Day Three Targets for Patriots

KJ Wright NFL Draft

Could KJ Wright provide some late-round pass rush for the Patriots?

After a day that saw the Patriots draft a cornerback (Ras-I Dowling), two running backs (Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley), and a quarterback (Ryan Mallett), you might wonder what defensive front seven targets are there for the Patriots taking.

We’ll give you some prospects to watch out for on day three of the 2011 NFL Draft at the DE and OLB positions, as well as some OL and WR.

Defensive Line

Christian Ballard, Iowa – Not quite big enough for a typical Patriots DE, but he could be a very good addition in their sub packages.

Brandon Bair, Oregon – Very tall and lean prospect that would need to add a few pounds to become a 5-tech.

Outside Linebacker

Sam Acho, Texas – Very smart player that can get after the passer. Very surprised to see him fall to day three.

Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma – Great work ethic and motor, but has pedestrian speed. That said, he always seems to be around the football.

KJ Wright, Mississippi State – Underrated prospect that should be able to play as an OLB in sub-situations. Not sure he can set the edge on a consistent basis.

Chris Carter, Fresno State – The Fresno State connection could come into play here with this player that has been working out with some guy named Willie McGinest.

Pernell McPhee, Mississippi State – Solid player that does a lot of things decently, but nothing exceptional. Will continue to over-achieve.

Greg Romeus, Pitt – If injury concerns have subsided, he could be a guy who comes off of the PUP list and contributes late in the year.

Offensive Line

Clint Boling, Georgia – Boling can play every non-center position on the line, but he will best suited to guard. Team leader and former left-tackle screams Patriots pick to me.

Brandon Fusco, Slippery Rock – The Patriots showed a lot of interest in this small-school center. He would be a developmental pick.

Wide Receiver

Edmond Gates, Abilene Christian – True burner that has some character issues and some shaky hands. Could be a Mike Wallace type of receiver.

Greg Salas, Hawaii – Not a speed guy, but has incredible hands. Works the middle of the field very well.

Tandon Doss, Indiana – Never was as productive as he should have been. Very smooth receiver with good size.


70 Responses to “Day Three Targets for Patriots”

  1. Ryan Buske says:

    What a weak fourth round, we didn’t miss much.

  2. DaveD says:

    In this season, Bill sees only a limited time to work with these draft choices. I think he made a decision to go with the vets we have, rather than go with rookies, who will have had little time to learn the playbook. How can new guards or receivers be expected to function at a high level, when they may not have the opportunity to have a proper camp?
    If we have a veteran laden team, we should clean up in the early portion of the schedule. Teams that have many draft picks will inevitably cut some good veterans, which Bill can pounce upon.
    The OT is a great pick, because he needs time to develop. Light can probably move to guard, if need be.

  3. Jim R says:

    Oh crap KC just took Rickey Stanzi, BB trade down….

  4. Mike Loyko says:

    I have to reiterate… Just because BB is picking players not where Mayock-Kiper-McShay have them rated doesnt mean they are bad picks… I will take BB’s scouting capabilities and trust him over those guys every time. We will not reach for a player that doesnt fit our system to fill a need.. we just wont. The players we took are all high character, safe, team players.. who will contribute this year. Mallet the value/risk was just too good. I like what we have done.

  5. Ray says:

    Chiefs keep picking the players I had targeted for the Pats! Other options for Kansas City: Chris Carter, Jeremy Beal, Cliff Matthews, Karl Klug, Brandon Bair, Bruce Miller, Jake Kirkpatrick and Chris Neild.

  6. Steve says:

    I like the way BB learns and evolves, even within his tight “system”…case & point: running backs are trending towards small and quick guys who get lost in the pile. Jones-Drew seems to have started this trend. Woodhead is another example right here at home.
    Vareen and Ridley are stronger and a bit bigger, maybe even fast, but they are quick…very quick, and this works these days…yards gained are yards gained…I like the style and diversity these two backs will bring.
    It may say that BJGE could be lost as a free agent…could be asking for too much money??? So, we need backs with Morris and Taylor going.

  7. ryan buske says:

    Kenerick Ellis facing jail time for felony charges be careful what you wish for.

    • ryan buske says:

      They reached for the last back because they knew he would be gone by the time of their next pick, because the trade was already in place. This may have been a deep draft but not a strong one. Ellis was clearly reach and may never even play ball. And just because McShay has one person above the guy he choose doesn’t mean anything. McCourty wasn’t supposed to be nearly as good as Kareem Jackson and etc, BB scouted these players have some faith, getting a little out of hand. Further more its pretty easy to judge in hindsight, I’m sure we could have done a ton of different things.

  8. stevethumb says:

    should have taken mwilkerson at 28..that was a double whammy..we dont get him and the jets do…the pats could have traded down slightly at 33 and still got dowling..svereen would have been there at 60 instead of 56..and they still could have gotten mallett in the 3rd..
    ya gotta admit this scenario is better than what went down last night

    • Jared says:

      I’l take a first round pick next year…and RB Shane Vereen for free basically. Wilkerson played at Temple, we will see how great him and Kenrick Ellis from flippin Hampton are, welcome to the NFL, meet MR.Vollmer.

  9. Nate says:

    I really like Ras-I Dowling. i honestly picture him taking Chung’s role from last year, in which he covered the slot receiver/ # 1 tight end in the slot. Pat Chung is a beast, but he is slightly too short/not quick enough to cover some of these NFL slot receivers, so with Dowling being more suited to it, Chung can move back to his more natural role as a hard hitting, mid-zone type strong safety.

    • JMC says:

      I agree that if Dowling works well in the slot, that cold be very helpful.
      I also can see the need for a short yardage back like Ridley. I like Verrene. I like the picks for next year.

      But John Moffitt and Ellis was left on the board in the third round for a back up QB and Ridley, who may well have been available in later rounds (and Ellis is now on the Jets). What good is a power running back if there is no inside blocking.

      • Steve says:

        I believe you could see him in the slot in year one, but I see him at a true starting outside CB…highly skilled, fast & tough. I love his length too.

  10. Bruschi54 says:

    BB has traded the rest of our picks for a 6th rounder in 2050, 3 new parking lot attendants, a janitor and a Starbucks card. He liked the value there!

  11. john m. says:

    So far this draft has made New England’s offense more potent and added some depth at RB and QB but what about the defense. The 2011 NFL Draft had a lot of stud defensive linemen and with all the ammunition (draft picks) that NE had, how can you not come away with one? The strength of this draft was the defensive linemen position which NE is mediocre at best. The linebacker class this year was weak so if they took a pass on this position this year it’s understandable. I’m disappointed that they didn’t draft a defensive linemen this year.

  12. brett says:

    everybody needs to look at the talent that was not in this draft. you need to look at what this draft had for olb talent and then you look at your team how much better are they then cunningham? dowling if not injured would have gone in the first round. did I want to see them draft an olb yes but I do not want them to use a 1st or 2nd rounder on someone that can’t even make the team.

  13. Jim R says:

    Please BB stockpile more corners, Running backs and Quarterbacks we need them

    • Steve says:

      We had one good corner last year and often there are 3 on the field; so you don’t want a potential star player…highly skilled, fast, experienced corner added to the team? We had 2 running backs that didn’t see the field, so we don’t need running backs? Faulk is most likely done, also.

      • Jim R says:

        While I agree with your point, Do you think going into the draft the front 7 on D was the top priority?

  14. TD says:

    The problem with everyone calling for BB to be fired is that you cannot really put a grade on any draft until 2-3 years or more down the road. How can you say any team sucked or was awesome in their picks before any of the picks have even gone to camp or an OTA, let alone a game.

    • JMC says:

      Nobody sane wants BB to be fired.

      The Jets in one draft have rebuilt their DL with Wilkerson and Ellis. The Patriots do not have the OL to deal with the Jets defense. I hope I’m wrong, but it sure does not look like it.

      Chiefs also had a good draft.

      • Jared says:

        jets drafted two kids that might as well be coming out of high school…Temple…and Hampton, really?

      • Ryan Buske says:

        Be pretty hard to play from jail. (ellis) Espn AM 660 has him with two felony charges.

  15. JDW says:

    Ahhh…another draft and yet another occasion for Belichick to demonstrate how superior he thinks ACC and Big East kids are to SEC talent. What a dope!

  16. Adam says:

    continued… Secondly our offense was the most high powered and has been for a while! We were first for points scored with last years talent. Now take an awesome guy like Solder to beef up the line and give us leverage on Light, who still may be resigned, Mankins tagged, and Connely who I thought shown he can most definetely be a starter and we have an excellent younger line! Now reveal to the other teams our speedy Price, both new backs, all of last years talent, and our offense will be unstoppable! Couple that with our better defense and we will win!

    • JMC says:

      Much less than “unstoppable” in the last two playoff games.

      • Jared says:

        Adam…little too much patriots kool-aid from the punch-bowl. As of right now, they are the same team that hasnt won a playoff game the last 4 seasons.

  17. Adam says:

    Sup fellow fans, several things to be said here. Firstly lets go with the defense, we have a defense that ranked 8th in ppg thats impressive with such a young defense! Not to mention at times 5 or so rookies on field and several second year and no experience guys on field! Injury hit as well as Spikes small bad decision which all together hurt us most at the wrong time. Now look at this team with a whole year under their belt, all healthy, insert a missing Bodden and Ty Warren from last season, add Stroud, and Wow! We WILL be impressive!…continued

  18. Steve says:

    Everyone is talking about the Saints and what an amazing 1st round they had, but we don’t know anything yet. Cam Jordan could be an average player…may never do much at all; we do know he’s a tweener from day one…so what impact do you think he’s going to have? Is Cam Jordan at 285 going to bullrush through double teams…guys weighing combined 600 lbs plus? Is he going to develop quickness to become LT at OLB?
    Is Ingrams knee lasting more than a few years, and if not he’s a terrible pick, and I say taking a RB in the 1st round is a bad move to begin with, especially when there were so many more to be had later.
    Why is this a great draft?
    And, they gave a 1st round pick next year?!!! Is this what you would want from your team? He better be good…
    My point: I love the way our team’s management thinks and moves around responsibly and doesn’t get carried away with certain players.

  19. Chris says:

    This whole draft just makes no sense our offense should have been the last thing that needed to be addressed last year the defense was our weak spot and with a defense heavy draft we go offense where is the logic?

    • Steve says:

      I think our defense needs help, and after seeing seeing how we drafted, and pushed off to next year, we can see how the team really felt about this draft…pretty weak. We can also assume they did their best with taking 2 very nice players in Solder & Dowling, and I like Vareen, and Ridley seems like a solid back. Mallet is a brilliant move…developing a QB the way it should be done…slowly…not throwing hiim to the wolves and ruining him etc…
      So, we carried Morris & Taylor the past few years and got very little out of them…now they’re replaced with young, healthy, skilled backs. It’s a position on the team and we filled it.
      Mostly, I think the coach/GM feels the talent he has is better than what was available. Maybe this means he expects Ty Warren back healthy, and others….Pryor, Deadrick, Wright…all better than some 2-4th round guys, if not some of the 1st round picks at those positions.
      If the talent isn’t there then why take them?
      You can see this draft falling apart…the 4th round is over and there are few players left. I’m sure there will be surprised, hopefully we get a few, but it’s just not a deep or strong draft…never was…no matter how much we wanted to build it up with all the hype.

      • Steve says:

        and, don’t forget that there hopefully will be a free agency period…at some point and time before the season begins. They can’t get that young…he took what he could…filled some needed holes with quality players (that I love) and now they move on.

        • CC says:

          How is it you can actually say He took what he could …& they filled holes in some area’s with quality players? U Love it and let’s move on?


          NEAL retired, no guard taken.
          Mankins at best is a 50/50 if forced, he wan’t out. Either way you look at it, that’s 2 Guard’s down, yet none taken. And what say is left for Guard’s????? Not even the 1 taken for S. Neal’s replacement even if there was never a cituation with Logan Mankin’s…….which there is!
          2 guard’s down, yet not one taken!
          Missing a True DE still. Yet none taken.
          Missing an OLB still Yet none taken!
          No solitified deep threat wide out for Brady, yet not one taken!
          A big guy in N. Solder for an OT, but Solder need’s work done on him for sure. and I could go on……..
          A pick on Mallet when we have Hoyer? WASTE.

          Unless they know for a fact that Hoyer is already bought and sold and we are receiving a possition player we need for him(like a DE, a OLB, an OG, or a deep threat), then it was a waste!!!

          Unless we know already that we are getting a possition we need filled in trade for Mankin’s that’ll be a waste.

          Unless we know already that we have free agent’s waiting to sign as we speak but they just can’t yet untill the CBA paperwork is done too fill these spot’s, it’s all a waste!

          This is a C- draft as it stand’s at absolute best!

          & that you love Steve????????

        • Jim R says:

          BB has a way of pissin off the fans at draft time. In the end it usually works out for all of us.

        • Steve says:


          It’s very simple…
          I come at this whole draft thing WITHOUT thinking I know more than BB with 5 Super Bowl rings, access to his plans for free agency (his current players and other teams), medical reports, system fit, and most importantly: THEIR CHARACTER/SMARTS ETC…

          For example, if he didn’t take a guard it screams to me that there wasn’t a guard worth taking there; isn’t that obvious to you? It says he has current players he feels are developing and ready, or just better, or he has free agency plans.

          We all sit here and guess and feel we actually know something, but in the end (and throughout) we really don’t know much and have to rely on a guy who is pretty well prepared.

          Lastly, you don’t know what the draft will bring for a couple of years, when all the “superstars” are out of the league, or playing well, or our players taken are either performing or not. Last year BB was jumped on for taking McCourty…who’s complaining now…he’s a borderline star and has room to improve, and is a very solid kid.

          So, learn something in life….learn when you are a fan and learn when you should be sitting back and shutting up so you avoid making yourself look like a complete fool by questioning a hall of fame coach/GM on moves he just made with 99% more information than you have from your recliner.

      • CC says:

        Taylor and Moriss….Very little out of them Steve? TRY NOTHING! They should have never been taken in the first place, we were an absolute laughing stock for taking them throughout the leage and fan base with lollipop’s stuck to our forhead’s while signing them!!! They were an embarressment.
        Very Little????
        & are you going to tell me somehow next that we couldn’t have done better???

        Any pick by any team could alway’s be a waste and a bust, no one ever really know’s. But there is also something to be said for GIVING UP AND NOT EVEN TRYING, which is what this draft spoke thus far!

        I say we strip BB of 70% of his player personel choosing right’s and hire someone again who can actually evaluate talent.
        Scott Pioli did just fine for us. Quick examples: WILFORK, SEYMORE, & WARREN. all 1st round deffensive pick’s by Pioli. TAking guy’s in the Parcell’s day’s like TY LAW and Teddy Johnson, Chris Slade.

        This Belicheck in charge only and the likes of Butler, Crable, Tate and mediocre filling in crap has got to go!!

        • Steve says:

          I get your points CC…seriously I do, I was puzzled when we took Crable, for example. I had never seen a front 7 guy with stilts for legs before.

          Here’s the reality though: Every team out there misses, and misses big, most of the coaches and GM’s don’t even outlive their players drafted…they’re long gone.

          You see, the draft is a percentage game…it’s chance, even after doing so much research, scouting, interviewing, testing etc…Half will miss, at best, and for every team.

          The key is to go back and look at every team, not just Pats, go back and look at their draft history and compare with current roster; then get back to me.

          You’ll see that they all miss for too many reasons for us all to figure out, but that’s the reality of the draft.

          Proof of this: look at our running backs last year, both free agents, and a free agent running back was tops in the league, I believe; and Blount was a late pick. There are examples like Brady, but hundreds more that are all over the league…playing roles, making plays, and were drafted late or not at all.

          We create an illusion with all this draft site stuff…we argue and debate over who is #17 or #23, or whatever…as if we have a clue! The networks have done the same, but I will tell you one thing…if you ever got any of these “experts” alone and telling the absolute truth they would have to admit that it’s all a show…it’s guess work, educated guessing, yet still too much chance to warrant all this attention. But, it’s entertainment and they make their livings at it and we all watch, but don’t be fooled please…they don’t really know more than each team and the systems they run.

          They all miss….lucky to bat .300, so BB has learned to live in the 2nd round where you can’t get killed…you have good talent, you own these players for 4 years, or so, and they have to run through walls for that time to realize their big payday. It’s his admission that he is not perfect…the process is not perfect; so he does the smart thing.

          And, he keeps winning, even when rebuilding half a team (last year or two)….it’s unique, yet obvious.

          Just go back to old drafts and do your homework…it’s something everyone should do…it’s right on the site…you’ll be amazed and your perspective on all this will change instantly and forever.

      • Chris says:

        He didn’t pick for value Nate Solder while Gabe Carimi, Derek Sherrod, Anthony Castonzo, Danny Watkins were still on the board and then Ras-I Dowling instead of Brandon Harris, Brandon Burton, Aaron Williams and then Shane Vareen who’s not a three down back instead of Mikel Leshoure, Kendall Hunter, Daniel Thomas they even could’ve went reciever with this pick Greg Little, Torrey Smith, Randall Cobb so I don’t buy the whole value talk this is a horrible draft the only good thing is the future picks and Ryan Mallet.

  20. Chris says:

    my real issue i guess isnt the players that were drafted its the places they were drafted i like solder and mallet i think the value was there. But after hearing him preach on value over need in all these press conferences he takes a CB projected for the bottom of the 3rd at 33 overall with 5 remaining picks in the 3rd and 4th so he takes a third round prospect basicly as a first round pick then goes on to take a 3rd rd projected back in the second and a 4th/5th round rb prospect in the 3rd. Im having a hard time seeing the whole value over need aspect happening here they basicly drafter a 3rd 4th and 5th round prospect with 2 2nd’s and a 3rd and one of those 2nd if i may add was worth a 1st rounder from a bad team which could have ended up being a top 10 pick next year. Someone please correct me if im wrong or explain this to me cause im lost an confused at this point

  21. Chris says:

    my real issue i guess isnt the players that were drafted its the places they were drafted i like solder and mallet i think the value was there. But after hearing him preach on value over need in all these press conferences he takes a CB projected for the bottom of the 3rd at 33 overall with 5 remaining picks in the 3rd and 4th so he takes a third round prospect basicly as a first round pick then goes on to take a 3rd rd projected back in the second and a 4th/5th round rb prospect in the 3rd. Im having a hard time seeing the whole value over need aspect happening here they basicly drafter a 3rd 4th and 5th round prospect with 2 2nd’s and a 3rd and one of those 2nd if i may add was worth a 1st rounder from a shitty team which could have ended up being a top 10 pick next year. Someone please correct me if im wrong or explain this to me cause im lost an confused at this point

    • joe says:

      Your pretty much right

    • Jared says:

      Frustrating draft…agreed. But Ras-I Dowling would have been a first round pick if he wasnt injured last season at Virgina, like Rob Gronkowski the year before. And Dowling would have been chosen somewhere in the next 20 picks if we didnt take him.
      Also, the Ridley kid played great last year in the SEC. Came out a year early, would have been a much higher pick next draft, so there is some value there.
      I’m with you as far as they need DE’s and OLB’s and guards. But you can’t rip the picks until they pan out or not.
      We will look back and know whether Bill should have drafted Mark Ingram at 28, instead Vereen and Ridley at 56 and 73.

  22. Ryan Buske says:

    One interesting observation I had is how teams are treating players who were injured last year. D. Bowers dropped for ever, and with Romeous having an injury, and Herzlich having an injury, I would not rule it out as being a possibility later in the draft.

    Nextly, I know some of us were high on Moffit, but did he get blasted by McShay. McShay to me is the reasonable one to listen too, he said that he is an under achiever and would have small hopes of contributing as a started. Pretty interesting to hear the analysts talk about the players after they were drafted, it was almost like they could say what they really wanted to say. It was interesting to hear how much praise Mallet got, Gruden loved him, and made it sound like he was one of the best QB’s in the draft.

    I guess I’m not overly happy about the picks we got but one reader mad an important point. Say the Patriots only had ONE pick every round and it was at 28, and you drafted these three players.
    Ras I Doweling
    Ryan Mallet

    Essentially we got two RB’s for free, and that seems like an ALRIGHT draft if you look at in the context. Also I think Bill has his eye on someone, Romeous or Herzlich, or some DE from no where. Maybe even Karl Klug. I think the point about having to many young people on our team, kind of a good point. Got to have leadership.

    My last thought is this, last year the Patriots took A LOT of people, and as many of you know they were cut and STARTED for other teams. At least this way the Patriots have an opportunity to SIGN most of the players they draft and it for goes the heartache the Patriots may have.

    • Steve says:

      On your first point…the injured players: I keep hearing people comment on injured players as all being the same. It’s almost like people are assuming all injuries are the exact same and should effect a players draft the same.
      One guys knee could be ruined…why waste a pick, another guys knee may have healed very well and he is cleared to start working out, another guy had cancer.
      Meaning, they’re all treated differently…they’re all separate individuals with separate injuries…of course they are going to slip…it’s football and an injured player is not on the field.

  23. PSW says:

    This draft is turning into a disaster. A lost year like 07, or 08. Yes Solder should be good. But no DE, no OLB, no OG. This means another year with no pass rush and an under productive defense, and if Logan Mankins fights the franchise tag again, the interior offensive line is going to collapse. I was screaming at the tv for Wilkerson or Heyward. I expected a trade back at 33, then hoped for Reed. Seeing 60 go unused with so much potential. Then the third round an RB and Mallet.
    We could have had a guard or two, 60 and two early 70’s wasted!! We still need DE, OLB, and OG, and we are running out of picks. If Hoody doesn’t have a miracle in his back pocket the Jets are gonna kick our asses this year.

    • JMC says:

      I agree- right now the Patriots are getting beat in the trenches.

      John Moffitt, a Mankins type OG out of Wisconsin went with the next pick after Mallett.

  24. Mike says:

    Did the cowboys take Carter?

  25. stevethumb says:

    it doesn’t seem like many of the above will be available at pick #159 but i’d like to see them take chris carter w/#138

  26. AM says:

    Would love to see two out of those five OLBs–McPhee is the most likely size-wise–plus Herzlich somewhere along the line. Add Boling to that mix and the draft would end up looking like a dream. Unfortunately, this combination seems more like wishful thinking.

    Other good targets: Greg Romeus, Tim Barnes, Ricky Elmore, Marc Schiechl, Bruce Miller, Andrew Jackson.

    • CC says:

      McPhee? Mr. Alot of thing’s decently, but nothing exceptional..
      YUP HE”S OUR’S

      • AM says:

        I’m not crazy about him–rather have Acho and Romeus. But the team has a definite physical profile, and he’s close, though he might have to slim down a bit to play OLB.

  27. Mike Loyko says:

    I agree about Ninko.. i think it speaks volumes to how BB feels about the DE-OLB class. He didnt like any of them enough to take in top 3 rounds. First of all our DL is pretty set if we started the season today. Warren-Wilfork-Stoud-Brace-Deaderick-Wright-Pryor.. I agree we need some pass rush but we havent even had FA yet.

    • Dan says:

      I totally agree. No real pass rush superstar, but thats not what Belicheck’s defense is about. It’s about doing your job perfectly, nothing more, nothing less.

  28. Dan says:

    Where’s the love for Ninkovich? In 10 starts the guy records over 60 tackles a couple sacks, and a couple INTS. Not to mention, he’s just reaching his peak now.

    • Jared says:

      Ninkovich, started good. Did he play the last month of the season or what?? He was a ghost. I don’t mind Ninkovich, but he is exactly our problem. He is not a starting OLB for a super-bowl team. hes a borderline starter/backup for an average NFL team at best.

    • AM says:

      I like Ninkovich a lot, but the question is whether he is peaking now or if he overachieved last year. If the former, then we may be in good shape with Cunningham’s improvement. If the latter, then it would be difficult to sustain on a year-to-year basis, and we need to look elsewhere.

      • Jeff V says:

        If Ninkovich is so great why the need for a pass rusher? I will tell you…because he is a terrible at rushing the passer. Did you guys actually watch the games? Rewatch the playoff game. THere is a reseaon the pass the d was 30th in the nfl and it wasnt because we have no talent in the secondary…its because of the worst collection of OLBs in the league…TBC could even make the team in SF yet he is still a better option than Ninko. by the ninko is not stout at setting the edge either…

  29. Mike Loyko says:

    I honestly think Mark Herzlich will be a Patriot target and wouldnt be surprised if they pick him in round 5

    • AM says:

      Would love that. Total sleeper–could be the next Vrabel if he recovers his quickness with more rehab.

  30. CC says:

    Phil Friggin Taylor , J. Sheppard, and a fast wide out for McCoy. I’d say they did quite well.

    • Jared says:

      they lost big Shaun Rogers, they got big Phil Taylor. They got a good pass-rusher in Jabaal Sheard, popular name on this site. And they got MY guy, Greg Little, could have been a STAR with TB12. But most of all….they RAPED the Atlanta Falcons for that 6th pick. 5 picks!! 2 -first rounders, a second, and 2 fourths?! Yikes, way to go Cleveland I guess.

    • Mike Loyko says:

      j sheppard he must be a sleeper

  31. Jared says:

    observation,,,,when we did the Mock Draft on this site….Cleveland was the winner. So far in the real draft….Cleveland is the winner…jus sayin.

    • ralph says:

      To me the Saints had the draft i wish we had… I hope BB trips into an unexpected UFA OLB that can do it all, maybe im just dreaming, If he let the whole draft go by and not draft a OLB than he must have something up his hood.
      And if Bill wants to wait till next year than he is just arrogant.
      But im just a confused man…lol The pats could win the superbowl next year and Solder and Ras could become Pro Bowlers.

      In the end who knows

      • Jared says:

        I said the same thing today, but only on paper. Ingram yes, I wish we took Ingram at 28, and used the two RB picks on some defense.

        But Cam Jordan, the more I look at him, I think he is a tweener, a man without a true position in our 3-4 defense. Too small to take on double-teams at end, too slow to play OLB. I think thats why he fell to the 20’s. Ended up getting drafted as a 4-3 DE in New Orleans.

      • JMC says:

        Plus the Patriots have the New Orleans # 1 pick next year.

      • TD says:

        Plus we already have half an army of guys that play 3-4 & 4-3 DE’s depending on the sub package needed. Jordan would probably be another body in the mix, so he passed on him and others.

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