2011 NEPD Community Mock Draft – 2nd Round

2011 NFL Draft

Round Two! (Cue the assistant commissioner)


1. Make your picks here on a “top-level” comment where it can be seen by all.

2. Feel free to discuss picks, but use the reply button. You can also use the #nepdmock hashtag to discuss picks on Twitter.

3. Try and keep your comments below 12-15 lines so readers can scroll through the picks easily.

4. Keep it civil and have fun!

A quick listing of all the picks can be found on the NEPD Mock Picks page.


243 Responses to “2011 NEPD Community Mock Draft – 2nd Round”

  1. Mike Harman says:

    Saints select Greg Jones, LB, Michigan State

    Chargers OTC, but I’m out guys.

  2. Mike Harman says:

    Colts Select Tyler Sash, S, Iowa

    So cliche’ that it won’t happen, but Saints are OTC. I know the Saints rep has been here to make most/all picks so we can give them a little time

  3. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    The Chiefs select Edmond Gates (WR, ACU)

    • Mike Harman says:

      Thx. I’ve trying to crank out a few of these picks so we can speed through some guys and go to bed. Chiefs get a new LT and offensive upgrades that will help push them into the playoffs better.

      Indy OTC

    • Ryan Buske says:

      Damn he was my guy…

  4. Mike Harman says:

    Eagles Select Marcus Gilchrist, CB/S, Clemson

    The Iggles could use two corners and might need some safety support so Gilchrist is a decent enough value here.

    Chiefs are OTC. Anyone can make the pick

  5. Mike Harman says:

    Bucs select Marcus Gilbert, OT, Florida

    Philly is OTC

  6. Mike Harman says:

    Giants Select James Carpenter, OT, Alabama

    Somebody want to make the TB pick?

  7. Mike Harman says:

    Chargers Select Kelvin Sheppard, MLB, LSU

    Giants OTC

  8. Mike Loyko says:

    Will Rackely, Guard, Lehigh

  9. Mike Harman says:

    I’ve got to bolt for a little while guys. I posted the recent picks on the master list and we are at the Raiders

  10. Mike Loyko says:

    ill do oaklands if you want

  11. Jared says:

    what pick are we on?

  12. Mike Harman says:

    81) Oakland (8-8)
    82) San Diego (9-7)
    83) New York Giants (10-6)
    84) Tampa Bay (10-6)
    85) Philadelphia* (10-6)
    86) Kansas City* (10-6)
    87) Indianapolis* (10-6)
    88) New Orleans* (11-5)
    89) San Diego – from Seattle* (7-9)
    90) Baltimore* (12-4)
    91) Atlanta* (13-3)
    92) New England* (14-2)
    93) Chicago* (11-5)
    94) New York Jets* (11-5)
    95) Pittsburgh* (12-4)
    96) Green Bay* (10-6)
    97) Carolina (compensatory)

  13. Mike Harman says:

    one leftover should go here: http://www.nepatriotsdraft.com/2011-nepd-community-mock-picks/comment-page-1#comment-22060

    I have added the next picks and we can finish up there so there is less going back. I don’t believe that there are any other trades that we have to deal with

  14. CC says:

    Light up two separete web pages on you computer screen and shrink them too fit your one screen side by side. That’s what i’ve been doing while taking care of much other stuff since there had been so much time inbetween pick’s.

  15. Mike Loyko says:

    its getting tough to follow this on here.. between going back to see who has already been picked.. then to see the order.. then to comment… it would be much much easier if it was all on the same page

  16. Ryan Buske says:

    I would like to gain a pick in this round, if at all possible.
    I’ll give up a 3rd next year, 5th this year.

  17. CC says:

    Their other biggest need other than DE is actually CB’s & Safties

    • Mike Harman says:

      That’s what I figured. I think Carter is arguably the 2nd best safety, while something like 10 CB’s have been taken. Could go either way

  18. Mike Harman says:

    Who do you guys think the Jags would take? They already went DE and QB.

    Quinton Carter jumps out at me

  19. CC says:

    Miami is also looking to swap. A team’s this year mid 4th, for their next year 2012 4th. and you’ll receive their current 5th #146.
    their current 6th #179.
    & both their 7th rounder’s #217 & 218,
    for doing so. Worth 60+ on the TVC.

  20. Mike Loyko says:

    yea im gunna be up watching the sox game so im done.. is the order the same or have their been other trades havent paid much attention today

  21. Ryan Buske says:

    I’m here

  22. CC says:

    Miami- Takes John Moffit OG out of Wisconsin with their 3rd round pick.

  23. Mike Harman says:

    Well Loyko, I think it might just be me and you. Want to alternate to get it done (unless there is someone else out there)?

  24. Mike Loyko says:

    The San Francisco 49ers select Randall Cobb, WR, Kentucky…

    slot receiver to go with crabtree davis gore and locker.. building a dangerous offense

  25. Mike Harman says:

    I say give the Lions either Curtis Brown, or Quinton Carter

  26. Ryan Buske says:

    Patriots select Ras I-Dowling

  27. NEPD says:

    The Texans select Sam Acho (DE, Texas)

  28. Mike Harman says:


    are next 5

  29. FleurDeLis says:

    Saints pick Drake Nevis – DL, LSU. Hometown Boy!

  30. NEPD says:

    The Cowboys select Kenrick Ellis (DE, Hampton).

    • Mike Harman says:

      I like the pick. TFL machine and I’ve heard a couple of rumors that the team might go to a more traditional 3-4 now that Wade is gone, so he could be the NT allowing Ratliff to move out if needed.

    • Jared says:

      great pick, slackin all day-sorry guys. Ellis was my pick anyways at least. so thanks NEPD

  31. With the 70th pick in the NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Marcus Cannon G TCU

    • NEPD says:

      Paging Jared… Cowboys on the clock.

    • That’s my last pick until the 5th round and I really doubt we’re going that far.
      So I’ll take my Cleveland Browns and their new members: Muhammad Wilkerson, Akeem Ayers, Jon Baldwin and Marcus Cannon, and call it a day.
      Gentleman, it’s been a pleasure drafting/working with you all and if you guys ever need another person in a mock draft, feel free to e-mail me at red89_NFL@yahoo.com
      Thanks for one of the most interesting mocks I’ve seen, and I wish you all well.
      ~ Brendan Greeley

  32. Mike Harman says:

    The Bengals select Greg Little, WR, UNC

    • Mike Harman says:

      Almost went Cobb or Franklin or Cannon, but Greg Little was just too much of a character concern for Mike Brown to pass on. I’ve ignored the defense in the draft, but the team added a ton of tools to the hurting offense, and the defense wasn’t too bad off as is. We also walk away with a 1st and 3rd rounder for 2012.

    • Jared says:

      I want the pats to take Greg Little with the 74th pick if hes there.

  33. NEPD says:

    The Bills have selected Chris Carter (DE/OLB, Fresno State).

  34. Ryan Buske says:

    I’d like to move up, i’ll give you my last third round pick and a 4th next year for anyone willing to let me move up in the next few selections.

  35. Mike Harman says:

    The Broncos I believe traded this pick (the 67th) with the Colts earlier. The BPA who also helps the Colts would be Ben Ijalana, OL, Villanova

  36. Mike Harman says:

    Rudi Johnson: 5’11, 225 pounds
    Kenny Irons: 5’11, 210 pounds
    Cedric Benson: 5’11, 227 pounds

    Mikel Leshoure: 6’0, 232 pounds

    The Bengals may not get Benson re-signed, and even if they do they could be looking for another option. Leshoure was in consideration at the top of the 2nd round, so to see him at the 3rd is perfect.

  37. NEPD says:

    I’m going to be in/out for a bit guys. Keep it going and after 5 minutes or so, feel free to choose for them as a committee.

  38. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    The Panthers pick Bruce Carter (LB, UNC)

  39. NEPD says:

    Surprised (but relieved) to see Mikel Leshoure not picked yet. Taylor dropping that far shocked me too.

  40. Jason says:

    Green Bay selects Ahmed Black (S, Florida)

    • Jason says:

      Atari Bigby and Charlie Peprah are both free agents once the CBA is agreed on. Black gives them a smart dynamic playmaker to run the back field on defense. He also gives them flexibility to be a possible return man in special teams. Something that Green Bay is lacking

  41. Mike Harman says:

    Oh man I want to make my third round pick. haha

  42. NEPD says:

    The Steelers have selected Brandon Burton (CB, Utah). Packers on the clock.

  43. Mike Harman says:

    There could realistically be three OLmen gone the next three picks. I could see a corner like Ras-I go too. Oh crap, Rahim Moore is still around I think

  44. Franklin says:

    Bears pick Rahim Moores, Safety, UCLA

  45. NEPD says:

    The Chargers have selected Phil Taylor (DL, Baylor)

  46. Ryan Buske says:

    Patriots select Clint Boling

  47. NEPD says:

    The Falcons select Quan Sturdivant (LB, UNC). Patriots on the clock.

  48. JMC says:

    Ravens choose Christian Ballard (DE, Iowa)

  49. Mike Harman says:

    At this pace we could do a 3rd round. haha

  50. CC says:

    Miami will give their current 6th rounder #179, and their (2) 7th rounder’s #217 & 218, + a 2012 Second rounder over to any remaining 2nd round team remaining this year.


    The same current 6th and (2) 7th’s + a 2012 third rounder for any team in the first half of the upcomig third.

  51. Rob says:

    Seahawks choose Jabaal Sheard (DE, Pittsburgh).

  52. FleurDeLis says:

    Saints chose Kyle Rudolph – Tight end, notre dame

  53. NEPD says:

    The Chiefs have selected Titus Young (WR, Boise State) per @Wthe1stpick

  54. NEPD says:

    The Eagles have selected Johnny Patrick (CB, Louisville).

    Chiefs on the Clock.

  55. NEPD says:

    We’re going with a pick every 5 minutes from here on out.

  56. Mike Harman says:

    Unless a trade changed the order, here are the next few picks:

    New Orleans

  57. So with the 53rd pick in the NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select Stephen Paea DT Oregon State.

  58. Rob says:

    It’s late here and I’ve got to hit the sack. I sent James some picks for #57 via email so he should be able to keep it going when Seattle’s on the clock.

  59. Mike Harman says:

    Hey guys James (NEPD) asked me to keep the show running while he is out to dinner for a bit. The Colts pick doesn’t work, but I am trying to get in touch with Jared C. on twitter right now, but if not who do you guys think we should give him? There are a couple of other receivers we could give, or a guy like Stephen Paea perhaps

    • If he doesn’t respond, Paea would prob be the best option.
      If the Colts had a DT to go with Freeney and Mathis, that’s be scary.
      I was wondering how far Paea would slip

      • Mike Harman says:

        I got ahold of Jared over Twitter:

        “Stephen Pae’a? He looks to be free. I want him.”

      • CC says:

        I’d give em a Wide Out since he initially tried to pick one, but for any future NON RESPONDER within a certain minute time limit…..Just NEPD committee Draft one of the biggest team need’s at that time for that team need and be done with it so it roll’s on.

        There an immiediete fill need spot, there is a simple depth need, and their is an upgrade/improvment need.
        Either one will due for that NON responder.

  60. Rob says:

    Anyone interested in a deal that would involve Seattle trading back into the bottom of round two? On offer, 2012 third rounder, the second pick in round four (2012) and a 6th rounder.

  61. Jared says:

    With our second pick in the second round, The Indianapolis Colts select, Leonard Hankerson WR, Miami.

  62. NEPD says:

    The Giants have selected Mason Foster (OLB, Washington)

  63. Mike Harman says:

    The mock is really slowing down. People stop caring, or just a few not showing up?

  64. NEPD says:

    Per a list by Rossco FTC, the Bucs select Allen Bailey (DE, Miami)

  65. NEPD says:

    The Chargers select Jerrel Jernigan (WR, Troy).

  66. Mike Harman says:

    I have an early 3rd and 4th (TVC worth the 55th pick) for one of the next 5 or so picks

  67. Abercrombie says:

    Jax picks QB Ricky Stanzi from iowa

  68. Alejandro says:

    Raiders pick – Dontay Moch -DE-Nevada

  69. NEPD says:

    The Rams select Ryan Williams (RB, VTech)

  70. Mike Harman says:

    (If I’m not mistaken)

    St. Louis OTC

    Raiders on Deck

    Jags coming soon

    • Bill says:

      CTU is attempting to verify that, Mike.

      Chloe is currently in the powder room. This might take some time.

      Which reminds me of the day the Pat’s traded Seymour to the Raiders, in 2009, for a 2011 first round draft pick. Why? The rationale was that the Pat’s would be able to acquire an early first round pick for chump change compared to the cost of an early first round pick in 2010.

      Yet, the Pat’s are now afraid to trade up for a more costly players in 2011?

      • Well the last time they traded up for someone was Chad Jackson.
        Was he worth trading up for?

        • Mike Harman says:

          Haha. Definitely not. Between the trading up superstition and the Tom Condon superstition (even though he played a year for the team) the team is a little strange. I wouldn’t complain too much if I were a fan because you constantly own the draft, and make the playoffs year after year, but the superstitions are just interesting

        • Jared says:

          last year…traded up for Gronk….worked out pretty damn good.

      • Mike Harman says:

        Haha. Don’t remind me. I’m actually a Raiders fan (one of the few logical ones that doesn’t have Al Davis Stockholm Syndrome) that has to sit back and watch my team get trade-raped year after year by the Pats as if we were some sort of minor league team. It actually would make sense since Al Davis is a Boston guy…

        As a fan I am either waiting for the athletes-win-rings era to swing back, or to have Davis die with hopes that the next owners change the team (see Cuba under Castro)

        • Who are you kidding?
          Al Davis would turn himself into Darth Vader way before he would even think about dying.
          Which is bad for you guy and the Cowboys, Cause if Al Davis turns into Darth Vader, Jerry Jones will be The Emperor

        • Mike Harman says:

          Haha. So from a movie/historical standpoint Al Davis is going to have to sacrifice himself to save his son while killing Jerry Jones. Dan Snyder is a perfect Luke too because of the Cowboy/emperor v Skins/Luke hate

        • haha exactly.
          Well played

  71. Matt Carney says:

    With the 46th pick in the NFL Draft the Denver Broncos select Justin Houston, OLB- Georgia

  72. With the #45th pick in the NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Jonathan Baldwin, WR Pittsburgh

    • NEPD says:

      Denver is now on the clock.

    • I apologize for the delay, I got a little confused.

    • Mike Harman says:

      Perfect pick. I actually would have made the same exact pick had I kept it. If you take away the character issues (If I had Tino Sunseri throwing to me in essentially my contract year I’d be verbally mad too), you get Brandon Marshall with a slight dash of Anquan Boldin.

      • When I took a look at this draft from the Cleveland standpoint, They need defensive front 7 and wide receiver, so instead of getting an elite receiver (Green) and a 2nd and 3rd for front 7, it would be solid, but I traded out, got 2 late first round talents with my top 2 picks (Wilkerson and Ayers) and traded up to get the WR that some have as the 3rd or 4th best WR in the draft. (I would’ve taken him over Torrey Smith definitely and Hankerson probably)
        I like how my Browns are looking right now.

        • Mike Harman says:

          Definitely. If you look at this draft as a whole there are maybe four or five guys that are close to ‘elite’ or ‘safe.’ Von Miller isn’t worth a top-10 pick for a 4-3 team. Dareus could work out well but actually has been playing in a 3-4 and is not a sure thing in a very deep DT class. PP wasn’t there and if he was there wouldn’t fit a major need. So with Julio/Green you miss out, but like you said you got value for it. You got a major sleeper at DT, an elite pass rusher at LB (although he might need to learn coverage and tackling for a 4-3) and the 3rd most gifted receiver. A pretty good overall draft

        • Keep in mind, I’m not even close to a Browns fan

  73. I’m sorry guys, what # pick are we on?

  74. NEPD says:

    Mrs. NEPD selects Colin Kaepernick (QB, Nevada) for the Vikings.

    • NEPD says:

      The Lions are now on the clock.

      • Bill says:

        The Detroit Lions select…

        Stephen Wisniewski OG/C Penn State

        The Detriot Lions have selected Castonzo and Wisniewski. Both difficult names to spell. And both players the Pat’s should have drafted.

        Which remindes me of the question of which all-time NFL team is the better team. The all-time NFL team with every player named Green or Brown? Or, the all-time NFL team with every player named Smith or Jones? Smith and Jones team wins.

  75. Zane penton says:

    The Texans select- Marvin Austin (DL, UNC}

  76. Coach Bill says:

    Skins – Christian Ponder, QB, Florida State

  77. NEPD says:

    The Cowboys select Davon House (CB, NM State)

    • Jared says:

      Cant believe i missed my pick….Jerry is not happy, for the record….I would have takin Rahim Moore-S.

  78. Ryan Buske says:

    Are we going to get this party started or what?

  79. Jared says:

    Id say first day winner….Cleveland. They come away with M.Wilkerson, Akeem Ayers, another 4th round pick for 2011. And the jets first round pick in 2012, id say good job Brendan.

  80. **Last second trade**
    The Bengals get:
    2011 4th round: 102 Overall
    2012 1st round (from Jets)

    The Browns get:
    2011 2nd round: 45 overall

    • Mike Harman says:

      Confirm this. I had four different buyers coming in for the pick and it was the 2012 1st that took it. It was a good day to say the least for the Bengals that started out with a new QB (I still wish ‘Coach Bill’ emails me to have a little chat).

      While the Bengals didn’t have a sexy day for picks, we were able to get a potential QB for the future, an extra 1st and 3rd round pick in 2012, and a 4th this year for our 2nd this year and our 2012 7th.

  81. Jared says:

    alrite..we should start it back upp again in the a.m. The Cowboys will not be making there pick until after 7.

  82. NEPD says:

    The Titans select Andy Dalton (QB, TCU).

  83. Jared says:

    i don’t know…CLE’s picking 5th? the Bills picking 2nd? not 3rd.. Den at 4th? Cincy at 3rd?

  84. Jared says:

    did we screw up the order of the first 5 picks of the 2nd round? the first rnd and the 2nd round dont match…?

  85. NEPD says:

    The Cardinals select CB/S Aaron Williams from Texas.

  86. Mike Harman says:

    2nd round so far if I’m not mistaken

    33) Brooks Reed (NE)
    34) Danny Watkins (BUF)
    35) Jake Locker (SF from CIN)
    36) Rodney Hudson (IND from DEN)
    37) Akeem Ayers (CLE)

  87. With the 37th pick, the Cleveland Browns select Akeem Ayers DE/OLB UCLA

  88. The Indianapolis Colts select, Rodney Hudson OG/C, Florida State

  89. NEPD says:

    Colts on the clock due to trade w/ Broncos.

  90. Mike Loyko says:

    With the 35th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft the San Francisco 49ers select Jake Locker, QB, University of Washington

    • Mike Loyko says:

      Locker being coached by Jim Harbaugh would be perfect for his development. I think Locker is going to be much better than most think. Harbaugh can work on his accuracy and other issues, but I think Harbaugh would be able to build plays that suit locker and he could have an impact as a rookie.

  91. Mike Loyko says:

    Trade- San Franciso trades 45th pick in the 2011 draft along with a 2012 3rd round pick to the Cincinnati Bengals for the 35th pick in the 2011 draft and a 7th round pick in the 2012 draft

  92. Dan says:

    With the 34th pick, the Bills select, Danny Watkins, OL, Baylor University

  93. Jared says:

    Cowboys offering a first round pick in 2012 for one of the next 3 picks

  94. CC says:

    *Miami is looking to make move(‘s) into the second round,(where they have no current pick).
    Lot’s can be aquired for the right spot in the second or maybe a high third………..


  95. Ryan Buske says:

    Patriots select Brooks Reed

    • Ryan Buske says:

      I feel like that was a let down…

      • Jared says:

        haha…i was waiting for it

      • You’re on a New England website, no matter what you do… you’re going to get criticized.

        • Jared says:

          especially by me. haha…But seriously, not a big fan of Solder and Reed. To me, nboth are similiar prospects… Perfect size for their positions, neither one is that great of a football player.

        • CC says:

          Maybe true……But, it’s a bit easier though with Solder and Reed with the #28 & #33 though……..? Just sayin’ guy. : )

        • Ryan Buske says:

          I keep trying to find the guy, the Devin McCourty, the so called sleeper pick. But when it comes to OLB that sleeper pick is so hard to find, and not only that, there is such a high bust rate, no on knows where he will be drafted.

        • Jared says:

          sleeper OLB -Sheard

        • Mike Loyko says:

          i agree trying to find that OLB who fits is tough, thats why I think it will be either someone who doesnt fit the typical size-weight of a typical patriot OLB.. or someone like Allen Bailey picked at the end of the 2nd as a elephant… dont really like any of reed,shread, or any of the other 2nd tier OLBs

        • Ryan Buske says:

          I have had thought of Christian Ballard, but it seems to get shot down.

        • Jared says:

          I like Sheard, and Houston. But where in the world is Akeem Ayers?!, i would take him over Brooks Reed in a heartbeat.

      • Dan says:

        If you were looking for a sleeper OLB, Sam Acho would have been a solid pick.

    • Mike Loyko says:

      if the pats wind up with Solder and Reed at 28-33 I will be furious. I would be willing to bet that neither will be patriots. Reed way to one dimensial..level of play wasnt consistant.

      • Ryan Buske says:

        My guess is this pick will be LONG gone.

      • Jared says:

        hate to say it NEPD…but im with Loyko…maybe he aint so Loco after all.

        • Mike Loyko says:

          hahahah ive heard that my whole life ever since that damn song livin la vida loca came out.. solder= soft.. reed=one-dimensional…neither fit a belichick model

  96. Mike Loyko says:

    San Francisco is trying to trade up 6-8 picks

  97. Ryan Buske says:

    Listen the pressure here was pretty damn tought… Here were my thoughts….Watkins, LeShoure, M. Austin, Sheard.

  98. Jared says:

    Pats best be thinkin’ OLB..lol

  99. Rob says:

    I’m now officially beaten by jet lag. I suspect I’ll be awake again when Seattle are on the clock at #57, so it shouldn’t be an issue. I’ll check my emails when I awake. Tough to leave you enough of a big board over night with so many picks still to be made.

  100. Jared says:

    I wish like real-life….this one went faster

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