20 for 20: 1999

20 for 20

Editor’s Note: Doug Kyed, our intrepid staff writer, will be doing some extra work for the final twenty days before the 2011 NFL Draft, taking a look at the last twenty NFL Drafts.

Today he looks at the 1999 NFL Draft Class.

If the Bengals had even been able to crank out an average draft this season, they possibly could have been contenders earlier, but picking a guy like Akili Smith third overall will absolutely derail any chance of that happening. Let’s just hope the 2011 QB class doesn’t turn out as poor as ‘99s. Just for fun though, if we had to break it down, wouldn’t Gabbert be Couch, Newton would be Smith, I guess Locker would be McNabb, Kaepernick would be Culpepper and I guess McNown would have the size, mobility and arm of Ponder with the accuracy and character of Mallett.

Also, hey remember when the Saints traded their entire draft, plus a 1st and 3rd the next season for Ricky Williams? That was fun. Know what’s even more fun? The Bengals passed up that trade to take Akili Smith.

My Top Ten from the 1999 NFL Draft class:

Donovan McNabb: Rd. 1 Pick 2 – Philadelphia Eagles
Edgerrin James: Rd. 1 Pick 4 – Indianapolis Colts
Ricky Williams: Rd. 1 Pick 5 – New Orleans Saints
Torry Holt: Rd. 1 Pick 6 – St. Louis Rams
Champ Bailey: Rd. 1 Pick 12 – Washington Redskins
Jevon Kearse: Rd. 1 Pick 16 – Tennessee Titans
Antoine Winfield: Rd. 1 Pick 23 – Buffalo Bills
Al Wilson: Rd. 1 Pick 31 – Denver Broncos
Joey Porter: Rd. 3 Pick 73 – Pittsburgh Steelers
Donald Driver: Rd. 7 Pick 213 – Green Bay Packers

Other Significant Players – Chris McAlister, Daunte Culpepper, John Tait, Damien Woody, Patrick Kerney, Dre Bly, Aaron Smith

My Top Player: Bailey
Consensus Top Player: Bailey
No Hall of Famers
Possible Future HOF: McNabb, James, Holt, Bailey
Best Value: Donald Driver
Biggest Bust: Some would say Tim Couch, but at least he started more than 17 games and had an almost even TD-INT ratio, Akili Smith did not.

Best Patriots Pick: Damien Woody may be the best player that the Patriots drafted, but Kevin Faulk was the best pick.

Worst Patriots Pick: Well, the Patriots drafted a player that started 14 career games and a 5 time pro bowler went three picks later. It’s Andy Katzenmoyer and perhaps in hindsight it would have been better to go with Al Wilson.

Best Team Class: It’s either the Steelers (Joey Porter, Amos Zereoue, Aaron Smith, Kris Brown) or the Bears (Russell Davis, Marty Booker, Warrick Holdman, Rosevelt Colvin, Jerry Azumah, Jim Finn), but it’s not pretty. Both teams whiffed on their first round picks (Troy Edwards and Cade McNown), but wound up with some decent players.

Overall Grade: It’s not very pretty. This compares to the 1991/1992 drafts. C-

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