20 for 20: 2005

20 for 20

Editor’s Note: Doug Kyed, our intrepid staff writer, will be doing some extra work for the final twenty days before the 2011 NFL Draft, taking a look at the last twenty NFL Drafts.

Today he looks at the 2005 NFL Draft Class.

How much are the Browns, Vikings, Lions, Jaguars and Ravens kicking themselves for passing on Roddy White in 2005? While Braylon Edwards has been a solid NFL WR, his ’07 season is really the only one that compares to White’s last four seasons. His attitude and hands are really what caused his demise in Cleveland.

Troy Williamson, Mike Williams, Matt Jones and Mark Clayton haven’t come close to matching White’s production. What’s really interesting is that the Browns, Jaguars and Ravens are still looking for that solid deep threat no. 1 receiver and have all been projected at one point in taking one in the first round this year.

My Top Ten for the 2005 NFL Draft class:

DeMarcus Ware: Rd. 1 Pick 11 – Dallas Cowboys
Aaron Rodgers: Rd. 1 Pick 24 – Green Bay Packers
Roddy White: Rd. 1 Pick 27 – Atlanta Falcons
Logan Mankins: Rd. 1 Pick 32 – New England Patriots
Lofa Tatupu: Rd. 2 Pick 45 – Seattle Seahawks
Nick Collins: Rd. 2 Pick 51 – Green Bay Packers
Frank Gore: Rd. 3 Pick 65 – San Francisco 49ers
Justin Tuck: Rd. 3 Pick 74 – New York Giants
Trent Cole: Rd. 5 Pick 146 – Philadelphia Eagles
Jay Ratliff: Rd. 7 Pick 224 – Dallas Cowboys

Other Significant Players – Antrel Rolle, Shawne Merriman, Jammal Brown, Derrick Johnson, Michael Roos, Vincent Jackson, Trent Cole, Matt Cassel, Leonard Weaver, Joshua Cribbs, Cameron Wake

My Top Player: Rodgers
Consensus Top Player: Rodgers
No Hall of Famers
Possible Future HOF: Ware, Rodgers, White
Best Value: Rodgers
Biggest Bust: Alex Smith, we’ll see if Harbaugh can turn that around. It’s Troy Williamson if not Smith.

Best Patriots Pick:
This was a really nice Patriots draft. The best player is Mankins, but New England got some great value out of Ellis Hobbs, Nick Kaczur, James Sanders, Matt Cassel and Mike Wright.

Worst Patriots Pick: The only players who didn’t make it were Ryan Claridge and Andy Stokes. I’ll go with Claridge since he was the higher drafted player.

Best Team Class: It’s the Cowboys, but it’s really a four team race. The Cowboys grabbed Ware, Marcus Spears, Kevin Burnett, Marion Barber, Chris Canty and Ratliff. The other choices are the Chargers (Merriman, Luis Castillo, Jackson, Darren Sproles), Packers (Rodgers, Collins, Brady Poppinga) and Patriots (Mankins, Hobbs, Kaczur, Sanders, Cassel, Wright).

Overall Grade: C+, not a stellar first round and talent was sparsely spread throughout the rest of the draft.

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7 Responses to “20 for 20: 2005”

  1. Jared says:

    Demarcus Ware is your number 1 player.
    and Aaron Rodgers is a Hall o’ Famer??

    • Doug Kyed says:

      top 10 players are sorted by when they were drafted. that says “possible future hall of famers.”

      • Jared says:

        no… i meant Demarcus Ware SHOULD be his top player, not Rodgers.

        • Doug Kyed says:

          ware’s a great player, but they’re both top 5 at their position and qb has more impact. it’s real close though, i’ll definitely give you that.

  2. TD says:

    I don’t get how some can say Hobbs and Kaczur were bad picks, they were starters on a talent laden team on both sides of the ball. To get a guy like Wright without using a draft pick? He was valuable because he was versatile and could put pressure on the QB.

  3. This may be the first time we disagree. Or maybe I am being too hard on some players. Outof the 2005 Patriot draft you had these players at great value: Logan Mankins, Ellis Hobbs, Nick Kaczur, James Sanders, Matt Cassel and Mike Wright.

    Mankins a no brainer. Hobbs, he did see the field and returned some kick offs. I guess the key term is value. I didn’t think he was that good as a CB. Average at best. Sanders, ok good value. Cassel only played because of Brady’s injury however great value in terms of being part of a trade to get a second rounder and he was a 7th.

    Wright is serviceable & still thinks they overpaid on that extension he received…. Kaczur stinks. He always have and I cannot say they got good value with a revolving door at RT. Your assessment IMO is pretty much on except for a couple of players.

    • Doug Kyed says:

      It’s possible we just have a differing view on value. I think that getting a four year starter out of a third rounder is good value. We then (eventually) traded Hobbs for a fourth and sixth round pick, which in my opinion adds to that value.

      Once again, Kaczur might not be the offensive lineman in the world, but for a third round pick we got a player who can play multiple positions and has started for parts of 5 seasons. And actually, Kaczur had a very nice 2009 season.

      We definitely disagree on Cassel, not only did we get a great season out of him, we also traded him for a 2nd round pick which turned out to be Patrick Chung. That’s out of a 7th round pick.

      As for Wright, if you get any production out of undrafted player, that’s great value.

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