Martez Wilson Will Work Out For Patriots

Martez Wilson NFL Draft

Martez Wilson celebrates after sacking the quarterback. Could he do that in a Patriots uniform in 2011?

According to Pro Football Weekly, the Patriots are set to hold a private workout with former Illinois linebacker Martez Wilson.

Wilson typically saw action inside for the Illini, but did take repetitions from the outside linebacker position as well – mainly in rushing situations.

We had this to say about Wilson in our latest Patriots Mock Draft.

When healthy (herniated disc in 2009), Wilson could conceivably play almost every linebacker position for the Patriots. We think that he can step in and play ROLB like a young Rosie Colvin. He’s still working on shedding blocks, but according to Wes Bunting of the NFP, the Patriots may be looking for a quicker linebacker that might not fit their normal mold.

Wilson is very adept in rushing the passer on blitzes, although he still has some work to do coming off the edge. Wilson’s blazing speed (4.4 forty) and fluidity in the coverage game will make him an intriguing target for New England.

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23 Responses to “Martez Wilson Will Work Out For Patriots”

  1. Jared says:

    I am officially in love with this guy…word is that the Patriots could be looking for a slightly different type of LB than one that would normal fit the mold, Wilson, lots of experience playing inside, some outside on pass-rushing packages. But he has good size(6’4″-250), and ran a blazing 4.42 forty, i personally am waitng for the Patriots to call his name with the 28th pick possibly. I would say 33rd, but word his is that Rex Ryan has had significant interest in Wilson, and his Jets, pick right between the Pats at 30.

  2. Bill S says:

    I think this guy is very interesting, and can playat any LB position , in any formation, 3-4, 4-3, any of the sub packages. And Spikes is pretty iffy, being a 2 down LB at his best. If you could get him at 28 OR 33, get him.

  3. TD says:

    If BB can get a top DE at #17, I expect him to trade #28 & 33. He can get good OL and OLB “prospects/projects” in 2nd and 3rd round. A high quality DE only comes around every few years and usually way before our draft spot.

  4. TD says:

    I think there are too many top DE’s to pass up for a LB, even if he can play all 11 positions. Our defense starts and ends with gap control at the line of scrimmage, so DE is probably the most critical spot.

  5. Ian says:

    My favorite player outside the top 10 rated prospects in the draft. He is no Gary Guyton so please stop the comparison just because they are both fast. Great athlete who has the intelligence to play mutliple positions in the system. I think it all comes down to the interview with the Pats for him. I find it funny though that the Pats have met with so many Maryland players. Might they be trying to find out more about what teammates think of each other off the field are like off the field. Tory Smith and Wilson would be my guess that the pats are targeting in the late first early second. Much like Florida last year it seems like they met with the whole team only to them go and draft Cunningham, Spikes and Hernandez…My final thought on it all would be the speed on Mayo, Cunningham and Wilson for the Pats may be too much to pass up. Look for them to trade back from 17 and pick Wilson up around 20-22.

  6. JimC says:

    Wilson will not make it out of the top 20. He is by far the best draftee to play the OLB position in the NFL in 2011. He is quick in stopping the run and he is big and fast enough to cover any TE’s will make him a home run for any team.

    He would be a steal at #17. This kid just know how to play football and will start from day one, unlike Aldon Smith.

    • Bill says:

      I think it’s safe to say Von Miller is the best draftee to play the OLB position in this draft. Martez Wilson won’t start from day one in the NFL. He’ll be tried at both inside (where he played the lionshare of the time at Illinois) and outside. He faces a learning curve, especially if he does indeed become a member of the Patriots, who run one of the more complicated 3-4 fronts in the league. I’d bet my life on him making it out of the top twenty. I have literally seen zero mock drafts where he is anywhere higher than Green Bay at #32. Not even from McShay, Kiper, or Mayock, who I think may know a little bit about the NFL draft.

  7. TD says:

    True about shedding blockers, that’s why the prototype OLB here has been 6-4, 260 with long arms in order to hold off the 300 lb OL’s and 260 lb TE’s. Katz also had long history of injuries didn’t he?

    • Jeff says:

      Just to remind everyone….the Pats did play a ton of 4/3 last year. So players that are versitle are of more value. Wilson sounds like he is just that.

  8. Bill says:

    Not interested.

    Difficulty shedding blockers in not a minor issue for an NFL LB prospect. Katzenmoyer had difficulty shedding blockers. How well did he work out for the Pat’s?

  9. John says:

    Anybody have any idea how much weight his frame can support?

    Looks pretty lean in the photo?

    Today’s NFL is way too fixated on the “pass rusher” and especially the “edge pass rusher”. The real question should be what personnel and scheme do you need to stop elite offenses, not just rack up stats against the dregs.

    Wilson seems much more adapt as someone who can work in various blitz packages. Fluidity in coverage is interesting.

    • Ryan says:

      Going to need some weight added to his frame if his going to be an OLB. Maybe thats just my opinion, but it may be tough to set the edge.

  10. Bill S says:

    He’s a guy that has been all over the board. I saw a mock with Martez Wilson going to SF at 7, so he’s a guy who could change the draft dramatically, if he goes before Houston, Ayers, or Kerrigan. Thes e guys are all 22 or less, and motivation always is the greatest asset, and the grey-est area to evaluate. But I love speed, and he’s got it

  11. TD says:

    I am expecting a top athlete with #17 (who knows what position w/BB), trading #28 & 33 for another 2d rounder and change and a first rounder next year. In second round we get some OLine help and a DB, maybe even a “project” pass rusher.

    • Jeff says:

      Im actually thinking with a rookie cap….you could see the Pats trading up this year.

      • TD says:

        I wondered that also, but a few reporters say teams are operating status quo, which makes sense. Why create a wild west scene when the owners are crying a river of tears over profitability, but as in most sports the owners can’t help themselves in the spirit of competition.

  12. Ken W says:

    looks like a pretty solid tackler from what I have seen, which is a must. Always seems to be wrapping guys up rather then hit them and hope they go down.

  13. Waldoon says:

    I agree. There’s nothing like getting depth at multiple positions. Wilson is fast 4.44 40, big 6’4″ 250, and has played inside and outside LB. Perfect fit for the Pats. I’d look at the 33 pick, possibly trade back to let some teams come up for a QB and take him mid 2nd.

  14. TD says:

    pretty close to size BB wants, sounds like a Guyton at the OLB spot. If BB likes him it will be second round.

    • Ken W says:

      good comparison, both the fastest lb in there respected drafts. But I think Wilson has more upside and could be a better pass rusher for sure.

    • Jeff says:

      6-4 250 will get it done in the Pats D.

  15. Ken W says:

    I wouldn’t mind Martez Wilson at #33 or early 2nd round if we traded back. He has played inside and out which BB likes players that have played multiple positions. Played in space, good against the run. Besides being the fastest LB at the combine he also has great closing speed from what I have seen. I think he could be a great olb for the pats.

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