2011 Patriots NFL Mock Draft 9.0

Ryan Williams NFL Draft

Could Ryan Williams be the next great Patriots running back?

Our last Patriots Mock Draft wasn’t very well received to say the least… we can’t make everyone mad twice in a row, right?

Just a reminder, our mocks are not our dream scenario for the Patriots, they are merely what we see the bosses in Foxboro doing with their selections.

Round 1 (OAK) – #17
Even though the quantity is there at the defensive end position with Ty Warren and Marcus Stroud joining an already crowded depth chart, the quality of the 3-4 bookends could certainly improve. Muhammad Wilkerson (DL, Temple) has the best chance of being available when the Patriots are on the clock.

Cam Jordan and JJ Watt might be better prospects in the opinion of many, but whether Bill Belichick thinks they are worth using some draft capital to trade up is a completely different story.

Wilkerson has the prototypical size and strength, while playing in a college 3-4 like Jordan. He has great stamina and is rarely blocked effectively one-on-one. While he isn’t there yet, we see Wilkerson as the closest thing to Richard Seymour in this draft.

If the Patriots choose to go another way, offensive line and outside linebacker could get some looks. If Aldon Smith or Robert Quinn tumble down draft boards, they could be some very intriguing edge rushers.

Round 1 – #28
Rightly so, nearly every fan and pundit alike seems to think that this pick will be moved to a team looking to draft a quarterback. We see the 49ers jumping up and sending picks 45 and 76 to the Patriots.

That said, if the Patriots are in love with an offensive lineman like Anthony Castonzo, Mike Pouncey, Gabe Carimi, or Derek Sherrod, they may pull the trigger.

Round 2 (CAR) – #33

If the Patriots do pass on an offensive lineman in the first frame of the NFL Draft, they’ll need to address it early in the second. Nate Solder (OL, Colorado) has perhaps the most potential of any of the offensive tackles in this draft, and also will be the most malleable for O-line Coach Dante Scarnecchia.

Solder was formerly a tight-end, adding to the long line of players new to football, tight ends, and wrestlers that the Patriots have employed across their line. It’s almost as if Scarnecchia wants some rawness in the player so he can mold them just as he sees fit.

Like current RT Sebastian Vollmer, Solder can play both left and right tackle. We’d see Vollmer moving to the left side and Solder the right, especially at the start of his career.

Round 2 (WAS) – #41
The top of the second round has been a place that the Patriots have targeted the last couple of years – grabbing guys like Pat Chung, Rob Gronkowski, and many more. We see them continuing to target this high-value area by moving up from pick #60 to #41 by sending the Redskins pick #76 acquired earlier from San Francisco. We also have the Patriots picking up a 7th rounder from Washington.

Continuing the tradition of drafting non-traditional blockers, 26 year-old Danny Watkins (OL, Baylor) makes sense as a guy that can come in right away and start at either guard position – wherever the need may be.

Rodney Hudson, who has shown that he can put on some weight, Clint Boling, and Stefen Wisniewski are other guards/centers that might warrant a look here.

Round 2 (SF) #45

With a triumvirate of veteran running backs possibly leaving Foxboro, the Patriots will need to restock their stables with some young horses to help out Ben-Jarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead.

Ryan Williams (RB, Virginia Tech) is their perfect complement, an incredibly tough inside runner with the elusiveness to make a couple of guys miss. He will need a year to further his studies of the pass-protection game, but having Woodhead available blunts that immediate need.

Durability is our only major concern with Williams. He only played two college seasons, and was injured for the majority of one of them. If he checks out medically, Williams has only begun to show what kind of player he can be.

Round 3 (MIN) #74

Why draft only one running back when you can draft two? Demarco Murray (RB, Oklahoma) would give the Patriots a legitimate four young running backs to go to battle with for the next four or five years.

Murray is a smart runner that is ready to contribute immediately on all three downs, but should shine on third. Shane Vereen, Kendall Hunter, and Jordan Todman are other options for this running back role.

Round 3 – #92

While he was initially a first-round pick for us when we started our 2011 NFL Draft coverage back in 2009, we’ve been a bit down lately on Jeremy Beal (DE/OLB, Oklahoma). Along with many draft writers, we dropped him after poor performances at the Senior Bowl, NFL Combine, and Pro-Days.

After re-watching some tape though, we’re starting to heat back up on Beal. Similar to Brandon Spikes, Beal is just a football player. He won’t wow you running, working out, or in fake drills, but he does show great instincts and a wondrous motor on the field.

His work-ethic and leadership skills are legendary in Oklahoma – we’d like to see him bring those to New England as well. Texas’ Sam Acho is another option that should be available in the third round.

Round 4 – #125

If the Patriots were able to address the majority of their “wants” in the first three rounds like this draft, you’d have to figure this pick would be on the block. If they stay here though, KJ Wright (OLB, Mississippi State) makes sense as a potential pass-rush specialist.

Wright is a hard-working player that has the skills to cover the ROLB position as a 3-down player once he learns the defense. In the meantime, he could serve in a Tully Banta-Cain 3rd down role.

If there is a quarterback that the Patriots like that is still on the board here, such as Ricky Stanzi or Greg McElroy, expect that option to be explored as well.

Round 5 – #159

Again a possible trade-out possibility, the Patriots will be looking for the “Best Value Available” here. Chris Matthews (WR, Kentucky) is a tall down-field threat that can also be used in jump-ball situations. Certainly a developmental prospect, Matthews would probably need a year to get in synch, similar to Taylor Price in 2010.

If the Patriots are still looking for more slot receivers, Dwayne Harris and Stephen Burton are two great prospects from non-BCS schools.

Round 6 – #193

The Patriots will certainly trade a pick forward at some point in this draft, so we’ll have the Patriots trade this 6th rounder forward for a fifth-round selection in 2012.

Round 7 (WAS)

The Patriots have a lot of options at safety right now, with Brandon McGowan, Josh Barrett, Jarrad Page, and others waiting in the wings. Mana Silva (S, Hawaii) is an intriguing guy, eight picks in 2010, that the Patriots might try and stash away on the practice squad or provide competition for the special teams spot with Tracy White and Matthew Slater.

Mark LeGree is another day three option that we like at safety, although he will likely be gone by the 5th round.

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65 Responses to “2011 Patriots NFL Mock Draft 9.0”

  1. Larry says:

    Brady has about 4 years left at a high level of play……………………The time to win is now not the future………This team has two big problems OFF Line and Pass Rush so trading for future picks is beyond stupid at this point…………………..Use all these picks to manuvere and get what you need to win now because once Brady is gone the window shuts for a while …………..

  2. Jimmy Freeze says:

    Alot of jockeying without much to show for it…

    I guess I’m a contrarian on this draft…considering the legal situation over the last few days, I’m thinking Bill goes completely out of character…by using all of his picks this year in some fashion. Given the tenor of the legalese…There’s a serious chance that the draft won’t exist next year, or will have a seriously different format. It would be presumptious and risky to trade all of this year’s assets for a maybe…he may even roll the dice and make a big move up.

    The other possibility is that he takes advantage of everyone else’s fear of next year, and sells everything for 2012/2013 futures…if this CBA thing settles, he’s cornered the draft market for the next 5 years.

    He could have 3 1st rounders + 3 or 4 2nds next year, and still get a few guys in the late rounds this year. If you look at the workout list, the Pats spent a ton of time evaluating rnd 4-FA guys…he can plug a few areas, and play for the long term…maybe a shot at Andrew Luck to learn in the wings for a year before Brady rides into the sunset…

  3. Chris says:

    I think with the two first round picks they should go defense jj watt and brooks reid the two second round picks go offense with mark ingram and randall cobb (ku) the two third round picks go offensive line with hudson (fsu) and clint bolling (ga)

  4. Jaxon's Dad says:

    #48…. That’s when the Oakland Raiders are “projected” to make their first pick in 2011. With needs at QB, OL, and CB.. Al Davis & Raider Nation have forced their hands into the buyers market this year. The cost to get #17 back would be too rich for the Silver and Black. However, BB has the Magic Snake Oil sitting @ # 28.

    # 28 seems like the perfect fit for Mallett, Ponder, Dalton or a reach for an athletic project like Colin Kaerpernick .

    I can almost smell that extra # 1 in 2012


  5. Chris says:

    No way the pats trade out of 28 w/o getting a first rounder next year. period. a fair basis for comparison is what they did in ’07 with San Fran where they traded #28 for a first in ’08 and a fourth that year.

  6. JKSinOrlando says:

    I don’t see them drafting a QB before a WR. I also agree with those who think Wilkerson is a reach at 17. I like him but you can get him further back I think. I like Watkins at 41. I don’t like back-to-back RB picks. I think you can wait until the 3rd round for RB or if Ingram were to fall to 33 then I think you seriously consider him there.

  7. Jim R says:

    Trading into 10-12 to get the Mooooook, Cam Jordan or the Mighty Quinn.
    # 28 is already postmarked for next year
    #33 will bring some great value.

  8. Andrew says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the idea of Mo Wilkerson, and is not a reach for me! I would like to find a way to leave day one with Cam Jordan as well, seeing his versatility and how he is a good fit along our 7 man front. I would love to see us spend the second and third round on offense starting with a G then T in round two, and Shane Vereen and another G or WR with 92. As far as the 5th, I say take Mark Herzlich since I think he’ll contribute (think Gronk) and take Chris Carter with the 6th round pick since his stock is falling. I would love a draft like this!

  9. Jaxon's Dad says:

    There are parking lot full of Fiat’s and Yugo’s in this draft. J Beal is neither. Jeremy Beal is a beast! If you watched any OU ball, Beal was either in the tackle or caused it. The kids motor is relentless. Value in the 3-4th round.

    A three-year starter and team captain for the Sooners — Named 1st Team All-Big 12 in 2008, 2009 and 2010 — Honored as the Big 12 Defensive Lineman of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year (AP) in 2010 — Ranks second in the Oklahoma record books for career sacks and tackles for a loss — Became the first OU player to ever accumulate at least 7.5 sacks in three different seasons — Racked up multiple sacks in a game ten times during college career in Norman — Started out as a linebacker before moving to defensive end in 2007 but played both positions extensively —

    • Ryan Buske says:

      I have to agree with you. On a different post, I mention that you cannot discount a player based solely on ONE appearance. It sucks he had a bad game, but all players do. I think he could be a good pick up.

      • Jaxon's Dad says:

        Great point Ryan. Shows who’s paying attention during the season, rather than reviewing mock drafts and spiting out fantasy projections.

    • BAMNATION says:

      Is he the poor man’s brian bosworth?

  10. Ryan Buske says:

    A couple of things Todd McShay said today is that many teams have Aldon Smith going ahead of Robert Quinn. He also said that many teams are saying Costanzo is going to picked before Smith, and that Smith could fall into the 20’s. Which makes me think that OL could be heavy at the end of the first.

    • Cam says:

      if T. Smith is there at 17, i would really debate taking him. Even though I am not crazy about USC players, he looks like he could be a beast tackle in the league

  11. Ryan Buske says:

    Any thoughts on creating a big board? That way when the draft starts we can see how well do as a community spotting Bill’s picks?

    • NEPD says:

      Interesting idea Ryan – how would you like to see that happen?

      • Ken W says:

        everyone could rank the top 30 or so players that they think would be best for the patriots and then have a point value for the positions and add it up and see where they all rank on a community board. just an idea.

      • Ryan Buske says:

        I was thinking we highlight 6-8 positions, and then as a community rank who we would take at those positions (with in reason, i mean i would love Peterson but do we have a shot at getting him? doubtful). For example, take Defensive End. We just rotate, like we would a draft, so while i might say Watt, you may say Wilkerson, and then some agreement as to whom the Patriots would rank higher. More of a War Room scenario I guess maybe i was misleading. But also rank them as to how we think they may be taking them off the board by round. So while Watt Wilkerson Jordan and Heyward may be first round Options. Ballard, Austin, etc may be 2nd round options.

  12. Bill says:

    It’s probably been thirty years since I watched a “I Love Lucy” show. But, I do remember one show where Lucy was upset that she didn’t have a dress to wear to a dinner party and wanted Ricky to buy her a new dress. When Ricky opened the door to her closet, there must have been at least one hundred dresses in the closet. Does that resonate with anyone?

    Why are we determined to accumulated draft picks when the Pat’s are one of the youngest teams in the NFL. We will just be replacing young, improving players with young, improving rookies.

    I forgotten the name of the poster who mentioned a trade with Washington to acquire the 10th pick. I like that trade scenario. I hope the Pat’s package their draft picks to draft as few as four players in the first three rounds(without acquiring future draft picks).

    • Ryan Buske says:

      Two years ago we had a problem with GOOD aging players retiring. If we continue to hit on 50% of the players draft, by the next draft the average age of our team is going to be 24. We have got to make moves here to get guys who will play 4 downs, so that we dont need to draft 3 guys to play for that on guy. In all honesty, thats a huge problem we have right now. We have a “pass rusher” olb, a run stopping “olb” and a pass coverage “olb”. With what we are paying them I’d rather just have on guy who can’t pass rush as well. I have to agree with Bill here, you can only get soooo young as a team, at some point you have to make the move.

      • Bill says:

        I agree, Ryan.

        The NFL players are not mechanical robots from some OLD Twilight Zone TV episode. They cannot be treated as though they are some binary 010 code on an antiquated era, inherited wealth, owners betting card at Churchill Downs.

        The players are the thoroughbreds of the sport. And the arthritic, lazily obese, sometimes dual citizen owners of the NFL teams need to abandon the comfort of their owners box to experience the poverty of players like Cam and AJ.

    • TD says:

      That is why he moves them into next year. We will always need to turn over the roster a bit at a time as guys get older, injured or regress. We will need to replace in the next 5 years: Branch, Welker, Koppen, Brady perhaps, Wilfork maybe, Ninko, Bodden, Sanders and Merriweather and who knows what other position. What better way than by stockpiling picks, moving around the board and bringing in talent.

  13. Ray says:

    I don’t mind the picks. But trading a first round pick for a 2nd and 3rd round pick??? At the very least, BB gets a future 1 plus another pick for #28.

  14. Bruschi54 says:

    I know that BB is full of surprises, but if he drafts 2 RB’s before a DB it would be shocking. With the need to get an upgrade over TBC at OLB, something that addresses that should be in the first 3 picks. With the bust rate at OLB so high I would be happy with Wright and Beal coming to us where you have them. Wilkerson and Solder are not high on everyone’s board, but the people that like them have them both rated very high. If BB and the staff are that impressed with both, then they would be solid with Watkins at 41.
    I like the trade scenarios with Washington and SF, but would not make the move to get Aldon Smith at 10, lot’s of projections have him slipping to the bottom of round 1. He could be the next Aaron Maybin.

  15. TomDickHarry says:

    Can we stop projecting Mo Wilkerson at #17, he’s not going to play at the same level when he has to face real competition, late-1st or early 2nd round consideration but not #17.

    • TD says:

      I agree, I think #17 is reserved for Watt, Jordan, Kerrigan or by miracle Amukamara.

      Also, why are people high on Beal? Every “expert”, draftnik, mocker and blogger has him going in the 4th/5th round. That is not a good sign.

    • Ryan says:

      I bet you said the same thing about Mccourty? After Dareus who is absolutely no miss, Wilkerson is going to be the best D lineman in this draft. Fairley/Taylor/Quinn/Austin don’t have the mental make up. Bowers/Paea health problems. Watt/Clayborn/Jordan are all intriguing, but i think all 3 will be off the board when the pats pick, and even if they are still on the board, Wilkerson is the best fit for the pats system

      • BAMNATION says:

        if Wilkerson is on the menu then the pats woudl trade down to get him from 17 or trade up if they need to. But be assured he is not a 17 pick.

  16. j says:

    Aweful…Aweful draft! Ryan Williams CAN NOT BLOCK! Nate Solder wont even be there, check Parcell’s draft special tomorrow, he has him ranked #1. Jeremy Beal is too slow, not quicker enough, not fluid enough, and has zero lateral quickness. I like Danny Watkins, but he wont be there at 41. My money is on the Raiders trading next years #1 for the Patriots #28 pick to draft Ryan Mallet.

    • John M. says:

      Unless the pats are convinced that the Raiders will be below a .500 team next year, I wouldn’t make that trade. Let’s say the Raiders are 8-8 in 2012 and we get there 17th pick, is it worth it? It would be worth it if they’re 6-10 and we get their 12th pick.

      • Ryan Buske says:

        Which is too hard to predict, BUT if Namdi A. is not there. They could be garbage next season. Dont forget they are looking to move R. Gallery too.

  17. John says:

    If the Patriots move up, it will be for the CB. Spending money to draft the next Vernon Gholston/Aaron Maybin makes zero sense.

    Also, any trades will be dictated by the QB run. The 17/28 picks would position the Redskins in place to draft a QB without paying “top 10” money and allow them to position themselves for their QB without the pressure.

    A 28 or 33 trade also makes 33 or 28 more valuable because someone needs to trade up to jump over QB needy teams once the second round starts.

    • TD says:

      Agreed, moving up to take a chance on a pass rusher is not a good football decision. Doing it in the 2nd/3rd round maybe.

      Why would BB use up his draft leverage created over the past 3 years in one fell swoop? He needs to get a few more picks in 2nd round to restock the OLine, not package all the top picks for one guy at pick #10! He also needs to keep the leverage going in future years to keep the winning going. With only 5 picks next year, I expect a few this year to be put into next year, regardless of where those 5 are.

    • Jared says:

      The patriots havnmt drafted a passrusher in the 11 years Bill has been picking em!!! 11 years, and it shows, there is no talent on the edge of the patriots 30th ranked pass defense. I understand the risk, but they HAVE to take one eventually dont they?? or are we just stuck with Tully Banta-cain? Lets trade up for a corner that will be a nickel back?? Its been tooo long.

  18. AM says:

    Nice draft, all in all. I very much like the Beal/Wright combination. I think that’s the right approach– invest two picks on guys who bring good skills to the table, and compliment with veterans where needed, much like the Gronkowski/Hernandez selections last year. Ditto for Solder/Watkins on the offensive line (even though they are at different positions); good job slotting Watkins in the 2nd round, where he presents a much better value than in the 1st. Murray has fantastic potential.

    My only objections (other than trading 28 instead of 33) are Wilkerson and Williams. Williams doesn’t really stand out to me as anything special. The drop-off between his sophomore and junior year concerns me, both because of the durability issues and the failure to produce the way he did two years ago. He’s definitely a high character guy, but I’m not sold on his potential to be more than an average back. I’d rather take a chance on Jordan Todman or the somewhat smaller Kendall Hunter. As to Wilkerson . . . I don’t know. His advantage is that he is familiar with the 3-4, but again, I don’t see him as a special player. I’d rather grab Cameron Heyward at the back of the 1st round or the top of the 2nd round–he can be inconsistent, but at his best is an outstanding player.

  19. Cam says:

    The only picks I have a real problem with are the RB’s selected. I am fine with picking Williams, but there is no need to trade up to pick him. I feel comfortable waiting until 60 to get him. There is also no need to pick two running backs. It would be more prudent to address other needs when we are a pass-first team. I don’t have a problem with Murray though, just the dual RB selection. I would prefer to see them draft a FS higher up and try to find someone who can replace Meriwether. Maybe even a #3 CB in Johnny Patrick.

    • Ryan Buske says:

      We have almost got to have to RB’s some how. I think Bill is going to release quite a few players, and some of them will no doubt be the old timer running backs that are always injured. It would be nice to have a TE esq sweep in this draft on RB’s and OLB’s….anything can happen

  20. Jared says:

    Two ways the patriots can possibly get a 1st round pick next year.Trade Picks 28 or 33, preferably 33, and pick 74…to Washington or Minnesota.

    I think Minnesota and Washington are both good candidates to swap picks with in the 2nd round. Minn at 43, Wash at 41. Both teams will most likely be looking for a quarterback when the first night is over. It would work for them, and work for the Patriots because they could gain a second rounder next season, most likely a high second rounder.

    • TD says:

      I think teams needing a QB will be trying at the end of round 1 if possible; they are likely to get an extra year on the contract as opposed to round 2.

  21. Jared says:

    Heard that Bill Belichick is interested in moving up in the first round, he has had talks with The Redskins who pick at 10 and 41, both great spots for the Pats to pick. Redskins reportedly are interested in gaining multiple draft picks. so hers my proposed trade up…

    Patriots will send picks 17, 33, and 74.
    To Washington, for picks 10 and 41.

    The trade works with Washington big-time….

    1.They only move down 7 spots in the first round.
    2.They leapfrog every single team in the 2nd round to grab the quarterback they are looking for.
    3.gain a pick early in the 3rd round, a round that they don’t pick in as of now.

    Patriots would end up with picks.
    10, 28, 41, 60, 92, 125, 159.
    And most likely this would not be the last deal of the weekend for BB.

    All these next picks are based on who is available, and who they pick early. But here are some possibilities I think would work with these picks.

    10. Aldon Smith or Cam Jordan, if Quinn fell to 10th, hes in this conversation too.
    28. Best Tackle available- Solder, Carimi, Sherrod.
    41. M.Leshoure or R.Williams at RB. They could go many different ways with this pick.
    60. Another pick they could go WR, OG, DB. B.Ijalena at guard, Greg Little at WR, or Kenrick Ellis at DE.
    92. Marcus Gilchrist-DB…BB guy
    125. Tandonn Doss-WR
    159. Mark Herzlich-OLB

    • Phil says:

      i’m sold! lol don’t forget that they moved vince around on the line with some success…and the 2 down linemen sets that we played out of too. you might be on to something. it would certainly be unpredictable…if of course you didn’t just predict it. counting the days!

    • JR says:

      Very nice scenario. All that would work very well. # 41 I still think they will wait on a RB till at least # 60. At 41 you take Colin McCarthy from the U. the kid is going to be a beast.

    • John M. says:

      I like your draft Jared. My draft scenario would be slighty different by taking a chance of staying put at #17. I’m hoping at least 1 player slips to 17 like Prince, Watt, or C. Jordan. If it backfires then you’ll trade down a few spots and take Wilkerson or Castanzo. I would take Carimi at 28 unless we had to take Castanzo at 20. Here’s what I’m hoping for: 17) Watt or C. Jordan
      28) Carimi
      41) LeShoure ( we get WASH 2012 3rd rounder also)
      60) Hankerson
      74) 2012 2nd round pick from a bad team
      90) Gilchrist or best player available

      There are a lot of IF’s with my draft and if we go with Jarred’s you are guaranteed the 10th pick which should be a STUD or ALL PRO type player. If we are lucky enough to get Jordan or Watt with the 17th pick then I think my draft will work out better. Should we take a chance by staying put at #17 or move up, that is the question?

    • Rockdog says:

      I like your thinking and I think Aldon Smith could be the guy the Pats are looking at. However, I don’t think they are going to part with #33 until Fridaycomes around. I think Belichick is going to want to reap the benefits of the bidding wars for that one player who always unexpectedly falls through the first round.

      I’m thinking they give a 3rd to move up a few spots in first and grab Aldon Smith. At #28, I expect they’ll get an offer (Tennessee) for a high 2nd this year and a 1st next year.

      With #33, I think they’ll ransom some team for a conditional 1st or 2nd next year and a 2nd this year. That would give Pats Aldon Smith, three 2nd’s this year (Ijalana, Watkins, J Beal). With OL and OLB now in very good shape, Pats can sit back and grab value at any position know they have two 1st and at least two 2nd’s next year and a very young and talented team for years to come.

  22. Jared says:

    Couple things.

    I feel like with all these picks, that they will most definitely come away with a first or a second rounder for next season.

    I like your thinking with trading into the 40s.

    I feel like the 33rd pick, will be a better pick to trade than 28. Any team looking to grab a quarterback will be able to get the same guy at 33, than they would at 28.

    I hate the running-back picks, not Williams and Murray, just drafting 2 running back in the top 75. Personally, I’m taking 0, maybe 1.

    I feel like they need an outside-linebacker prospect better than Beal or Wright.

    Your trade proposals are somewhat confusing. Where did picks 60 and 76 from San Fran go?

  23. JMC says:

    Interesting reading:

    If the draft played out this way, I would rather they take Pouncy or Castonzo than make the trade for mid second rounds. That said, I don’t see them taking two RB’s in the first three rounds and if they did, I might expect that one would either Kendall Hunter or Shane Vereen or even Ingram if he is there when thy pick in the second.

    On the other hand, you did pick up an OG, an OT and a DL in the first two rounds which is a good goal for this draft.

    With all the talk about DLs and the mid second round, nobody has said a word about Steven Paea (Oregon St.).

    • NEPD says:

      Vereen is a favorite of ours and could be subbed for Murray. We’d take him in a heartbeat.

      Paea has some injuries and just doesn’t seem to fit the height/weight requirements. He’s awfully tough to move though.

      • JMC says:

        If your the Patriots and have a pick in the mid-40’s, remembering the problems with depth at the end of the 2010 season at DL, is Paea or someone another player of at least Brace and Pryor?

        Another interesting pick on the O-line is John Moffit (Wisconsin) who could be available in round three.

  24. CC says:


  25. Ken says:

    I tend to agree with Mike, if the Pats want Wilkerson they will not select him at #17… in fact, I will be surprised if they take anyone at #17, I expect them to trade down at least a few spots.

    I think all three of those top picks are trade bait, BB will take any reasonable offer to move them, I will be shocked if there is a pick taken before #20, or if 3 picks are made by #33.

  26. Mike Loyko says:

    love the site and hard work you do.. but if that is who we end up with, with our boatload of picks.. i will not be happy. 17 is a reach for Wilkerson in my opinion. I think Solder is the most overrated tackle in the draft. Beal will not go day 2 he has had perhaps the worst allstar game/combine period.

    • NEPD says:

      Don’t disagree with the Senior Bowl/Combine performances. That said… from whistle to whistle he gets the job done.

  27. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    Nice job moving around the board. 4 picks in the first 45 is nice and only paying 1 first rounder is nice.

    Not sold on Solder, but at that point, he’ll be the best guy there.

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