Patriots Courting a Prince

Prince Amukamara Patriots

The Patriots have drafted a cornerback in the first three rounds of the NFL Draft in each of the last three years - perhaps 2011 won't be any different.

Former Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara, who has been near the top of our cornerback ratings all year, has an official visit scheduled with the New England Patriots – according to Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network.

Amukamara has impressed with his solid cover and tackle skills, as well as a spectacular 4.38 time at the NFL Combine. However, he isn’t nearly as fluid as some of the top-tier corners (Revis, McCourty, in the league right now.

Amukamra possesses fantastic ball skills and really has a knack for playing at the line of scrimmage. When asked to play off though, he can sometimes struggle in his reactions to well-run routes. His recovery speed doesn’t look like 4.4 speed on tape.

We seem to be pretty harsh on Amukamara, but when there is a prospect this good, his lone flaws really do stick out.

For more information, check out our 2011 Patriots Draft Contacts page.

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19 Responses to “Patriots Courting a Prince”

  1. Jared says:

    I was not happy when they chose a corner last year and ignored the passrush yet again. They had just inked up Leigh Bodden for a number of years, and i had high hopes for one Darius Butler. Bodden goes down…Butler starts out terrible…they plug in McCourty…and he flourishes, and Bills’ a genius yet again. Id be a fool not to admit that McCourty was the right pick, but again this year?….say it aint so, please. if u want to talk to me about a corner in the end of the second round, thats fine, you truly cant have enough corners. But if im looking at positions of drafting need, corner is closer to the bottom. Bill continues to take numerous low-round flyers on defensive lineman in hopes of striking gold on a cheap Seymour replacement…Hasnt happened, they need help on the defensive edge, at DE, and OLB. Ive almost given up on them taking a pass-rusher, but i havnt yet. I am still going to be hoping and waiting for them to take an edge-rusher with on of their first 3 picks. I feel like they cant ignore the front seven another year, and if the front improves…than all those DB’s jobs get a lot easier.

  2. John says:

    The thing that seems to get overlooked is that you defend a standard offense one way but have to defend an “elite” offense another way.

    The Steelers defense racks up great stats against lower offenses but always struggles against elite offenses. With elite offenses you have to cover, mix things up, and pressure up the middle.

    Against teams like Green Bay, Indianapolis, New Orleans….you have to have a corner better than their 4th/5th option.

  3. Bill S says:

    If they are looking at Amukamara, they must be thinking about moving up, and the trade we heard before was with Washington, something like Washington’s 10 & 42 for the Pats 17 & 28, or pretty close to that. It makes sense for Washington to move down and get a QB, and a good RB or OT.
    For Pats, they get to move up and get an impact player, and still get a quality at 42, plus 33 gives them power to take what they need.
    Prince A would be good, but unexpected after all the talk about DE/OLB on defense

  4. Bill says:

    I believe it was the ’95 draft that the name…Ty Law was announced as the 1st round pick for the Pat’s. The common refrain from those of us who are Pat’s fans was…WE NEED A RUNNING BACK…NOT A CB! Then the name…Ted Johnson was announced as the second round pick by the Pat’s. And we Pat’s fans were incensed at the stupidity of an organization which clearly needed a RB as the top pick. Then the name…Curtis Martin was announced as the third round pick. And the EVERY Pat’s fan thought…Well, OK but a third round RB isn’t good enough for our team. Then the Pat’s drafted a Center in the fourth round who became a multi-year starter the Pat’s.

    The reason the Pat’s drafted Ty Law in the first round was because the best CB for the Pat’s(whose name I cannot recall) had a career ending injury that was not disclosed by the Pat’s prior to the draft. AND the reason why the Pat’s drafted Ted Johnson in the second round was because Vincent Brown had a career ending injury which was not disclosed by the Pat’s prior to the draft.

    So, if the Pat’s trade up for a CB named Prince, then I’m convinced that McCourty has a serious injury, or the Pat’s will announce they have traded McCourty for multiple future draft picks.

  5. Ken W says:

    I feel that if we were to move up to get a CB then might as well move up a few more spots and get Peterson because I think he is by far the best corner in this draft. Prince I think is pretty good but he has been projected going in the 7-12 range and I don’t think he is worth that high of a pick. I think the farthest we would be able to move up to would be around the 10th pick. Anything more and you would have to give up way to many picks or give up #28 or #33 which is a bit much.

    • Billy C. says:

      As I was reading all of the posts leading to yours i was thinking the whole time that under this scenario the Patriots might as well move up all of the way and take Peterson. i don’t think they should or will, however, if a cornerback is what you desire then clearly grab the elite corner this year.

  6. Zach says:

    I think the CB position is set for next season. This draft is screaming for the Patriots to take pass rush and O-Line players. The Patriots are impossible to predict, regardless of what pick they’re drafted these are the players I’d love for them to come out of the first couple of rounds with: Anthony Castonzo, Ryan Williams, Sam Acho, Danny Watkins, and Allen Bailey.

    • Zach says:

      After re-evaluating my draft boards, this is what I came up with. There are no major changes, but I feel the Pats should come out with 6 impact players. Anthony Castonzo, Akeem Ayers, Ryan Williams, Danny Watkins, Randall Cobb, and Allen Bailey. The Pats should use the remainder of their picks as ammo to move up if they need to to snag these guys up.

      • Ken W says:

        Ayers and Bailey I haven’t been inpressed by but the other ones you listed I would be fine with.

        • Zach says:

          Ayers has potential to be the pass rushing OLB we’ve been looking for. Ayers played off the line this year, and well his best skills are rushing the passer. I feel he would be a great selection at 33. I highly hope the Pats trade 28 to the Chargers for at least their two second rounders. Bailey has all of the physical tools to be a beast and I think Bill will be able to coach him up. I think he’d be worth the gamble in the 3rd Round.

  7. Jeff says:

    I think Amukamara is actually a less solid pick than what McCourty was coming out last year. If Amukumara was coming out last year he’d go in the same range or MAYBE a little higher than McCourty because people underestimated McCourty. Prince isn’t worth that high a pick. Now if Peterson was available at #12 I’d think long and hard about moving up since he could play both CB/S and ST’s. 4 down guy like Devin.
    Brandon Harris at 33 would be a more likely scenario but I’m pretty sure that’ll go to OLB or OL.

  8. TD says:

    Flooding the field with good cover guys sure helped the Jets against us as well as getting the Packers a SB win. The Jets had no pass rush and the Pack had just Matthews.

  9. John says:

    When BB says you can never have too many good cornerbacks, nobody should ever be suprised if a CB is taken.

    Also, if we do trade up for a CB, it’s a pretty good indication that our brain trust is thinking “pass rush” based on a superior secondary vs “pass rusher”.

  10. TD says:

    The Pats are looking at him closer because they don’t have enough input on him either for the draft or somewhere down the road. This is why the personnell dept. is on top of things as players become available, ie Woodhead, Ninko, etc.

  11. Liam says:

    I don’t see the value in drafting another CB this early, with Bodden and MCourty set as starters. Although this is exactly what I would have said last year. BB is smarter than me obviously. Still, I take Quinn in the above scenario.

  12. John M says:

    If Prince and Quinn were available at pick #12 and the pats moved up to the Vikings pick, who do you take? I would lean towards Quinn although in a pass-happy NFL Prince would look pretty good also. The fact that the pats are giving Prince a private workout tells me that BB might be open to moving up in the draft or they wouldn’t be wasting their time. I haven’t seen any mock draft that has him getting past the 13th pick.

  13. Jon L. says:

    It would be a steal if Prince fell to the Pats or if the Pats could trade up for him because they have 2 first rounders this year. Could you imagine McCourty and Prince in years to come?? That would be one of the best corner combos in the league within a few years. A Pats fan can hope.

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