Patriots NFL Mock Draft 7.0

Allen Bailey NFL Draft

Allen Bailey has received a lot of attention from the Patriots lately - could he receive a look in our seventh Patriots Mock Draft?

1st Round (OAK)

There will be calls for Mike Pouncey. There will be cries for a DE/OLB convert. When all is said and done, however, the Patriots will likely select the best defensive lineman available from this talented class.

Muhammad Wilkerson (DE, Temple) is a legitimate 3-4 defensive end that has played in a similar defense before. He has the size (6-5/315), length, (35″+ arms) and athleticism (4.96 forty) to succeed in the New England defense.

If they are still available, J.J. Watt (DE, Wisconsin) and Cam Jordan (DE, California) would be other defensive end options with this pick. Offensive line or a surprise running back pick could also be in the future.

1st Round

Over the our last six mock drafts, we’ve exhausted the discussions on why the Patriots need to draft some offensive linemen. Boiling it down, there are just too many questions marks at the positions that protect Tom Brady.

Anthony Costanzo (OL, Boston College) would go a long way to plugging some of those holes. He can play either guard or tackle, on either side of the ball. His versatility would allow the Patriots to play Sebastian Vollmer wherever he will excel the most.

Other versatile 1st-Round tackles include Gabe Carimi (OL, Wisconsin) and Nate Solder (OL, Colorado). Derek Sherrod (OL, Mississippi State) would be an option if the Patriots want to draft a pure left tackle.

2nd Round (CAR)

After receiving a private workout, official visit, and some private film time with the Hooded one himself, Allen Bailey (DL, Miami) is certainly on New England’s radar.

Bailey has the versatility to play multiple positions for the Patriots: an undersized 3-4 DE, shifting inside as a rushing tackle in sub-packages, and even as an “elephant” linebacker.

If a potential trade doesn’t knock Coach Belichick’s socks off, the Patriots might just roll the dice with Bailey here at a reasonable price. Brooks Reed (DE/OLB, Arizona) and Justin Houston (DE/OLB, Georgia) are two other conversion projects that might have the attention of the New England front office.

2nd Round

Clint Boling (OL, Georgia), like the earlier Costanzo pick, represents value with the former Bulldog’s ability to play multiple positions well. Boling projects best as a guard in the NFL, but his history playing left tackle will serve him well in New England.

Boling is a nasty blocker with good enough feet to play well in the Patriots zone-blocking scheme, as well as the screen game.

Ben Ijalana (OL, Villanova) and John Moffitt (OL, Wisconsin) are other players that could fill this role.

3rd Round (MIN)

With Kevin Faulk, Sammy Morris, and Fred Taylor all on the wrong side of 30 years old, the Patriots need some youth and depth on their running back depth chart.

Shane Vereen (RB, California) is a versatile player that can be more than just a 3rd-down back for a game or two if needed. He has the breakaway speed and strength to provide some big plays for the already loaded Patriots offense.

Jordan Todman (RB, UConn), Derrick Locke (RB, Kentucky), and Kendall Hunter (RB, Ok. State) are other options for 3rd-down backs, while DeMarco Murray (RB, Oklahoma) and Daniel Thomas (RB, Kansas State) would share more of the duties on 1st and 2nd down with Ben-Jarvus Green-Ellis.

3rd Round

Even before Brandon Meriweather’s latest “incident”, safety was a position that the Patriots had some question marks at. Jaiquawn Jarrett (S, Temple) would be another option to go along with Meriweather, Josh Barrett, James Sanders, and others competing for the FS position.

He is very fluid in coverage, while still providing quality run support. Jeron Johnson (S, Boise State) and Rahim Moore (S, UCLA) are other possibilities in this sparse safety class.

4th Round

Thomas Keiser (OLB, Stanford) is a pass-rush specialist that could compete for playing time in sub-situations with Rob Ninkovich. He is a smart kid with a nose for the quarterback who could help on special teams immediately.

Jeremy Beal (DE/OLB, Oklahoma) also could work out at this position in the draft.

5th Round

In previous mock drafts, we’ve advocated spending a 3rd or 4th round pick on Ricky Stanzi (QB, Iowa). Thinking that Stanzi might be gone by then, Greg McElroy (QB, Alabama) would make sense as a developmental quarterback that could compete with incumbent backup Brian Hoyer.

Pat Devlin (QB, Delaware) and Scott Tolzien (QB, Wisconsin) are other QB’s that might get a late look from New England.

6th Round

Instead of using a high-pick on a boom or bust prospect like Jonathan Baldwin (WR, Pitt), selecting a guy like Chris Matthews (WR, Kentucky) makes much more sense to us. Matthews is a big receiver (6-5/218) that would bring something to the table that no other Patriot receiver can at this point.

Deandre Brown (WR, So. Miss) is another high-risk / high-reward guy that the Patriots could select come draft day.

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120 Responses to “Patriots NFL Mock Draft 7.0”

  1. Jared says:

    cinci/dallas trade?
    trade up for the best player in the draft?
    draft another Gronkowski?…
    the rest sounds damn good

  2. MegaHurtZ says:

    Ok, I don’t think castonzo will fall to #28, he is way to intelligent and experienced not to select at #17. After Dallas trades with Cincinnati, swap 1sts and give up their 2nd to grab Peterson, I think, Cinnci will trade its 2-2nd round picks to NE at #28. This will give NE 4-2nd round picks to fill in some needs. I think in the 2nd they’ll grab, wr-hankerson(3rd best receiver, stretch field, big play ability) te-Kyle Rudolph(Yes, that’s right! Gronkowski was such a success-10tds, pair up with another 6’6″ receiver, with hernadez in motion…wow). Now a couple big men, Allen Bailey (multi-position, big body beast). And umm, kendrick Ellis (to compete with brace, moving brace to de)….In the later rounds I predict, cb, s, rb, qb, g.

    • Jared says:

      After you say you wanto to draft Castonzo 17…you lost me.

      • MegaHurtZ says:


    • rhody1 says:

      the last thing the Pats need is anothe TE. Come on, we just drafted Gonzalez and Gronkowski last year. No high picks on tight ends, please.

  3. cjs says:

    “To me, the Pats dont need 6 more 2nd round caliber rookies on their team, they dont have a billion needs, they have a couple, half our teams last year was Rookies and 2nd year players. Going young and rebuilding is fine, but Tom Brady is going to be 35, and the Pats are trying to win a Super Bowl, and i dont think you get closer to doing that by adding a bunch of players that every single team in the league already passed up on once.”

    1. These are not ‘2nd round caliber’ every draft is different. this one happens to be very deep in areas and players that project well for the pats. In effect, these are ‘1st Round’ caliber X6 players.

    2. There are no ‘elite’ prospects in this draft, never mind any worth trading up for.

    3. With trades and different needs, not every team passed on these players. For example, 6 qbs will most likely go in the top two rounds, with a fair chance that 5 are gone in the top 35 picks. Some of the top d prospects do not project well into the Pats 3/4 base and BB has mentioned many times that they don’t make it on the pats board at all. I see least 5 top dl’s that wouldn’t be considered, and 3 top lb’s. I don’t see TE as a draft position, and at least two will go in the top two rounds. So that is 15 players to be drafted in the top 60 that would not be of interest. By all accounts, this is considered a very deep draft, but very ‘top light’. So by moving down, you could be looking at 6 of your top 45 ranked players.

    4. The Pat’s d is young and will have some natural improvement with the passage of time. But in big games against good teams, they have under performed. It is easy to see 3 of the top 45 players of interest on defense making significant contributions next year.

    • Jared says:

      agreed…that there doesnt look like it will be worth trading up for anyone in particular.

      But about making trades to acquire picks 35,36,46,50,60,62…your crazy man, its just not logical man. so many picks so close together.
      also, if you take a QB, it means that you are drafting him, therefore…you are passing everyone else on the board up. In my opinion, the only teams that dont pass up on a second rounder, are teams without a first rounder.

  4. Pats Fan says:

    I don’t see why we need 2 DL prospects when we have Warren coming back. Here’s how I hope our draft goes:
    33rd pick traded for 82nd and 89th pick.
    1:17: Aldon Smith, OLB
    1:28: Corey Liguet, DE
    2:60: Will Rackley, OG
    3:74: Jordan Todman, RB
    3:82: Chris Carter, OLB or another guard
    3:89: Quinton Carter, S
    3:92: Marcus Gilbert, OT
    4:125: Austin Pettis, WR
    5:159: Jalil Brown, CB

    • Jared says:

      first off….The Patriots will be holding the number 1 pick of day two all night and morning, there is no way the best offer they received would be the 82nd and 89th pick. if they trade that pick, your talking maybe a first rounder next year-(and there will be a draft). Or a 2nd and a third, there will be plenty of options, that #33 pick could be the most sought-after pick in this years draft.

      secondly real quick, no way in my opinion that Aldon Smith gets to us at 17, if he makes it to 16, the Jaguars will pounce on him.

  5. Tones says:

    GREAT idea with Mathews at WR and has a solid body of work and skills to develop.

  6. cjs says:

    I hope the pats trade down…three times!

    17 to Denver for 36, 46 (Denver takes Locker or Mallet) (trade chart value 950 (540+440=980) slightly in Pat’s favor…then

    28 to SD for 50 and 62 (SD is looking to make this trade)

    Then day 2 33 to whoever is close, didn’t go qb in day 1 and is panicked and overpaying (say Cinci) for thier number 2 and say a three next year…

    so the pats now would have 6 top 64 picks, right in the meat of this draft!

    No need to trade up in a draft deep in your needs (OL, olb, DL)

    Try this…take your favorite mock draft of two rounds or more, go to picks 35,36,46,50,60,62 and look at the players choosen nearby…
    Many of which are ‘mocked’ by ‘experts’ to be 1st rounders…Wilkerson, Taylor, Austin…Watkins Cannon. Ayers, Sheerd, Reed, Houston,…Baldwin, Hankerson, …

    There should be no need in this draft to trade up for 3/4 DE, OLB, or OL.

    • Jared says:

      To me, the Pats dont need 6 more 2nd round caliber rookies on their team, they dont have a billion needs, they have a couple, half our teams last year was Rookies and 2nd year players. Going young and rebuilding is fine, but Tom Brady is going to be 35, and the Pats are trying to win a Super Bowl, and i dont think you get closer to doing that by adding a bunch of players that every single team in the league already passed up on once.
      Not to mention that having 6 out of 27 picks, all bunched up together like that, in one round, never happens for a reason, it doesnt work, the chances that there is 6 guys you want that are alll going within a 20 pick range is about…0%.

      • Waldoon says:

        The argument that it doesn’t work because it never happens is pretty weak. When you look at the value available in the 2nd round it’s not a bad senario if you have confidence in your drafting ability. They will be several First rounders that drop to the Second. They would have opportunities like Aaron Williams, Brook Reed, Phil Taylor, Kendric Ellis, Sam Acho, William Rackley, Stefen Wisniewski, Allen Bailey, Chris Carter, Martez Wilson, and many others.
        Frankly, I find cjs argument more convincing than yours. Historically, after the first ten picks the likely hood of Pro Bowls is equal between picks through the mid second. (There was an article of this by Pro Football Weekly). If I had the time I’d compile a like of the Pro Bowlers over the last 5 years that “every single team in the league already passed up on once”.

        • cjs says:

          Thanks Waldoon for the support…

          I guess another way to look at this is ‘why trade up or down’?
          Clearly it is to maximize value, get the most for your picks, and minimize risk.
          This part is trickier.
          Does selecting a player earlier minimize risk? Or because of the higher salary for an earlier pick does it actually increase risk?
          It seems to me, the ‘patriots way’ operationally in the draft goes something like this.
          Players are graded according to the pats scheme.
          positional quality is measured.
          positional need is measured.
          as players of interest are selected ahead of the pats, that positions pool is of course reduced.
          Once a position of need hits two players left, an evaluation for trade up scenarios takes place (with of course some pre draft discussions and scenarios already in place).
          If the perceived value is met and opportunity exists, a trade up occurs.
          if all positions of need have a quality pool of players remaining, no trade up is required.
          Once on the clock, if a value offer is present and the perception of need can be met later in the trade, the trade down is executed.
          in 2003, Ty Warren was selected immediately after Kennedy, Sullivan, and Suggs at 13.
          The pats used a 6th round pick to move up one spot with Chicago.
          This trade Kennedy choice reduced the ‘Pats DL/DE Pool’ to the point that NE felt the need to move up a single pick.

          Projecting the OL, DL, OLB, RB, and perhaps WR depth perceived by the Pats in this draft leads to the proposal that significant depth exists at these positions (barring any in draft positional runs) that the value for the pat’s on 2011 is to trade down into the 2nd round (and perhaps top of the third) in this draft.
          in 2010, they traded down twice with only two cb’s taken before selecting Mcourty, and you can speculate that Kyle Wilson may have been the plan if Devin was unexpectedly selected ahead of the Pat’s.
          They could always use later round picks to insure that positions of need are addressed for minor moves up as needed.

  7. Jared says:

    u could maybe get a 2nd this year, and a first next year. But it would have to be a good team with pretty low picks.

  8. TD says:

    We won’t be getting a 2012 first and 2011 second rounder for a 2011 second rounder, even if it’s #33.

  9. OLias says:

    As someone who has been doing “mock drafts” since 1970… as a 10 year old …right after I met Paul Brown and Bill Walsh at a Bengals practice…I have issues with the percieved “need” to draft an offensive lineman with a high pick. First of all BB does not draft OL high (w/one exception Mankins). Prior to that pick and since that pick he doesn’t draft OL high because he rightly feels that you can draft an O-lineman in the lower rounds and train/teach them up.

    On the other hand he likes drafting defensive line high (Three 1st rounders).The message was clear to me after the Patriots last three playoff losses…in all three game (Giants,Baltimore and NYJ) we all witnessed that THE NE PATRIOTS NEED TO GET BIGGER AND TOUGHER!!! WE need to spend ALL our early picks on DEFENSE…Not offense. WE had the best offense in football last year. WE set records for offense…remember we had the league MVP and the third most explosive offense EVER behind Minnesota in 1998 and NE in 2007. Sign Light for a couple more years and we have Mankins also signed for next year…where’s the emergency for drafting multiple offensive linemen???

    We need to move up in the draft and draft Robert Quinn (same size and similar ability to Willie McGinest). Our 17th with our first 3rd should do it w/ maybe a 4th or 5th thrown in. WATCH and SEE for
    Belichick always does what you least expect . Then I’d go Mohammed (perfect 5 technigue measurements) at 28…even if we need to move up again. Size matters to BB and he is bigger than Watts or Jordan.

    Belichick will take all offers for the 33 pick (w/24 hours between picks) and probably trade down again for a future number 1 and a second in this draft.

    With 2 seconds at that point I like going for more defensive line and linebacker help…whoever falls at that point. Remember, Belichick like Jimmy Johnson before him, knows it’s a numbers game. The more high picks you have the better the chances that some will work out. I’d like to see the Patriots spend ALL 1st and 2nd round picks on Defense and getting bigger and tougher.


    • Jared says:

      I like your thought process for the most part. I agree 100% that their picks would be better spent on defense in the first round, not offense. For reasons you stated, Bill can find guys like Vollmer and Connolly recently, or Light and Koppen in the past…in later rounds.
      But where we disagree…Quinn, in my opinion…is goin to be drafted by CLE at number 5, no way your trading that high. Even if CLE passes on him, hes goin in the top 10, and it will most likely take at least the 33 pick overall to move up that high. Also, Belichick never drafts 3-4 OLB/DE conversions high. Personally, i think because there isnt a very high success rate. Quinn is a Demarcus Ware type freak of an athlete, but with missing all of last season, and not much experience at OLB, there are definate question marks about beeing a slam-dunk pro-bowl OLB…and if your going to move up and potentially spend two first round draft picks and a truck load of cash on this guy, he can be nothing but a lock pro-bowler in your eyes.
      We agree that they need to find that 3-4, 5 technique, defensive end with one of their first couple picks. But if the guys that Bill is targeting are gone at 17, or even 28, i can see the scenario of him taking a first rounder, and making it a high second for this year and next.
      But if they trade into the 2nd round, which i think there is a good chance they do…and if they already have taken a defensive lineman and a linebacker, i believe they will look at offensive line,running back and wideout.

      • OLias says:

        You made some very good points…and it’s true that BB doesn’t like to draft OLBs converts high…but he has never not been willing to make bold decisions and if he thought that Quinn has the rare ability of someone like Ware…and he didn’t like the rest of the talent at the top of the draft (which I don’t like at all) he might be willing to move all the way to 5. We have the picks to make it happen. There’s a reason we have collected those picks…and it’s not just to keep moving backwards. Remember also that the owner’s and players have agreed on a salary structure for first round picks. This agreement will be part of the final owner/players agreement. The number 5 pick would be alot less expensive than in prior years (and really isn’t that why Semour was traded for a 2011?).

  10. larry says:

    The Pats are 0-2 in the last two playoff games at HOME because they don’t have a pass rush……………If they don’t get at least two players who can pass rush this draft will be a joke and they will be 0-3 in playoff games………………Your draft picks are getting worse not better……………….

  11. Jared says:

    oh…and i like Ayers from UCLA. i think if they go lineman with the first two picks. Ayers at 33 would be a steal.

    • Jim R says:

      If he is there at 33. That would be sweet. It could come down to Ayers/Ingram decision @ 33. That would be awesome.

      • Jared says:

        me pooossibly could have a decison to make on Ingram at 17…no way he makes it to 28 or 33. everyones says Miami at 15…i personally dont see Parcells waving goodbye to stoner Ricky and Ronnie Brown, then using his first pick on a replacement, doesnt sound too smart. Even if Ingram is there at 17, with the seasons that BJGE & Woody had last year, tough to ignore other needs and take a RB.

  12. Jared says:

    if they get…

    Watt or Wilkerson @17…
    Pouncey or Costanzo @ 28…
    i will be happy. i personally want an OLB, DE, and an offensive lineman with their first 3 picks…in any order really.

  13. Jim R says:

    Jordan Cameron, Virgil Green, Roy Helu Jr. and Charles Clay. Couple of sleepers to keep an eye on on rounds 4-7.
    Cameron – big kid, could blossom in the pros. Great measurables Not used at USC.
    Green- Big and fast line him up in 3 TE sets he causes match up problems.
    Helu – Solid player, big numbers for Nebraska. Can catch the ball out of the backfield and block.
    Clay- One of the most versitle players in the draft. Put this guy in a spread o you can line him up anywhere.

    • TD says:

      Green of Nevada may not be there after 2nd round. He has HUGE measurables, low stat’s. But the TE talent pool is really thin this year and he is shooting up draft boards according to media.

  14. Zach says:

    The TE wishes are just absurd… That position is set oh…. For the next decade!!! This draft should mainly focus on the lines with a couple skill positions thrown in for good measure. Anthony Castonzo and say Danny Watkins would be great pickups. On the other side, Allen Bailey and Akeem Ayers seem perfect. Skill positions come up next, and Ryan Williams seems like the perfect blend of talent potential. The WR position comes up next, and I think Randall Cobb would be great. He reminds me so much of Pittsburgh’s Mike Wallace it isn’t even funny.

    • Liam says:

      We wouldn’t get all those guys (they’re all 2nd round prospects or better) so who would you choose from them?

      • Zach says:

        In my dream scenario we trade our 28th pick for at least the Chargers two second rounders… Who knows, but if we couldn’t get all of them, I’d probably say I could deal without Randall Cobb. Ryan Williams talent just screams at me, and the Pats are obviously interested as well.

  15. Jared says:

    Pats need help on the line of scrimmage on both side of the ball. in my dreams they would get there hands on Von Miller, but i say Pouncey comes here with the 17th pick. then they grab their choice of 3-4 olb project with the second 1st rounder.

    • Jim R says:

      That works

    • DWE says:

      Amen on Pouncey with the 17th pick if jj Watt isn’t available, and if he were; I’d take Watt at 17 and move up direct for Pouncey next and take em both at the same time in the 1st round and set the tone from the get-go.

  16. Jared says:

    you people talking about taking a TE…are nothing but insane

  17. Smog says:

    I love this mock — it’s exactly in line with what I would want, right down to the Chris Matthews pick in the 7th.

    People are getting hung up on the specifics; the key here is the general concept. Linemen in the first and second (although Bailey would probably play standing up for the Pats) and fliers on skill-position guys later on.

    I think Allen Bailey is an excellent pick for the Pats. He’s got background as a linebacker, has experience as a two-gapper and he looked pretty good in the linebacker drills at the Combine. Not great at any one thing, but a lot of versatility; you can put him inside on passing downs, you can have him stand up and set the edge on first and second down. Physically he looks a little like Justin Tuck to me and has a bit of a similar background, i.e. came into his junior season as a consensus first-rounder but had a disappointing walk year. He’s not the pass-rusher Tuck is but he’s much stronger. I can see why BB would be interested, given how much he likes guys with position flexibility.

    I love Shane Vereen and I also like Jarrett. He would also continue BB’s weird tendency of drafting multiple guys from the same school in one draft. It seems to happen a lot — think Florida last year, Fresno State with Sanders/Mankins, Florida again with Chad Jackson/Mincey, Miami with Meriweather/Kareem Moore, LSU with Davey and Jarvis Green, Notre Dame with Brock Williams and Jabari Holloway. If you expand it to UDFA it basically happens every year without fail.

  18. ralph says:

    The pats need Torrey Smith, the kid is legit, I hate seeing mocks that don’t have him coming here. Brooks Reed too. I just hope that during draft time the Pats take these guys. Ahmad Black did poorly during the combine but he is a smart dude he would be a good pick in the 4th. And with the 17th I hope JJ Watt ends up here.

  19. TD says:

    A fast receiving TE is critical for occupying Safties in our offense. That’s what Dallas Clark does for Colts; occupies safties and other cover guys because LB’s cannot cover him and they move him out from the line of scrimmage to isolate him.

    Look at last years Steelers game and you see Gronk abusing their DBack for TD’s. Getting Gronk at 6-6 or Hernandez at 6-4, 250 with 4.6 speed on a S are huge mismatches that TB was able to exploit until the Jets game.

  20. John M says:

    If Aaron Hernandez is ready to go opening day you won’t have to worry about the TE situation. Rudolph is the only one worth going after anyways so some team will pick him up earlier than they should since the TE’s are very weak this year. Some people question me about getting LeShoure in the second round but nobody knows if that’s a good or bad move. Only time will tell.

  21. Bill says:

    I just wanted to remind everyone that the Pat’s once drafted a dead guy. So don’t worry about mispelling Castonzo’s name.

    My picks:

    #17. Castonzo or Carimi OL

    #28. Phil Taylor DT

    #33. Kyle Rudolph TE

    Trade into mid-second round. Boling or Moffitt OL

    #74. Vereen RB

    I don’t have an opinion about the remaining picks.

    • TD says:

      What’s your reasoning on a NT and TE? I would think if those guys are tops at their positions in this draft, BB knows this and would leverage extra picks out of another team(s) for them.

      • Bill says:

        Crumpler has the Ben Coates syndrome(got old real fast). But like Coates , Crumpler wants to hang on for a couple more years of an NFL salary. He’s already one year into that extended NFL life. That’s enough for me as a Pat’s fan. So I want the Pat’s to draft Kyle Rudolph.

        And I consider Wilfork to be the player the Pat’s can least afford to lose to an injury for several games. Hoyer can manage as QB for several games if Brady is injured. No one can replace Wilfork for several games. So Phil Taylor is my pick at #28, even if he is a situational player during his rookie year, if Wilfork stays healthy.

        • Ryan says:

          On Crumpler, I guess we must have been watching different games. Crumples was used primarily as a leader and a blocker, and he wasn’t given the chance to catch many passes because as you suspect he is getting old. But when he is on the field in either running or pass blocking situations, Bill B has commended him numerous times on his ability to block well. His role has changed, and I think he benefits our teams very well, not only that he gets paid very little.

          In my opinion I see a very small chance they would take a TE at 33.

        • John M says:

          Go back and watch the patriots-jets playoff game last year. Better yet, watch it a couple of times until you get sick to your stomach. After watching that game a few times, ask yourself the question, ” Do we need a tight end or do we need some pass rushers.” I thought we addressed the tight end issue last year when we got Gronkowski and Hernandez? Even old man Crumpler who is probably making the NFL minimum is an EXCELLENT blocker and a great VALUE! Do we really need 4 tight ends?

        • TD says:

          I think Rudolph would be a great addition, but I don’t see BB investing that much into the TE position.

          Taylor may be a good approach in order to let BB move Wilfork around, but it does not do much to solve the QB pressure issues we have unless Taylor can break down the pocket like Mike Wright or better yet, Haloti Ngata.

        • Ryan says:

          Also, I think this draft is pretty weak at the TE position. With that said, we did not even take Gronkowski that high in last years draft. Rudolph could obviously turn out to be a wonderful player, but the chances of him having the year Gronk did last year I suspect is very slim.

        • Bill says:

          I’m just trying to be a Pat’s fan who is willing to show my long-form birth certificate.

          I’ve been a Pat’s fan for many decades. I see the potential the Pat’s have for next season and I question the draft priorites of many Pat’s fans during this draft year.

          I remember the Jet’s playoff game. I remember that Brady pass(intercepted) and I wonder…was the play call an example of incompetence of the OC or his recognition of the limitations of the TE options during that game(that we fans were not aware of during the game).

          We later learned that Hernadez had a major hip injury which later required surgery. That left TWO TE’s for the Pat’s. Gronk and Crumpler.

          Having watched the game many times, Gronk was clearly being asked to do much more than he was asked to do during the regular season. Why was that?

          And we all remember that missed catch by Crumpler during a critical moment in that Jet’s game.

        • Ryan says:

          Open ended questions often present answers that often lead to questions which we don’t want to hear the answers. So I’ll play along Bill. I guess from your post, maybe I misread it, but what I’m gathering is that you think Gronk was under-qualified for the position he played in the Jets game. I guess I could agree with that he was a rookie, so are you stating that Rudolph is better than Gronk right now? If this were last years draft where would you see Rudolph going? How do you evaluate him? And how do you rate the need of TE as opposed to other positions?

          I guess my first thought is why are we relying on TE’s? Why are they involved critically in EVERY scheme, maybe because we need an extra blocker? Maybe because our WR’s can’t get open. Maybe because we don’t have a deep threat to spread the field so the defense is pressing our WR’s? Or maybe because they are that good? I honestly don’t know.

          As for the dropped pass, its hard for me to blame a SINGLE player for a loss. Its even harder for me to justify whether a player should belong on a team or not based on a single catch. It was a big drop, but lets not forget about all the other plays missed that game?
          So as a Pats fan and to answer the question you lead off with regarding draft priorities: here are a few stats that maybe jump out to you?
          Sanchez passer rating – 127.3, with an average of 7.7 yds per attempt. Shonn Greene – 76 yds on 17 attempts
          Jets – FIVE SACKS – Patriots – Zero SACKS

          There is my justification for new O-lineman as well as must justification for defensive pressure and containment. I think we were watching the same game.

    • Smog says:

      Drafting a tight end that high feels even less likely than drafting a quarterback. At least Tom Brady is somewhat close to retirement. We really need three starting-caliber TEs, with all the holes on this defense?

  22. TD says:

    I can envisions this scenario:

    17 – Watt, Jordan or Heyward
    28 – trade to QB needy team for 2012 #1 (Bills, Cincy, SF)
    33 – trade for a 2nd rounder & 4th
    3 2nd rounders – OT, interior OL and CB
    2 3rd rounders – OL and RB
    2 4th rounders – OL and S
    Rest – BPA

    Almost all the QB needy teams we could trade with will most likely be in top 10 in 2012 draft.

    • Jim R says:

      TD, I think they will get a little more for the 28th and 33rd. I like your scenario though.

  23. Liam says:

    My dream draft at this point in time (I know it’s unlikely but it’s fun to hope):

    #12: Robert Quinn DE/OLB (Move up from 17 by giving Minn back their 3rd rounder. They need picks and there’s only a ~20 pt difference on the value chart): Quinn could be the elite pass rusher we’ve lacked since, um, well, forever. Could easily fall to 12 after sitting out the year and looking less than superhuman at the combine, but was once considered as #1 overall material.
    #28: Anthony Castonzo OT (might easily trade this pick. I belive we trade 28 or 33 to SF or another team looking to move up and get their pick of the 2nd tier QBs ie. Christian Ponder, Ryan Mallet): Castonzo would be perfect as an understudy/replacement for Matt Light in New England. Local product, high character, loads of talent and fits the scheme. Still a bit raw and lacks the upside of Tyron Smith and Nate Solder. Also wouldn’t neccessarily uprade the lones of teams like KC and atlanta on day one, reducing the possible landing spots for him. I could thus see him falling to 28.
    #33: Corey Liuget DE/DT (This pick is also likely trade bait. See above): Enormously talented DL who could hold down the right side of the line for years, although he lacks ideal 5-tech height. Still, other ‘short’ DLs have done all right at 5 tech (Kyle Williams, Randy Starks) and as we all know, we shuffle our guys around a lot). Value makes it impossible to pass on here as he deserves to be a mid 1st rounder. The only landing spots I see for him however (barring trades) are 14 to St. Louis, 24 to New Orleans or 29 to Chicago. I don’t see the need/fit/value in Liuget going to other teams in the 1st.
    #60: Clint Boling OG: Solid O-Line talent with Tackle experience and the versatility that Bill and Dante seem to love. Backup/insurance against Mankins leaving in the short term, starter in the long term.
    #92: Shane Vereen RB: Versatile (!) backfield threat who is more of a factor in the passing game than Law Firm and on 1st and 2nd down than Woody, Vereen would make a good complement to those two. There are a lot of backs with 2nd-4th round grades in this draft (Ryan Williams, Daniel Thomas, DeMarco Murray, Jordan Todman, Kendal Hunter, Noel Devine, derrick Locke etc.) and few teams with running back needs, so I think Vereen could easily last long, though there are of course no guarantees.

    Long I know but what do you think?

    • Jim R says:

      Liam, I think your first 3 Picks are right on. They will trade up to 10-12 to grab a stud who has slipped. I am also thinking that Quinn or Fairley would be that guy. 28/33 Trade written all over them. They will at least come out with a combo of 5 picks in the first 2 rounds for 2012 (including thier own) People will overpay for both those picks. With that in mind They will still have 2 second round picks and 2 third round picks after these trades. Beef up the OLINE and get an OLB.

  24. John M. says:

    Although my picks may change this is how I would draft now:

    17)Cameron Jordan or Jj Watt
    28)Gabe Carimi
    33)Justin Houston
    Move up 15 spots from 60
    45)Mikel LeShoure ( I know that most people want to wait until the 3rd round for a RB but if Mikel is there at 45, grab him and celebrate!

  25. Mike B says:

    JJ Watt Ryan Kerrigan Justin Huston Cam Jordan If we could end up with any of these guys I would be Thrilled…Im crazy on Watt and Huston cause of there size and work ethic Watt and Kerrigan are team captains and both played at high levels Huston played in 34 so he has the experince ….A running back in lata rounds would help im kinda tierd of the committy of 30 year old RB…Late round steal Greg Little WR South Carolina some Issues but the kid can play!!!

  26. Bill S says:

    I like all the mock scenarios, pretty much. Thats because, with so many picks, we could do pretty good, and I’m sure BB can. My only fear is he likes to bank those picks in future years, and I always feel its better to train a guy to be what you want for a year than let some college keep him at another position. Half the tackles in college become NFL guards. Why not draft him now, and teach him to block the way you want him to do it.
    I don’t mind trading down or up, but at the end of the day Pats need 2OL, a DE, a OLB, and an RB. And I’d like to get those OL by pick #60. Brady deserves to have some big horses protecting him, and thats our best chance for another Super Bowl.

    • DWE says:

      Agreed. Except i’d more think 2 guards and 1 Tackle along with the DE and OLB for a total of three on the O-line.
      We have a decent tandum between Woody and the Law Firm – but after dumping the Taylor and Morris waste, it’s a damn smart idea to get another for “insurance purposes” even if Faulk does come back for one more year before retiring in case of an “injury” and as well to give the other team’s something to have to think about at that spot!

  27. AM says:

    Not bad, but not exactly overwhelming. I like Wilkerson, but 17 is a little rich for him. He would play DE for the Pats, and I’d rather go for Cameron Heyward at that position–it’s a fair bet that he’ll be around at least at 28 and probably at 33, and I think he has more potential. On the other hand, there’s very little chance that Costanzo is around at 28; if the Pats want him (and he’d be a great pick), it will have to be at 17 or thereabouts.

    Personally, I’d like to see the Pats handle OLB and pass-rushing DE this year the same way they handled TE last year: invest heavily through the draft, pick up a good free agent if available, and completely revamp the position.

    Assuming we go with Costanzo at #17 (and keep all the picks), I’d find this ideal:

    #17: Anthony Costanzo, OT
    #28: Cameron Heyward, DE
    #33: Brooks Reed, DE/OLB
    #60: Ben Ijalana, OT/OG
    #74: Shane Vereen, RB
    #92: Jeremy Beal, DE/OLB
    #125: John Moffit, OG
    #159: Tim Barnes, C/OG
    #193: Buster Skrine, CB

    • Ryan says:

      I think this is how it may play out, supposing there is a QB run in the first.

      17: Watt or Costanzo
      28: Heyward or Carimi
      33: Wilson or Boling
      60: Murray or Reed or Wisinkski
      74: Todman, Vereen or Beal
      92: WR, CB or QB

      • AM says:

        A Watt/Carimi combination would be excellent, and Boling is great, but I wonder about Wilson. He’s got great size and speed, but not the best tackling skills, and too many injuries for my taste. But if he fell to the fourth, I’d definitely pull the trigger.

        • Ken W says:

          He was one of the leading tackles in the country last year and everything I have read says he is a good tackler. Where are you hearing he has poor tackling skills?

        • AM says:

          Can’t reply to the comment above for some reason, so replying to myself instead. I should clarify: I don’t mean that he has poor tackling per se (i.e., an inability to wrap up and finish after making contact). Rather, what I meant was that he will frequently get himself out of position, and that he doesn’t have the best recovery or change of direction. On other teams I don’t think that would be a serious flaw, but the Patriots’s scheme breaks down badly if the OLBs overpursue and can’t recover.

      • TD says:

        Would this make us the New England Badgers or Wisconsin-East?

    • DWE says:

      Nice friggen’ Mock with all thing’s considered!
      **What gives with the pick number’s??
      Shouldn’t it be #124 for the 28th pick in round (4) not 125,
      #156 for the 28th pick in round (5) not 159,
      & #193……? Shouldn’t we be having the #186 pick in round 6 from the Saint’s? #193 is the 1st pick in the 7th?????
      I’m looking at the draft trade chart, & the list of our actual pick’s on this site & Me think’s there is a typo somehow………….?
      They never were numbered (the pick’s after round 3) previously on the site, and now that I notice them specifically numbered, and not just noted as having a pick in said round, it doesn’t add up/match?

      Did the pick’s we have change all the sudden? and just how is #193 a 6th rounder when on this site OWN chart’s it say’s #193 is the first pick in the 7th?

      Just asking.

  28. Rockdog says:

    This draft would be a BUST if we drafted Wilkerson and Costanzo in the first round. A complete bust! I disagree that they must draft a DE in the first. True if a STUD falls to them it may be too hard to ignore.

    But I think the Patriots are smarter than that. I believe they will target their guy and move to the range where they feel he brings value. That may mean moving up if the right player is available. That’s why they like to have ammo to move around. Is anyone else paying attention?

    • Jeff says:

      I agree. The Pats will not simply select a player not worth the pick. That is exactly why they’ve made it known they’d be willing to move the 28th pick. They are preping in case no player is there who is worth that high a pick. Better to move the value forward to another year than waste the Pick. Although Castanzo would be nice, he won’t be there at 28. More likely Carimi or Sherrod would be there. If we got Jordan and Carimi I would be very happy with the 1st round.

      • Jeff V says:

        so a player wont be worth taking at 28 but there will be a player worth taking at 33? so with that logic sounds like they would just keep trading down for VALUE…and we all know what that means…more backup players like Brace and Butler…awesome!

  29. Ken W says:

    I really hope the Allen Bailey thing is all smoke and mirrors, don’t like what I have seen. Seems slow off the ball, can’t get to anyone with a decent amount of speed or quickness.
    #17 Watt DE
    #28 Carimi OL
    #33 Martez OLB
    #60 Boling OL, Moffitt OL, or Wisinkski OL
    #74 Daniel Thomas RB or Shane Vereen RB
    #92 Ahmad Black S
    #125 Greg Romeus DE
    #159 Terrance Toliver WR
    #193 take a flier on qb

    • Bill says:

      I’d take this draft in a heart beat!

    • Jeff says:

      Now this would be a really nice draft! I could live with this except for the Martez Wilson pick. He seems very raw to me. I don’t know if he could set the edge in our defense. He’s pretty fast but hasn’t done a lot with it.
      Throw in Greg McElroy at QB and swap out Wilson for Sheard or another LB and I’m sold here!

      • Jeff V says:

        Ken, I cant agree more! Allen Baily = back up player. We have enough of those.

      • Ken W says:

        I agree that setting the edge would be his one area to improve but the fact that he can play OLB or MLB and his speed is worth taking at #33

        great closing speed.

        • John M. says:

          Wilson is a great player but aren’t you worried about his size a little bit? He seems like he has the body of a safety instead of a linebacker.

        • Ken W says:

          6′-4″ 250 lbs. is pretty good, could add 10 lbs easy. Has an athletic build but is solid. Not worried at all.

        • Ken W says:

          Cunningham 6-3 260
          Tully 6-2 250
          Willie McGinest 6-5 270
          he is right in the range

    • Bruschi54 says:

      Totally agree on Bailey, no way he goes at 33 pick to Pats. Would take that draft right now and start the party. Get your way in the war room!

  30. TD says:

    I like Ingram as much as most, but we already have a guy his size that hits the hole, gets positive yards, does not fumble and comes off the field on passing downs-BJGE.

    On the other hand, Demarco Murray is a three down back who caught 71 passes last year. Pair him with Woody and it would make it difficult to throw 6-7 DB’s out there.

  31. Bill says:

    Here’s my two-round mock for the Pats right now:

    1st Round, 17th Overall – Cam Jordan, DE, Cal
    1st Round, 28th Overall, Martez Wilson, OLB, Illinois
    2nd Round, 33rd Overall – Danny Watkins, OG, Baylor
    2nd Round, 60th Overall – Tandon Doss, WR, Indiana

    Check out my whole mock at

    I’m a 16-year old draftnik with a lot of insight and opinions.

    • Bob says:

      Not bad, but for one thing: Martez Wilson is an ILB, not an OLB, and the Patriots don’t have much of a need at ILB.

      • Jimmy Freeze says:

        …until Spikes got bagged for Stimulants…then there was NO DEPTH at all in the middle…the last few games teams ran a ton up the middle for chunks of yards-Vince was stopping the run by himself.

        What happens if Mayo gets hurt? Pats are screwed…

        Wilson has the speed to play 3 downs where Spikes has limited use in the passing game…

        BB could go to a 4-3 with Mayo, Wilson and Cunningham at LB with Spikes in short yardage

  32. Jeff says:

    Oh btw, I just wanted to say that you should fix the draft order on here. It’s not correct in a bunch of places, particularly the 3rd round.

    • Bill says:

      Your ignorance is showing through when you truly believe BB wouldn’t take Miller with the 33. In addition I’ll take the one trick pony if it’s going to be rushing the passer (there is nobody better than him in this draft). Furthermore, I’ve seen enough of Miller and I believe he won’t miss in coverage!! I’m glad to hear you’re so much better evaluating talent than all of the pundits.

      • Jeff says:

        Oh really? Just like Bill didn’t pass on Sergio Kindle or Larry English or Vernon Gholston or Jerry Hughes who were “excellent” pass rushers coming into the league? Yeah. I thought so. Let me see…a 240 lb 6’2″ LB for a 1st round pick…or even the #33, which is essentially another 1st rounder.
        Cuz BB has NEVER passed on those types of guys before right? There’s plenty of guys that are one trick pony pass rushers that BB passes on who were better than Miller. He’s not that special. You must be Mel Kiper in disguise if you’re this bent out of shape LOL!

  33. Jeff says:

    All and all not a bad draft outlook. I wouldn’t be upset at all with this scenario, except a couple things.

    1) The Pats will take Cam Jordan, JJ Watt or Cam Heyward before they go for Wilkerson. If any of the above are available, they’ll pass on Wilkerson. I truly believe it will be between Jordan and Heyward at 17.
    2) Castanzo will not be there at 28. The thought of someone taking Tyron Smith at 3 is laughable, and the thought of someone taking SHerrod over Castanzo is also a joke. I’d love it but it’s a pipe dream.
    3) I don’t doubt the Pats interest in Bailey, however it’d be interest as a DE in the future and sub packages for now. I’d view him as a possible option to replace Ty Warren after putting on a little more weight. Likely a pick that would be done as a BPA.
    4) If the Pats do in fact go for a safety (highly unlikely with how weak the class is) it will be Ahmad Black, who has the versatility. That being said, they won’t. Even w/o Merriweather they still have Sanders, Barret, Brown, Ventrone, Page, and Chung. They can also resign Brandon McGowan. CB is more likely with the almost assured cutting of Wilhite.

    I do like the thought of Boling, but I’d prefer Moffit, Wisniewski or Cannon to be honest.
    Overall, not bad but I’d expect some more sub rush/OLB development player in the later round. Someone like Ricky Elmore, Jeremy Beal or Mark Herzlich. I also think you should put Romeus and Jabaal Sheard into your consideration for the OLB spot.

  34. John M says:

    Matt Miller should be fired from bleacherreport on the grounds of stupidity. In his latest mock draft, he has the pats trading their 17th and 28th picks for the number 1 pick. If that’s not good enough for you, it gets better. Then the pats use that pick for Von Miller. I wonder who’s laughing harder, BB or NEPD. I don’t want the number 1 pick because I think the player is guaranteed between 10-14 million a year. I’d rather have a player between the number 10 and 14th picks because you’re going to get a quality player there for approximately 5 million a year. I would have to think about who I would take with the 1st pick but I certainly know that it wouldn’t be Von Miller.

    • Billy C. says:

      I actually like the draft scenario presented. There’s nobody in the draft that rushes the passer better than Miller and BB could use him in multiple ways (Patriots were in sub packages for more than 50% pf their defensive plays last year). As for the 10 to 14 millio per that’s under the old CBA. Both sides have already agreen that the new CBA will include rookie wage system that will significantly lower the dollar amount of the incoming players (that’s the reason Seymour was traded for a 2011 forst round and not a 2011 first round).

      • John M says:

        If there’s a rookie wage system in place then the trade of 17 and 28 for the first pick of the draft would be ok. If you’re going to make a trade like that, then you better use the pick on Dareus instead of Miller.

      • Jeff says:

        Miller is going to be a total bust. He should be getting picked in the 2nd round at best. Instead Mel Kiper and his flock of idiots have pumped him up to this unbelieveable player.
        He’s a one trick poney who will be a faster overpaid version of Tully Banta Cain…rushes the passer everytime and whiffs in coverage while getting blown off the line in power run formations but OT’s. He’ll be nice for 5 and 7 step drop scenarios, but the pro’s will just throw screens and watch him take himself right out of the play.
        Yeah…don’t think the Pats would want this guy even if he fell to #33, let alone trade UP for him! Lol!

        • Jim R says:

          Jeff, Hit the nail on the head. I watched him a few times on TV. unless he has a clear running lane he is not a factor.

    • Jeff says:

      Agreed that he should be put out of his misery. What a disgrace to insiuate that BB would be stupid enough to target such a waste of a LB. What a joke that this type of guy still has a job.

  35. dan says:

    Adrian Claiborne would be great with the first pick of the second round. On tape he looks awesome against ranked teams, he sheds blocks easily, holds the point, can diagnose plays very well, is always in the backfield, and has beat up LTackles such as Gabe Carimi.

  36. JR says:

    Here is how I hope it shakes out. Someone slides to washington/Houston Pats roll thier 17th and 60th and a 5th rd pick. To get Quinn/Darius/Fairley/Bowers or Peterson. One of them will be there.
    At 28 Someone will overpay to get back in to get a QB or 1 Of the Big Ol inemen left. 2Nd round pick this year and a 1st round pick next year.
    At 33 let the bidding begin they will really get benifits here another 1 in 2012 and a 3 this year.

    • cb says:

      all except peterson. we need elite de or olb. but better both.
      i’m with ya!

    • LoverOfPats says:

      I would love for this to happen ..3 first rounderd for 2012 draft…then we would be control of next year draft as well.

    • Alex says:

      What about this? We trade as you suggested #17 and #74 to the Vikings for #12.
      We trade #28 and our 2012 3rd rounder to the Bengals for their 2012 1st rounder and #36.
      We trade #33 to the Cardinals for their 2012 1st rounder and #69.

      Then we draft:
      #12 Robert Quinn
      #36 Muhhamad Wilkerson
      #60 Clint Boling
      #69 DeMarco Murray
      #125 Greg Romeus
      #159 Greg McElroy
      #193 Chris Matthews

      And have two 1st rounders for 2012, and no third rounders.
      With the teams traded too we stand a decent chance of a very high pick. just imagine if one turned out to be number one overall, and if Luck’s stock doesn’t drop, just how well that could be traded.

      It’s hopeful, but would be awesome.

      • Jim R says:

        Sign me up, That would be sweet

      • TD says:

        That would be sweet, but would not address OLine much. Not sure why Murray is rated into rounds 3-5, he can run, has speed and caught a ton of balls.

  37. The Hooded 1 says:

    I like your picks from the 2nd round on… but in round 1 i just don’t see any way Anthony Castonzo (a top 10 pick) makes it beyond the Lions at 13, nevermind to the Pats at 28.

    With that said I believe the Pats will be dealing 1 of their first round picks, but for the sake of the Mock i think JJ Watt is the guy if he is around at 17, otherwise Kerrigan would be a great pick at that spot.

    At 28, Wilkerson is a nice pick, but I think Belichick will be looking for someone a bit more proven against elite conference talent, (Temple is not exactly elite). I like Pouncey, Kerrigan, Watkins or possibly Hankerson at that spot.

    In the later rounds, I like Vereen, but i think Jordan Todman will end up being the guy they take in the 2nd round, watch the tape. SOOOO much better than anybody in the media realizes.

    I also like your Greg McElroy selection late, with Hoyer’s trade value growing each day, it’s time to groom a solid back up. McElroy would look great with a pats hat and a clipboard.

  38. As usual the content is great. People don’t really understand how hard it is to do what you do as regards the Patriots. They are almost impossible to mock for if for no other reason than the trade factor.

    We know what they need, but they don’t always draft what they need otherwise there would be at least one legit pass rusher drafted from the last 4 drafts.

    I agree with your selection of Wilkerson. I would rather have them draft Watts with the 17th pick but Belichick has alwats favored the defensive line and if ever you could guess what the Patriots will draft it will be a defensive lineman. At 28 its hard to say because the Patriots could trade that pick. If someone offers them a first round pick next year and a second this year that pick IMO is all but gone.

    It would still not be out of the realm for him to trade the 33rd pick, but during the discussions you and I have had at some point you need to keep your picks and use them.

    I feel that they may use 28 on a DE/OLB or OL depending on who is out there and then be in a GREAT position on having the first pick in the second round. I like your choices at WR in the later rounds as well as RB’s in the middle rounds maybe even as high as the third. Great job on your selections.

    • TD says:

      If that were offered for that pick, even the Jets would do that. I think the best we can get for one of the first rounders is a first & 3rd/4th.

  39. kyle says:

    Muhammed Wilkerson is a big time reach at 17, i would take costonzo at 17 before him. Quinn, Cam Jordan, JJ. watt, aldon smith would all have to be off the board

  40. Bill S says:

    I thought Bailey was being looked at only if the Pats went away from DE at #17 or 28. 2 DE picks would be a stretch given all the linemen on the roster already. Looking at him as a 285 # OLB is a real stretch. The options of Houston, Brooks Reed, or Martez Wilson seem more reasonable. Speed kills on defense, and I get the impression Bailey is a little slow to react.

    I like tho ther choices, particularly a big, under the radar WR, later in the draft.

  41. Josh says:

    I like many of the picks and I understand the logic of building from the middle, but I can’t help thinking that this is the first draft that I can remember where there is actually depth at the 3-4 OLB position and we don’t take one…and our pass rush is awful. Richard Seymour was probably our best 5-tech ever and he averaged just over 4 sacks per season with a high of 8. As many young new guys as we have added in the last few years, I think that we need quality over quantity. If there is any truth to the Pats trading #28 to the Chargers, since at this point no players can be traded and potentially no future picks, BB may view the 2nd and maybe 3rd rounds as having the same quality of player as he’d get in the late 1st. If there’s a guy you like enough higher up, in the 7-10 range like a Robert Quinn or Aldon Smith, I think it’s worth moving up, then trading back from #28 to pick up some of what you gave up to make the move. It seems that a decent 5-tech can be had in round 2, and our depth is better there anyway. I actually liked what Brace brought to the table once conditioned and healthy, and I still wouldn’t be surprised if Gerard Warren returned. Who can you get in free agency to play opposite Cunningham? I like Bailey but I don’t know if you want to rely on him as an OLB so that leaves Thomas Keiser to compete with Banta-Cain, and Ninkovich to be our other starter? Makes me want to throw up, not that I’d be surprised if it happened this way…just sayin’

  42. BAMNATION says:

    I dno’t think the Pats need another 3rd down back and feel RB is dime a dozen in FA once that opens up. Ronnie Brown would be a nice option even though he does have a history of injuries.

    Otherwise a Tim Hightower, Jerome Harrison, Mewelde Moore or even bringing back Heath Evans as alternative options.

  43. CC says:

    Started off pretty strong; I like the thought pattern anyway, but then it declined a bit from there.
    Wilkerson and Castonzo would be good start of course, but I just don’t see the order and the number’s adding up.
    Assuming this were the case regarding the first two….. *I’d personally see what i could do with adding in a pick to that #33 and making a move for Pouncey as well in the 1st…….
    ***Using current projection’s(and I’m sure there are alot of them depending on if you use CBS or ESPN or whomever…..),
    Wilkerson is projected at 25/26th.
    Castonzo is projected at 14th.
    Pouncey at 21.
    Using as your mock suggest anyway with the #17 and #28 for M. Wilkerson & A. Castonzo. I’d just toss in a pick with that #33 and take Poucey as well. Do it in the first, and set the tone.

    Q? Wilkerson is currently projected overall anyway in the later 20’s, like 25th/26th overall….
    Do you really think the Pat’s will take this guy “off the top” who is projected at that later of a number with the “”17th”” over all??
    17 is a jump from 25/26th.
    Q? Do you really think A. Castonzo will actually still be there at “#28” for us ?

    Q? and Bailey. I think we could use him and he may work out well of course, but with that specific #33 money pick huh’…..?

    Q? What’s wrong with Hoyer for now as a back-up for Brady since he’s been here and know’s the system & when Brady’s still got a couple year’s on his 4 year contract? I don’t agree with the QB pick at all. Use that pick & couple with another to Move Up and get a better grab initially in any other possition, be it moving up for a better OLB, moving up for Pouncey, an even better Safety…….The QB pick is a waste unless you already know your getting rid or Hoyer!

    • cash says:

      Just because ESPN has Wilkerson ranked low in the 1st doesnt mean the Pats do. If BB feels he is worth the 17th pick they’ll take him. Didnt ESPN have Jerod Mayo as a late 1st-2nd round pick?

      • CC says:

        Four big time credible sites/names have him ranked at that lower number status, and two “examples” of CBS & ESPN were given.
        You have an amaizing preception cash…………………………for the obvious.
        But thanks for chiming in.

        • Ryan says:

          What about a guy named SERGIO KINDLE. I remember draft day last year, Patriots pass on him, they trade back , trade back. Everyone is screaming on this site and every other, that the Patriots needs Kindle. I think he went in the 3rd. Every website pretty much follows the other. To have a uniqure idea is ok. Here is a few more examples just from last year.

          Tyson Alualu- Jaguars he was taken in the first, predicted 2-3rd round

          Bryan Bulaga – was taken i think 24th by Greenbay, he was predicted between 6-8 in the first round.

        • TD says:

          Unless the “credible site/names” is Bill Belichick it is not credible when it comes to our draft.

          I like to pose “what ifs” w/mocks as much as the next person, but some here start berating others and posting absolutes about players they have never met or seen nor have any credible football evaluation experience at the NFL level.

          Being righteous, condescending and arrogant are no way to go through life son.

  44. thamfitz says:

    Love this draft but I don’t see how you get Costanzo at 28. Going to have to trade one of our third round picks to get up high enough to get Costanzo or Carimi. Also would prefer Reed at 33.

  45. Common Cent$ says:

    I think you did a great job covering all bases as far as where we need help immediately in this draft; especially the first 5 picks. I do have my preferences, however; Martez Wilson over Bailey at 33, and Todman over Vereen 74. At 92 I like Edmund Gates the WR from Abilene Christian. I believe Jarrett will still be availabe at 125 so we can get him a rd later. Almost all the player rankings have Beal falling to the 5th rd so I’d grab him here. I agree with Ryan that now’s the time to double up on RBs. I really like Mario Fanin from Auburn, he got caught up in the numbers game behind two highly recruited backs while he was trying to get healthy. He’s 6’1″ 231 lbs and ran 4.37 in the 40. He has great hands and had over a 5 yd. avg. through out his career.

  46. Rod says:

    With that 33rd pick I feel like BPA would be the most likely scenario, aside from a beautiful trade.

  47. Ryan says:

    Draft started strong Wilkerson, and Constanzo. I like them both. I like Allen Bailey, but I dont think they will take him here. Maybe in 3rd. I think here is where they may take CB or an OLB. I like Boling, but I’m thinking we take Penn St. Wisinkski (Center). Smart kid and good player. Vereen is good, I like him or Todamn. But honestly, I think we will take two RB’s in this draft, kind of like what we did with TE’s last year. I think this is a good draft to try and hit on a couple of them.

  48. LoverOfPats says:

    Think I would rather have Cam Jordan over wilkerson and watt…and Martez over Bailey wit that 33 pick…buy I’d be happy wit this draft.

  49. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    Lots of beef early – I like it. Fill in some speed guys later on and I’m a happy Patriots fan.

    I’d rather have Sherrod than Costanzo and Todman over Vereen, but that is splitting hairs.

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