyone. Stroud may surprise, I HOPE…probably not :(.

    2. Solder many were saying had a higher over all grade that Tyron Smith, look if you want to dis Bill on picks, I beg you to save your TIME and MY time and just skip talking about OL. He is just TOO good at picking OL. Cannon was a STEAL, and SOLDER was the best OT on the board.

    3. Ras I-Dowling is one where I question possible grading BUT, it had to have been between him or Williams from Texas. But if you did notice how deep some of the CB/DB’s slipped, Ahmad Black for example. I have a feeling but I certainly hope he is not the next coming Darius Butler.

    4. Yes Bill reach on Stevan Ridley but in all honest what did we miss in the Fourth Round? In my opinion of the worst rounds in the WHOLE draft, BUT the run on RB’s CAME AFTER Bill had his two guys. Which means a lot, instead of picking amongst the other 31 teams, he got the TWO guys he wanted. Nextly, the trade with the Raiders was in place and they HAD to take him or they would not have gotten him when they picked later. Oh and Vereen is a stud.

    5. The TE looks like OL convert to me, but maybe he will stick at TE. Gronk blocks ok, and he can always improve.

    6. The true feelings of Mallet came out after he was drafted, about him have the best mechanics, strongest arm, most upside etc. Probably a steal, its going to be nice to be deep at the QB position. Nextly, when Bill picked Casell if I remember right, there are only a few QB’s remaining from that entire draft. He can pick QB’s. Kid looks like a drugie, but Brady will straighten him out.

    7. The OLB, apparently he didn’t see his guy in the draft, or he thinks that he can’t effectively train one before football starts. Ah, there is the key. The hardest position on the team to train, and there is NO WAY he will be able to do it with out OTA’s. I think he took positions that would fall in the plug and play category. Not only that the Patriots defense is very complex.

    8. Mark Herzlich, his agent sucks, and I want him. I wanted him and I still want him on the team. No excuses, to good of a person and a story. He needs to steal him in the UDFA when or if the lockout ends.

    9. I think as we’ll see that first round pick will be used to acquire a veteran WR, there are to many on the market, and I think Hoyer is on his way out possible trade. Fitz, Smith, Rice, etc.

    Sorry this was long, I know we didn’t address pass rush, but Bill pounced on Stroud, and he has the play book.

    • Ryan Buske says:

      Jared I’d like a response to this from you.

      • Jared says:

        I’ll keep it short.
        I feel they did as good as they could have without helping the pass-rush.
        Solder and Dowling BOTH have tremendous upside.
        The RB’s, solid, not much upside in my opinion. Vereen looks like a bigger Woodhead, which isnt a bad thing, and Ridley looks like BJGE, tough runner, wont make you miss. Long story short on the RB’s, if we took Ingram at 28, instead of those 2, fans would be a lot more excited I think. And i don’t blame them, I would too, a feature back like Ingram i think would go good with Danny Woodhead.
        The whole OLB thing, you can tell yourself that they didn’t find a guy that fit, but thats garbage…they have had the ability to move up or down to grab anyone they wanted the last couple of drafts…and nobody in the whole country coming out was a fit??? bull, there too risky of a pick. But you can’t be afraid to pick a position you need help at because of other teams failures with drafting it. If I believed they were going to get a starter via trade or FA…I would be really positive with this draft. But I feel that they have almost chosen to ignore the position all together, as crazy and rediculous as that sounds. I don’t know what else to believe at this point.
        At wideout…100% agree, ton of free-agents, veterans, some really good ones. Steve Smith and Ocho Cinco, I would kill for Brady and Chad to be paired up for a couple years, even at their age.
        Mallett….cant argue with getting a quarterback…that talented….with the 74th pick. nuff said.

        Hopefully we won’t look back at the 2011 draft and say Belichick should have picked this guy, or not passed up on that guy…hopefully we say he grabbed a couple good ones and got out while grabbin some picks for 2012. Time will tell….but as of now….with multiple holes still to fill….and having reached on his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th picks…The grade can’t be higher than a B. In 2014, it could be an A, May 1st 2011, B.

    • Steve says:

      Good point on Ridley…as soon as they made that pick it was the most telling moment in the entire draft: It screamed, “weak!!!” (not the pick, but the draft from there on out)

      P.S. I do like the player and see it as a nice pick, but we’ll see

    • Steve says:

      I agree…I see a veteran receiver and a veteran defensive rusher coming via free agency or trade, like you said.

    • Pat!m9 says:

      I agree…my response says somewhat of the same but shorter lol

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for finally posting a rational response. I agree completly there are still so many thing yet to come before the season. And another then to consider is that with the pats defense being so complex and confusing, think about the lack of prep time they my have. They took running backs, a need and one of the faster possitions to transition into, OL we have one of the best OL coaches in the league and was a huge need, A QB that is gonna have some time to sit and learn And conerbacks, a position that is not determined by a scheme but more there technique and with bodden and mcourty the and arrington being able to cover the slot instead of being forced to do something he can he will be better so worst case scenario they can run with what they have and slowly incorperate these 2 guys pending they both make the team. LB is a very complex position for the pats and essecially when your picking a guy thats going from DE to OLB its gonna take time which we may not have a lot of. just my opinion

  14. edward0383 says:

    I’m just amazed of how little value BB sees in OLB when
    he coached the greatest OLB in NFL history, I’m talking
    about LT with the Giants. Surely he must remember LT’s impact
    on that Giant’s 3-4 D. Im not about to jump off a cliff on some of the
    picks but to not even invest a 3rd rounder on a front seven
    player seems ludicrous to me when in the past they have thrown those
    away (see T. Wheatley, K. O’ Connell, S. Crable, Cha Jackson and on and on. After looking at all these why not take a risk in the third round
    on someone like J. Houston or S. Acho when u know u won’t commit to any free agents on that position.

    • TD says:

      I don’t think he values them little, he knows how hard it is to get great ones; LT was the 2nd, I repeat 2nd pick and Carl Banks was the 3rd pick. Folks, he is not getting those types of players drafting at the back end of the draft year after year.

      • edward0383 says:

        So why not trade up?

        • Wilson says:

          Look at what Atlanta had to give up for Julio Jones this year. to get into the top 10 you have to give up nearly your entire draft aside from the really late picks, value wise it isn’t the type of move BB would ever make, not to mention its a humoungous risk

      • TD says:

        Plus, move that extra late first rounder into next year and he gets an extra second rounder for ever!

        We got pick #7 that became Mayo by trading #28 the year before.

        He likes extra picks in second round because he can still find good players for less money and if they don’t work out, goodbye. Trade up to top 5 and the goodbye hampers your cap for years, just ask the Jets with Gohlston.

  15. AP says:

    I didn’t see anyone draft Mark Herzlich from B.C. If not, I hope we can bring him in as an UFA – would love to give the guy a shot.

  16. Jack says:

    Rate the draft an A-….filled the tackle need and we do need Dbacks and RBs…..who knows how much Faulk has left in the tank we know Morris and Taylor are done so we filled their spots…maybe the TE can become the next Crumpler and there is always Free Agents to fill the rest…..Mallett that deep is a steal even if he never takes a snap what a great insurance policy for Brady and when he gets too pricey we trade him for either a high pick or an established player, win – win

    • Wilson says:

      B for now…may be an ‘A’ 2-3 years from now

    • Jared says:

      no way its an A. no LB, no DE, no WR.

    • Adam says:

      I agree they did well, filled some important spots offensive line and runningback for sure! Liked Dowling pick as well, secondary should be sick! Think they did excellent with Solder, think Watkins too old to spend a first round on though. I think everyone forgets Cunningham had equally comparable stats coming into last years draft as lots of these talked about guys this year. He may not have been a breakout last season but he was learning the system and was hankered by injury at the end of the season, not to mention our Dline was all taped up all year. I think he will show desired results in this new season performing much better!

  17. Jared says:

    step away from the cliff Edward. With trading for a pick in the 20’s, and a pick in the 40’s for next season. And coming away with 5 of the top 75 players in the draft….I feel like they deserve a solid B grade.
    If they addressed the needs in the defensive front 7, it would be an A. Time will tell, I think moat of the OLB’s will be total busts, but at least a couple of them could have helped us.

  18. Cam says:

    Don’t forget: Herzlich ended up being an UDFA. Could pick him up

    • AP says:

      I didn’t see this when I posted… I hope we pick him up too.

      • Steve says:

        I’m guessing they won’t…it would be a nightmare if they have to cut him; not that BB gets too emotional. I think they would have drafted him, and will allow another team to give him a shot.

    • Wilson says:

      I was bummed they passed on him at #194 and #219… but I hope they go after him as a UFA, he’s going to compare to Mike Vrabel if he is 100%

  19. edward0383 says:

    Well considering they filled a position which was the biggest
    need (OLB) with a HOF in the sixth round I’ll say this draft is an
    A++++++!!!!! Oh I forgot we drafted a pro bowl RB in the 3rd
    round. Almost forgot!!!!! No wonder teams don’t mind trading with
    the Pats. They take 12 guys and end up getting rid off half
    of them while other team draft impact players!!!!

  20. Dave says:

    In Bill we trust..who ever thought going into last year after the draft we would go year Ty Warren comes back and hope they re-sign Gerard Warren…all is well in BB land

    • Steve says:

      Not to mention about 7 other DT’s that were injured towards the end of the season. Something not talked about enough. This draft just didn’t offer better players than these guys, who are already in the system and a bit proven….some nice players, when healthy. It should be very competitive, yet Ty Warren is the key…if they want him back?

      Great point

      • joe from Lowell says:

        I expect we’ll see more than one young d lineman step up this year.

        Brandon Deaderick was contributing off the bench as a rookie, and that’s rare for the DL.

      • Wilson says:

        This is the breakout year for Pryor and Brace (him especially). those two guys have been in the system long enough to become stud D-linemen this season

  21. Jared says:

    Mixed feelings. I feel like they did as good as they could have without addressing there most pressing need, which is the pass-rush. I can see patching up the other defensive-end with Marcus Stroud and/or Gerard Warren. But they need to address there lack of talent at outside linebacker. They need a starter in my opinion, and i don’t know if they will find, or even look in free-agency for one. I’ve almost lost hope, I didn’t think they would go into LAST season with the OLB’s they had, and they did, so I’m not going to hold my breath on them signing a starter in free-agency.
    The lack of a pass-rush didn’t really show up to bite them until the playoffs, when you need it the most. In the last game vs the Jets, all the stats are about the same…Until you look in the SACKS column… Jets 5 Pats 0

    • There will be Blood says:

      Pass rush? BB doesn’t know the words pass rush. Lol! I agree though. I thought the whole point of the 3-4 was to have good linebackers. The guys on the outside are really lacking. I think when they made the splash with Thomas at lb a few years ago it left them with a sour taste in their mouth. So now I wouldn’t expect them to make any big time free agent impact player type moves. Not really their style. Maybe trade for someone though?

      • Jared says:

        Agree on the Adalius thing… no wonder 3-4 OLB’s are so hard to draft. Veterans with all the tools like Adalius Thomas can even come in and fall flat on their face, never mind a rookie. But they have to bite the bullet and grab somebody, I wish i knew who some free-agents or some guys we could get in a trade.

        • There will be Blood says:

          Don’t forget usually you can pick up guys after the draft that weren’t drafted and see how they are. Not sure how that’s going to work now though with this stupid lockout going on. Screwing up how everything works. Normally free agent signings would’ve happened long ago BEFORE the draft. Now it’s after cause of the stupid owners and their greed.

    • Jared says:

      PS: wasted last pick on Williams. Rated the 730th best prospect coming out…off the radar. He would have most certainly been available as a free-agent after the draft. Bill could have gotten Greg Romeus for nothing.

      • stevethumb says:

        agreed..the guy on the other side at TCU has a better chance of making a team as an undFA than williams does…
        perhaps there is more going on behind the scenes than we know…i.e. hoyer has been traded to the redskins for a starting LB

        overall, i’d grade the pats a B and that’s mostly on future dividends from the acquired 2012 picks and mallett’s future and marcus cannon’s NFL debut in 2012

        • Martin says:

          Marcus Cannon’s agent expects his client to be done with chemo treatments well before by start of training camp. I remember reading it on a few days ago. Ill post a link if i can find it. Expectation is that its possible for him to be ready this year

      • JMC says:

        Or Nose Tackle Ian Willams (Notre Dame)- to be put on PUP and maybe IR. Jeremy Beal was also un-drafted.

        I like the next years picks, I like Verrene. I see the need for a slot/man to man CB, Soldier is your guy- OK.

        With two threes- I (honestly) see the need for a power third down back- But was Ridley ‘really’ a third round pick? John Moffitt (next pick) and Bowling (Bengals-4th) were left on the broad. Is a #3 QB so important if your #1 QB has that deer in the headlights look again (like in the playoffs)? Plus, your rebuilding the running game- what good is it if nobody blocks?

        I really think OL is the teams greatest need for this draft- more than outside pass rush- which would have been nice- just not as necessary today. One (or even both) of the above OLs (above) could have, in one draft, virtually rebuilt the OL for the rest of Brady’s career.

        Indy has Manning at QB- Look what they did in the draft.

    • Wilson says:

      Eric Moore. they want to see what he can do in 16 games because he produced well in the final 4

  22. There will be Blood says:

    Well I think the secondary is looking pretty good. Not sure who the hell is pressuring the other team’s qb though.

  23. Phil says:

    I think they did a great job. I would have liked to see them pick a DE/OLB a little higher, instead of Stevan Ridley. I am eager to see how Ryan Mallet will play for them once Tom Brady leaves in the future. (if he is still there) I am very pleased with the pick of Ras-I Dowling because both him, Mccourty and Bodden will make a mean corner trio. When they first picked Solder, I was totally shocked. I understand that the O-Line needed some adjustments but I think Solder would have been available at a lower pick. Personally, I would have prefered Danny Watkins but I have all trust in Bill. He must see some potential. Once Solder builds his core and puts pn some more weight. He will be a future pro-bowler. I am also happy with Bill’s decision to trade away 28th for another two first rounders in 2012. I just hope then he will snag some impact players.

    • Martin says:

      Chris Mortensen, Schefter, Mayock, Reiss and the beat reporter from ESPN for the giants all confirmed that the Giants would have picked him at 19 had the patriots not taken him. His upside had him higher on a lot of team boards than Tyrone Smith who went to Dallas at 9. Indy at 22 also had him as their top tackle. They ended up settling for Castanzo. The Pats knew that and thats why they didnt try trading down like they usually do.

    • Wilson says:

      Yeah if the Pats didn’t get Solder at #17 they would have lost him to the giants, and Solder’s “flaws” are all the things that the Pats coaching staff specialize in

  24. mike boston says:

    They better address the OLB situation in free agency because they need starter caliber players at that position! Ninko and TBC are situational players at best and Cunningham is largely unproven.. The teams biggest need was not filled and needs to be if this team is going to compete in the post season IMO

    • Wilson says:

      Word from Belichick is that he wants to see a full season from Moore. He did ok in the last few games last season but I dont know if hes starting material

  25. Vegan says:

    Love it!

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