Choose, Snooze, or Refuse: OLB

Von Miller NFL Draft

Thanks... but no thanks.

In our last edition of CSR before the 2011 NFL Draft, we’ll give you who the Patriots should choose early, late (snooze), or not at all (refuse).

Chime in with your choices in the comments section.

Choose: Aldon Smith, Missouri

If Smith falls to the 17th pick, I’d take a chance on him. Any DE/OLB conversion is a risk, so having five other picks in the top 100 certainly would help blunt that.

Smith should be a disruptive force in the NFL. His size, length, agility, and motor will put him in the top ten sack leaders for the foreseeable future in our opinion.

Snooze: Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma / KJ Wright, Mississippi State

If the Patriots want to choose a safer route than Smith, which we think they will do, they might want to pick a couple of mid-round DE/OLB’s instead.

Beal and Wright both have excellent work-ethics and motors. Wright is more polished in the coverage game, although Beal does have experience both playing 4-3 LB and 3-4 OLB.

As we’ve said before, Beal is a football player. If he lasts until Saturday due to the lack of athleticism he displayed this post-season, it will result in an absolute steal for some NFL team.

Refuse: Von Miller, Texas A&M

Our dislike for Miller is well-known. He might be a fine player in some systems, but I would absolutely refuse to trade up to get a linebacker that can’t handle getting blocked.

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10 Responses to “Choose, Snooze, or Refuse: OLB”

  1. AM says:

    Choose: Robert Quinn, North Carolina. Ordinarily, I’m against trading up unless it’s to get someone head and shoulders above the remaining class. If Quinn falls to 10, I would trade 17 and 60 for him in a heartbeat. There are a bunch of difficulties–health issues, out of football for a year, DE/OLB conversion project, but none of that changes the fact that he’s the best pass rusher in this draft. Perfect size/speed combination, great repertoire of pass rush moves, and a fantastic work ethic. There is some risk, but the potential for reward is well worth it.

    Choose/Snooze: Mark Herzlich, Boston College. Hard to say if this would be a choose or a snooze–I’ve heard everything from 3rd round pick to undrafted free agent. I think that the 4th round would be a great spot to target him. The outstanding work ethic, leadership, and nonstop motor are well-known, but the fact that he is one of the best cover linebackers in this class is often overlooked. In addition, all the game footage of Herzlich prior to his bout with cancer indicates that he can play at a very high level. It seems like the only questions around his ability involve whether he will be able to regain his pre-illness form in terms of quickness and strength. I wouldn’t bet against it, especially with an NFL strength program at his back. Could be a huge steal.

    Snooze: Marc Schiechl, Colorado School of Mines. All time sack leader in Division II. Slightly undersized, but he has the look of a pure football player. Picking him in the 6th round might be a little bit of a reach, but without a 7th round pick, it’s worth a shot.

    Refuse: Martez Wilson, Illinois. Too quick for his own good; it seems like he plays himself out of position far too often, and he won’t be able to use raw speed to get himself back into the picture at the professional level. Also, he has too many durability questions–he seems downright brittle. He may be a great situational pass rusher, but I don’t see him as a complete player.

  2. CC says:

    Either way, and no matter who you feel the right OLB to take is………, the fact is…….we really need “TWO” of them, not just one.
    The first is obviously for TBC.

    • Ken W says:

      who is the other one for? mayo, spikes, cunningham?

      • CC says:

        UH’, Mayo=Inside, Spikes=Inside. At least ya got Cunningham right for and “O”lb……….. i’LL LET YOU HAVE A MOMENT TO COLLECT YUR’ THOUGHT’S. : )


        • Ken W says:

          The reason I listed mayo and spikes along with cunningham is because we only need one other starting lb. I don’t see where you are getting the second one. we just need someone across from cunningham to get some pressure on the qb. guyton, ninkovich, and tully will be fine in the back up rolls.

        • Jared says:

          You need 1 OLB…you have Cinningham, and guyton plays on 3rd down a lot, and Tully will sign for cheap if he isnt alredy.

  3. TomDickHarry says:

    So many wants/needs? I count two needs; pass rush and O-line, everything else is a luxury pick.

    Now we can squabble over where that pass-rush has to come from, personally I think this team misses an elite 3-4 DE more so than any pass-rusher it has ever had but I’ll take Aldon Smith in a heartbeat.

    People think Cam Jordan is the next Willie McGinest, I don’t see it, Aldon Smith has that potential. Uses his long arms very well, stronger than he looks with that lean frame, still young, played through a healing broken fibula and was still effective…….He plays the run pretty well and will improve with more strength as he matures…..he’s way too quick for OG’s when lined up inside and he’s going to give OT’s fits with his raw talent alone, never mind when he develops fully….sign him up.

    Martez Wilson looks too much like Gary Guyton for my liking, don’t think he can cut it as full-time OLB, he would be a nice utility LB though, probably not worth a 2nd in BB’s eyes though I could be wrong.

    Beal is a guy who is going to fall and fall hard, if Everson Griffen was a 4th then it’s hard to see Beal being any higher…however he’s a good snooze pick since he was simply productive, a blah athlete who overachieves, sounds like a late round Pats pick to me.

  4. Ryan Buske says:

    Choose: Smith (if the deal is right), Acho

    Not sold on Aldon Smith, BUT only because in my philosphy drafting a TOP 10 pass rusher is too RISKY for a team with so many Wants/Needs. I think Acho, is the guy here. But I also like Kindle last year. Acho is fluid and comes from a good program. He isn’t as tall as we would like but hey can’t win them all.

    Snooze: Beal, Romeous, Herzlich, Chinasa, Elmore

    All the knocks on Beal based on Senior Bowl is a little outrageous, you cannot and/or should not rate an athlete based on ONE game. As perfect as Tom is, he has even had an off game. Romeous and Herzlich could be the steals of the draft. Elmore and Chinasa both have good height and range with their arms, and they also have good speed with being so tall. Later round targets perhaps.

    Refuse: Quinn, Kerrigan, Jordan (as an OLB, not as a DE), Moch

    I like Quinn, but not where he is going to be drafted. TOO much risk. Kerrigan doesn’t seem like he would fit our system. Jordan to me would be a good DE of us. Moch, look obviously he is fast and athletic, but as we have seen Bill demands MUCH more than athleticism of his players.

  5. Ken W says:

    Choose: Martez Wilson

    Has played inside and out and has the quickness to get around the corner. A solid tackler and would be great value at #33 or early to mid 2nd. Plus he can play inside next to Mayo on passing situations because he can cover way better than Spikes. Has all the tools to be a very solid OLB for the Pats. One of my favorite prospects for the Pats.

    Snooze: Greg Romeus, Jeremy Beal

    Taking a chance on Romeus in the 4-5 I think would be worth it if he checks out medically because he was going to be a 1-2 round pick before the back issue. He has the size to play the elephant roll that we have been missing since Willie McGinest left. Beal has dropped big time but the game film doesn’t lie so it is worth it to take a look in the 4-5 range.

    Refuse: Where do I start, Von Miller, Brooks Reed, Akeem Ayers

    Miller would cost WAY to much to get into the top 5 and is to small to play in our system anyway, besides the fact that I don’t think he is going to be as good as everyone thinks. Relies on his speed way to much and in the NFL everyone is faster and more athletic. Reed went shooting up draft boards after a great senior bowl week just like Brandon Graham last year who everyone thought the pats should get (including me) and hasn’t done much, still early in his career but not a good sign. Plus his game film isn’t that impressive, most of his sacks came from him being unblocked or a miscommunication on the Oline. Ayers, everyone keeps saying he is the perfect patriot type of LB. I just don’t see it. He is always getting manhandled by OL and I know he wasn’t sent to get after the qb a lot in college but the times he did he wasn’t that successful and didn’t have very many rushing moves. PATS STAY AWAY FROM THESE 3!

    • Waldoon says:

      Awesome commentary! I like the Wilson pick. We know the hoodie will trade 33, the offers and the time to arrange a deal is just too tempting. Everyone that talked to him about 28 will probably still be interested in 33 if their guy is still on the board (what a brilliant strategy to hang the 28 out early). Wilson might still be on the board with a move back in the 2nd and it would be the move few see coming.

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