Doug’s Mock Draft 2.0

Cam Newton NFL Draft

Where does NEPD writer Doug Kyed think Cam Newton will be taking his talents this April?

NEPD Staff Writer Doug Kyed

Last Updated: April 28th, 2011

Currently I’m taking part in a community mock draft on a message board I post on where fans of each team took a team and made their picks. We’re currently on the second round right now, but I figured I’d use this as a fun way to do my final mock draft before tonight’s festivities.

1. Panthers – Cam Newton (QB Auburn)

Their take: Yes, there is definitely a risk in taking Cam. But what QB isn’t a risk in the draft? With someone who’s ceiling is as high as Cam’s, I say take that risk. Don’t pass on the opportunity on having a game changing QB.

My take: I think this is the right pick for the Panthers. If teams can trade picks before Thursday, the best move for the Panthers might be to trade Clausen for whatever they can get, sign or trade for a veteran QB (McNabb?) and let Newton sit behind him for a year or two.

My pick: Newton

2. Broncos – Patrick Peterson (CB LSU)

Their take: The reason I take Peterson here is because of this draft, there is a plethora of defensive lineman (which many would argue is a bigger need for Denver) so it is very possible for them to grab someone good in the second round. Peterson is a can’t miss player, and having a guy like Champ Bailey mentoring him would give him a huge advantage.

My take: While Peterson might be the most talented player in the draft, DL is a bigger need for the Broncos.

My pick: Marcell Dareus

3. Bills – Marcel Dareus (DL Alabama)

Their take: The run defense was atrocious, and why they are picking 3rd overall to begin with. Dareus also has played in both a 3-4 and a 4-3 defense, and the Bills run a hybrid scheme consisting of both. He would team up with Kyle Williams, and second year player Alex Carrington for the 3-4 defensive line.

My take: If Dareus is there, they should absolutely take him. If he’s not, I believe Chan Gailey will take the next rated mobile QB.

My Pick: Blaine Gabbert

4. Bengals – AJ Green (WR Georgia)

Their take: None

My take: I think it’s the right pick for the Bengals whether or not they trade Palmer before the draft. TO and Ochocinco will be gone before next season and it’s time for the Bengals to draft one of the best players in this class.

My pick: Green

5. Cardinals – Von Miller (LB Texas A&M)

Their take: The team needs a disciplined, fast, edge rusher to compliment the future on the other side of the 3-4, O’Brien Schofield. Miller is it.

My take: I’m not as high on Miller as most people are and in fact, I have Quinn rated higher than him.

My Pick: Peterson

6. Browns – Cameron Jordan (DE California)

Their take: With the Browns switching to a 4-3 with Dick Jauron and only one for-sure starter up front (Ahtyba Rubin), the Browns are hurting for some quality d-linemen. Jordan should make an immediate impact in that area and is maybe the most versatile and ready-made DE in the draft.

My take: I think it’s a reach for Jordan. The Browns would be better off taking a pass rusher here.

My pick: Robert Quinn

7. 49ers – Prince Amukamara (CB Nebraska)

Their take: Hes got all the measurables, hes a big fast fluid corner that can dominant in man to man coverage and has the potential of stepping in right away and being the great corner that our secondary desperately needs.

My take: I don’t mind the pick, but I don’t love Amukamara as a top ten prospect.

My pick: Von Miller

8. Titans – Blaine Gabbert (QB Missouri)

Their take: With Vince Young out and a new head coach coming in, it fits to bring in a new leader to run the offense as well. I just can’t see passing him up here.

My take: I don’t see Gabbert falling this far, but if he does it’s a no brainer for the Titans.

My pick: Jake Locker

9. Cowboys – Tyron Smith (T USC)

Their take: The Cowboys need help at tackle and Smith is the best prospect of 2011. He only played RT at USC because Matt Kalil was inserted at LT and I believe Smith could be a dominant LT in the NFL. He has a lot of room to bulk up with an extremely athletic 6’5″ 307 frame.

My take: I think the pick is perfect for the Cowboys.

My pick: Smith

10. Redskins – Nick Fairley (DT Auburn)

Their take: I would absolutely have picked a QB if there was one for good value at this spot, but that’s not happening. So that leaves me to either pick a WR or a lineman.

My take: I’m not sure if I see a role for Fairley in Washington. I think there’s going to be an adjustment period for him unless he’s able to play three-technique.

My pick: Julio Jones

11. Texans – Aldon Smith (DE/LB Missouri)

Their take: With the switch to the 3-4 under new defensive coordinator Wade Phillips the Texans desperately need to add another quality pass rusher to the mix.

My take: The Texans need pass rushers, but what they desperately need to address is their CB situation.

My pick: Prince Amukamara

12. Vikings – Robert Quinn (DE North Carolina)

Their take: Vikings do have another young, talented DE in Everson Griffen, he has been arrested twice in the past year and needs to mature. With that in mind, the Vikings select Robert Quinn, DE from the University of North Carolina.

My take: If Quinn is still there, it’s an interesting pick, but I don’t think the outside rush is a problem they need to address.

My pick: Nick Fairley

13. Lions – Anthony Castonzo (OT Boston College)

Their take: While lacking the upside of prospects such as Da’Quan Bowers and Jimmy Smith, Castonzo is as close to a safe pick as there is at this point. With so many misses by the Lions in previous drafts, I couldn’t bring myself to pick someone with legitimate injury (Bowers) or character (Smith) concerns.

My take: I think it’s the right pick for Castonzo. The Lions need to keep Stafford upright.

My pick: Castonzo

14. Rams – Da’Quan Bowers (DE Clemson)

Their take: The St. Louis Rams started the 2010 NFL preseason with Mark Clayton and Donnie Avery #1 and #2 on the depth chart, respectively. By week 6, both of them were ruled out for the season, with Avery not making it out of the preseason. They drafted Mardy Gilyard in the third round last year, signed Danario Alexander, and had average years from Amendola and Brandon Gibson, who needed to step in as the #1 and #2 guys. Steven Jackson is a reliable pass catcher out of the backfield, and with Josh McDaniels’ ability to orchestrate an offense, I think they look to generate more of a pass rush with a high upside prospect like Daquan Bowers. James Hall led the team in sacks with 11, and he’s 34 years old, and teams were sliding protection to Chris Long’s side because of his increased production.

My take: Even with all the depth the Rams have at WR, it would be foolish to pass on Julio Jones if he drops this far. I do think the Rams need a pass rush threat though.

My pick: Aldon Smith

15. Dolphins – Ryan Mallett (QB Arkansas)

Their take: His raw skill and build (6’7”, 240 lbs) cannot be denied. If you remember back to the spring of 1983 (yes, before all of us that post on this board, but still), there was a guy drafted late in the first round that year that was rumored to have character issues and even was linked to some drug use. That guys name was Dan Marino.

My take: It’s almost like the hate went too far with Mallett, so now the love it coming back around and going too far. Sticking Mallett in immediately and be expected to start is a bad idea. I see bust written all over him if the pressure is too high. You need to be extremely dedicated to your craft to succeed in the NFL without mobility.

My pick: Cameron Jordan

16. Jaguars – JJ Watt (DE Wisconsin)

Their take: The Jaguars have a lot of holes but their pass rush has been terrible for years and drafting someone like Watt or Kerrigan would be very smart here.

My take: I agree with the pick, the Jaguars would benefit greatly from a player like Watt who can control the run and rush the passer.

My pick: Watt

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20 Responses to “Doug’s Mock Draft 2.0”

  1. jack sprat says:

    Ian, if Tyron Smith is there at #13 and the Prince is not, then the Lions WILL select the big fellow. He’s the only OT in this draft worth more than maybe the 24th pick. (On absolute value, not positional.) People are making a BIG mistake discounting this guy, IMO. Frankly, if I were picking for Detroit, I’d think long and hard about taking him INSTEAD OF Amukamara. (And I’d add Watkins or Wisniewski with my Rd2, or Franklin with my Rd4, if he’s there.)

  2. Ian says:

    The Lions will not take Tyron Smith, and he WILL NOT start over Jeff Backus. Smith didn’t play LT in college and there is no logical belief as to why he can play LT, especially an LT worth the 13th overall pick. Aldon Smith would be a great pick up for us there.

  3. Ryan says:

    The NFL channel on path to the draft, said they think 3-4 Qb’s in he 20. Which could easily place Ponder among them.

  4. Dan says:

    Here’s my current wish list:

    #17 DE Corey Liuget
    #28 OLB Ryan Kerrigan
    #33 C/G Stefen Wisnieski

    Does anyone know if we can trade Mankins, given that he hasn’t signed the franchise tender? Id much rather keep him, but if the guy is adamant about not signing long term for less than top dollar, then perhaps the Pats are best trading him if they can get a good return. Maybe a 1st rounder this year, or a 2012 first plus a mid rounder this year.

  5. CC says:

    Not a bad draft at all.
    I’d say more JJ Watt and Pouncey, these are two of my three that the pat’s should take.
    Pouncey goes without question, Watt would be the best option given what else would be gone for that possition by the time we would pick for it. & The other/third is Castonzo.
    Using the CBS draft projection chart anyway, we are only 14 point’s off the value of all three…
    *2,950 onthe board for all three stating-Watt is projected at 16 worth 1,000. Pouncey is projected at 21, worth 800 and Castonzo is projected 13, worth 1,150. Total is 2,950. We currently have 2936 worth. It is possable…, Hell, I’d throw in a late rounder next year too make it happen. We’d still have four pick’s next year & we walk away with “three Monster pick’s” and see you on the field.

    The best guard in the draft.
    The best OT in the draft.
    and the best DE considering the couple ready gone(but still a great pick and great for us knowing that most below him are far below and have down sides after him).

  6. Jon L. says:

    I don’t agree with Gabbert going to the Bengals because Palmer will be back after he stops pouting about how bad the Bengals are.

  7. Mike Boston says:

    No way Quinn falls to 16, if he falls anywhere out of the top 5 I would trade 17 and 28 move up to 6 grab Quinn and have a wondeful day. Perfect fit for the OLB for us. Plays the run, rushes the passer, freak athlete..he is who we need! I don’t see him making out of the top 5 unfortunately.

    With that said Kerrigan and pouncey would make great additions. I would prefer a OT or DE at the 28 spot though. Overall good mock

    • Doug Kyed says:

      I think Quinn will be an amazing pro, but the brain tumor, his character issues and just the fact that he didn’t play last year will scare teams away. Pass rush/dline/outside linebacker is also incredibly deep this year. While I agree he’s a top 5 talent, there are tons of question marks there.

      I’m also not sure Quinn fits “the Patriot way.” We’ll see though.

      • Ryan says:

        I agree once again with you, I think he will fall. It happens every year, good players fall for “off field issues.” Look at Dan Marino. I guess my comment goes toward trading two picks for ONE. My problem with that is there are SO many good OL – DL- OLB players I would hate to give up a pick in the 1st round espicially for a single player. THis year we a have a unique oppertunity to really make an impact. If we can upgrade both the OL and DL, we are sitting pretty darn good; with a strong young, talented core of players that can play for years to come.

  8. TD says:

    I don’t see Quinn dropping to #17 in any scenario, even if he was living w/Charlie Sheen. There are too many teams in need of a pass rushing athlete in any scheme to pass up another possible Clay Matthews.

  9. Bill says:

    Carolina should choose Kyle Rudolph as the first pick in the draft. Because, unlike Newton, Rudolph will have many productive years in the NFL. And since the Pat’s have the first pick in the second round(where Rudolph should be drafted) Carolina needs to be publically humiliated for their recent draft decisions.

    Does anyone know if the NFL continues to allow a team(Carolina) to not choose a player within their allotted time, yet retain the right to latter choose a player with that draft pick. I remember Dallas did that several years ago. That’s what Carolina should do with the first pick. Because no NFL team wants the first pick in this draft year.

  10. BAMNATION says:

    Not sure we pick Pouncey as a G/C when we could take a top end OT and still have a chance as Wisniewski or Moffit in the 2nd rnd….

  11. Bruschi54 says:

    This would be perfect first round for Pats if they don’t trade out. Still lots of talent at OT and D line with their next 4 selections. I think that Kerrigan & Pouncey are going to be excellent NFL players. Ponder seems to be gaining a lot of attention, but I will still be very surprised to see him go in the top half of round 1. If Carolina and Buffalo take QB’s at 1 & 3, the first round could get crazy. The Bengals, Cardinals, 49ers, Titans, Redskins, Vikings and Dolphins all want QB help in this draft and may trigger a run of panic selections to get Locker, Ponder or Mallett earlier than expected.

  12. Ryan says:

    Another thought, I believe and it may just be my opinion that for the Patriots to have a successful draft we need atleast two QB’s to go before our pick at 17. The problem is that I wouldn’t draft any one of them in the first round, but apparently there is hope.

  13. BILLY C. says:

    This mock actually looks like each team’s needs and the schemes they run were carefully looked at before picking. The only questionable selection I noticed is the Ponder pick going to the Vikings at 12. Although I do believe he’s a rising star and he will have success in the NFL, I do beliieve the Vikes could trade back and still get their guy. I think under this scenario the Patrios would be a great trading partner by switching the 12 for 17 (plus the late 3rd) and go grab Quinn. I just think Quinn is a physical beast who BB would love working with.

    • Ryan says:

      I also believe Ponder is a leap at that point. There are a couple other Qb’s I may even take before him. But I think this draft is pretty dead on. I think if Quinn is that close they will trade for him and the same with Aldon Smith. I also think they may trade up to get Costanzo. Nice mock draft.

    • Doug Kyed says:

      I can understand the thought that Ponder is a reach at 12, but I also feel like its useless to churn out the same mock draft that everyone else does. I’m very high on Ponder and I predict that teams will be as well by the end of this process. I had four QBs going first round in this mock, but I wouldn’t be surprised if five were taken whether its Mallet or Kaepernick.

      • Ryan says:

        Yeah, I did not mean to demean your thought process or your thoughts. I agree, I think there will be a lot of teams moving around this year in the first round. I guess if it were me I’m higher on Mallet than Ponder, but I always have been. I would have to admit a little bias there, as I liked watching him through out the year espically on a team that in my opinion has less talent than that of Ponder. Thats my personal oppinion. But I think we can agree on this, the more quarterbacks taken in the first round will only help out the Patriots.

        • Doug Kyed says:

          Oh absolutely on more QBs taken, the better for the Pats. I also agree we’ll see a lot of trading on draft day, especially if some of those top 8-10 players begin to fall.

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