Patriots Draft Mockumentary – Volume 3

Danny Watkins NFL Draft

One of these players will be a 27 year old rookie that was mentioned the most times in our NFL Mock Draft listings.

While we have our own three round 2011 NFL Mock Draft for all the Patriots fans to look at, it’s always good to get a second (or sixth) opinion.

We compiled a short list of five of the most trusted mock drafts out there for you to check out.  Read what they have to say about each of their first choices after the jump.


Patriots 1A  (Oak)

Patriots 1B

Wes Bunting (NFP) Cam Jordan, DE, Cal Danny Watkins, OL, Baylor
Draft Countdown Mike Pouncey, OG, Florida M.Wilkerson, DL, Temple
Don Banks (SI) J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin Danny Watkins, OL, Baylor
Nawrocki (PFW) Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama Nate Solder, OT, Colorado
Rob Staton (SDB) J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin Anthony Castonzo, OL, BC

Bunting on Jordan:
Jordan could fall on draft day a little further than most assume. However, he’s a gifted, versatile athlete who has the ability to quickly pick up complex schemes and would be a great fit in New England.

Banks on Watt:
Given New England’s need for a 3-4 defensive end, sticking at 17 and taking the versatile Watt figures to take priority over the search for starters at both offensive line and outside linebacker.

Draft Countdown on Pouncey:
Bill Belichick has a real affinity for prospects from the Florida program and Mike Pouncey is this year’s top Gator. Even though Pouncey isn’t quite as good of a prospect as his brother was a year ago, that doesn’t mean teams aren’t clamoring for the chance to add Maurkice’s twin to their roster.

Nawrocki on drafting Ingram:
No one used a multifaceted, three-back approach last season better than Bill Belichick did, but the downside of not having a three-down featured back who does not need to leave the field is that opposing defensive coordinators are often easily tipped off to what is coming.

Staton on Watt:
Tough, productive lineman who could go higher than this. This seems like a perfect fit for New England.

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18 Responses to “Patriots Draft Mockumentary – Volume 3”

  1. MegaHurtZ says:

    Hey heyward and cam Jordan’s daddy were both in nfl, the could grab Mathews in the 4th too…

  2. Common Cent$ says:

    #1-17. DE a. Cam Jordan, b. J.J. Watt, or c. Muhammad Wilkerson in that order. #1-28. OLB Martez Wilson #2-33. Trade to Tennesee for 2nd next year and 3nd this year. #2-60 OL Clint Boling #3-74 RB Jordan Todman #3-77(from Tenn) OL Wil Rackley #3-92 WR Emund Gates #4-125 FS Chris Culliver # 5-159 DB Cortez Allen 6-189 RB Mario Fanin. This is how I would love to see it fall.

  3. Jared says:

    i always agree with my man Ryan..but with 34 yr old Tom Brady, and a talented team coming off its second disappointing home playoff loss in a row…trading down AGAIN doesnt sound very appealing to me. your talking about trading 2 of the top 33 picks?? for what…another 3rd rounder. You traded away one of your best 3 players two years ago, 2 seasons pass…and you want to trade down again…im sorry,cant see it. if your Bill, and you have another McCourty situation-( trading down 5-10 spots knowing a guy will be there)…than do it. But dont leave first round caliber DE’s and OLB’s on the table to…to pick up an extra draft pick.

    • Ryan says:

      I want two legitimate picks in the first round. I just have this feeling that we are going to be pulling our hair out again. Here’s why: say there is a run on DE’s Watt, Smith, Jordan all might be gone. The more and more I read the more I feel like the QB’s are going to be pushed towards the end of the first round and back similar to that of last year. Without 2-3 QBs being taken in the first round, I think OL and DL are going to go fast. I think both top CB’s will be gone by the time we see them, as well at least 2 top OL, to many DL to count. Personally, I’d like to see a guy like Watt, maybe steal a guy like Heyward. But I think Heyward might be there at 28 I think Clayborn will still be there at 28. I also think maybe a WR (jones-Green) might be there at 17, which could put Bill in an awkward position. All the hype about the WR and QB’s is slowly fading, as I have been reading. Which makes me nervous while this is a SOLID DE/DL/OL draft, the elite prospects could be off the board early.

      Another thing that is upsetting me is this thought. With Warren back, we will have plenty of DE/DL options (even though some of them are not that great, Brace for one). But we also KNOW how hard it is for Bill to give up on a player, Whilite and Wheatley are perfect examples. So maybe Bill says we don’t need DE/DL in the first. Then we think OLB, well Bill generally doesn’t make the jump for a guy like that in the first. So then we think OL, Mankins is the highest OL he has ever taken, Plus there are plenty of OL picks in the second. So then you think RB, well I think he will only do this through FA because he knows how long the useful life is. So then we think WR, well if both WR’s are well of the board, he may not even consider another WR till the second. This leaves us with CB/S, which aside from Peterson and Prince I’m not overly impressed with anyone.

      Personally, I think we can get 2 (second rounders) for 17, wait and pick up OL or Heyward at 28. Get a 2 and 3 for (33). And then pick up a slew of OL and DL players. Thats just my opinion, and I’m not saying I want that to happen. in my world we either take, Prince, Peterson, Quinn, Watt someone like that.

      Jared what you think?

      • Jared says:

        lot to digest at once, but you sold me on what you were saying, i think it depends on who is on that board at 17. first, if AJ Green OR Julius Jones is there at 17, im not a fan of drafting wideouts in the first round, but both those guys seem to fit in with the Pats offensive needs.
        RB…the only scenario in which i see them taking a RB is if Ingram falls to 17, other than that, and what i think will happen, is we take a RB that bill like somewhere in the 2 to even 4th round.
        Now, in the trenches. First off, i hear you on the amount of defensive lineman we have, we could have 50, but we have 2 starters. Two good starters, but the chances of either of them missing time with injury is pretty good, which is beside the point…Mike Wright I believe could start at DT, on a team that plays majority 4-3. But he plays in NE, and i love Mike Wright, but if he, or any of our other D-lineman start at DE in the 3-4, their a liability. And as of Mr.Ron Brace, i just lump him in with Pryor and Deaderick as mediocure. They need a talent at DE, and you find them in the first round. its harder to find Richard Seymour in the 2nd round then it is a Mike Vrabel or a Willie McGinest.
        There are so many good DE, and OLB projects that are projected to go from pick 5, to pick 55. I dont know who they like, and who they dont, but they do.
        At DE…if Cameron Jordan or JJ Watt fall to 17, that would be a good pick, if not…im taking Wilkerson at 28 or 33.Or Bailey maybe at 33. Basically, i will be dissapointed if they dont end up with one of these guys.
        Cameron Jordan
        JJ Watt
        Muhammed Wilkerson
        Cameron Heyward
        or Allen Bailey
        At OLB…Quinn will got to CLE at 5, dont like Claiborn. I like Aldon Smiths body and passrushing, but i feel he will also be long one at 17. So your looking at guys like Akeem Ayers with 28 or 33 possibly. Or if you trade down, maybe a Justin Houston in the 2nd round.
        I think most of the good OLB prospects will be gone by 17, and picking a lot of them at 28 or 33 may be too high for some guys with 2nd round grades. So they may do something like they did last year, trade down into the 2nd round for multiple picks, and grab a Jermaine Cunningham type project in the 2nd or 3rd round.
        As i write this, the more i think about it, the more chance i think they could A, go offensive line in the first, or B, trade into the middle of the 2nd like you said Ryan. Costanzo and Pouncey are the two names that i can see them spending 1st round choices on\,maybe Danny Watkins. I feel that any offensive line pick in the 1st round will be a good pick…but i also feel like Bill can find studs for the O-line in the later rounds.
        So i guess the conclusion i come to his that in any scenario, i can see the Pats trading maybe 2 of those first 3 picks they have at 17,28,& 33, for a couple more picks in the later rounds.
        If it would play out like i would like-realistically speaking…
        Jordan or Watt would be there at 17
        Pouncey or Costanzo or Watkins to be there at 28
        and Akeem Ayers be sitting there at 33
        I think the whole Patriots draft, could hinge on who is the best player available when they pick at 17.

  4. Ryan says:

    The more and more I look at this draft I think we will be trading a few picks away. Most likely 17 and 33. I think between 2-3 most OL needs can filled. I think they are planning on doing that anyway. As for DE I think they will probably take “their guy” in the first. Then I think we will trade away, and pick up an OLB/DE convert. I think we will have quite a few picks in the 2-4 range.

  5. Jeff says:

    Whatever we do, I think I’d kill myself if we waste a 1st or even 2nd rounder on Watkins.
    He’s going to be 27 and he’s overrated. I for one don’t want to waste the value of a pick on a guy who’ll be 31 or 32 when you’re negotiating with the guy for a SECOND contract. I want the dude to be good for 8-10 years, and be worth the trouble of drafting, developing and trying to keep!
    Look at the headache we have with Mankins…and he’s 28! If we are reluctant to pay him in his prime, we’d be staring down the same situation with Watkins possibly, but he’ll be 32 already! 3 years and the guy would be done bassically! No thanks. Anyone but Watkins.

  6. Jeff says:

    Cam Jordan and Cam Heyward would be the best fits for the Pats. I wouldn’t be suprised, if the Pats don’t trade the 28th pick, that BB picks both these guys and either Jabaal Sheard or Brooks Reed with the 33rd pick.
    How’s that front 7 sound?!
    Heyward, Wilfork, Jordan
    Sheard/Reed, Spikes, Mayo, Cunningham…
    Plus the secondary will be beast with Bodden and McCourty. Hopefully we can get another solid CB in the 3rd or 4th round.

    • bledsoes_ghost says:

      Got to get better on the offensive line if we don’t resign the missing pieces. Id take an offensive lineman with 17 like Tyron Smith, Castonzo, or Carimi, preferably Castonzo if available (dunno if its the hometown alumni thing or not, but he seems like a beast and him and Vollmer could potentially dominate.) If they can ever figure out the bargaining agreement, there are probably some solid candidates for replacement as well.

      Ty Warren is do back and I think targeting a big DE like Cam Heyward would be a legit choice at 28 for further development. From what i have gathered over the flood of information concerning, one on one’s, pro days, private visits, etc. I think BB is highly considering Allen Bailey for #33 or deeper if he rolls the dice. Who knows, we could be getting another corner first round or trading out for the future, regardless I’m hoping for a solid line like we have had in the past and continuing to give Brady ample time to dissect opposing defenses.

      • Jeff says:

        I agree we need to strengthen the OL, but not neccessarily with the 1st rounder, and certainly not 17. The only OL we’ve taken in the 1st under BB was Mankins, and he was a late 1st. Light and Vollmer were both 2nd rounders.
        I like Castanzo, and I think he’s the best OL in the draft but this year has plenty of OL who will be available in later rounds.

        Like Zach Hurd; UConn, Andrew Jackson; Fresno State, Stefan Wisniewski; Penn State, John Moffit; Wisconsin, Marcus Cannon; TCU, Clint Boling; Georgia, Rodney Hudson; Florida State, Orlando Franklin; Miami, James Brewer; Indiana, Derek Sherrod; Mississippi St., DeMarcus Love; Alabama, Ben Ijalana; Villanova, Nate Potter; Boise State, Marcus Gilbert; Florida, Lee Ziemba; Temple…
        All of these guys are solid OL talent that can be had anywhere from the 2nd to 6th rounds potentially.

        The draft is it’s strongest at DE, so we need to capitalize on our need to solidify that at it’s strongest point, not over buy on a position that good talent can be found at later in the draft.

      • Jared says:

        When Mankins game back last season, our offensive line was playing great, and where did that get them… Bill can strengthen the offensive line with more picks like Sebastian Vollmer and Dan Connolly, who both have exceeded excpectations.
        After Mayo and Wilfork, and Ty Warren-when hes healthy(which he never is), after those 2 or 3. The front seven is filled with mediocrity and one-trick-ponys. They need to beef up the front 7 on defense in a bad way. On offense, their problems lie in execution, and why Tom Brady and our wide recievers look like their playing their first game every time the Playoffs role around.

    • MegaHurtZ says:

      Or martez Wilson @ 33..

  7. cash says:

    I like Draft countdowns the best. Cam Jordan might be a little to small, But I everything else I like about him, and Watkins is 27. Pouncey seems like a solid player, unless we could get Bolling, Moffit, Or Wisniewiski in round 2 but you just dont know.

    • cash says:

      Should of proof read that previous one. No way Castonzo makes it to 28. Im trying to make my mind up on Watt, he seems like an ok player, idk if I would take him before the 28th pick. Watt reminds me of Adam Cariker of a couple years ago, and he didnt pan out well.

      • Jeff says:

        No way Pats dont trade 28 away…

        • Jared says:

          You know the Pats are gona trade one of those first 33 picks, they could trade all 3 of them. Especially 28 or 33, two picks so close together, i can see them trading 33 for a teams 2nd and 3rd rounders, maybe like picks 50-55 & 82-87.
          On Watt, first off, i think theres a 50/50 chance he makes it to 17, about a 5% chance he gets to 28. I have the same concerns about him, his red-flag weakness is taking on double teams, which he would get every time he lined up in the 3-4. Other than that, he looks like a great pick in round 1 for someone. hes got the size, great athlete, raw-lots of potential. Lack of pass-rushing moves, trouble with good double teams, and a very good but scary Adam Carriker comparison, worries me.

      • MegaHurtZ says:

        100%, take castonzo @ #17.

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