Aldon Smith Reportedly Working Out for Patriots

Aldon Smith New England

Aldon Smith looks to sack an Oklahoma QB.

Dynamic pass-rushing prospect Aldon Smith (DE/OLB, Missouri) will hold a private workout for the New England Patriots, according to KOMU TV in Missouri. However, other sources are currently disputing this account. NEPD is currently trying to confirm the story independently.

At only 20 years old, Smith is an incredibly talented, if a bit raw, defender that has flashed the athleticism needed to project as a 3-4 outside linebacker in the Patriots system. He is incredibly quick, long, and has a great swim and rip moves.

After a 2009 season that saw Smith absolutely dominate (19 TFL, 11 sacks), his 2010 season was hindered by injuries, including a broken leg. Playing through pain, Smith still totaled 4.5 sacks and 10 tackles for loss. The former Tiger also batted down two passes and made one interception.

Smith (6-4/263) impressed with a 4.7 forty and put up decent numbers in the bench press (20 repetitions) and vertical leap (34″) at the NFL Combine earlier this February.

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31 Responses to “Aldon Smith Reportedly Working Out for Patriots”

  1. Jeff says:

    Too high to take a guy who’s a project coming off injuries. If you want a guy like that go with Greg Romeus or Ricky Elmore. Those guys would come much cheaper than Smith and much less risk. You can likely get them in the late 2nd round and beyond.

    I would bank on Bill taking one higher round OLB prospect and another guy as a project now that Crable busted. He likes to have a project guy around to groom at low risk.

    Elmore, Romeus or Herzlich would be my guesses.

  2. Tony says:

    I just don’t see these long, lean guys as a very good fit in the Pats system. Perhaps if they used him as strictly as a pass rusher it would work, but for pick #17, I would want a player that would be on the field for three downs, or at least two. I know this phrase has been beaten to death, but I just don’t see Smith “setting the edge” in the run game on first and second down. I think they need a guy with a bit more sand in his pants.

  3. Bill S says:

    He ‘s so young and big, it seems he’s going to to grow into a DE. He can probably put on 20+ Lbs in the next couple years. With so many draft choices, BB might take a flyer if he thinks the kid is really special, and use him situationally until he matures.

  4. Tom says:

    I’m not sure why scouts are so big on athleticism for olbs its more important to have strength against these big tackles. Just athleticism isn’t going to work. Unless he fills out I think he’s a potential bust.

  5. Ken W says:

    People either love or hate the idea of drafting Smith. If we do end up drafting him then I will be happy because then BB believes that he can be a great player and I don’t doubt him when it comes to football decisions. If we don’t draft him then Im fine with that because obviously there was to much risk there. But to say a guy is going to be an absolute beast or a huge bust is hard to say because nobody really knows. I do believe that out of all the players in this years draft that Smith is the one that has the biggest boom or bust possibility and he happens to have the skill set that the patriots are lacking right now. So time will tell. In Bill we trust.

    • Ken says:

      I agree with that… if BB goes for Aldon Smith or Quinn because they fall within reach of being drafted (somewhere between 11 and 17) and that’s what BB does… well then he must think a lot of them.

      BB isn’t perfect in his drafts (IE – see the ENTIRE 2006 draft) but he does hit homeruns that most folks don’t see (Mayo, McCourty, Vollmer) until after he picks them.

      • LMAO says:

        ISN’T PERFECT……VERY TRUE. He’s far from perfect…….way, way far from it!

        • Patrick Robb says:

          Laurence Maroney, Brandon Meriweather, Bethel Johnson, Jonothan Wilhite, Terrance Wheatley, Ron Brace, Busts…

          BB isn’t perfect in the draft, but he has been drafting better lately.

        • Jeff says:

          Yeah but if you take into account how bad almost all the other teams did in those drafts then you wouldn’t be singling out BB.

          Those drafts were terrible on talent!

        • Jeff says:

          Also Merriweather, Brace and Wilhite were not busts. Maroney didn’t live up to his draft status but I wouldn’t call him a bust. He was part of a RB by commitee approach so his stats would always be less than other backs. Brace has improved, Merriweather is a 2 time Pro Bowler and Wilhite was a lower round guy who played decent and would be a solid slot corner, but was playing on the outside.

          Johnson and Wheatley were busts the others…I think you need to reevaluate what you’re considering a bust here. McKenzie and Crable were more of busts than most of these guys.

  6. Ken says:

    A 4.7 forty and bench press of 20 repetitions… I don’t consider either “impressive”… more like average at best.

    • John M. says:

      I was thinking the same thing when I saw that. A guy that weighs 260 should be able to bench 225 at least 30 times if he’s a first rounder.

      • Ken says:

        Yup his numbers might drop him to within reach of the Patriots, if BB likes him, he will take him irregardless of numbers or the opinions of others outside of the Organization. Aldon Smith was a ‘sure’ top ten pick that looks like he will be ‘sure’ to be available outside the top 10 now.

      • Big Dan from Maine says:

        Logan Mankins only benched 225 21 times at 6’4″ 307. I think he turned out OK. According to your logic he should have been able to bench 225 50 times. Bench is one of the most overated combine stats.

        Look at all the guys who bench 35 or 40 reps and are total flops. Power in football comes much more from the lower body then the bench. you cant teach speed and quickness.

      • DaveD says:

        I think 20 reps on the bench is fine for a guy with his extremely long arms. Those long arms are great for a pass rusher. This guy is so young, he hasn’t begun to tap his full potential.

  7. Wes W. says:

    I can see where this might make sense for the Patriots to look into; however, Smith is a young player and if he goes to the Patriots there would be no veteran to tutor him. Not too mention the fact that if the Pats are to look into an OLB, I would imagine they would want an OLB that could make an impact immediately.

    • CC says:

      Well said, which is why if they did take him-they’d have to either A/. take another who’s more ready NOW along with em’, and/or B/. make sure they take a veteran from free agnency when it’s available to take one……
      Which knowing they would need one would mean any LB out there thinking of going to the Pat’s through free agency when it can happen could/would make a higher asking price for themselves since they know it’s even more of a need now……..

  8. Yak says:

    Trying to confirm with independent sources? You’ve got to be kidding me. Your “sources” are people who tweet you information, information that is available to everyone. There’s a fine line between blogging and reporting. Bloggers don’t report news, they provide perspective. Try to keep to that.

    • NEPD says:

      I consider Player Agents, Reporters, and SID’s sources. If you don’t, no big deal.

    • Franklin says:

      Where do you think most reporters get their tips right now? Tweeters probably.

      EEI has cited this site as a source on numerous occasions – it’s how I found it.

  9. Jon L. says:

    I find this intriguing. Smith could be what the Pats are looking for in a pass rusher, which they have not been effective at in the last couple of years.

  10. JimC says:

    This guy will be a bust. He is too much of a project player, and not talent enough to play OLB….Can you say Vernon Gloston.

    • Patriots Draft Guru says:

      He may bust as an OLB, but the kid has incredible proven skill at DE. Look for JAX to snag him.

      • Patrick Robb says:

        I think JAX would prefer Kerrigan to Smith because Kerrigan is bigger and would be a better defensive lineman in my opinion.

  11. TD says:

    Yes a conversion project in our defense mean 2-3 years of development. Hell, even one of the top tier guys could sit a year learning.

  12. TD says:

    I think that the next guy that “projects out” to OLB that BB takes in the first round will be the first one. There is going to be too many players that are great athletes that do not project out, but rather already produce at their respective positions in the first round. Projects can always be found later.

    • Bill says:

      I agree. This guy is(at best) a project for his rookie year. But, given the swim and rip moves of this draft project…let’s see if he can swim a mile in YMCA pool before the Pat’s make any long-term draft day decisions. I’m more interested in DL’s an LB’s who can rip a punching bag at a local YMCA.

  13. Tom says:

    I would love to see him here, but his stock is rising and might not be there at 17

    • Ken says:

      Actually his stock is dropping, a month ago he was considered a top 10 lock by most draft nics.

      • Patrick Robb says:

        I disagree. Aldon smith used to be considered a mid to late first round pick and he is now being considered a top round pick. I have fallen in love with this guy. He is extreamly athletic, and can pass rush as well as drop into coverage. We need to either trade up to get Aldon Smith or Robert Quinn.

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