Lee Smith Chosen By Patriots

Lee Smith Patriots

Smith certainly looks like a Patriots blocker.

After adding some draft picks to an already loaded offense, the Patriots have added another. Lee Smith (TE, Marshall) is the newest tight end to be selected by New England

Smith is a great blocking tight end that we see being an eventual replacement for Alge Crumpler – who was almost like a 3rd tackle last year. Some even feel that Smith could become a future offensive lineman.

Smith is certainly not a field-stretcher, but runs good routes and is a big target (6’6″/265) in the red-zone.

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47 Responses to “Lee Smith Chosen By Patriots”

  1. Ryan Buske says:

    I could not believe the high praise this guy got on ESPN. I was expecting that he get blasted. I guess he hasn’t been playing football for more than a few years, and he is the “best blocking” tight-end on the board. Guy may even project as a FB in some schemes. At first I was a little upset, but he is perfect. They said he needs a little molding? You mean by some of the best coaches and TE’s in the game? SWEET

  2. pd says:

    As a Jets Fan I loved the Patriots draft. Unless you blitz your corners you aren’t going to put any pressure on the quarterback.

    I don’t understand why draft a TE with the 5 round pick when you already have 2 studs from last years draft.

    I can even accept the 2 running backs with the 2nd & 3rd.

    You have a huge need for an end to put pressure on the QB why not give up a 2nd & 3rd and move up a grab a stud.

    Like I said I love your draft.. there always 2012

  3. edward0383 says:

    They’re not wasting money in free agency. What? They’re going
    to send picks away and pay V. Jackson? Where r they going to
    find a pass rusher or will they even try after A. Thomas? I don’t
    think so!!!!

  4. andy says:

    i don’t know how BB has a job it’s obvious he should have been fired years ago.

  5. Ryan Buske says:

    This guy is an OL project all day long. I hope I’m not the only one that sees it.

  6. Steve says:

    We should have a big & bad O-line now…and we had issues (in playoff loses) with stopping the pass rush. Young, big, smart and strong dudes infront of Brady.
    We now have some nice, young, quick backs, and a very nice CB who’s long, fast, experienced and very skilled.

    I see the draft as a winner, and I’m not mentioning that they still have free agency and picked up a 1st & 2nd for next year. And, that’s not pushing things forward, it’s doing things this draft while still gaining for next…for trades, or more moving around next year.

    Great job Pats!!!

  7. Jim R says:

    Every draft we go thru the same anger however the guy making the picks seems to know a little more than we do.

    • Steve says:

      Amen Jim…a bunch of fools second-guessing a 5 time super bowl winning coach, who just flipped his team over 2-3 seasons and still won 14 games. UNBELIEVABLE…a case study in the stupidity of Humanity.

      This kid is a replacement (eventually, if he warrants it) for Crumpler, who is older…still good, but older. He’s a blocking tight end…a big football player. What is wrong with this?

      • Angry John says:

        Because we already have a very good blocking TE, that’s what is wrong with that pick. Either BB is trying to stock the practice squad, or he will cut Algie to save $$, as usual.

        We have 2 mediocre RBs, yet we drafted 2 more.

        We have a franchise QB, but we wasted a pick.

        We drafted a guy with cancer (god bless him), but wouldn’t take a chance on the best pass rusher in the draft in round 2. We must stockpile power, crummy picks. Much more important than getting an impact player.

        Grade – F-

        • TD says:

          Angry John needs to follow another team, try the Bills. They will pick the guys you and Mel Kiper like……and finish 3-13.

      • TD says:

        I think if this “kid” could add 25-30 pounds, he could kick inside to OT or G, or he could just pummel Bart Scott all day long while we run the rock.

    • joe says:

      Everyone says BB knows more but look at past history. If it wasn’t for last year he has not done good drafting its a fact.we passed on clay m and got butler and the guy from bc both busts. So if he is not getting someone in free agency we still have the same problem and in playoffs against good teams we are screwed. So before we trust in bill look at his past drafts after peolli bot good till last year and look at kc draft picks since tamba Ali and a lot off good picks he brought that team from nothing to playoffs so before u say in bill we trust think twice. I’m not saying its been a crapy draft it just could have been better

      • Ryan Buske says:

        Your right, Chung and Vollemer suck.. dont forget what trading back got us… if your going to tell the story make sure you tell the whole story…

  8. Chris says:

    we’re gonna be like the knicks all offense and no defense. Maybe he’s trying to play defense with offense by running the clock and keeping the ball out the other teams qb hands hence the rb and tight ends instead of a deep threat I guess we’ll be more of a short yardage offense but he still should’ve got ty warren some help

    • Chris says:

      Another side note it would keep the pressure off brady a lot of quick throws and running back dump downs

    • joe from Lowell says:

      I think he’s counting on the front seven improving with current personnel, as guys come back from injury and young guys continue to develop.

      • Chris says:

        I don’t think the talent is really there though. We needed atleast two more options in the front seven.

  9. Ethan says:

    I think what people aren’t getting here is that BB isn’t drafting for US. He’s drafting to make his team better in the way he sees is the best. I’m sure he couldn’t care less about what fans are thinking right now, he’s obviously happy with the players he’s chosen, and the positions he’s addressed (or not addressed).
    Also like another person mentioned earlier, just because they’re not following Mel Kiper’s big board doesn’t mean it wasn’t a successful draft, and we truly won’t know the answer to that until a few years down the line.
    Has it been a frustrating draft for Pats fans on paper? Sure it seems to be, however we really owe it to BB and the players to give them a chance and see what happens a couple years down the line.

    • AP says:

      I like your comment about Kiper’s big board. Look back – hwn we drafted Vollmer everyone killed the Patriots for it. They said he was the 40th ranked OT on the board. After the next season they praised the pick and gave them an A grade BECAUSE of the pick.

      We gotta wait and see. I think everyone’s just panicked because we didn’t take a pass rusher early in a deep draft.

      I think they had some other major needs, the whole left side of the O-line is FA – and Mankins is a d*ck. They HAD to replace Butler – he is afwul. Hopefully they did just that with Dowling.

  10. joe says:

    Vernon golston here we come job security

  11. joe says:

    They could of got Chris carter fresno state good LB. Steelers got him 3picks later BB is hard headed trying to loss off the fans but I do like cannon

  12. John says:

    Chill out guys. I’m pretty sure BB has a better idea about what he’s doing than any of us.

    The thinking in this draft is a couple things. Our secondary was going to be better next year with Bodden coming back from injury, and Dowling just makes it better. That means we can focus more guys on rushing the passer, especially if we get some more help (crossing fingers for Nnamdi.)

    As for the front 7, our rush defense was fine, that’s not a problem. But considering how many injuries we had across the D-Line, the Spikes suspension, and how young we were, our front 7 and pash rush will be much better next year. Combined with potential free agents and a better secondary, our pass defense will be much better next year.

    As for the draft, I’m a fan. We got 2 potential top line O linemen in the future, including one in the 5th. We got a great blocking TE, something we were missing, we got a good CB, we got a couple good RBs, one to replace Faulk and one to be a FB/power runner, something we were missing, and we got arguably the most talented QB in the draft in round 3 and he can sit and develop for 3+ years. Oh, and we stockpiled picks for a rookie-wage scale draft next year. Great draft.

    • Danny says:

      I agree with John almost completely. In Bill we trust is my motto, but I actually think our defense is loaded with set pieces. Think about all the young good players we have on defense who will only continue to get better.

      My only problem is with the TE pick. Obviously, Hernandez and Gronk are locks to make roster and even with the drafting of TE Lee Smith, I’d be very surprised if they cut Alge in 2011. Alge was great (Yes, GREAT!) last season. Not only was his blocking great all season, but his leadership and professionalism was praised constantly by Patriots coaching and players. There’s no way they cut him this year. Which means either:

      Smith doesn’t make the team
      They carry 4 TE’s
      Smith will work as an OL/TE hybrid.

      Assuming Smth makes the roster long term, it’ll make sense going into the future. I just thought that TE was probably our strongest position on the roster and even though Alge’s getting older, picking up a blocking TE isn’t hard in today’s NFL.

  13. John western Mass says:

    Very frustrating to follow Bill’s picks…in terms of what we all want to see. That said, Solder’s a good pick, Dowling’s a very good pick as I think he could do what you all talk about as well as possibly open up possibilities at S, love the Mallet pick, and the Cannon pick…okay with one back, disappointed with two but given their roster you can see what they may be thinking. One has to think that Dane Fletcher is being groomed for OLB and I think that would be great. He’s got to be on the field often. big time playmaker and a guy who can play inside as well. Cunningham should be very good as well. As for d-line,,,Wilfork, Warren (great), Brace (flashes potential if he can stay healthy), will Stroud be a rejuvenated force? Who knows but tough to understand the reluctance to grab some of these guys…maybe they’ll take the kid from Northwestern they had in or Patterson from TCU. I am as far from an “in Bill we trust” guy as you can get, but they’ve gotta be thinking Fletcher for pass rush. Their ends have never been counted on for much sack production. Hell, they had Seymour who if he played in a 4-3 would have been this generation’s Reggie White stats wise.

  14. manny says:

    what is this? i really think bb is just throwing darts now?

  15. andy says:

    just another attempt by BB to sabotage the pats upcoming season!

  16. andy says:

    just another attempt by BB to sabotage the patriots upcoming season.

  17. stevethumb says:

    this draft has done little to help the patriots win in 2011…
    projects, backups, special teamers and medical IR..
    looks good in 2012 though…
    going in the Pats could get 6 of the top 96 players available…
    do ya really think we did that ?!

    • Jared says:

      they got 5 of them…

    • jim says:

      Wow, think of all the trading down Coach Bill can do next year.

    • ayearaway says:

      Mallett is as useful to this team as screen doors on a submarine. Tom wants to play 10 more years (unlikely). How is BB going to showcase Mallett? In the preseason? Then some other team that passed on him 3 times this year is going to send Bill a 1st round pick. Also unlikely.

      Wasted pick. Where’s the pass rush going to come from? Maybe Bill aquired all those picks to trade to KC for Hali.

  18. sgawrys says:

    Replacing another aging vet. If Crumpler is done then this pick makes sense. Good blocker.

    • joe says:

      Not when u could have got Chris carter lb

    • marshallfan1260 says:

      Im a huge Marshall fan ive seen Lee Smith play in persson he s a Beast he can block catch and break tackles like crazy! I once saw him make a catch and it took 5 defensive guys too tackle him

  19. Dan says:

    Bye, Alge. Hopefully you enjoyed your year in NE.

  20. There will be Blood says:

    Interesting guy. I didn’t know offense was such a problem though. I thought pass rush was a problem. 😉

  21. joe from Lowell says:

    OK, at this point, I think Belichick is just screwing with his haters.

    A tight end?

    • Jim R says:

      Joe I am with you brother

      • Cborden says:

        feels that way lmmfao

        • joe from Lowell says:

          It’s like a dare: “Hey, Bill, betcha won’t take a cornerback second.”

          “Betcha I will!”

          “OK, I bet you won’t take the slowest quarterback ever to attend the combine.”

          “Betcha I will!”

          “All right, fine, betcha won’t take a tight end next.”

    • marshallfan1260 says:

      I like Lee Smith but i love Mario Harvey should have taken him instead

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