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Jonathan Baldwin NFL Draft

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March and April are typically times of hope for NFL teams. Sometimes, however, a team goes out and picks that one player that you just can’t stand.

These “nightmare picks” can be caused by a number of reasons. Maybe you don’t like the guy’s off-field demeanor, don’t believe in his on-field skills, or maybe his position is one that you don’t consider a need for your team.

There has to be a guy out there that you don’t want to see in a Patriots uniform in 2011. Who is your “nightmare pick” in the 2011 NFL Draft?

As always, we’ll start things out…

Jonathan Baldwin (WR, Pittsburgh)

Baldwin has all the physical tools and build that you’d want for a wide receiver. Unfortunately, he hasn’t shown that he has the skill to fully actualize his potential.

He somehow fails to gain separation from slower corners, even though he has excellent speed.

He doesn’t always fight well with corners, which can kill a QB’s confidence in throwing jump balls in his direction. He does a good job of high-pointing the ball, but a physical corner can really knock him off his game.

Baldwin might become a star receiver in the NFL, but his bust-o-meter is off the charts.

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47 Responses to “Open Thread: Nightmare Picks”

  1. Gtttthdhfhf says:

    When was the last time a end in belichicks system played under 300 pounds. Jarvis green and mike wright are the only two and they both were/are weak at end. I dont care how well he runs I dont want him.

    Brooks Reed
    Von Miller
    Ryan Kerrigan
    Too small and not good fits at all for belichicks system. People always say we need to find the next clay mathews but clay mathews is A LOT like rob ninkovich. He is average in coverage, below average against the run and the product of a great defensive system based on pressure by Dom Capers.

  2. Matt says:

    Akeem Ayers- Too raw and very overrated

  3. PatsFan401 says:

    Kerrigan by far. He’s a 4-3 end. He’s really not fluid if you look at his movements and plays stiff. Every white OLB coming out from here on out is the next Clay Matthews. That kid isnt called the bloodline for no reason.

    Brooks Reed, too.

    I like the kid from B.C. if they can grab him in the 4th round.

    • Bruschi54 says:

      Kerrigan has looked pretty fluid in every Big Ten backfield the past 2 seasons making play after play. All of the experts are raving about how athletic and fluid he looked at Senior Bowl practices and combine. He is about the only white OLB coming out with any chance of being drafted in the first 3 rounds, and the comparisons to Clay Matthews is because he plays with great motor and is very disruptive playmaker.

  4. JimC says:

    I think this whole draft has Stink-O written all over it. My pediction is that there will be more duds then studs just like the 2006 draft in the first round.

    At best 15% of the 2006 first round went on to have decent careers, the rest are out of Football or just fill in players.

    After the first 7 picks in this 2011 draft, you will find the rest is so watered down. I would move out of the first round if I could not trade up into the top 5 and I would only do that if i knew that I could get Patrick Peterson out of LSU, he is the only true stud in this first round of the 2011 draft worthy of a top 5 selection.

  5. JimC says:

    I see Aldon Smith as a potential bust where erver he’s drafted.

    His Football IQ is low at best, can’t stop the run…Skinny legs and no power. He has the speed but so don’t the offensive linemen in the NFL. He won’t be able to shend blocks when trying to stop the run. He is a one trick pony just like Vernon Golston.

    Aldon is a role player…a one down OLB Period. Not worth drafting in the first round. First rounders are players that play 3 downs and players you built teams with.

    Sorry Aldon….I pick you as my bust players…Have fun in the CFL!

    • pats says:

      for any OLB drafted, I will have to know they can set edge before I draft them and especially be first rounder. With Aldon, he is a question mark to me.

  6. Paul says:

    I saw a mock where NE traded #17 and #28 to Cle to grab AJ Green at #6. While I love Green’s talent, I feel that the Pats need OL help too badly to make a huge move like this…not that I can imagine BB making a move this bold for a WR…

  7. Zane says:

    Nightmare pick would be Mark Ingram, any WR, or trading up for anyone but Robert Quinn. Pass rush needs to be the first overall pick, and I’d be perfectly fine with trading our two 1st rounders and getting Robert Quinn. If they don’t do that though, I think Kerrigan or Ayers at 17, and Wilkerson at 28 is the way to go. Sucker someone into giving us a first rounder next year for 33, then use the next two picks on O-line. from there i think RB, WR, and safety are all things that can be addressed. Ultimately we need to walk away from this draft with a pass rusher, a D lineman, and two o-linemen in my opinion

  8. Evan says:

    It’s interesting to read all these negative posts about Akeem Ayers. He seems to have so many of the qualities that the Patriots look for:

    -He could put on more muscle but playing the Will side he seems to have pretty close to an ideal build at 6-3 7/8 , 250+, and a freakish athlete

    -Years of experience playing standing up already, which I thought was huge and why Aldon Smith and other DE’s are so risky and aren’t drafted high

    -He’s versatile, played inside backer, outside backer and with his hand in the dirt.

    -What can’t be overstated is the Pats could trade down to the lower 1st round, grab some pick and still grab him.

    Since he looks so good in theory, why the hesitation? Honestly curious.

    • pats says:

      did not look good on videos
      did not have good combine

      not against any pick as long as there is enough film evidence
      i just haven;t seen it

  9. pats says:

    nightmare pick for any team – any QB especially early and mid first round.

  10. Ryan says:

    I agree. Even though I’m a hawkeye fan if they draft Adrian Clayborn I’d be pretty upset, I’m just not sold on him. I also am just not happy with Phil Taylor, I know a few of you are. I just don’t think he is an ideal fit for the Pats.

  11. AM says:

    Definitely agree with the above on Baldwin, Ayers, and Torrey Smith. I would add Jason Pinkston. Physically talented, but poor work ethic plus injury history equals waste of a second-round pick.

  12. Bruschi54 says:

    Not as sold on Aldon Smith as everyone else, think that he has chance to be another Aaron Maybin, lot of similarities. He is probably going to get drafted much higher than Kerrigan and Houston, but I think he is a much bigger risk.

    • cash says:

      Agreed, I think he has the skills to be a potentially very good player, but I hate the word potential in the first round. His bust rate is very high, but who knows, he could put it all together.

    • pats says:

      you described aldon well … too risky for first round

  13. Billy C. says:

    For PFP and John you’re probably the same guys who still feel that letting Clay Matthews slip by to Green Bay was a good idea. Getting to the quarterback is priority “1” in this draft. There is nobody better and if he ever slipped to 17 (he absolutely won’t) BB would run to the podium with the pick.

    • PFP says:

      How many sacks did Mathews have against the Pats this season?

      How many would he have in the Patriots system?

      How many sacks did he have as a result of a good scheme allowing him to have a completely unblocked free release at the QB?

      I will conservatively say Mathews had 50% of his sacks while being unaccounted for on a blitz. You should get a sack when you are unblocked.

      Props to Dom Capers. Mathews should take him to dinner.

      Mathews did nothing in college in way of tackles and sacks comparatively. There was a reason at the time the Pats weren’t the only team to pass on him.

      • DWE says:

        That’s like saying all the guy’s that all the other team’s passed on and we picked them up and they do OH’ SO GREAT.

        Apples and Oranges. Sure nobody picked Mathews yet and he slipped over to Green Bay, but how many team’s passed on great impact player’s that landed elsewhere and did great? How many times was Tom Brady passed on total….until us in the 6th that year???
        If Tom was so great why wasn’t he a Sam Bradford Type ranked pick?

        Mathews was stupid too let go by, for a few differant reason’s-Period.

  14. XofDallas says:

    Anyone represented by Eugene Parker. If none of them are so represented, then to me it’s a tossup between Cam Newton and Patrick Peterson. To me, the baggage and attitude they bring outweigh any athleticism they have. The Pats have done well by avoiding most of the player distractions that affect other teams. Why take a chance now?

  15. Stevie G says:

    Torrie Smith…remember the name Tony Simmons? enough said

  16. PFP says:

    To your comment on Von Miller…

    Even if you had some sort of interest in a specialty player of his stature and speed to do nothing but get the QB, why draft it in the 1st for Miller.

    …or even the mid rounds with Moch when you could draft it later in Chris Carter.

    • Bill says:

      You draft him in the first round because he’s a demon in getting to the quarterback and by far the best edge pash rusher in the draft. We absolutely need pressure on the quarterback and there is no one better than Miller.

      • John says:

        The only thing dumber that this line of thinking would be to trade multiple picks to move up and get Miller.

  17. John says:

    I believe that Ingram would be a nightmare pick at #17, but at pick 25-28 it would be O.K. It’s funny how the majority of the experts have him going at pick 15, but don’t be surprised if he slips a little bit. I also think that LeShoure would be a nightmare pick anywhere in the first round, but let’s say between #38-45 in the second round it would be O.K. I would love to see BJGE and LeShoure as our RB’s especially if they could get him in the 38-45 range. All I’m saying is if they slip down enough, one must consider if it’s worth the risk.

  18. cameron heyward says:


    everybody saw how well Vernon did in his first 3 years, i should be haunting every front office!


    • Tom says:

      Heyward would be my dream pick at 28. He is not Vernon. Vernon had no business being selected in the first round. Vernon had 14.5 sacks in 13 games his last season, but 7 came in two games. Vernon had a great combine, but I don’t think the Jets staff watched his game tapes. On the other hand, Heyward started his freshman year, played consistently well for all four years, and capped his career with a dominating performance against the Arkansas o-line in OSU’s bowl game, even lining up from multiple spots along the d-line. Other OSU players not named Vernon are doing very well in the NFL right now. Any WR drafted in the first round would be my nightmare pick. 30+ points/game is enough to win in the NFL, we just need to stop other teams consistently!

    • Bruschi54 says:

      I agree, hope the Pats stay away from Heyward, very inconsistent.

  19. Sean says:

    Aldon Smith, Ryan Kerrigan

    • Ryan says:

      Interesting? Do you have other favorites at the position of OLB?

      • xGiovanni03x says:

        Yea AldonSmith and Ryan Kerrigan are in my opinion the best OLB/DE Prospects in this draft. But if Bill decides to move down in the draft i like brooks reed or Sam Acho.

    • pats says:

      i rank best OLBs on film as

      justin houston
      ryan kerrigan (assuming if reports he can set edge are true)

      i think those four players if healthy would get significant playing time first year. kerrigan could even be better than houston.

      aldon smith seems too raw

      thing about houston is that teams will not have to project him to 3-4 OLB so easiest to assess if bunch.

      • Cam says:

        and the biggest thing about Romeus is that he will be a mid-round pick b/c he was hurt most of last year. If he passes the medical exams, he could be a steal

  20. Mike C says:

    I agree with the Mark Ingram pick. No need to take a running back so high when Pats have a committee approach. Would rather use free agency and late draft.

    I will add Torrey Smith- Using 1st rounder in order to add to the highest scoring offense in the league isn’t a good idea in my opinion. Especially if Tom Brady can’t stay upright long enough to get the ball out of his hand.

    • Doug Kyed says:

      Agreed on Torrey Smith. I see major bust potential there. If the Pats took Smith already having Tate and Price I would be incensed.

  21. PFP says:

    Akeem Ayers

    • Sciz says:

      We’ve got a winner right here

      • NEPD says:

        Not a fan either. Both him and Von Miller are way overrated in my opinion.

      • PFP says:

        Funny how even the Scouts Inc guys are questioning, post combine.

        “Akeem Ayers, UCLA: Ayers could have helped lock down a spot in the first round, but he failed to impress. He ran in the low 4.8-second range, failed to show good change-of-direction skills and was not elite in the jumps, shuttles or cone drill. He had a chance to prove he is an elite prospect, but his workout did not match up to the productive player we saw on film early in the season before Ayers was nicked up. ”

        Todd McShay, Steve Muench and Kevin Weidl
        Scouts Inc

  22. Doug Kyed says:

    Mark Ingram would be my main one. I don’t think running back is a first or second round need and while I think Ingram will be a very good NFL player, it won’t be worth taking him where we’d need to.

  23. cash says:

    Brandon Harris, CB Miami- Depending on where he gets drafted is big. Miami CBs always scare me because they get away in college on pure athleticism. In the pros you cant just be fast, you have to be physical. If you can draft him in the 2nd round then thats good, but no way I would take him any earlier.

    • Phil says:

      Ed Reed!! Nuff said! But he may be the exception LOL

      • Phil says:

        Ooops, you did specify corner not just DB. But still a lot of DB’s out of the U still playing good football! Including SB winner Sam Shields.

      • cash says:

        Yes CB, They have put guys in the league but none are really good. Just ok. I remember Phil Buchanon was a cant miss CB and hes bounced around the league.

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