Markell Carter – New Patriots OLB

markell carter patriots

Markell Carter is your newest OLB prospect.

After adding some additional blockers on the third day of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Patriots have selected Markell Carter (OLB, Central Arkansas) with the 194th pick.

Carter (6’4″/252) ran a 4.70 forty at his pro day, exhibiting the size, speed, and length (34.5″ arms) to play 3-4 OLB in the Patriots system.

Small-school guru, and friend of NEPD, Matthew Elder says that Carter is a “speed-rusher with a bit of power.” Elder noted that Carter can improve his use of his hands.

Carter should also be a contributor on kick and punt coverage.

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28 Responses to “Markell Carter – New Patriots OLB”

  1. Rob says:

    Is Markell Carter the new Tully Banta-Cain? A late draft choice, (cheap against salary cap), brought in to play special teams and occasionally come in on passing situations to speed rush from outside; having lock down DBs (McCourty / Bodden / hopefully Dowling) that free up the ability to rush 5 or maybe even 6 guys. That was the strategy when the Pats drafted Banta-Cain and it sure worked out well for them then!!

  2. caleb r. says:

    I love how everyone is talking about Stroud, Deaderick etc. and we have no pass rush. Yeah, well you’re forgetting one guy – ERIC MOORE. All this guy did was make plays when we put him in. He can play at least 4 diff positions and makes plays at all of them!!


    now can I get a hell yeah to that

  3. Wilson says:

    WHO?!? nuff said…..this guys gonna be a stud. “In Bill We Trust”

  4. SJD says:

    Well at least we pick ONE pass rusher. About time. He seems to have potential as a rusher so let’s hope he can produce.

    Even so I don’t think BB avoided the pass rushers this draft, he just didn’t see them at the right pick. Keep in mind we have a healthy Spikes, Cunningham with potential, healthy Ty Warren at DE, and a (hopefully) better secondary.

    Although BB needs to realize, defense is a primary concern. All three super bowl wins were from having a powerful defense with playmakers all over the field. Patriots don’t even have one. I talk with friends about football, when I bring up a Pats defensive player it’s always followed with “oh, who’s that?”

    • prioris says:

      >it’s always followed with “oh, who’s that?”

      that’s because the patriots who ranked around 7th or so in defense also has the youngest defense in NFL

      • Ryan Buske says:

        Touche Sir, Touche.

      • Jared says:

        I would say there 7th ranked defense had a lot to do with Tom Bradys #1 ranked offense, holding the ball, and getting leads on teams.
        And SJD is right, that Pats have 0 playmakers…..0

        • TD says:

          Zero playmakers? Where did all the turnovers come from last year, and for TD’s at that?

          We have playmakers in all 3 phases, just not where everyone sees Clay Matthews making plays.

          Show me a team that has a ton of playmakers and I’ll show you a team with very little quality in backup players and keeping their fingers crossed that injuries do not happen to starters.

  5. Pat!m9 says:

    Y’all have to agree with me , we had no pass rush because our DEs were injured. Did y’all notice that they moved a rookie to nose Tackle and let wilfork play dend! He is way too big for that. We jus need our DEs back and healthy!!!

    • joe from Lowell says:

      I agree. The d line will get healthy, and the linebackers will get a year more experienced.

    • Wilson says:

      Stroud and Warren should be solid guys to help shore up the DL this year, and continue to help guys like Brace, Pryor, Deaderick, and Love

    • Rob says:

      Finally, someone else who sees this!! The 2000-20004 dynasty Pats had no great pass rushers, but they did have lock down DBs that freed up Coach B’s ability to get exotic in pass rushing. If Dowling is finally the answer – and I like the combo of McCourty / Bodden / Dowling – we should not only be able to rush the passer like in those dynasty days, but we will even be stronger up the middle, with an improved Wilfork (since his rookie year of 2004) and maybe even Stroud or Brace, if he ever gets healthy.

      Welcome back Ty Warren. Anybody else see how many sacks and QB pressures that Mike Wright was averaging in those few games before he went on the IR? We don’t know what we have in Deaderick either or what we might get in free agency. It will at least be somebody that we can afford against our salary cap.

      • Jared says:

        I would call Willie McGinest and Mike Vrabel great pass-rushers in their prime….Rosevelt Colvin was a great pass-rusher. You can’t tell me that Otis Smith and Terrell Buckley were “lock-down”-corners at the age of like 35 when they were here.
        The strength of the Patriots defense in their SB runs was there front 7, any other assessment, is simply wrong in my opinion.

        • TD says:

          I wouldn’t put Vrabel in the great catagory. His best year was ’07 when we were up by 30 at halftime and the other teams had no choice but to pass, plus he had 4 of his 12 sacks in one game.
          The Pats also had a strong DBackfield in Rodney’s tenure here until the last year. He got older and the new pass rules dictated new skill sets in BB’s zone schemes.

    • Ryan Buske says:

      A few reason why we sucked last year:
      1. No one to cover the slot. Chung Needs to play safety.
      2. Spikes couldn’t protect against the play action to save his life, hopefully he will improve this year.
      3. Cunningham wasn’t getting penatration because our good DE’s were injured. Ty Warren
      4. Got to have PRYOR healthy this year, when he is in there he is good. Love did play well as well.
      5. General inexperience.
      6. OL – Hate to say this but when someone brings up that the Jets at 5 sacks on us, and then they say its the pass rush that killed us. NO when Jets sack us 5 times, that means our O-line sucked.

      This isn’t all inclusive.

      • Jared says:

        good point on number 6. But in that playoff vs the Jets, Brady and the wide-receivers were just as much if not MORE to blame. Plus, I have a problem with the Pats having 0 sacks, just as much as I do the Jets having 5.

  6. edward0383 says:

    I guess sarcasm is not as conspicuos as I thought it would be!!!!

  7. Lundahl says:

    This guy is a future pro bowler. An excellent pass rusher. Agressive and mean. He had some knee injuries, that’s why he’s way down round six.

  8. stevethumb says:

    wow a coupla arkansans !! i have seen mcarter play quite a few times..he does have an all out, play every down hard attitude…should provide quality depth

  9. joe says:

    BB is trying to get that 6th round gem like brady. We will see I don’t think so but I hope so

  10. edward0383 says:

    Hey we finally found the answer at OLB!!!!
    BB is a genius!!! What a steal. First round talent
    in the sixth round, a perennial pro bowler and future
    HOF!!!! BB is the man!!! He found the second coming
    of LT!!!!!!

  11. There will be Blood says:

    Hey a pass rusher of sorts!

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