Adrian Clayborn Works Out For Patriots

Adrian Clayborn NFL Draft

Where would Adrian Clayborn fit in the Patriots defense?

According to sources close to the Iowa football program, the New England Patriots recently held a private workout with defensive end Adrian Clayborn.

Clayborn (6-3/285) impressed with 4.7 speed and was explosive in the leaping drills, showcasing a 35.5″ vertical jump. He figures to be the best fit as a 4-3 end, but some scouts believe he could play in the 3-4 as an end or outside linebacker.

Clayborn started the year as a potential top-10 NFL Draft pick, but has fallen down draft boards lately due in part to some concern with an arm injury.

The former Hawkeye was dominant in 2009, racking up 20 TFL and 11.5 sacks. Due to a variety of reasons including scheme and injuries, Clayborn wasn’t quite as productive in 2010, totaling 7 TFL and 3.5 sacks.

Clayborn is currently slated as a late 1st-Round pick.

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24 Responses to “Adrian Clayborn Works Out For Patriots”

  1. Jimmy Freeze says:

    How quickly everyone forgets…!!!
    All of you guys are wrapped up in how excellent it would be to trade picks to have a million next year…

    Do you not remember how a 14-2 team got smoked by the Jets because they lacked the following:

    Stout DE besides Vince

    Any pass rush at all…

    3rd impact CB so they could get off the field on 3rd down/cover the tall WRs that everybody has now.

    OLine that can protect Brady-Light, Koppen and Mankins were cardboard cutouts at times last year.

    Impact offensive threat outside the numbers.

    Brady’s window is closing fast…unless BB is going to draft his replacement this year, he needs to find guys NOW to plug these holes with strong players…I like the picks in the 8.0 Mock because they directly address these specific issues 1 by 1.

  2. rdf63 says:

    Clayborn has faced some character issues in the past which is what the Patriots want to avoid. Kerrigan, Watt or Jordan would be a better 1st round pick. Clayborn has been listed as high as #11 and others think he is a border line late first round to early second round pick. 17 sacks and nearly 200 tackles in his career is impressive but his off the field activities including assault charges and other issues aren’t worth the risk. Consider taking him at #60 but he probably will be gone.

  3. TD says:

    I don’t buy that we take Pouncy in first round. I am no OLine guru, but he always is lumped in with several others in drafts (Wisniewski, Hudson, Moffit). If the grouping are similar in talent and versatility, we can wait until round 2 or 3 to get the same player. If his brother didn’t have success last year, I doubt people would remember his name.

    IMO, BB has DE targeted such as: Jordan, Watt or Heyward, especially Watt and Heyward. Those two can play 5-technique DE and rush the passer. If these guys are not there, I suspect he trades both first rounders.

    • Jared says:

      well,your a Rookie….and you make the pro-bowl over some really good other veterans. help take your team to a super bowl…then you have a twin brother who plays the same position coming out the following season. Shocker his name is mentioned as the top C/G in the draft. i agree in partial to what my man Ryan says…i think they can get away with making O-line lesser of an issue than the D-line. with coaching-(Scarnechia), veterans, and scheme. but Defensively, i dont know how much coaching helps you when its time to take on a double-team. if im the Pats, i go all defense early, Bills’ bread & butter in the draft is O-lineman, Koppen-Light-and Vollmer are all none 1st round pro-bowlers…find another one.

  4. TD says:

    IMO, they use #17 if these DE’s are still there: Watt, Jordan or Heyward, or if a top tier DB is still there like Harris of Fla (we still need a #3 CB). If they are not there I see trading both first rounders.

    We do not need to draft OL’s in first round, we can get top guys to fit OUR zone blocking scheme in 2nd & 3rd round: OT Gilbert, Carpenter; interior: Wisnewski, Hudson, Bolling, Moffitt. Watkins would be a development guy since he played LT at Baylor.

    With all the teams that need QB’s, our 1st rounders and/or #33 could command premium picks in this and next years draft. You will know there will be a new CBA coming soon when BB trades a pick for something next year. I think he can trade #17 or 28 for a first rounder next year with a team that ends up with a top 10 pick in 2012, ie: Arizona, Cincy, Tenn, Denver.

    • CC says:

      **Pouncey is a guy you take in the first. Especially since he also has center playing experiance as well, who will then be tutored more by Koppen regarding the shotgun which Pouncey himself has worked on much since he know’s he lack’s in that one specific area at center. He can play guard and sub in for Center at times for Koppen who’s turning 32 soon and will be gone soon and will need a replacment, POUNCEY can play “two” specific possition’s never mind playing on either side for thre one possition.
      His versatility, genes and proven ability states he’s going in the first like it or not; and “he’ll be worth it”!
      Also a guy like ****Castonzo also very worth a first round pick, especially in our case where were basically from the get go missing three O-line pieces from the start……… and two other will not be here much longer.

      So are you saying you want talent that will actually fill the shoes & NOT DOWN GRADE or are you saying you do want the sub par/project’s/value type to fill the shoes? Clearly, you shouldn’t accept all of one side verses the other. I would without question take Pouncey and Castonzo who are O-line guy’s in the 1st if the op came up.

      *Agreed on your other examples of potential’s later like; Winsnewski, Moffitt or other’s, but POUNCEY & Castonzo if can be gotten would be a MAJOR MISTAKE letting them go by or not moving specifically up a few slot’s too take them in front of another team.

      • Ryan says:

        I agree I like both of those players. But I guess here is my opinion and it may not be worth much. I feel like if there is ONE area where we can get buy with ONE good guy and a few DECENT guys its the O-Line. We have a great coach, and great scouting at the position and I think this draft is deep OT not necessarily C. So maybe take Pouncey, and grab a DE at the other position. I just feel like we can get away because of scheme the Patriots run. I also think either Mankins or Light well resign, which leaves like 2 spots. That my two cents.

  5. JimC says:

    Forget all these DE and OLB wanna be’s. The patriots will draft smart and take a LT/RT at # 17 and trade # 28 or Trade # 17 and stay at #28 and draft a LT/RT. The Patriots have 6 picks in the top 100, this is way too many to make this current roster.

    • JMC says:

      Even with some of the problems on defense, I don’t think it’s inconceivable that they take 2 OLs in the first three picks, if that’s where (they think) the value is in that part of the draft is.

    • TD says:

      I don’t think the DE’s they may see at 17 are wanna be’s. The projected OLB’s are another story. We can get equally good “projects” for OLB in rounds 2-4, rather than expend a first rounder for one, ie: Aldon Smith, Kerrigan or Brooks Reed.

    • Ryan says:

      I really dont think they are that many DE wannabes here. To be honest, from what I’ve seen and/or read this is one of the best DE drafts in the past few years. OLB is another story.

    • CC says:

      6 pick’s in the top 100 not being able to put a roster sopt on…………????

      Neal-Guard, GONE. = roster spot,
      Kazur-Tackle, GONE. = roster spot,
      Missing DE = roster spot,
      Missing OLB = roster spot…….That’s four out of six that are guarantee’s.
      ***Logan Mankin’s-paperwork….UNSIGNED!! Guard = roster spot.
      Moving on to your other’s……….Take your pick of the following that may suite you……….Koppen is turning 32 and on the decline= roster spot,
      Matt Light is now older and on the decline, + a free agnent and if he stay’s- he’ll only be here for a small contract = roster spot,

      No deep type threat, once Moss was gone Welker’s #’s declined rapidly……..There is “Nobody” to burn the outside. Tate is not a “Starter” in any Pro respect…….WR needed = You guessed it…………………roster spot.

      Getting rid of both Taylor and Morris along with also needing insurance for the Woody and Law Firm tandom, as well as putting something there that isn’t so predictable…………. mean’s needing another RB = roster spot….


      • Ryan says:

        I guess your analysis is fine, if you consider that their back ups are “worthless” and/or not worthy of filling that position. I’m not disagreeing with you on those open sports, but we also have young guys in the wings waiting to prove themselves. I’m sure we will be taking quite a few OL this year.

      • bb says:

        As Ryan said, we have quality back-ups for the o-line, Mankins is going under the franchise tag, nobody will pay Matt light enough to leave NE, Connolly did fine as a guard, Vollmer can play right or left tackle, we traded for that kid from the Panthers that was a back-up guard last season( can’t remember his name off hand, but statrted with a Q), 1 OLB and 1 DE is what we really need first, Granted Tate isn’t what they thought he would be, but still a good special teamer. Taylor Price in the times we have seen him play ( Pre-season and week 17 ) was actually very good, he caught everything thrown to him with the exception of uncatchable balls by Hoyer. So WR isn’t a huge concern. Rb we can draft Todman late in the 2nd round or mid 3rd round, that covers RB. I have us drafting a DE at #17, #28 traded for a 2012 1st round pick, OT #33???, OLB #60, next pick in the 3rd round RB, #92 CB. 5 picks in the first 3 rounds. I don’t see them drafting another WR, they will address that next year.

  6. TD says:

    Getting a big guy like this to lose and keep off 15-20 pounds and play OLB is like asking Butler to cover Edwards like a blanket. This guy would be brought in to play DE.

  7. CC says:

    Kerrigan is by far a better pick. Claybourn is more of a prospect, someone who “IF” he stay’s in shape and “IF” he can graps the concept/playbook “may” be usefull, but as a whole I don’t see him being worth but 1/2 of what ppl would like to say he is. Hopefully his unjury status wouldn’t also be re-occuring.
    Again, he’s a prospect, he’ll need way too much shaping and molding before he becomes any kind of staple in the line up.
    get someone who’s ready now and has future ptential and stability.

    • JMC says:

      Kerrigan will probably be gone at 28. I think Clayborn is research on a what if scenario.

    • TD says:

      I think some of these bigger names like Clayborn are looked at closer because they may be sitting there at #17 and BB wants to cover all bases.

  8. PFP says:

    IF, and it is a big IF, You get Clayborn down close to 270 his 40, 10yrd split, SS, 3C, and jumping drills formulated with his overall mass would land him right in between the likes of Lamaar Woodley and Tamba Hali.

    Comparing his production also lands him in the middle of those two players.

    That’s pretty good OLB company to be in.

    He played far Superior last season playing on the outside at DE than he did with a bunch of work on the inside at DT facing doubles this past season.

  9. Wes W. says:

    I like the idea of the Patriots taking Clayborn with one of their draft picks, but not entirely sure if he would fit the Patriots defense and what they are trying to do. In terms for the OLB position, I believe that the Pats will go after Martez Wilson or Ryan Kerrigan for the OLB position because of how effective they are as OLBs. Both of them have pretty good football minds and the work ethic needed to become effective the Pat’s defense. Plus they are a bit more versatile in what they can do and very little off-field issues.

  10. Ryan says:

    Do not take him, I was born and bread a Hawkeye and have been a hawkeye for the last 24 years of my life. And I have seen him play every game he has every played in, and some games more than once. He is not even the best Hawkeye in the draft, you want a real Hawkeye, look a Christian Ballard. He was a convert TE, he is fast big and has not even reached his potential yet. Not only that I don’t think he has half the character issues as Clayborn. This is all my opinion and as you can see I feel very strong about it.

    • Patriots Draft Guru says:

      Have to disagree. Ballard is a specimen, but can’t find the ball. Clayborn is a BEAST when healthy. His perceived character issues are not a concern to most.

      • Ryan says:

        I’m unimpressed, and as a fan I was completely let down by him this season. Yes he was double teamed, but he had 7 less sacks than he did the season before. In my mind you want a player to rise, to become better, in some way shape or form. I hope I’m wrong, but as of right now my faith in AC, is little.

        As for Ballards ball skills, they had the same amount of sacks this season, and a similar amount of tackles of their careers. I believe he has far more upside.

  11. Bill says:

    Clayborn arrived at the Combine overweight. He will never be drafted by the Pat’s. He’ll be lucky if he is a 2nd round pick.

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