Patriots NFL Mock Draft 6.0

Martez Wilson NFL Draft

These are the types of plays that Patriots fans hope to see out of their OLB's during the 2011 NFL Season.

With the Patriots scouting department jetting around the country, we have some new thoughts for the sixth edition of our Patriots Mock draft.

1st Round (OAK)

After some impressive Pro Day workouts, fan favorites J.J. Watt and Cameron Jordan will probably be off the board by the time the Patriots first pick comes around.

If that comes to pass, we see the Patriots pulling the trigger and grabbing Muhammad Wilkerson (DE, Temple) and solidifying their defensive front. Wilkerson (6-5/315) brings the length and athleticism to be a game-changer the likes of which the Patriots haven’t seen at the defensive end position since Richard Seymour was in town.

With San Diego looking to upgrade their DE’s right picking right behind them, the Patriots might not be able trade down or wait until the 28th pick to acquire Wilkerson.

1st Round

The offensive line, along with the defensive front, is the biggest area of concern in New England. As many as three former Pro-Bowlers may be leaving this year, leaving a possible void at both guard and tackle.

One of the easiest things to alleviate those issues is to draft a guy that can play all four non-center line positions. Gabe Carimi (OT, Wisconsin) is just one of those guys, although he has a much better chance of excelling at right tackle or guard.

With the versatility of Sebastian Vollmer playing either LT or RT, the Patriots can put Carimi in a position to be successful right away.

2nd Round (CAR)

We haven’t been a huge fan of Martez Wilson (LB, Illinois) due to some medical concerns (herniated disc in 2009), but he reportedly checked out just fine at the NFL Combine.

When healthy, Wilson could conceivably play almost every linebacker position for the Patriots. We think that he can step in and play ROLB like a young Rosie Colvin. He’s still working on shedding blocks, but according to Wes Bunting of the NFP, the Patriots may be looking for a quicker linebacker that might not fit their normal mold.

Wilson is very adept in rushing the passer on blitzes, although he still has some work to do coming off the edge. Wilson’s blazing speed and fluidity in the coverage game will make him an intriguing target for New England.

2nd Round

What is better than drafting one 4-position offensive lineman? Drafting two, of course. Clint Boling (OL, Georgia) is a nasty blocker that moves well enough to play in the Patriots system.

He is a multi-year starter, team captain, and former left tackle – all signs to look for when projecting offensive linemen to the Patriots.

3rd Round

While most fans seem to be content passing on Mark Ingram in the 1st round, the Patriots do need an injection of youth in their stable of running backs.

Shane Vereen (RB, Cal) is a homerun-hitter that will excel in any aspect of the offense except blitz pickup. He is a very good runner both inside and out, and runs routes like a receiver.

At 5’10″/199, Vereen won’t be a 20-25 carry RB, but he can be exactly what the Patriots need.

3rd Round

The last two years were a rarity for the Patriots under Bill Belichick, as they only carried two quarterbacks (Brady and Hoyer). We see that changing in 2011, developing Ricky Stanzi (QB, Iowa) as a possible replacement for Brady in the future and current backup competition with Brian Hoyer.

Stanzi is a proven winner that has improved each year of his college career. He also understands how to develop behind another QB, learning under Jake Christensen for a year at Iowa until he eventually took the job over.

4th Round

Jaiquawn Jarrett (S, Temple) is a fluid safety that does the little things that a guy like Brandon Meriweather doesn’t always do. He takes great angles to the ball and seems to have a feel for what is happening before it does.

5th Round

Chris Matthews (WR, Kentucky) is a player that the Patriots have had their eye on for a while. Not the fastest or quickest guy, but he is a big (6-5/219) receiver that is at his best with the ball in the air.

6th Round

Andrew Jackson (OG, Fresno State) comes from the same Pat Hill system that produced Logan Mankins. He is another big guy that the Patriots and Coach Scarnecchia will need to develop.

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37 Responses to “Patriots NFL Mock Draft 6.0”

  1. Rockdog says:

    Why the HECK do we need a home-run hitting undersized RB. Have you ever heard of Danny Woodhead. We need exactly the opposite. A bruising, north-south, between-the-tackles runner.

  2. Ken says:

    My Hope is:
    1a – Robert Quinn (Pats trade up to #13)
    1b – Phil Taylor NT/DE (Pats make sure Jets and Steelers miss out)
    2a – Leonard Hankerson WR
    2b – Clint Boling OG/T
    3a – Marcus Gilchrist CB/FS
    3b – TRADED – combined to move up
    4 – Greg Romeus OLB
    5 – Jake Kirkpatrick OG/C
    6 – David Carter DE

    • LoverOfPats says:

      I would love for this but I would take an O line wit the 28 pick then maybe Cam Heyward wit the 33 pick…that would be the perfect draft for me but I do think Bill will trade up this draft…but I haven’t heard anything bout the pats meeting wit Quinn but I would love to have him.

  3. larry says:

    Please do not waste a third rd pick on a QB………This mock draft is your worst……..Were you drunk when you made this draft up??????????? HORRIBLE……………………Like Jerry Sienfeld said to Elaine once………STINK this is beyond STINK.

  4. neil lamont says:

    I would bet there is someone better than Wilkerson when we pick.If not BB will trade down for sure. Carimi is a good pick but Wilson is horrible. If you watch tape he is a horrid tackler but good at piling on. Boling is not a good lineman at any position. Aside from that though not a bad draft….NOT

  5. ravensfan says:

    Here is a possible scenario that seems like something you all may do, and honestly scares the mess out of me.

    move the 17 pick back to mid 20’s… move it again to # 34 or 35 if you can…. in the process pick up another late 2nd and an early third round pick..

    your new draft board looks like this

    1st round 28
    2nd round #33
    2nd round #35
    2nd round #58
    2nd round #60
    3rd round #74
    3rd round #92
    4th round assigned
    5th round assigned
    6th round assigned

    Once the first day is over, and you all have keyed in on prospects for the second day…and everyone makes#33 pick… someone will want a certain player so bad and will give up ridiculous stuff for it… so you will likely trade it, but have protection from moving the raiders pick down to get someone you like as well..or even move that back a few spots as well…

    If i was New England, I would just draft 6 guys from late first to mid 3rd… and then I would just leave the rest of the picks for trading for next year picks or taking super risky long shot guys…

    No more than 5-6 guys are going to make the roster, and with the rookie wage coming in… you guys can stockpile a ton of picks in next years draft since you only have 5 picks lined up right now… I could see by the time the draft is over you all having closer to 10.

    Also, this next season may not even happen… i see no point in even really drafting in round 4-7 for you all… just draft guys you know can make your team. Why take chances on round 5-7 guys when they won’t make the roster, and the season may not happen, and you got your 6 good guys in the first 100 picks….

    This just makes sense to me

  6. McTash says:

    Clay Mathews was a mid to late 20’s pick. There were many doubts about him in that years draft. Nobody KNEW he would become an outstanding pass rusher. Let’s not rewrite history – and some of you need to take some valium – to justify a position you are taking today.

    Dez Bryant was picked at 23 I believe and just completed an injury riddled rookie season. I was not aware he already was being enshrined in the Hall of Fame – ahead of McCourty I guess the player the Pats traded won for. The draft is a crap shot so one must play the odds to increase ones chances of success. Trading down is a way of doing this and remember one of the best was Bill Walsh – remember him?

    Competing for the Super Bowl year in and year out is the stated Patriots goal. I am as disappointed as the next with their recent playoff failures but take solace in looking at the larger picture and appreciating repeated high level success in an amazingly professional competetive environment. Let’s hope they strike gold again in this years draft.

    • mike says:

      Amen, my friend.

      As for Meriweather. Uh, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Like really? Grow up.

      These people arent mediocre talent. This year is a good draft. Not as good as last year, but thats just a rare commodity.

      Remember the formula to patriots success and success of all super bowl winners. FOOTBALL IS WON AT THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE. We need to always build DL and OL first . Nothing else can function without it.
      Lets all wait and see what Belichick will do to bring back our ELITE defensive unit. Whenever that happens, thats our time for our new era.

  7. TD says:

    Every year it’s we just need a pass rusher, we need a RB, we need an OLB. Every team has these problems, not just us. It’s rooted in many issues not just the draft; it’s injuries, schemes, salary cap, talent level and a whole lot of luck.
    Even during the three super bowls there was a lot of luck, not a lot of injuries, talent level so so at certain spots. History here is telling us something; it’s not easy to just line up the talent and away we go with another Lombardi.
    At least BB has a plan for continued long term success unlike the Jets; their last draft could kill them for years to come. They are like the Yankees of the 80’s: a lot of overpaid FA’s that do not make a team.

  8. Rod says:

    Logan Mankins was a first round pick. It’s also important to note that large numbers of late value picks in the draft isn’t really an option anymore considering the youth of the existing team. Character and maturity are going to be especially important to BB in this draft.

    • DWE says:

      Sorry, meant to say another- not Mankins for that other nice 6th rounder we got.

      & THANK GOD regarding what you say about not being an issue/OPTION with so many late rounder’s “anymore”.

      Between passing on many great players that could have greatly reduced the A/. Getting blown out in the playoff’s so many times,
      More importantly B/. If not specifically “made it passed” and “hit that that Perfect season”
      or C/. Another actual SB WIN…………It could have, and would have been been done!
      Begining to compile so many DIL’ ROD’S that would have never in previous year’s been a Patriot or stayed long after their episodes; CHANCES ARE ONE THING….STUPIDITY IS ANOTHER.

  9. TD says:

    Right, a multiple super bowl winning coach that finished 14-2 last year needs to drastically change what he’s doing, because, obviously….what he’s doing aint working; give me a break!

    Fan really is short for Fanatic!

    • DWE says:

      *Have 2 admit, the wining Superbowl Teams and the building and doing……..respectfully now……., This team begun rebuilding with a whole new mentality with the Tuna at the helm. So please note who we “already had in place and were also still working on”…..Note as well it was a combo still as well with that already pre-built team and moved ahead w/ both BB & Scott Peioli. In regard’s to “continuing” that steam roll. I’ll give them all credit, but don’t forget, It been just BB for a bit now, and we don’t have anylonger those Teddy johnson’s, those Ty Law’s, those Willie McGinest’s. We don’t have an Antwone or Corry Running Back anymore and havent…..Where’s the Teddy Bruschi’s, or the other guy’s that were brought in during that original time frame or that BB and Peoli “Combo” time frame when guy’s like Rodney Harrison came over.
      We’ve been passing on key guy’s, that would have never been passed on in previous year’s…….
      We used to have a Rock solid wall of O-line protection and a Stunning Defence. No one can keep it up forever & non-stop, but I do get what a couple of people are saying on their post.
      If we leave it at it’s been a rebuilding phase, O.K., but now is deffinetally the time to install the Castonzo’s and the Pouncey’s and such.
      Instead of passing on ppl like Clay Mathew’s……and a few other we “could have had”, but instead traded down and we settle for multiple mediocre player’s………..

      Being able to find value in the draft is one thing, and finding a diamond in the ruff like Mankin’s in what? the 6th is great. Hell wasn’t he and Brady 6th rounder’s?
      But if you constently wait for that, you pass up on ppl like Clay Mathew’s, Dez Bryant and a cple other’s……

      Alot of our guy’s may be good, and a cple great, there has also been alot of LUCK on our side, but when your constantly injured from shifting all the time and relying on ppl like Kazur who has the drug bust & pill issues, or a Brandon Meriwaether who stopmed on someone’s head in college and has already been involved in two shooting incident’s………..?
      Sorry Guy’s; But Meriweather and Kazur are not R. Harrison and M. Light.

      Tully Banta-Cain who also had major local legal issues might I add…. is not T. Brushci or T. Johnson.

      I wouldn’t say BB has got to straight up “change”……, but he certainly could use some help from ppl we’ve had in the past who “”haven’t gotten the true credit they deserve for helping actually pick and bring over some of what made those Superbowl team’s happen”” that he seem’s to have taken too much credit for himself……..
      Stop letting go alot of known major talent that could have and should have been kept, even if it was just a small contract VS multi year.
      Stop letting multi year pro DL’s go for two 1/2 way at best type guy’s.
      Stop having contract issues with your player’s that NEVER WERE AROUND WHEN IT WAS MORE THAN JUST BB TAKING CARE OF THING’S.

      Team’s will alway’s get a McCourty or a Mankins pick sure, but keeping them. VS troubled guy’s like Brandon Meriweather? Multiple shooting’s…..? Really, keep him though huh’.
      Keeping Kazur after the Pill bust thing only because “you had no choice” thank’s too some other bad pick’s you’ve made BB.
      Passing on ppl like Clay Mathew’s & a few other’s?
      Having constant battles with player’s over contract’s, and getting blown out of the play-off’s for a number of year’s in a row doesn’t help the “BB SOLO LOOK”…. not withstanding the spygate crapolla’.

      ***What BB does certainley could use, is another Scott Peoli by his side. Someone 2 tap on his shoulder & show him all the player’s he’s either A/. passed up on that was a major brain fart, B/. Ones he let go far 2 early.
      and or either C/. kept for far 2 long………”hoping” they would be another diamond in the ruff when they just are not.

      The next two year’s would be a really good time for him (BB) 2 Man Up, get a couple of real playmaker’s incerted inbetween all this VALUE……

    • CC says:

      Last Superbowl was like over a half a dozen year’s ago Bro!!! & that 14-2 year last year you speak of…….I’m starting to take up way too many finger’s on the Getting BLOWN OUT of the play-off’s count.
      Just sayin’

      I love my Patriot’s, now and back in the day. But I say stop relying on plug- in’s and multiple mediocre player’s as well.

  10. John M. says:

    If the Patriots could draft Wilkerson, Carimii, J. Houston, M. LeShoure, and a Brandon Harris with their first 5 picks, would you be happy with their draft?

    • CC says:

      No, that would be a sad draft day with all they have and once agin end up with lower tier guy’s. We have enough lower tier/cheep/value/and mediocre player’s as it is. It’s time for “PLAYMAKERS”!
      Passing on guy’s like Clay Mathew’s, Dez Brynt, and the afformentioned trading #3 -for #8 &#11 SO WE COULD SETTLE FOR MORE MEDIOCRE GUY’S??????

      There has got to be some changes come around. The Patriots get a few good pick’s, sure, McCourty happened, Mankins was abviously a great pick and a lower one, but sooner or later you have to tag top talent and stop settleing for mediocre and hoping that you find a diamond in the ruff. Sometimes you have to grab em first.

      So no, I wouldnt be happy with that.

  11. John M. says:

    I’m still trying to figure out the likely players available at pick #17. I’m hoping at least one of these players slips to this spot. Starting with C. Jordan, T. Smith, or JJ Watt. I think they should make an effort to move up a few spots to be on the safe side. I’ve changed my mind on Aldon Smith because he could be a stud or dud. If the pats don’t move up and those 3 players are gone at #17, then I would move down and take a Carimi, Constanzo, or Houston and get a middle 2nd rounder for one of our 3rd round picks. The Patriots are in a position to get 4 solid players to help the team right away and they don’t need to take players that have potential.

  12. Bill says:

    I never like seeing the words “trade down”. It always remindes me of the year the Pat’s traded #3 for #8 and #11. By doing so, the Pat’s traded away a multi-year All Pro DL for two mediocre players.

    I hope the Pat’s will be aggressive this year and package #17 and next years first round pick to draft JJ Watt.

    • John says:

      I pray your last name isn’t Belichick.

      • Bill says:

        Me too. I don’t want my name on the Pat’s draft picks of the last five years. All those draft picks and we now crow over Vollmer and McCourty?

        Since the Pat’s now have MR GQ as QB for the next few years, where will the Pat’s find the salary cap room to compensate for Mr Gisele’s contract?

        Well, that should obviously be on the OL. Vollmer can be the new LT, as perhaps the lowest salary/talent value in the NFL.

        Given that, all the Pat’s need to do to anchor the right side of the OL is to package #28 and their late second round/early third round pick to acquire Castonzo, before the Colts draft him as their “Oher” for the next several years.

        Because Castonzo has the ability to be either RT or LT in the NFL.

        • CC says:

          Castonzo is very do-able. & so is a few other top name’s if they swap em around right. There is no reason whatso-ever that the Pat’s should just sit back and give it all away and hope this year.
          We’ve done pretty good at the building proccess, now is the time to tag guy’s like Castonzo, Pouncey and Watt.
          I’ll take Carimi, Pouncey and Watt for that matter, just make something happen this year that’s for sure.

  13. Ryan says:

    Sorry to be the town idiot. But is it common for college ILB’s to transfer to play OLB? I have yet to watch tape but is he similar to that of Gary Guyton or no?

  14. Bill S says:

    If the pats come away with Wilkerson and Wilson on defense, then get Carimi and Boling for the OL plus get a RB like Shane Vereen, it will be a hugely successful draft. Don’t reach for anyone. Just let the 6 picks add up and be very happy

  15. mike perrone says:

    screw you guys meriweather is the man

  16. Stevie G says:

    best mock yet. love it all except for last pick. would prefer another developmental olb or de. NO AHMAD BLACK. have plenty of cb’s

  17. John says:

    Like it all except another 3rd round QB. No thanks to that, in my opinion.

    • BILLY C. says:

      I totally agree. With Brady locked up for another three years it seems like a wasted pick (Much rather have some cornerback depth at that pick).

      • Patriots Draft Guru says:

        I’m with you on the CB depth, but you have to admit, it seems like something Belichick would do. He did the same thing with Kevin O’Connell a few years back, although that didn’t work out so well.

  18. mike says:

    No they didnt. They are assuming Jordan is off the board at that point. It’s hard to say whether Wilkerson is better than Heyward or not. Wilkerson might fit the system better, as he can play five technique. He might bring some good things Srymour used to.

    Does that answer your question?

    Not likely Watt can drop to us, but the Jordan drop is very possible depending on if QBs are taken early.

  19. Gerrit says:

    So you’d put Wilkerson above Cameron Heyward?
    Please explain.

  20. Ian says:

    Love Martez Wilson have said it in the past and will continue to say it. Mayo was a bit of a surprise and Wilson will be as well. Not many 250 men can run a 4.4. The patriots love speed and athleticism and Wilson fits the mold. On top of it his last name ends in W!!!

    • NEPD says:

      Nice video Ian – really shows Wilson’s closing speed well.

    • Phil says:

      this guy really does look like Rosie lol. I think we have missed him a ton on the defense the last few years. to top it off he looks like a playmaker, including special teams. thanks for posting this ian.

  21. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    TEMPLE – Hotbed of NFL talent. LOL

    Interesting mock this time. ‘Tez is an intriguing guy.

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