Choose, Snooze, or Refuse: RB

Shane Vereen 2011 Draft

Shane Vereen - is he a running back to look for next week?

For the next ten days, until the 2011 NFL Draft is upon us, we’ll be going over ten positions that the Patriots might look at. We’ll give you who the Patriots should choose early, late (snooze), or not at all (refuse).

Chime in with your choices in the comments section.

Choose – Shane Vereen, California

Our favorite change-of-pace back in the loaded bunch of Hunter, Todman, Locke, Jones, and others. Vereen has a deceptive ability to run inside, while being a force in the passing game. He is a guy that can complement what Green-Ellis brings to the table.

Snooze – Delone Carter, Syracuse

We love his three-down ability and knack for making positive yards in tight spaces. A few character issues might press him into the 4th round or lower, where he would be a steal.

Refuse – Mikel Leshoure, Illinois

We see a guy that you might want to call Mikel LeMaroney. We don’t like his dance or lack of vision, although he is a very powerful runner. If he can get rid of his bad habits, he’ll be a star. I’m not sure that the Patriots will take that chance again.

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28 Responses to “Choose, Snooze, or Refuse: RB”

  1. Jaxon's Dad says:

    DeMarco Murray would be a very nice addition to this roster.

    Sleeper Mario Fannin (AUB) Big back (225+), ran a stupid time at the combine (4.3’s), and has above average hands as a RB. Day 3 guy who can add value.

  2. Anthony Haywood says:

    Please pick up Taiwan Jones….great football speed just watch his highlights!!!! 4th round

  3. Jeff says:

    Vereen, Carter, Thomas or Murray at RB.
    No to using a 1st on Ingram and H*LL NO to Stinky Leshoure!
    He’s Maroney v2.0

    • Jared says:

      Ingram at 28 will be tough to pass up,with his boy Saban on line 1 tellin him how good he is.

  4. Ryan Buske says:

    The Big Ten part of me wants to see where John Clay ends up. Yes, I’m aware he has been hurt, but he doesn’t dance, and he runs HARD. When he played against the Hawkeyes, he looked real good. Any thoughts? Maybe a 6-7 rounder.

  5. Ken W says:

    Backs that I wouldn’t mind seeing the Pats draft would be: Ingram but not in the 1st, Ryan Williams, Daniel Thomas, Shane Vereen, Kendall Hunter

    Backs that could be later round guys that could be good: Da’Ral Scott, DeLone Carter, and Allen Bradford (big bruiser which we don’t have on the team and I love his stiff arm, reminds me of when Corey Dillon would knock guys on there ass)

    Backs I would stay away from: Jordan Todman didn’t impress me much when watching him play and comes from uconn where donald brown came from and was supposed to be a great back and has done nothing, Derrick Locke smaller back that does what Woodhead already does for us.

    Neutral backs, dont love them don’t hate them but would be ok if the Pats drafted them: Mikel Leshoure, Demarco Murray good returner and good in space but can he run inside?, Jacquizz Rodgers smaller guy but plays hard

    What it comes down to is that I would like to see a RB that is on the bigger size that can be the second coming of Corey Dillon. We have 2, well call it 3 if Faulk come back to what he was, good backs with Woodhead and BJGE. Now get the bruiser and we will have a great RB committee.

  6. DaveD says:

    I think we need a bigger back, such as Allen Bradford, 5′ 11″ 242 lbs USC or Alex Green, 6′ 225 Hawaii. Da’Rel Scott 5′ 11″ 211 ran a 4.34 – 40, averaged 5.8 yds per carry at Maryland. He can be had in 4th or 5th rnd.

  7. AM says:

    Choose: Kendall Hunter in the 3rd round. He’s small, but extremely tough and physical, with excellent speed. A nice midway point between Green-Ellis and Woodhead.

    Snooze: Bilal Powell in the 6th round. Very raw, but extremely physical with above average receiving skills. Overcame a very rough background and has matured considerably since.

    Refuse: LeShoure, for all the reasons listed above; Carter, due to character and attitude concerns.

  8. JMC says:

    Which of the group is best on special teams?

    • CC says:

      If we wanted to translate a possable RB choice that could go into special team’s help or even a little “D”……? I’d say Todman.

  9. JMC says:

    I like Kendall Hunter-

  10. Bill S says:

    I’d be looking at #74, where most / some of these guys will be. There’s a slew of them that all seem kind of short this year. Hunter/Vereem/Todman as well as Carter, and even DeMarco Murray.

  11. Jeff V says:

    If Mark I falls to the 2nd IM all for the Pats taking him…if not how about Taiwan Jones who ran a 4.29 at his pro day? Now other than what I read I know zero about him except he is fast and moving up draft boards.

    • Jared says:

      I like ingram at 28 if he falls that far, not at 17. Im not a big fan of the Leshoure and R.Williams the more I read about both of them.
      So either choose Ingram in the first round, or snooze and take someone you like in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th round.

      • Jared says:

        T.Jones would be the most exciting of the prospects. Meaning a team like the Raiders or the Redskins will probably reach for him. He is extremely undersized, and played in Division II against weak competition. Too small to block anyone, don’t see Bill taking him.

  12. prioris says:

    I support signing an elder RB free agent and drafting an RB at any round except first.

    RB position will not decide fate of this team. BJGE and Woodhead already make a solid core.

  13. TD says:

    I would Snooze until the 3rd round, unless Ingram falls out of the first round and his knee is cleared by Dr. Belichick.

  14. Yak says:

    Don’t get all the love for Delone Carter. He’s a decent back, but trust me, his character issues make him NOT WORTH IT (go to school with the guy). He pummeled a fellow student for throwing a snowball at his car to the point that his face was unrecognizable. Not to mention, on the perimeter, he usually just shies away from contact rather than putting his head down and looking to pick up the extra yards.

  15. CC says:

    Bring in a veteran RB for now to insert in the line up, there are more pressing issues.

    • Ryan Buske says:

      Im going to have to respectfully disagree, there are plenty of good RB’s to be had in 3-5. Vereen, Todman, Murray, etc

      • Bruschi54 says:

        Agree, not great at the top, but some good talent late 2nd maybe all the way into early 5th. I think he will be more than change of pace back, but fits the mold also is Rodgers from Oregon State. He has the strength and production of a Ray Rice or Maurice Jones-Drew coming out of college.

        • Claire says:

          Couldn’t agree with you more about Rodgers (Quizz) – just ask Pete Carroll. He’s a gutsy kid, has the intangibles, plays with a lot of heart, and has no character issues. He’d be a steal in the mid rounds. Would also love to draft his brother when he comes out next year. They’re a dynamic duo.

      • Jim R says:

        You can do both. Michael Bush FA raiders, Deangleo Williams FA Panthers. Grab one of the running backs in 4th round another name to add Helu jr. Nebreska

      • CC says:

        *Not saying there isn’t any worth a mid round selection.
        Just sayin’ there are more pressing need’s IMO.
        I do happen 2 like both Todman and Vereen and wouldn’t mind at all taking one of them.
        I also consider that IMO Kevin Faulk will and should get one more year so he goes out and retires actually playing as a Patriot-other than circumstances realted to being “put out because of a bad injury” and just going out that way. He’s certainley earned that.
        Danny Woodhead IMO is a great Kevin Faulk Replacment utility type of guy.
        & I think the combo of The Law Firm(BJGE) and a differant MAIN other would be a great tandum for the Pat’s, & specifically having Woody as an all around utility guy who can make thing’s happen out of nothing.
        He can run with it, he can catch it, he’s a decoy, he makes yard’d out of nothing…..
        But I wouldn’t attempt to specifically spend a pick on a RB all 2 early. 3rd or 4th round should be good enough to get some ” decent insurance”, in case either Woody or the Firm get’s hit with an injury.
        Young or not- injury for 1/2 a season could happen.

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