20 for 20: 1995

20 for 20

Editor’s Note: Doug Kyed, our intrepid staff writer, will be doing some extra work for the final twenty days before the 2011 NFL Draft, taking a look at the last twenty NFL Drafts.

Today he looks at the 1995 NFL Draft Class.

In the summer of 1996, I visited Boston for the first time on a family vacation, on either the flight there or back I read an article about Curtis Martin and he immediately became my favorite player in the league. Over the years, he would be replaced by Ty Law and Lawyer Milloy, but Martin was what really first attached me to the team.

When my father went back to Boston the next year to interview for a job, my number one priority was asking him to bring me back a Martin jersey. I think I was the only kid in the Seattle area with a Curtis Martin jersey.

My Top Ten from the 1995 NFL Draft class:

Tony Boselli: Rd. 1 Pick 2 – Jacksonville Jaguars
Steve McNair: Rd. 1 Pick 3 – Houston Oilers
Joey Galloway: Rd. 1 Pick 8 – Seattle Seahawks
Warren Sapp: Rd. 1 Pick 12 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Ruben Brown: Rd. 1 Pick 14 – Buffalo Bills
Hugh Douglas: Rd. 1 Pick 16 – New York Jets
Ty Law: Rd. 1 Pick 23 – New England Patriots
Derrick Brooks: Rd. 1 Pick 28 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Curtis Martin: Rd. 3 Pick 74 – New England Patriots
Terrell Davis: Rd. 6 Pick 196 – Denver Broncos

Other Significant Players – Kerry Collins, Kevin Carter, Mark Fields, Napoleon Kaufman, Luther Elliss, Korey Stringer, Bobby Taylor, Kordell Stewart, Antonio Freeman, Gary Walker, Cory Schlesinger, Adam Timmerman

My Top Player: Brooks
Consensus Top Player: Sapp
Hall of Famers: None
Possible Future HOF: Sapp, Brooks, Martin, Law, Davis
Best Value: Terrell Davis
Biggest Bust: Ki-Jana was the biggest bust, though I’m sure some Eagles fans would argue Mike Mamula.

Best Patriots Pick: Ty Law. It’s close between Law and Martin since Martin had the more productive career overall, but Law was the more productive Patriot.

Worst Patriots Pick: Dino Philyaw. In an otherwise very good New England draft, the Patriots took Dino Philyaw, running back out of Oregon in the 6th round and 195th pick. One pick later Terrell Davis came off the board. It would have hurt a lot less losing Curtis Martin if the Pats had had Terrell Davis in their back pockets, but we can’t complain too much can we. But really, we were one pick away from having Curtis Martin AND Terrell Davis on top of Law, Ted Johnson, Jimmy Hitchcock and Dave Wohlabaugh.

Best Team Class: It’s between the Buccaneers (Sapp, Brooks), Patriots (Law, Johnson, Martin, Hitchcock, Wohlabaugh), Oilers (McNair, Anthony Cook, Chris Sanders, Rodney Thomas, Gary Walker). Though Sapp and Brooks are probably the two best players in this draft, Law and Martin are close enough that the Patriots depth in the draft seals it.

Overall Grade: I’d call it an above average draft. Some absolutely incredible players were taken, but there was also a lot of misses and not a ton of depth. B-

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