Community NFL Mock Draft 3.0

Mike Pouncey NFL Draft

Will our readers allow Mike Pouncey to join his Florida teammates on the New England Patriots?

It’s been three weeks since our last Community NFL Mock Draft, so it’s time to apply your newfound knowledge and make the best picks that you can.

Here are the ground-rules:

  • Go in order. If you need to, use our 2011 NFL Draft Order page as a guide.
  • Wait your turn. If you want to make the 8th pick, wait for the 7th pick to be made.
  • Don’t make two picks in a row, give other people a chance.
  • No trades please. We’ll allow trades in our last April Community Mock Draft.
  • Use the “reply” button to discuss picks. Keep the actual selections on the first level of comments.

Please give the prospect name, position, school, and a BRIEF description of why you made the selection.

1. Panthers – Cam Newton
2. Broncos – Marcell Dareus
3. Bills – Patrick Peterson
4. Bengals – AJ Green
5. Cardinals – Blaine Gabbert
6. Browns – Da’Quan Bowers
7. 49ers – Von Miller
8. Titans – Nick Fairley
9. Cowboys – Tyron Smith
10. Redskins – Julio Jones
11. Texans – Robert Quinn
12. Vikings – JJ Watt

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85 Responses to “Community NFL Mock Draft 3.0”

  1. cc says:

    Their QB has some seasoning in him now & Pouncey would do a great job protecting him. Make him just that much better. Pouncey would love to play for the Buc’s…It’s his backyard.

  2. Bruschi54 says:

    20 Tampa Bay Bucs – Mike Pouncey OL Florida

    Bucs loaded up on D-lineman last year, build up other side of ball this year.

  3. Chris says:

    Does nobody see them going after a RB in in the second round? just curious cause theres some real talent at that spot this draft year also.

    • Jared says:

      Ryan Williams.VirginiaTech-3 down back-fits the pats 50 pick though.

    • Bruschi54 says:

      A little smaller than I think they are looking for, but Hunter from Oklahoma State and Rodgers from Oregon State are really talented guys who could still be around late 3rd or into the 4th because of teams that shy away due of their size. Both are just shy of 200lbs but are tough, productive backs that fit Pats style very well. Thomas from K-State is bigger back that could be a guy they look at with 60 th pick or later.

      • Jared says:

        I like all 3 of those guys, I just think the Patriots with Green-Ellis already, will be looking more for a back than can catch out of the backfield and play on 3rd down. Williams is the most balanced back in the draft.

  4. Chris says:

    I completly agree Jared the highest i can see them going is 11 or 12 for qunn and even that is a long shot i think they will look for watt jordan or may just sure up wilkerson knowing that the chargers are right behind us and want him on there squad. I personally think that quinn would be awesome to nab but not at the cost of two 1st rounders with all the potential talent availible in this draft at the spots we need alot of help at.

  5. Sean says:

    19 – New York Giants – Corey Liuget DT Illinois

    Cofield is a FA and wants way too much money. Rocky Bernard is old and injury prone. They need another young DT to pair with Linval Joseph and Chris Canty to keep their D in the top 10.

  6. Bruschi54 says:

    18. San Diego Chargers – M. Wilkerson DE Temple

    Bolts need help along D line

    • JMC says:

      Wilkerson will be gone at #28. It will be interesting to see if the Patriots take a serious look at him at #17.

  7. Jared says:

    that last one was to Rocco

  8. Tom says:

    17 Pats Cam Jordan DE

    • JMC says:

      I think Pouncy is a better pick here- but that’s me…

      • Jared says:

        if they were both available…. most scouts would say jordans’ a better pick…you wont see any board that has Pouncey rated ahead of Cam jordan.

        • cc says:

          The Pat’s would be fool’s not too take Pouncey if they had the chance.
          2 Gaurd’s and a tackle down from the get-go say’s they need alot of help on the O-line, and Pouncey would be able to shore up a very-very needed guard possition – in addition to being able to sub in at center when needed for Koppen who’s a good 32-33 year’s old now and officially now on a slight decline.
          He may not be “rated” higher or ahead of Jordan on any particular board as you say, but Pouncey in addition also has been working on his shotgun technique since he know’s Group’s like the Pat’s use it often. *& Having Dan Koppen of all ppl tutor him and being able too sub in at center “anytime” while playing guard on the regular by replacing S. Neal and either or L. Mankin’s, makes Pouncey’s stock very valuable in a Patriot uniform…………maybe even higher than a Cam Jordan’s?
          The level of talent drop’s significantly after Pouncey regarding a Guard that can also play when needed at center, but the level of talent surrounding a Cam Jordan and his “possition” thing may be a bit more plentyfull.

          I think the Pat’s would be fool’s to let his talent & versatility for his type of spot just get away.
          Especially since we are down 3 on the o-line from the get-go…..

        • JMC says:

          Does rated higher on the (scout’s) draft board(s) necessarily mean a better ‘pick’? I have my doubts about that. In this case, I think the best interior lineman in the draft could be a better pick than a good-solid, but fourth or fifth best OLB, especially when there are comparable (specialization pass rush- ex Acho for example) picks at OLB lower in the draft and OL especially OG and C are big questions marks for the Patriots in 2011-12 and 2012-13.- Just a thought-

    • joe says:

      i agree. i think they will pick cameron jordan. as for a guard they could get danny watkins or another solid guard later on.

      • cc says:

        Watkin’s does have some issues, + by the time his rookie contract end’s he’ll already be like 32/33 years old. he won’t be a staple long term in the line up. Pouncey and Watkins are the two best rated guard’s in the draft. I take pouncey in the first all day before he get’s snagged by another team and we get left hangin’.

  9. Hunter says:

    Quinn: Brain Tumor… Can someone with a medical background please explain how this is possibly worthwhile? This guy will have a shorter career than Katzenmoyer.

    • AM says:

      Benign tumors aren’t in and of themselves harmful. You (and I, and everyone reading these comments) probably have dozens of small ones throughout your body at any given moment. Unlike malignant tumors, benign tumors don’t “infect” an organ–they just cause a pile-up of cells. I’m not privy to all the details in Quinn’s case, but my understanding is that his previous problem wasn’t the tumor itself, but that the pile of cells had grown large enough to cause pressure (by inducing fluid buildup) in the brain. Once the pressure was relieved, the tumor doesn’t pose an immediate threat.

      It’s also my understanding that he gets a cranial MRI every few months to monitor the issue. As long as the tumor doesn’t cause another buildup of pressure, there is no reason he couldn’t live with it indefinitely. Even if there were another pressure buildup, the fluid could be drained; given that his doctors are aware of the problem, however, it is likely under control. It is also worth mentioning that he has lived with this since high school, and has had no issues of relapse.

      Hope this helps!

  10. DWE says:

    With The DE being the biggest need in JAX, right next to the Safety possition’s and the CB spot, Jacksonville takes a DE in the first round and scratches Ryan Kerrigan out of Purdue off the board with the 16th over all pick!
    They shore up first the DE possition and now they’ll be looking at Safetie(s) and Corner Back’s.

    • Bruschi54 says:

      Kerrigan would be great pick for Jags, I think he is going to be very good NFL player. I know most Pats fans like the other DE/OLB prospects better, I think he is going to be solid 3 down guy who gets double digit sack totals annually. 6″4″ 260, better athlete than everyone gives him credit for, with a motor that won’t stop, I hope he ends up with Pats.

  11. cc says:

    15. Miami- Christian Ponder QB, Florida State.

    With Gabbert & Newton taken; & even though Jake Locker is still technically still available, the Dolphins not only fill a much needed QB slot, but they play to the state wide fan base at the same time by taking the Florida schooled Ponder.
    He’s quick on his feet, has great knowledge and decision making skill’s, takes his job seriously, has a great over the top throw, and a nice spiral which makes it even easier for the receiver’s to keep their eye on the ball.
    Ponder fill’s a needed gap at QB and at the same time pleases the state wide Florida fan base by tagging a Florida schooled boy.

  12. Jared says:

    14-St.Loius Rams…I would have Julio Jones going here in my own mock probably. But hes gone, so i see two options hete…Aldon Smith and Corey Liuget. I see them going for the flashier player with more upside. Rams choose…
    St.L-14-OLB-Aldon Smith

    • cc says:

      I’d say they pick up additional and much better O-line help vs the D in “protection of their future QB”. They need to seriously fill in the gap’s around Bradford first.
      Then they look at wide out’s and TE option’s blocker’s and catcher’s for him to throw at.
      There will be free agency soon enough to fill any gaps they have on D-fence.

      This year they get the Offence and pointing ppl out in line.
      Next year they throw it all on the D once Sam Bradford has had time to really gel with his offensive unit and made sure that he isn’t pounded upon and productivity goes down OR rendered usless due to injury.

      The Ram’s smartest move…….O-line, a Wide Out and TE’s.

      • Jared says:

        Who are you taking here then?..Tyron Smith is gone. Are you taking Costanzo at 14?-thats a reach. A team like the Rams picking in the first half of the first round-needs to pick the best players available that fit a need for there team. Picking 14th in this mock draft, and probably in the real draft-will not be a good spot for offensive line, or tight end.

        AJ Green and Julio Jones were gone also…so tell me what offensive player you would draft at 14 in this mock?

  13. John M. says:

    I want to get some opinions on Bowers. It seems like he’s falling in the first round because of his knee and I’m wondering if he would be worth the risk at pick #17 if he makes it there. I’m hoping that either Watt or Cameron will be there which would be a SOLID SAFE pick. I know that Bowers is better but he’s damaged goods.

    • Jared says:

      my opinion…Bowers wasnt a Patriots type defender before the question marks. Not versatile, and more of just a 4-3 DE, size, and skill wise.

    • Waldoon says:

      Bowers was a beast last year. There are concerns about his consistency, as he was a one year wonder, and his knee. If the knee checks out with the Combine followup many teams will be back in on Bowers and he could have tremendous value at 17. He combines upper body strength and explosiveness off the line. There are rumors about arthritic knee issues and that some teams have taken him off the board altogether. It all comes down to the medical. But if Quinn can fit into the Pats system so can Bowers.

      • Jared says:

        Quinn looked horrible at best in all LB drills, neither of them really fit what Bill is looking for in my book.

  14. ralph says:

    13. Detroit – Prince Amukamara CB – Nebraska

    Detroit Lions lack a legitimate starting cornerback across from Chris Houston. This team could even shock some and reach for Jimmy Smith, because of his impressive combine.
    They could also resolve the OLB situation or even draft a OT.

    • Cam says:

      Could this also potentially be a target for the pats to trade up to? I know it is only four spots but if Detroit really liked Smith, they could go down and get him while stockpiling some other picks. Not sure if it’d be worth it for the pats but it could happen.

  15. Rossco FTC says:

    12. Minnesota – JJ. Watt 3/4 Power DE – Wisconsin
    since their are no trades unless Lockler blows their socks off Minnesota has to adress their ageing D-line they might lose All-pro DE Robert Edwards to FA whene if ever it starts and Pat Willims is not the same Big man he used to be so they take the best Power DE on the Board and that is by far and away JJ. Watt

    • Rossco FTC says:

      Sorry Ray Edwards lol

      • rosscocks FTC says:

        Don’t know how i feel about that pick. I could see minnesota if unable to trade down reach for a QB. and i dont know why you loled at your “ray edwards joke”…wasnt funny

  16. AM says:

    11. Houston Texans – Robert Quinn, DE/OLB, North Carolina

    Houston desperately needs to improve its front seven, and Quinn is an amazing talent if he checks out medically. Cameron Jordan has to get strong consideration here as well, as he would be an immediate starter on the defensive line.

  17. bledsoes_ghost says:

    If at anytime the Patriots are going to make a move, i feel like this is the time. Redskins have one pick in every round and having Rex Grossman come in and play the “2 minute offense because Donovan McNabb wasn’t in shape” puts them in line to pick up a quarterback later on in round one while acquiring additional picks from the Pats. I can envision them going after Jake Locker if the Vikings don’t and I think Shannan is going to have a hard time passing up an offer the Patriots may be willing to put on the table if they view Quinn as there guy… Just a thought.

    • mayo's the man says:

      Bledsoe, I totally agree with you man. I’ve been the biggest Quinn fan for a long time and I think he would absolutely thrive in our system. A team of him opposite Jermaine Cunningham would be scary. Looking at a draft value chart, we could theoretically trade up to #10 just for our #17 and #60. That would still leave us #28 and #33. One of those could be parlayed into a 1st rounder next year, and the other could be used on a BPA. But back to your point, it would make a lot of sense to trade up for Robert Quinn.

      • Dan says:

        Quinn would perhaps be a very nice addition to our team, but our best chance to get him, or a guy like dareus, was for the raiders to not have improved so much last year. BB goes where the value is, and he would rather take 3 or 4 shots in the late first/ second round than make a big move to trade up in the first.

        we should be patient and use one of our picks this year to nab a 2012 first from a team that may be very bad next year (redskins? titans? etc.). who knows, we may get super LUCKy and find tom brady’s replacement next year with a nice rookie scale in place. For this year, we should strive to balance BPA and need, maybe we can walk away with heyward, allen bailey, a couple of talented interior o lineman, maybe even a playmaker such as ryan williams. lets see.

      • Jared says:

        4-3 DE….im not using 2 first round picks on that guy.

    • Rossco FTC says:

      Why want Qinn what About Dareus never hear about tradeing up for the best player in the draft by far?!!!!? the player the Pats need the most!!!

      • Jared says:

        U dont hear it because its rediculous….Dareus is a top 3 pick, you will have to give away way too much, and there is a good chance you will also have too pay way too much. Better chance the world ends before the draft..then there is Bill Belichick trades up half a round for the #2 pick.

      • Jeffrey says:

        can you please write so that people may understand you? from what i can infer ypu are on fact illeterate

        • Jared says:

          I don’t know what you couldn’t understand. But what I meant is-Bill Belichick trading up into the top 3 picks up from pick 17 will never happen. And that is why you never hear it, most people have a clue on what their talking about-obviously you don’t.

        • Jeffrey says:

          I’m sorry i understood you perfect and i like your ideas and i could see that happening. I meant i had no idea what rossco was saying. it literally makes no sense

        • Jared says:


      • Austin k says:

        what are you saying?

  18. Timmy Clutch says:

    10. Redskins: Julio Jones

    With Moss hitting free agency they need another WR. Jones has had some drops but still a big talent

  19. NEPD says:

    Would you guys be interested in doing a mock draft where one reader controls each team for the first 3-4 rounds? (trades and all)

    Thought we could try that next week if people are interested.

  20. CANADA says:

    #9 Dallas Cowboys-Tyron Smith
    I’d be shocked if Mike Pouncey IS the pick. Jerry Jones needs to adderss O-line and will go with the flashiest, highest-upside tackle of this year in Tyron Smith.

  21. John M. says:

    Titans- Nick Farley DE
    Best player available.

  22. Bruschi54 says:

    7. 49ers – Von Miller OLB Texas A & M

    Miller becomes easy selection here if he falls this far, Niners need OLB to replace FA Lawson.

  23. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    6. Cleveland – Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson

    Fairley, Quinn, and Julio Jones will also get a look, but Bowers is beast.

  24. Matt says:

    5. Cardinals – Blaine Gabbert QB
    The Cardinals start off a new era by taking the best qb in the draft. This pick could help the Cardinals be the favorites in the horrible NFC West. If Gabbert and Fitzgerald can get on the same page, this will be a good team in the futue.

  25. M.Loyko says:

    Cincinnati Bengals- AJ Green, WR, Georgia
    While it is tempting to go Blaine Gabbert here, the QB depth in round two is where they will pickk a QB. They simply go with the best offensive weapon in the draft. Ochocinco is a shell of his old self. AJ is probably the safest pick in the draft and could have the biggest immediate impact. Runs the smoothest routes I have seen and has hands like velcro. A future pro bowl WR.

  26. Noah says:

    Buffalo Bills- Patrick Peterson, CB LSU
    The bills take Peterson here because he is the safest pick. After failing miserably with aaron maybin the bills are looking to improve any position. Peterson is the BPA so they take him

    • M.Loyko says:

      I would be pretty surprised if the Bills past on Von Miller to take Peterson. I definitely think they go defense, but they really need a pass rusher and have been trying to find on for a long time.

    • Rossco FTC says:

      I don’t know if Peterson is the safest pick in the draft a few months ago that was a sure Bet!!! but rumors are swirling that he (Peterson) is not the brightest bulb in the draft and you wan’t no need to be smart to be a great shutdown corner in the NFL peterson has all other areas covered except maybe a little tight in the hips but makes up for it in recovery speed and all and all is a athletic freak!! and all tho AJ. Green only scored a 10 on the wonderholic he or Marcell Dareus are safer picks to me seeing that you don’t have to be to bright to clog up the middle like Dareus or haul in passes like Green!!!! Who knows the way its shapeing up their are great picks threw out the draft but I just don’t see any safe one’s man BB has his work cut out for him this in this Years Class.

      • IhaterosscoFTC says:

        yeah rosco not so sure your the brightest bulb. von miller has bust wrotten all over him. hes just too small. fact is bills have so many needs just about everyone will be considered but petersen will be the choice

        • John says:

          great post. i also think von miller is a bust. hes the same size as maybin and we all know how that turned out. plus rosco is out here criticizing peterson for being dumb and the guy cant even write a sentence correctly.

        • Rossco FTC says:

          Rossco Hater’s world wide at no time did i say the Bills should draft Von Miller !!! So i don’t even need to say anything to defend myself about that post read up smart guy i’m not saying Peterson won’t be great as an athlete and if the Bills do take him. Which they just might he will be playing Free Saftey by the end of trianing camp!!! Back to Von Miller never said he should be the pick he is to Small for the Hybrid 3/4 D that Bills run. The Pick should be AJ.Green but will probally be Blaine Gabbert QB because of postion (Value) which is sad. Fairley at DT is also a wild card pick he may be a 1 year wonder but if you watch the tape he is unstopple against the best of the best in the best divsion in college the SEC as for Peterson this was about him being the sfest pick in the Draft wich he is not Haters! Like i will say and have said that would be Marcell Dareus DT 3/4 Power DE out of Alabama. Nick Saben consistenly has His players ready to Play in the NFL. Just go as BB who he’s takeing if both Peterson and Dareus are still on the board ?!!! He may shock the world if Carolina is dumb enough to take Newton and Denver takes Peterson the BIlls maybe Miller and Cincy Green, , whe just might move up and trade with the Arizona and get Dareus if their not so high on Gabbert. !!

        • mayo's the man says:

          Rosco, if you’re poor grammar and illiterate spelling weren’t so distracting, maybe your incoherent ramble would’ve had a chance at passing for sane. However, it did not, and I gave up on reading it after about the fifth line. The fact of the matter is, as Noah said, the Bills have holes at virtually every position (except for maybe NT where Williams was pretty solid last year). Thus, you could technically make the case that any pick would be a good pick. Patrick Peterson seems to make the most sense, however, as the Bills do have to face Tom Brady twice a year. Additionally, he provides excellent special teams skills. I know he didn’t do so great on his Wonderlic test, but the guy can flat out play. I’d pick him over a QB anyday.

  27. Coach Bill says:

    2. Broncos: Marcell Dareus, DL, Alabama

    Abysmal defense takes the best defender available.

  28. Ellis says:

    1. Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton, QB, Auburn

    instantly upgrades their depth chart at this position and possibly gives them the chance to add picks by trading him in a mike vick/eli manning like fashion to a team that really wants him.

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