2011 Patriots Mock Draft 5.0

Delone Carter NFL Draft

Can this Syracuse RB be a fit for the Patriots?

Now that the combine is in the past, we have legitimate measurables and a better understanding of where NFL coaches and GM’s project the 2011 prospects to play at the next level.

With that in mind, expect a major shake-up in this edition of our Patriots NFL Mock Draft.

1st Round (OAK)

The Patriots defense has relied on 1st round talent at the defensive line position for ages. In 2010, however, they had to go all the way down to 7th rounders and beyond. Luckily for them, the 2011 NFL Draft is absolutely stocked with great defensive linemen.

JJ Watt (DL, Wisconsin) is our pick here for the Patriots. He brings the tenacity, motor, and winning attitude needed to return New England to the lofty altitudes of a decade ago. Watt is incredibly long, athletic, and has the speed to get to the pass-rusher.

Much has been made of Watt’s association with Tom Condon, an agent that has angered the Patriots front office before. (See Watson, Ben)  The Patriots haven’t picked a Condon client since, although we feel that the right player like Watt could break that trend.

Cam Jordan, Muhammad Wilkerson, or an OLB convert like Robert Quinn or Aldon Smith, could be options if they are available.

1st Round
Speaking of Muhammad Wilkerson (DL, Temple), if he is still available late in the 1st round, we don’t think that Bill Belichick would hesitate for a second to double up on DE’s.

The value in this draft lies in the DL’s, and as we’ve established earlier, it certainly fits a major need for the Patriots. Ty Warren’s health isn’t guaranteed, and Marcus Stroud and Gerard Warren are certainly on the tail-end of their careers. Ron Brace could be an option at 5-technique, but he has been inconsistent at best. Brandon Deaderick was suspender for part of the year.

Wilkerson is a natural 5-technique, with the requisite size and experience playing in a two-gap system. He is very athletic, but still can refine his technique. In addition, both Wilkerson and Watt start a “W”, which we all know is a must for Patriots linemen lately.

2nd Round (CAR)
After upgrading the pass-rush through the defensive line, the offensive line is probably the next area of need. Derek Sherrod (OL, Mississippi State) is the smooth Matt Light-clone that the Patriots need to be able to keep Sebastian Vollmer dominating at right tackle.

If the Patriots want to move Vollmer, a prospect that can play RT like Gabe Carimi, Nate Solder, or Anthony Castonzo might still be available at this point in the draft.

2nd Round
Even with improving their defensive front, the outside linebackers need some more quality, as Tully Banta-Cain and Rob Ninkovich are more suited for backup roles.

Sam Acho (DE/OLB, Texas) would provide the sort of versatile pass-rush that is needed to complement Jermaine Cunningham. Acho is a very smart kid and a good athlete. His intelligence and football smarts should help him have an impact earlier in his career than most rookies under Bill Belichick.

Brooks Reed (DE/OLB, Arizona) and Justin Houston (DE/OLB, Georgia), while they will probably be off the board by now, could be trade up targets if the Patriots want to go their way.

3rd Round (MIN)
There is a ton of uncertainty regarding the OG position, with a possibility of the Patriots losing three former starters this off-season (Mankins, Neal, Kaczur).

Clint Boling (OL, Georgia) is a versatile lineman that has played all four non-center offensive line positions in his career. He excels in the phone-booth and moves well on pulls and screens.

Boling also fits the Belichick guard mold as being primarily a college LT.

3rd Round
The Patriots have rarely gone a whole draft without selecting a defensive back. After hitting last year with Devin McCourty, Ahmad Black (DB, Florida) seems like a likely target for the New England front-office to consider.

He is a special-teams demon who plays the game with an incredible amount of determination. Black certainly isn’t the biggest, strongest, or fastest safety out there, but very few reach his level of production.

4th Round
The Patriots need some youth and depth at the RB position, but the value at that position isn’t in the first two rounds with Mark Ingram and Mikel Leshoure. Delone Carter (RB, Syracuse) is a 3-down back that has all the skills necessary to excel in the Patriots system.

He has had some issues away from the football field, however. If that scares away the Patriots, Shane Vereen (RB, Cal), Demarco Murray (RB, Oklahoma), or Jordan Todman (RB, UConn) could all be available within striking distance for this pick.

5th Round
Cheta Ozougwu (DE/OLB, Rice) is another option to try at ROLB. He looked very smooth at the Shrine Game and doing the LB drills at the combine.

6th Round
Much is often made of the Kirk Ferentz – Bill Belichick connection. That said, only Mike Elgin (OL, 7th Round) has ever been drafted from Iowa. Julian Vandervelde (OG, Iowa) might be the guy to change that.

Vandervelde has very good technique and is another great leader with both book and football smarts.

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70 Responses to “2011 Patriots Mock Draft 5.0”

  1. Rockdog says:

    The only thing dumber thanprojecting a DE to the Patriots is projecting 2 in the first round. That is the absolute dumbest projection I’ve seen. Who in the hell has the Wilkerson fetish at this place anyway.

  2. Ken says:

    I believe either Watt or Wilkerson could be picked at the spots you have them going to the Patriots.

    However I would be totally shocked to see them both picked.

    Even if they wanted to, I think BB would try and let Wilkerson slip to #33 and grab him there.

    Considering the how D-line looks bad, but the O-line looks worse, I could see them going Solder at #17 or Pouncey at #28. I just think it’s unlikely they will ignore the O-line with their first three picks.

  3. Robes says:

    I’d REALLY like for out draft to go like this…

    1a. Aldon Smith
    1b. Muhammad Wilkerson
    2a. Torrey Smith/Mikel Leshoure
    2b. Best Available OL
    3a. Dontay Moch
    3b. Best Available CB
    Didn’t really research very far into rounds 4-7… Sorry…
    I really respect those guys… Tom Brady was a sixer! If only we could get another player of that caliber in round 6 at OLB…..

  4. mike says:

    I’m huge on Cam Jordan. This guy is incredibly fluid. He is around 290 at the draft and ran a 4.7 . He doesnt look like he has an ounce of fat on him. My god, he has incredibly defined muscles.

    Btw, whoever said Jordan is a 43 guy , you obviously dont know who Jordan is. He played his entire collegiate career in a legite 34 system in Cal. He is incredibly athletic and versatile. BB would be drooling with the possibilities Jordan brings onto the table. He MIGHT be versatile enough to play OLB , he can shed weight just as easily according to him. He clearly has the speed.

    Anyway, one can only hope he does not get taken before 17 th. This kid is a baller. To be perfectly honest I like him even more than Quinn, as incredible athlete as Quinn is. This may be just opinion, but my god, watch him in the combine. Durinmg the interview, this kid sounds like a winner and a competitor, this is also shown through his workouts.

    Also do you guys know about Chris Carter? ESPN said he is a great second round player who plays 34. AND he is from foresno state, PLUS he is coached now by our own Wilie Mcginest! I dont know anything about this kid beyond that. Any thoughts?

    • McTash says:

      Jordan would be a great choice but IMO Quinn is the best in the draft

      Have no info on Carter.

  5. larry says:

    The Pats will draft 1 OLB/DE and 1 Def End and 3 Off Linemen and 1 Safety with their first 6 picks………..If Mankins gets traded for a #1 or #2 pick they will add a RB or Wideout to that mix…………..

  6. McTash says:

    I also am against drafting a WR who only will sit behind all the others already on board and don’t forget those two guys named Hernandez and Gronchoski. WR’s were NOT the reason the Patriots lost to the Jets nor was it the Jets secondary or defensive schemes. It was poor pass protection, which hurried and frazzled Brady. The OL with Neal retired, Mankins a possible hold out and Light a free agent needs major upgrades. O could see the first 5 picks spent on two OL, two DL and an OLB. After that a big RB and then CB and then best players available to strengthen special teams.

    • DWE says:

      The jet’s did a pretty good job of x-ing out our TE’s in that game…..

      The dropped passes, which there were a few of didn’t help at all.

      As far as the pick’s…….your right about the need of the O-line. & letting Pouncey get away is just plane stupid.
      This is a pick worth and needing of moving up and after grabbing (hopefully) JJ Watt with the #17 pick; Pouncey is the wat 2go.

      We’ll also need the best OT around, and I’ll Take Anthony Castonzo out of B/C for that.

      *Watt, *Pouncey and *Castonzo, all day long.
      We walk away with these three and a TBC replacement…… I’m happy.
      The rest can be a crap shoot for all I care. But i’d definetly grab these three first off, and I’d definetly prefer 2c them grab another OG and another OT.
      (The best one of each and a second of each no matter who the second one is)
      The O-line is hurting…..bad.

  7. TD says:

    I don’t understand the call for Torrey Smith by others; he would come in here and be behind Tate and Price trying to learn the position in this offense. I read pundits saying we need a “speed” receiver after 1, I repeat 1 loss. We have speed receivers and had the best one the NFL has probably ever had.

    IMO, we don’t need speed receivers or someone to “take the top off the defense”, we need receivers that can fight press coverage, run precise routes, get open and catch the damn ball when TB throws it to them.

    • Phil says:

      I agree TD!! One reason why i would love Fitz if we could send Mankins and a pick for him…the right combination of size, speed, athleticism, and passion. Not too mention his intelligence. I am not keen on either Torrey or Baldwin. Wasn’t too impressed with any of the WR’s short of Green and Jones. I think Taylor Price may have a breakout year if we don’t sign/trade a bigger, more established WR.

      And, “pats”, you know nothing! LOL…i watched almost every game that Houston played this season (at least as long as i could stomach being a UGA fan) and the guys tape is not that impressive. Consistency is something i think BB looks for and i don’t think that is Justin. Granted sometimes he looks dominant but then he others he is invisible. I think Kerrigan would look good in a Pats uniform…freakish athlete with a good motor and the resume to prove he knows how to get to the QB. I hope we end up with him somehow.

      • Pats Fan says:

        I don’t know why everybody keeps saying that we don’t need a WR. If you look in the NFL, pretty much every team has a WR who can stretch the field. The Steelers have Mike Wallace, the Packers have Greg Jennings, and the Jets have Braylon Edwards. Getting a WR and pairing him up with 2 great TEs would make our offense unstoppable.

        Phil, I don’t understand when you say Houston is inconsitent. This guy has been getting better every year. 2.5 sacks his first year, 7.5 the next year, and 10 sacks this year. I think he would be a perfect fit across Cunningham to blitz the QB.

        • mike says:

          This whole notion of stretching the field is too overly used and overrated. Patriots super bowl winning teams never had this stretch the field bs.

  8. Pats Fan says:

    Don’t think we really need 2 DEs.
    Here’s how I hope our draft goes:

    Round 1 Pick 17: Traded for 24 and 3rd Round6
    Round 1 Pick 24: Justin Houston, OLB
    Round 1 Pick 28: Gabe Carimi, OT
    Round 2 Pick 33: Torrey Smith, WR
    Round 2 Pick 60: Traded with 3rd for Pick 40
    Round 2 Pick 40: Muhammed Wilkerson, DE
    Round 3 Pick 74: Jordan Todman, RB
    Round 3 Pick 90: John Moffit, OL
    Round 4: Clint Boling, OL/ Joe Lefegd (?), S
    Round 5: Chykie Brown, CB
    Round 6: Tyrod Taylor, QB

  9. PatsFan401 says:

    What do you guys think of the RB from Conn. Todman? He looks to be a 3rd or 4th rounder in the draft

    • Ryan says:

      I think he maybe a little small for me 5-9. Looking at some film, he looks like he can get around the edge. He has good hands, he can block and he doesn’t fumble. I had to discount his stats this year, against good teams he was getting 3-4 yds per carry. I think he may be a good late round option though espicially because Bill has had to see his video. It would be interesting to see how he would do with a good OL.

  10. Rex's wifes feet says:

    I wish we could trade up and draft Quinn but i dont see it happening with how deep the OLB and DL is this year. I would be happy if our draft looked like this:
    17-JJ Watt/Cam Jordan/Cam Heyward
    28-Kerrigan/justin Houston(Houston looks like a poor mans quinn+ and Kerrigan looks like a burnette clay mathews haha)
    33-Wesnieski/jon baldwin
    then draft RB Kendall hunter (wicked underrated), and OL with the rest of the picks

  11. Ryan says:

    Here is kind of what I was thinking: Granted no position numbers but I expect Bill to move around
    Aldon Smith/Ryan Kerrigan
    Marvin Austin/Christian Ballard
    Brandon Harris/I-Dowling
    Greg Jones/Saine/Vereen

    This is how I see the draft kind of going any thoughts?

  12. TD says:

    It’s also possible we get a 4th/5th round supplemental for Ben Watson’s year he had at Clev. This pick cannot be traded.

  13. TD says:

    It’s hard to say how BB sees the DL’s in place now, but I’m sure he would not bypass a quality DL in the draft, we just have no way of knowing who he likes, I would like Jordan, Watt or Heyward.
    There’s no way he gets rid of all the picks in rounds 4-7, that’s where he always picks up guys like Koppen, Hernandez, Edelman, Sanders and a guy named Brady.
    Not sure who’s ready next to come out of the Dante OLine factory, but it looks like we need one or two linemen; OT and G/C.

  14. kevin says:

    Rnd 1 cameron jordan/jj watt
    rnd 1 anthony castanzo/nate solder/ gabe carimi
    rnd 2 jon baldwin/ben ijalana/martez wilson/stefen wisniewski
    rnd 2 trade/rodney hudson/marvin austin/danny watkins
    rnd 3 trade/drake nevis/clint boling
    rnd 3 trade/dontay moch/ demarcus vandyke
    rnd 4 trade/jeremy beal/greg romeus
    rnd 5 trade
    rnd 6 trade

    • kevin says:

      if the patriots can pick up one of the elite DL’s in the first round along with one of the elite tackles, convert martez wilson to an OLB and possibly pick up Moch as an OLB, find a guard or two in the later rounds and trade any pick where a player they’re targeting isn’t available for a 2012 pick. This would give them the ability to trade mankins, or at worse soften the blow if he doesn’t sign his tender and the new CBA allows him to leave.

  15. Joe Blake says:

    Stroud negates the need to draft a nose t. Neal retirement accelerates need to draft an O lineman at 17; with 28 and 33, BB will use to improve front 7.

  16. Stevie G says:

    would absolutely love this draft except for 2 things. switch 2nd rounds w/Brooks(i believe this kid is a pro bowler) at 33 n an ot later in round. no Black. s from Rutgers(Lefeged), much better fit. this would be an A draft.

  17. McTash says:

    Nice fantasy draft if it came true but past mocks seem more realistic not only with Patriots picks but all picks.

    Who the hell is pats says? Not only is he or she extremely negative but his ignorance only is exceeded by his arrogance. Take your attitude elsewhere. This is for fun and enjoyment.

  18. TD says:

    I like Pouncey and Kerrigan. The more I see Kerrigan, the more he looks like Clay Matthews in our defense. Why is an edge setter so important? BB had LT for most of his career and he was not an edge setter by any stretch.

    • Bruschi54 says:

      I am on board with Kerrigan at 17, Pouncey at 28, Taylor or Wilkerson at 33, best available OT at 60, skill guys in 3rd – 4th round.

      • JMC says:

        Will Pouncy be there at 28? The Ravens might take a hard look at him. If not, do you take him at 17 and take best available LB or DL or OL at 28 and 33 or do you take Kerrigan at 17 and hope for the best?

  19. JMC says:

    I like the Wilkerson pick but I like Pouncy in the first round if he is available. I also think Kerrigan is a good pick in the first round. I don’t think Castonzo will be available at 33 or Boling at 74. This would be a hell of a rookie class if they could bring it all together but it seems over optimistic.

    • Ryan says:

      Pouncey or T. Smith, I know he has him going earlier but if you remember last year Bryan Bulaga was thought to go top 5 or top 10 and fell to the Packers. Also, I just noticed that Neal is retiring. Our OL could really be in trouble with Light (not resigned), Kaczur(uncertain), Mankings(not accepting his tender and now Neal (retiring).

      • JMC says:

        I agree, this team needs a O-Guard. The problem in the playoffs the last two years has been (more the) OL than the defense (although the defense needs to improve for them to go deeper).

        I think Light will be a Patriot.

        The book on DT Taylor is that he dosen’t work hard and gets over weight-

  20. Dan says:

    What about Curtis Brown out of Texas? He’s got great ball skills, and could be steal later on in the draft, possibly around 3rd round-4th round.

    I agree with most of this draft, but I’m not quite sure about Watt at 17. I think Ryan Kerrigan would be a great fit as a pass rushing OLB in the pats scheme, and he could be available at that pick.

  21. iceman says:

    Keep and eye on TJ Johnson out of TCU. I know we have a lot of saftey’s but after loading up on OLB/OL/DL early in the draft I feel we could use an impact SS. He is in the mold of Laywer Milloy in that he is a smart film room junkie who is like a coach on the field. I wouldn’t see BB surprised to take him in the 3rd round to upgrade the position after watching Merriweather struggle and Chung miss a few games with injury

  22. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    I’d love for Quinn or Aldon Smith to fall, but Watt and Wilkerson would be bookends for 10 years.

    Is “Pats” Ron Borges?

  23. Ryan says:

    I guess people aren’t even allowed to have an opinion, at least according to pats. So I might not even list my comments. Pats if your so sure of yourself and your picks, who are the Patriots going to pick with their first 6 picks?

    • CoachBill says:

      Amen. Don’t worry about that fool – let’s see the picks. You’ve been here forever.

    • pats says:

      maybe you can point to where i said that

      if criticism annoys you, you should avoid posting in general

      • Ryan says:

        I see if that is what you call criticism then I think you should consult a dictionary.

        “Putting Cam Newton and Jake Locker as first round QB picks discredits the mock draft. It shows very little understanding of what goes into the position.”

        Is this criticism? Doesn’t sound like it to me.

        Furthermore, I think everyon is entitled to an opinion one that isn’t subject to your badgering. Perhaps since you are so clearly good at watching film why not call Bill up and tell him you can do his job.
        Lastly, before you continue to waste my time and post a response to this comment. Just dont respond and keep you senseless degrading incompetent remarks to yourself.

  24. TD says:

    I think BB is taking care of the DLine so that he can try to get top OLB’s and/or OL’s in the draft, or if a real prize slips down into our laps.

    • pats says:

      he needs to have more available bodies than positions because players can get injured and go on IR

      • Error2355 says:

        they do not need anymore DLinemen, after everyone comes back from injurys their rotation would look like this…

        DE: Mike Wright, Ty Warren, Marcus Stroud, Gerald Warren, Brandon Deaderick, and Myron Pryor

        NT: Vince Wilfork, Ron Brace, and Kyle Love

        DL is not a priority: OLB, OL, WR, CB are more of a priority, hell getting a backup QB is more of a priority

      • Ryan says:

        Warren isn’t under a contract, Deadrick had a suspension, and Pryor hasn’t been able to stay healthy. Wright still hasn’t been cleared to play, hell he just started practicing this week from his injury.

        Ron Brace is not good.

        Not only that, there may be 3-4 legitimate starters in that entire group you just listed. It may be time to get a three down player.

        If we were to draft based on how we thought the lineup would be at the beginning of the season. Then we would not have needed McCourty. The point being it may seem good now, but it can get ugly fast.

      • CC says:

        BB need’s more bodies – because he’s too used 2 “SHIFTING” ppl around so much as “fill in’s” -way too much. BB need’s “more bodies” because they’re constantly injuring themselves playing out of possition instead of steadily being where they actually need to be.
        He need’s “more bodies” because he refuses to pay for talent that can and will last.
        He need’s “more bodies” because not many ppl want to play in New England anymore because of the way they(the player’s) have been treated.
        He need’s “more bodies” because he’s “stuck” with having too use “more bodies”. More 1/2 way’s, and more sub par talent.

        He need’s “more bodies” because everything is “Value” or rather…….. “quantity” VS……QUAILITY…………………Hate 2 Say.

        When you constently pass up on ppl like DEZ BRYANT and / or CLAY MATHEWS…….makes you wonder?
        The Pat’s were almost the WORST in giving up point’s to the oponent, if not the worst period for giving them up at the worst possable time!
        I’m thinking if Dez Bryant and Clay Mathews had a Patriot jersey on, this “worthless best regular season record” (which by the way they only have because the rest of the NFL teams basically let BB and the gang drink their own kool-aid), would without question be Superbowl ring number 4…..and that’s not counting the one given away to payton manning’s little sister a few years back.

        Dez Bryant & Clay Mathew in a Patriot jersey like they should be = Superbowl.

        Constant Value picking just mean’s…… you get blown out in the play-off’s,…..YET AGAIN, and that you need………..wait for it………..wait for it……………………………………… “more bodies”. Just Sayin’.

      • NEPD says:

        [sics all over] “The Pats were almost the WORST in giving up points to the opponent.”

        The Patriots ranked 8th in scoring defense, so anyways…

  25. pats says:

    Combine results are nice but remember Vernon Gholston. If game film does not verify combine, DO NOT PICK. I don’t have access to film the NFL clubs have on players but from what little I have access to

    Justin Houston if his film verifies spectacular combine result. he appeared decent in films i have seen.

    Phil Taylor if his film proves him to be capable starter who can play any DL position. combine showed excellent lower body strength for his weight. doesn’t seem to have obesity problem.

    Carimi good lower body strength

    Solder good lower body strength

    Brandon Harris shows a sixth sense in locating ball and using his hands. reminds me of revis somewhat. he can tackle well also.

    • JMC says:

      The book on Taylor is that he gets over weight because he dosen’t work hard.

      • pats says:

        the key is that obesity isn’t an uncontrollable medical problem. many people out there work hard and still can’t lose weight. others eat foods too dosed with chemicals. like all players you have to assess their mental make up

  26. pats says:

    I think almost all the above picks are clearly not talented enough or a right fit for Pats.

    Wilkerson does not show good lower body strength.

    Watt is more a fit for a 4-3. When was the last time the patriots chose someone under 300 pounds for their DL. He needs to add about 20 more pounds so would take at least a year of development.

    sam acho does not show good lower body strength. his film does not look impressive either.

    assuming justin houston is second round after combine is ridiculous. if houstons game film plays up to his combine, he will easily be first round. houston had the better gqame film of most of the OLB’s i seen. houston was even more athletic than aldon smith and quinn.

    3rd or later … who cares

    • Jeff says:

      Agree about Watt…would love to get Houston. Phil Taylor and Houston in the first round would have me happy.

    • Patriots Draft Guru says:

      “3rd or later… who cares”

      Aaron Hernandez, Dan Koppen, and Tom FREAKING Brady care.

      • John says:

        What about Asante Samuel who went with the 120th pick in the 4th round. The pats always find at least 1 gem per year after the 2nd round.

      • pats says:

        getting hits on first and second round is more important,

        third and later rounds a team has more room for busts

        if not enough room on roster the later round picks are likely to get waived

    • PatsFan401 says:

      Dude, Houston is more athletic than Quinn and Smith?? Please set me up with your dealer bcuz you haveto be on good stuff, just no crack please. What are you basing this off? Combine, footage, etc??

      • pats says:

        basic combine tests measures football athleticism. houston was by far much stronger,

        athleticism isn’t everything, you have instinct. technique and body mechanics (which can be viewed a little in position drills), motor and mentality on field

        due to lack of available game film, it is difficult to be definitive about how well players will play on field

    • DWE says:

      I agree with that.
      None of them really hit a spark with me – except for JJ Watt.

      Personally, I’d grab Watt with that #17 pick, I’m good with that.
      But after that…. I’d sew up the O-line so Brady doesn’t get crushed.

      JJ Watt at #17….sure, we need and could use him, and he should be there at our first pick with the #17…..

      After that i’d trade up and make sure that OG Mike Pouncey didn’t get away & also that, OT Castonzo out of B/C did not get away. Letting these guy’s get away after loosing Neal, Kazur, and having Light and mankins 1/2 out the door is stupid. Get the best Guard and best Ot there is, and get a second of each possition.

      Assuming of course that Matt Light and logan mankins is still around, the next hit would be a Tully Banta Cane replacment.

      If we can’t afford to pull in a Von Miller Type off the bat, and the rest are sketchy and too raw – as some are, I’d pull in LB Mark Herzlich, I think he’d do and be great around guy’s like Nink.

      Follow it up with another Guard, another Tackle, and another CB. and be done with it.

      But Watt, Pouncey and Castonzo are without question.

  27. Mike says:

    I would love to see the Patriots get Cam Jordan. Does NEPD think there is anyway he could play some OLB in certain situations, a la Willie Mcginest. He has prototypical size 6’5, weight 270 and speed 4.70. Imagine him setting the edge!

    • NEPD says:

      He has the size/speed, but not sure he has the fluidity to play there all 3 downs. Would be interesting to see him try it.

    • pats says:

      Cam Jordan is 4-3 guy. Too Light for Patriots

      • CoachBill says:

        Bill Belichick never drafts LB’s in the 1st round. (Oh wait, Mayo) Patriots only want high-character guys. (Oh wait, Dillon, Moss, etc…)


  28. CC says:

    After loking at the roster and seeing the issues;
    I was laughed at when I was back home just before the year started(in the Wrentham, Franklin, Medfield area),……& knowing the CBA crap was coming just like they did up in the front office as well………?
    The boy’s shoulda just winged it a little, made it look somewhat respectable of course, let it be known in not so many word’s that “this was a re-building year”, and bogged out a little!!!

    Theyda’ made all of these pick’s this year worth literally “”Twice”” what they currently are now!!!
    & we’d be sitting abosolutely “JEWEL LIKE”.

    Nevermind the fact that all this “VALUE” talent we have/had – wouldn’t be so banged up and injured as they are………..

    **How would: #12 and #17 VS #17 & 28,
    #33 and #44 VS #33 & 60,
    #74(MOSS) & #76 VS #74(MOSS) & 92,
    Nevermind #108 VS #124,
    #140 VS #156,
    and the Saint’s#186 Saint’s#186.

    *and what we traded away for player’s like Branch wouldn’t have been as high as a pick traded away due to the actual value’s either.

    I’m thinkin’ #12 and #17 in round 1,
    #1 and # 12 in round 2,
    #10 and #12 in round 3,
    #12 in round 4,
    #12 in round 5,
    # 26 in round 6.
    Would be looking Mightey Fricken’ Nice right about now being we really need and could use:

    2 Guard’s,
    1 OT,
    1 DE
    1 DL,
    1 OLB
    1 de/olb Hybrid,
    1 CB,
    1 Power RB
    1 WR.

    • BILLY C. says:

      Are you kidding me! The CBA had nothing to do with last year. The team was trying to win and ended up with the best regular season record. You aren’t just being laughed at back home but you’re being laughed at everywhere else!

      • CC says:

        Yah and having #12 pick’s this year instead of #28’s… combined with the other’s wouldn’t be better with all that this team need’s, which is alot more than ppl still think. Including replacing all the sub-par value talent with stabilitizing NFL talent.
        Best regular season record mean’s nothing when your “once again” BLOWN OUT IN THE PLAY-OFF’S. Doesn’t mean much when 1/2 your “Value” talent is out with severe injuries along with much of your starter’s injured and getting rickity, going elswhere and/or retiring.
        Good luck replacing 1/2 the team which is what need’s to happen too get back into the realm of what used to be.
        Many that laughed before the begining of the year when i said they should just bogg out this year and be smart now say I was right.

        With everything that’s happened and gone on, injuries, and sub-par ppl like Tate, Arrington, Wilhite and so many more to mention, they would have loved for us to just bogg out, get some practice for the rookies, citualtional’s and value player’s, knowing that we’d have in short all top ten style pick’s accross the board.

        But what do I know, Hey maybe I’ll send ya’ a copy of my dated SD card from the Playstation2 NFL game where I always tossed lawyer Malloy for Rodny Harrison, Dumped Curtis Martin for Cory Dillon, tradeed for Teddy Washington, and tagged Junior Seau & Rosevelt Colvin as well…….
        Long before any of them were here. but what do i know about the differance between player’s like that, and player’s like Brandon tate and the rest?????
        With do respect if ppl like Brandon tate and Kyle Arrington and Tully Banta Cain, & Wilhite are still your choices and your good with em…………….Cool, Keep drinkin the Kool-Aid Guy.

  29. pats says:

    Putting Cam Newton and Jake Locker as first round QB picks discredits the mock draft. It shows very little understanding of what goes into the position. It seems so many drafts mindlessly copy one another. Sort of like the blind leading the blind. Most mock drafts are like a pile of garbage.

    Cam Newton is built to be NFL TE assuming he has decent hands. He is worth taking in first round as TE. I would let Cam know that he sucks as QB before I drafted him and that he understands. QB – No Way Jose. It would require a miracle. While he is playing TE, I’d let Cam live out his fantasy as 3rd string QB or hope.

    In this years draft, as QB, Tim Tebow would beat everyone. There is no draft player as QB worth taking in first round. Mallet would be my top pick as someone worth developing. If teams actually draft these QB to be QB in lower round, it will show incompetence but it will be good for patriots.

    • Timmay says:

      Are you kidding? QB’s always go higher than they should. Those teams are picking high for a reason… you can count on some incompetence.

      People said Tebow would be a 3rd rounder and a TE last year – that worked out well.

      • pats says:

        if they do take them as QBs, it is clear sign of incompetence.

        Tebow at least has the X factor that none of these QB have. Also he was taken very late first round.

    • CoachBill says:

      Seriously? Cam Newton a TE? Wow.

    • JR says:

      Great job on this mock. If they come out of the draft with this they did fine.

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