Front Seven Still in Focus

Marvin Austin Patriots

The Patriots are doing their homework on this former Tarheel defensive lineman.

The defensive line and linebacker corps seems to be getting the lion’s share of attention this 2011 NFL Draft season, both from fans and the Patriots’ scouting staff. Three more defenders were either worked out or scheduled an official visit with New England.

Marvin Austin (DL, North Carolina) will make an official visit to Foxboro, according to the Chicago Tribune. Austin missed the entire 2010 NCAA season due to an eligibility issue, but made his mark with a great Shrine Game and NFL Combine.

Two of Brooks Reed’s teammates, D’Aundre Reed and Ricky Elmore, also were privately worked out by the Patriots – according to a report by Christopher Price.

Reed and Elmore both played defensive end for the Wildcats, but may project better as outside linebackers in the Patriots’ 3-4 defensive system.

Elmore is a bit stiff for the position in our opinion, but Reed really impressed us on tape in 2010 – even as a backup. As a late-round sub-package guy, Reed could really be a steal.

For more on private workouts and official visits, feel free to peruse our 2011 Patriots Draft Contacts page.

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24 Responses to “Front Seven Still in Focus”

  1. Common Cent$ says:

    I like this game!!! How do you like this combo: WR A.J. Green and OLB Justin Houston in the 1st rd and OL Clint Boling at 2- 60, all from Georgia?

  2. bledsoes_ghost says:

    Quick dream scenario. Belichick as well as the players on the Patriots have expressed the concern and importance of team chemistry. Last year the patriots go out and draft Cunningham, Spikes, and Hernandez all from Florida, all with prior camaraderie and eases a set of rookies anxiety into the foundation of the Patriots as a whole, producing great results. Now i’m not saying that the Pats will do this again, or even drafting 3 guys out of Florida was planned for this… But what if Bill Belichick jumps up a few spots and gets Quinn, than deep second acquires Marvin Austin… continuing a trend of sorts and allowing a group of two, from NC, connect better with a group of three out of Florida… chemistry? I may be thinking into this too deep but i guess thats what comes in a dream scernario

    Much Respect

    • Ken W says:

      You know I never really thought about it that way but it does make sense there is a lot of talent coming out of NC this year so it could be an option. Im fine with those two being on the team next year.

      • Ken W says:

        As long as we are talking about same school guys another combo to look out for would be JJ Watt and Gabe Carimi and then maybe in the 2-3 round John Moffitt. Just an idea.

    • Jared says:

      definitely a dream scenario…I feel like last years Florida class was an anomaly, first off, Belichick had an ongoing relationship with coach Urban Meyer, one he doesnt have with Butch Davis-UNC coach. Second, all three players were desirable, but the highest chosen was Spikes late in the second round, Hernandez in the fourth round. Quinn will be a top 10 pick, and would cost you two first round picks, i have him going to CLE at 5th. Austin will most likely be chosen in the first half of the second round. Thirdly, both Quinn and Austin missed last season at UNC, and have serious question marks about how they will translate in the pros. Quinn is the best pass rushing prospect in the draft, but has little experience playing OLB, where Bill would draft him to play the majority of his snaps.
      Last, i dont think when Belichick talks about camaraderie, hes talking about being buddies in college-I think he speaks more of chemistry in an NFL locker room, and on the field. Being able to make adjustments as a unit and be on the same page.
      I wouldnt be mad if they drafted Quinn, but its a pipe dream.

  3. Jon L. says:

    Front seven is definitely a need for the Pats, but if Ty Warren is able to come back healthy, I think they need another young linebacker for depth.

  4. Common Cent$ says:

    (Sorry about the continuance; my bad!!) Iwould love to have either of them. If they are gone,however, I would take Muhammad Wilkerson without batting an eye at 17. At 6’4.5″ and 315lbs he is ideal size and he’s BTSQN(see part 1). He possibly has the best attitude because he’s played and understands the system. He is finally getting recognition and hasn’t been reading his press clippings. Cam Heyward is also a possibility in which case we coud could trade 17 and still get our man.

    • Jared says:

      Watt, Jordan, or Wilkerson-got to have one of them. 100% agree

    • Jim R says:

      I think this is the year they move up. I think they have targeted 4-5 studs. If one or two of them drop below 8 they will go get him. I think in order they look to get Darius, Peterson, Quinn, Fairley and Bowers. I think Quinn and Bowers could drop.

      • MegaHurtZ says:

        No way, NE, is too humble. They’re bit going to spoil one guy. Vince, is the closest thing on defencw being spoiled, and it was like pulling teeth…they would rather have 2nd round, low paid guys….

  5. Common Cent$ says:

    I think there are 2 ways to go at this: DE or Pass Rusher at 17 . I call for a PR because I don’t really care if he can play OLB or not. He must be able to pressure the QB on passing downs. In this pass happy league, that’s a lot of snaps. A stud 5 tech DE is a must in our defensive scheme. The ability to absorb double team blocking frees a pass rusher to beat a back or tight end one on one. In our defense, a DE who gets 7 or 8 sacks makes the Pro Bowl. Case in point : Richard Seymore gets 6 sacks but a Rosy Colvin or Mike Vrabel gets 11/12 sacks because 2 blockers are dealing with him. Our defensive ends are BIG,TALL,STRONG,QUICK and NASTY. Most of the guys that fit that bill will be gone by the time we pick at 17 because they’re hard to find. These guys can’t have an ego because it is not about stats, it’s about holding your ground and doing the job asked of you. If you want to rush the passer as part of the front three, it won’t be on the Patriots. Our DEs get sacks when the offense decides to handle our pass rusher with a tackle and a back, freeing him with a guard to beat. Marcell Dareus and Nick Fairly will both be drafted in the top ten. Pass Rushers like Von Miller, Robert Quinn and Da’Quan Bowers should be gone by the 12th pick. There’s been a lot of press about Cam Jordan DE, J.J. Watt DE, Aldon Smith PR and Ryan Kerrigan PR saying they will be picked before 17. I love Jordan or Watt and

  6. pats says:

    The only certain conclusion I have come to about patriots drafting OLB

    BB will pick no OLB in first round.

    There are no OLB prospects for patriots that have first round value.

    Players like Reed, Martinez, Sheard etc will be considered.

  7. John M says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t look at JJ Watt, Justin Houston or Mikel LeShoure yet.

    • Ken W says:

      yah Im hoping that they at least have a private work out with these guys. It would definitely make me feel better about the drafting possibilities.

    • Bill S says:

      I find a guy like Leshoure very interesting. According to ESPN, he’s a guy who had 0 fumbles. A big ,strong inside, outside guy who doesn’t fumble ha sgot to be a BB guy

      • Jared says:

        Agreed…they were talking about his stock rising on NFL network the other day, and Ingrams’ dropping. Leshoure looks like a beast, but if the Patriots want him, they may have to take him 33rd.

  8. pats says:

    don’t see a lot of DE conversions to OLB in DL list either

  9. pats says:

    >The defensive line and linebacker corps seems to be getting the lion’s share of attention

    Say what!!!

    Looking at the contact list, DL and CB seem to be getting the lions share of attention while LB tend to be getting ignored.

    • NEPD says:

      Many of the DL are being worked out as possible LB’s in addition to DE. (Elmore, Reed, D. Reed, Bailey, etc…) Aldon Smith is another possible workout that we still haven’t confirmed, and thus isn’t on the list.

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