Patriots Scouts Continue to Grind

Anthony Castonzo NFL Draft

BC's Anthony Castonzo was under the watchful eye of Patriots scouts and front-office personnel at his Pro Day today.

There are no evidently off days in March for the scouting department in New England. We’ve got more information on pro days, private workouts, and official visits to share.

WEEI’s Chris Price has a wonderful write-up of the Boston College pro day, where Patriots O-line coach Dante Scarnecchia reportedly had a watchful eye on tackle Anthony Castonzo.

According to a former teammate, Patriots scouts reportedly held a private workout with three Cal Bears, including defensive end Cam Jordan.

Walker Rhodes of related that cornerback Buster Skrine will be meeting with the Patriots staff shortly. Skrine (UT-Chattanooga) burst onto the scene with a 4.37 forty at the NFL Combine.

Patriots scouts were also in attendance at pro-days in Iowa and Nevada over the last couple of days. Go here for a full list of Patriots Draft Contacts.

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6 Responses to “Patriots Scouts Continue to Grind”

  1. BAMNATION says:

    I agree Ryan.

    Not only would TBC be a possible cut, but also Nick Kaczur. Otherwise I do not see anyone else being a huge cap cut.

    however, Light is not on the roster so cannot be cut. Mankins is taking up huge cap space, but depends on if/when he shows up to start collecting. He can still make much more in 2011 over 2010 by playing the minimum number of games for a good contract year….

  2. Ryan says:

    We have plent of cap room and will have plenty of room regardless of Bradys contract. The Patriots are always well under the contract. Not having Moss, and kicking 3-4 RBs out, and not resigning Light or Mankins will help. I could also see TBC going, but we’ll have to wait and see. My point is this, we need to keep Mankins which I think he will get close to 9 million a year. I think they will cut light and draft OL in the 2nd round. Bill knows how to pick lineman, Vollemer was a steal and he knew it. In fact a redraft had im placed around the top 6-8 picks over all that year. I think the Patriots will be doing their research, they will find the steals in the draft espicially in the OL dept. Should be a great draft.

  3. Bill says:

    The Pat’s need to find salary cap space to compensate for Brady’s contract. LT would seem to be the best option for the Pat’s. Moving Vollmer to LT, not resigning Light, would be a tremendously savings for the Pat’s. That creates an opening at RT. Drafting Castonzo now makes the most sense for the Pat’s at #17. Castonzo can play RT for two years and then be moved over to LT at the end of Vollmer’s contract. That would continue the salary savings at LT, two years from now.

    • Bill says:

      Ok I’ll argue with myself.

      Why would you want to draft an OL in the first round when you can trade down for value, just as the Pat’s did TWO years ago?

      MY answer: The Pat’s traded their first round pick two years ago for value. And the result is that OHER is now a valuable OL for Baltimore, not NE.

      STOP trading DOWN for value. Draft Castonzo at #17. He will be the OL for the Pat’s, over the next few years, that OHER would have been for the past two years.

      • Bill says:

        Well, that’s just stupid. It’s an apples and oranges analogy

        Oher cannot perform the complicated blocking techniques expected of the Pat’s OL. And neither can Castonzo. The Pat’s are far more sophisticated in recognizing OL talent in the later rounds than any other NFL team.

        Your just a little fish trying to swim in a BIG pond. Go back to your little pond…little fish.

        • Bill says:

          I believe Bill should be banished from this forum. The guy doesn’t have an educated opinion about anything.

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