Patriots Scouts Making the Rounds

Shane Vereen NFL Draft

Cal RB Shane Vereen is rapidly becoming a favorite to be picked by the New England Patriots.

Patriots scouts have been busy the last couple of days, flying around the country to different college Pro Days to see some 2011 NFL Draft prospects up close and personal.

UPDATE: Patriots personnel were also in attendance at Kentucky and Nebraska Pro Days.

Bill Belichick himself was at Miami, where the Patriots will hold a private workout with Allen Bailey.

Coaches and scouts were spotted at Alabama, where O-line Coach Dante Scarnecchia had a watchful eye on RB Mark Ingram and OL James Carpenter.

At Auburn, OC Ryan Pugh seemed to be the main target, while DL Frank Kearse was being watched at Alabama A&M.

Running back Shane Vereen and FS Chris Conte reportedly got a long look from the Patriots at the California Pro Day, while DL Corbin Bryant was the focus at Northwestern. The Patriots have a private workout scheduled with Bryant in the future.

It has been speculated that QB Adam Weber was the target of the Patriots attention at Minnesota.

At Fresno State, we have no reports of who the Patriots were looking at, but OG Andrew Jackson and DE/OLB Chris Carter are the probable targets.

Patriots scouts were also in attendance at Wisconsin, which could mean a look at DE JJ Watt or OL Gabe Carimi.

Arkansas, Colorado, FIU, and Oklahoma State were also attended by some member of the Patriots.

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13 Responses to “Patriots Scouts Making the Rounds”

  1. TD says:

    Got to like that coach taking a problem off of our hands for the price of 3rd round pick, was like taking candy from a baby for BB.

    • cash says:

      Speaking of candy from a baby… I think the odds are pretty good that pick #33 gets traded, and I honeslty think the Raiders will come calling again! they have no 1st rd picks so Al Davis will probably get anxious waiting one whole round and then the night. 2012 1st rd pick from the raiders for 33 haha!

      • Billy C. says:

        Since the Raiders are ticking on the upside over the last few years (lower 2012 first round pick) I’d also want their fourth rounder this year as part of your trade scenario. Heck, I wonder if they even have a fourth this year?

      • TD says:

        Any WR’s/S’s 6-3 210lbs with 4.3 speed and cannot play football? If so, there goes #33 to Raiders for next years #1.

      • TD says:

        Another taking candy from a baby scenario: Carolina trading it’s this years 2nd round pick for our 3rd round pick last year and taking a QB->WR conversion!!??!!.

        This is how BB really operates. With a bunch of these he can take a chance that the Raiders would continue to suck even by trading Seymour to them. No one could have forseen Seymour shaking the injury bug from the last 3 years, but he still is a thorn when it comes contract time.

  2. Zima-man says:

    hey TD ! I agree with you about that former idiot head coach in Minn but not for the same reason. I always thought he made those comments about the Patriots wanting Harvin to make himself look good. Like he thought he was in the same league as BB. I was so happy to see him go down in flames!

  3. Bill says:

    When Red Auerbach was scouting Dave Cowens, he attended a Florida State game and pretended to be disgusted by Cowens athletic ability. He intentionally did that to create a false impression for the other scouts attending the game.

    It doesn’t matter where Belichick may be scouting players. It isn’t any indication of who the Pat’s may be interested in drafting.

    • cash says:

      I still here reports about teams sending out negative reviews on players they have interest in. They send out the bad reviews so other teams will stay away from that player, or think twice about drafting them. I remember last year when BB went out to dinner with Tim Tebow and many people thought the pats were gonna take him in the first round, I dont recall exactly how it went down but im pretty sure that Denver traded up ahead of us to draft Tebow.

  4. TD says:

    I think LeShoure or DMurray would be better fits for Pat’s. They have top end speed and can catch the ball. Ingram is another BJGE with more speed.

    The more stuff I read, the more it looks like Pat’s are either gonna focus on OL, trade some of the picks into next year or take some top player at another position that falls.

  5. Ryan Buske says:

    Both JJ Watt and Aldon Smith looked good on film today watching a little NFL network. I like either of them more today than I did awhile ago. I only like Cam Jordan if he is going to play OLB.

  6. Rex's wifes feet says:

    Good, i’m hoping that Mark ingram falls into the 2nd round because @ #33! thats Value!!!! I also hope that we can trade up to get Quinn but i’m thinking players will fall into our lap where we are picking anyways… like 2009 draft we passed on Clay mathews and Percy Harvin…. runner up to defensive rookie of the year and the offensive rookie of the year. I just hope we fill our needs like we filled our tight end position!!! GO PATS!

    P.S. is that guy we got from the titans our GM Floyd Reese i think his name is???? Think he had an impact on last years draft?

    • Waldoon says:

      We didn’t pass on Harvin the Vikings took him at 22. We had pick 23. Brad Childress was quoted as saying he took Harvin because he knew that the Patriots wanted him.

    • TD says:

      Not sure they would have taken Harvin since we already had Wes and Harvin has issues w/injuries and migranes since he is a small guy. That idiot in Minn is saying that because of BB’s ties to UFlorida.

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