2011 NFL Draft Live Blog

For the next five days, we’ll be live blogging the 2011 NFL Draft along with Tom Curran from Comcast SportsNet New England. Click below to follow along.

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34 Responses to “2011 NFL Draft Live Blog”

  1. Tyjax says:

    Like the Dowling pick, especially if he can stay healthy!

  2. john m. says:

    Pick Cameron Jordan!!!!!

  3. cash says:


  4. Ray says:

    Damn, Watt and Castonzo gone. If the Pats want Cam Jordan, they’re going to have to move up to 15. Otherwise, trade back from 17.

  5. Ryan Buske says:

    Can Fairley be a 3-4 DE?

  6. Ken W says:

    Just watched a video on patriots.com with BB and he actually commented on the depth at DL this year had said that “the teams that get the best players out of this group will look back and feel the best about this draft.”
    Sounds like we might be getting a DL in the first.

  7. Cam says:

    I just read the Cowboys blog about a possible trade with the Pats in the first round, and I am amazed how different of a football culture they have. Almost all of the fans wanted to stay away from trading down like the plague. They even wanted to trade up! They want Peterson and that is not going to solve any of their problems. We treat trading down like a part of the game and to be beneficial to are team down the road. It was very surprising how short-sighted they are

  8. John western Mass says:

    Nobody has touched on him, but watch for Pernell McPhee out of Miss. State to the Pats. DE who they’ll try to transition to OLB. Ferocious competitor, 1st team AllSEC Coaches poll, which means a hell of a lot more more than anything else. An inch too short according to the “experts” for that position for the Pats. Didn’t time out well in the 40, but played heavier last year than normal for the team. A beast against the run and can get after the passer despite lack of sack production senior year. Had lots of pressures which is key as the Pats didn’t even have that. Can probably play between 265-275 for the Pats. Jordan is overrated and too much of a tweener for the Pats system. All the draftniks read each other and regurgitate the same thing. Watch for these names: Phil Taylor, Baylor (if they let the Jets get him, they’re fools) Jarvis Jenkins, Clemson, DAvon House New Mexico State, Curtis Marsh, possible free safety/CB, of course, Watkins or Wisniewski, Randall Cobb WR do it all type. Go Pats!

    • Jim R says:

      Ive been touting McPhee, Colin Mccarthy (LB) from the U and Richard Sherman (CB)Stanford. rounds 3-5.
      Pats will come out fine. Word is there will be targeting a RB in Free agency.

      • Jim R says:

        Add to that, grab a slider with 17 Bowers or the mook

        • John western Mass says:

          Tough to pass on either of those two if they slide.

        • John western Mass says:

          Replied too soon…don’t like Bowers for the pats. Lately been thinking Clayborn might work but overall iwant to see the following:
          1a: Taylor
          1b: Watkins
          2a: Cobb
          2b: McPhee or a DB they like
          3a: whichever they don’t grab with 2b
          3b: Jarvis Jenkins Clemson if he’s there

          I don’t know if it was here i read it but Dane fletcher has got to play a lot more next year.

  9. Ray says:

    I can envision a scenario where the Pats trading down a few picks at a time like last year. For instance, trade down from 17 to 19, then 19 to 21, then trade 21 to the Raiders, who are looking to get into the first round for a CB, for their 2nd rounder and next year’s 1st. Plus pick up some late rounders in future drafts from the earlier trade downs.

  10. jc says:

    whoever the pats take will be good. my preference is pass rusher. jets qb likes to roll out. pats trade 1st pick of 2nd rd for 1st next year. with all night to do this its logical. hoping for ingram or costanza at 28. good luck pats!

  11. rdf63 says:

    Pats will make a pick at 17 but the 28th pick depends on the quarterbacks still available. #17 might be a tough decision IF Watt, Jordan and Castonzo are already taken. Even if that happens, Wilkerson at #17 is really tough to figure since he would probably still be available at #28 or even #33. Taking a polished runner like Ingram #28 is not a bad pick but with the bad knees it might not be the smartest decision either.

  12. Ryan Buske says:

    Why are the latest drafts having Amukamura slipping? Is this a dream come true?

    • prioris says:

      not sure why but when i watch amukumara’s and jimmy smith clips, i get a more warm and comfy feeling about smith. many analysts swear by amukumara but from what little i i saw on film, i like smith better. But what do i know.

    • TD says:

      Smith has dropped because of character and off field issues.

    • Ryan Buske says:

      At this point Id be happy with a CB at 17, and then a DE at 28. Cam Newton number one? barf.

  13. cash says:

    no way on gods green earth does anthony castonzo last until 28

  14. TD says:

    I think we are getting best player available at #17. #28 is up for sale as #33 may be. IMO, BB is looking for a DE/OLB, OL & DB in this draft and to add a pick or two for next year. A few teams at the end of first round have let it be known their pick(s) are available also.

  15. Jared says:

    NEPD…you ruined your mock draft on the last day.

    • NEPD says:

      REALLY struggled to come up with a mock draft that will score well in the prestigious Huddle Report competition, but I think I’ll do well… please note that Quinn / Ingram are certainly not the guys I’d pick for the Patriots, but would be okay with it if it played out like that.

      • kevin says:

        Time will tell but I think we’re getting bowers. You should have stuck with your picks nepd!

  16. TomDickHarry says:

    Did anyone see ESPN’s writers’ Mock Draft today?

    Everyone did really well…..EXCEPT Mike Reiss.

    Who takes Mo Wilkerson at 17 over J.J. Watt and Cam Jordan?

    And who takes Mark Ingram at 28 over Anthony Castonzo?

    Great job Reiss! You added a questionable DE with top-talent on the board at the same position and then added a RB over an OT in a deep RB class that has plenty of complimentary backs that fit very well with BJGE and Woody.

    If BB makes those picks I’ll puke.

    • kevin says:

      I may puke before you

    • Jeff V says:

      Reis is a reporter/writer not a sports guy…dude is clueless

    • Jared says:

      wow…Mike Reiss, thats bad. But I bet he was really polite when he said it.

    • AM says:

      As much as I like Castanzo, I don’t have a huge problem with Ingram at 28. We’re almost certainly going to pick up a back in the draft, and that’s a good value spot for Ingram.

      As to Wilkerson, I’m not much of a fan, but I can see how he might be a better fit than Watt. There’s no way, however, that he’s a better choice than Jordan–that’s a bad call. But also worth mentioning that this site has been targeting Wilkerson for some time in its own mocks.

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