2011 Community Mock Draft 2.0

Aldon Smith NFL Draft

Aldon Smith (DE/OLB, Missouri) was the 1st pick in our last Community Mock Draft - who will be the pick this time?

It’s been over a month since our last Community NFL Mock Draft, so it’s time to put our collective thinking cap on again and get to work.

Here are the ground-rules:

  • Go in order. If you need to, use our 2011 NFL Draft Order page as a guide.
  • Wait your turn. If you want to make the 8th pick, wait for the 7th pick to be made.
  • Don’t make two picks in a row, give other people a chance.
  • No trades please. We’ll allow trades in our April Community Mock Draft.
  • Use the “reply” button to discuss picks. Keep the actual selections on the first level of comments.

Please give the prospect name, position, school, and a BRIEF description of why you made the selection.

1. Panthers – AJ Green (WR, Georgia)
2. Broncos – Von Miller (DE/OLB, Texas A&M)
3. Bills – Marcel Dareus (DL, Alabama)
4. Bengals – Blaine Gabbert (QB, Missouri)
5. Cardinals – Robert Quinn (DE, UNC)
6. Browns – Julio Jones (WR, Alabama)
7. 49ers – Patrick Peterson (CB, LSU)
8. Titans – Cam Newton (QB, Auburn)
9. Cowboys – Cam Jordan (Cal)
10. Redskins – Da’Quan Bowers (DE, Clemson)
11. Texans – Prince Amukamara (CB, Nebraska)
12. Vikings – Tyron Smith (OL, USC)
13. Lions – Anthony Castonzo (OL, BC)
14. Rams – Nick Fairley (DL, Auburn)
15. Dolphins – Mark Ingram (RB, Alabama)
16. Jaguars – Aldon Smith (DE, Missouri)
17. Patriots – JJ Watt (DE, Wisconsin)
18. Chargers – Justin Houston (OLB, Georgia)
19. Giants – Gabe Carimi (OL, Wisconsin)
20. Bucs – Ryan Kerrigan (DE, Purdue)
21. Chiefs – Phil Taylor (DT, Baylor)
22. Colts – Mike Pouncey (OG, Florida)
23. Eagles – Nate Solder (OL, Colorado)

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67 Responses to “2011 Community Mock Draft 2.0”

  1. AM says:

    Why not keep going?

    34. Buffalo Bills – Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi St.

    Jake Locker has to be a serious consideration here, but Chan Gailey will take a more cautious (and wiser) approach. Getting some assistance on the offensive line will both help the Bills to see what they really have in Ryan Fitzpatrick and help them maximize their return (no pun intended) on C.J. Spiller. Sherrod needs to learn to be a little more physical, but he has all the makings of a starting tackle.

    • Big Dan From Maine says:

      Derek Sherrod went 29 to Chicago

      • AM says:

        Well . . . heck.

        So much for carefully combing through the comments. Thanks for the heads-up.

        Okay, time for Plan B:

        34. Buffalo Bills – Marcus Cannon, OT/OG, TCU

        As mentioned in my previous, too-little-too-late post, the Bills need help at tackle if they’re going to keep Fitzpatrick upright and Spiller running forward. Cannon is less polished than Sherrod but bigger and more aggressive, and he has potential at guard as well.

  2. barack says:

    33. New England Patriots – Martez Wilson, LB, Illinois

    I fully expect the Pats to trade this pic, maybe parlay it into a 2012 1st and some 2011 late 2nd (that’d be great). However, when Wilson is there, the Pats go with the versatily backer.

    • AM says:

      I’ve heard a lot of chatter about Wilson, but I’m concerned about his serious health issues, combined with below-average tackling. Size and speed are great, though.

  3. Gerrit says:

    32. Green Bay Packers – Muhammad Wilkerson, DE, Temple.

    Green Bay is a BPA team and Wilkerson is highest player ranked available on this sites big board.

  4. Mr.T says:

    31. Pittsburgh – Brandon Harris – CB – Miami

    absolute steal, and we’re set up to whoop all you fools next year! count the rings!!!

  5. John Morgan says:

    30. New York Jets – DL Cameron Heyward – Ohio State

    Rex just commented about every NFL team needing a better pass rush. Heyward takes over for 34 year old free agent Shaun Ellis as their five-technique.

  6. Big Dan from Maine says:

    29. Chicago Bears

    Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi St.

    Da Bears REALLY need to improve on the O line. The top OTs are going fast now and alot of boards have Derek as high as 23. Good value pick.

  7. Ellis (Maine) says:

    28. New England – Danny Watkins – OG – Baylor

    Sorry everyone for the safe pick, but Logan is most likely out the door, and Neal is retired. I would love Mikel Leshore here, but the Pats really need Watkins.

    • Big Dan from Maine says:

      I would rather see an OLB here like Brooks Reed. there are plenty of solid OGs in the second round Clint Boling, for one

  8. AM says:

    27. Atlanta – Akeem Ayers – OLB – UCLA

    If the board really does break this way, I fully expect Atlanta to trade down and out of the first round. Forced to pick, they do what they can to improve the pass rush. I think Ayers has substantial bust potential, but a solid team can afford to take a chance on his fabled “upside.”

    (And now, giving some lucky reader the chance at Number 28 . . . )

  9. Ellis (Maine) says:

    26. Baltimore – Jimmy Smith – CB – Colorado

    They need corner help, he’s the best corner on the board.

  10. CoachBill says:

    25. Seahawks – Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas

    Talent. Pure and simple.

  11. Bruschi54 says:

    24. New Orleans Saints – Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame
    Surprise pick, but Shockey is gone, and Jimmy Graham is project who has a long way to go as blocker. Rudolph is complete package at TE and would step in as starter early on.

    • Bill says:

      Bruschi54…you shameless interloper. The Pat’s want Rudolph at #33. And the Pat’s will draft Rudolph at #33 if you stop trying to manipulate Christmass childhood TV influences of NFL hardened draft experts.

  12. Ellis (Maine) says:

    23. Philadelphia – Nate Solder – OT – Colorado

    I for one am more than surprised this guy has fallen this far, and believe the value would be too great for the Eagles to pass up. He helps stabilize a line that blocks for one of the most dynamic and vertical offenses in the league.

    • TD says:

      Solder got knocked down a few pegs as he plays too upright and Kerrigan was blowing past him at Senior bowl practices. He is however the fastest most athletic of all OT’s and has only been doing it for a short time.

  13. Dan says:

    22. Colts- Mike Pouncey. They need to fix their o-line or Peyton will be picking turf out of his helmet all season long.

  14. Scott P. (from KC) says:

    21. Kansas City – Phil Taylor – NT – Baylor

    The Chiefs, or Patriots West, finally get their Vince Wilfork to be the centerpiece of their D for the next decade. Amazingly, Mt. Taylor is picked with the same overall selection that VW was snatched seven years prior, the symmetry between the organizations continues.

  15. Common Cent$ says:

    20. Tampa Bay Bucanneers Ryan Kerrigan Fits a need as well as great value.

  16. Eli (from NYC) says:

    19. New York Giants – Gabe Carimi – OT – Wisconsin

    not only is he from a non-union state, but he can give me the time i need to make every throw.

  17. Alex says:

    18. San Diego- Justin Houston -OLB/DE Georgia

    San Diego needs another pass rusher opposite English with Merriman flaming out.

    • edward0383 says:

      That’s kind of funny. I could have sworn
      Merriman was playing for the Bills, but why do I know?
      You’re the expert.

  18. John M. says:

    17. JJ Watt- DE Wisconsin
    It’s a solid pick that fills a need.

    • Paul says:

      If the Pats were able to stay put at 17 and land Watt, that would be a tremendous start to this draft.

      • samson shillitoe says:

        JJ Watt is on every draft board as the Pats pick. That means there’s no way it happens. No way. (Sorry.) Besides, Stephan Paea looks like a BB pick to me. Unblockable beast next to Vince? Yeah, I like that idea, which means there’s no way it happens either.

        • Big Dan from Maine says:

          Paea is a 6’1″ nose tackle the pats dont play a 4 3 so there is NO WAY he gets picked this high by the pats. also heard that Watt’s agent in Condon, and the Pats NEVER pick his clients. Ben Watson was the last No chance for either of these picks

      • CC says:

        A much stronger and smarter start to the NE draft would be keeping the 17 and still moving up into the earlier teen’s and grabbing one of the OT’s in Tyron Smith or Anthony Castonzo.
        Nevermind that so many on the back end due to just number’s alone and having to pay for all these pick’s are somewhat usless.
        Agreed on Watt for 17. SOlid pick and fill’s a need, but so will many that went before this by comparrison to what’s left after.

        • TD says:

          I don’t see BB moving UP and taking a OL, DL sure. Our scheme does not call for taking a top OT along w/price tag that comes with it.

    • Rockdog says:

      If Coach BB likes Watt, he’ll be moving down 10-12 picks to get him because he is not a good value at #17. I like him but he is an average athlete with a high motor. Not a knock but #17 is too high for a guy like this.

  19. Bruschi54 says:

    16. Aldon Smith OLB/DE Missouri
    Del Rio keeps the search going for a pass rusher who can make a difference.

  20. Gerrit says:

    15. Miami – Mark Ingram

    It’s the no brainer selection of this draft.

  21. CoachBill says:

    14. Rams – Nick Fairley (DL, Auburn)

    Stop the madness, no way Fairley has a Sapp-esque drop.

    • John Morgan says:

      I wasn’t going to say anything until somebody drafted him, but was thinking the same thing. I strongly considered him up at #5.

    • samson shillitoe says:

      Yeah, you’re right. Forget Fairley falling this far. Won’t happen. (Okay, we need to start all over.)

  22. Brady Lynott says:

    13. Detroit – Anthony Castonzo, they’d probably be upset to see T. Smith go right before them, but Castonzo isn’t such a bad consolation prize. Also OT tend to go quickly once the first one is selected.

  23. AM says:

    12. Minnesota – Tyron Smith, OT, USC

    The Vikings need help all along the offensive line, and would rather have the larger Smith over the more polished Anthony Castonzo. Also wouldn’t be surprised to see them go crazy and pick Ryan Mallett.

    • TD says:

      I would expect Vikes to move down to take one of the remaining QB that does not have a high first round grade.

  24. samson shillitoe says:

    11. Houston – Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska

    Texans porous secondary strengthens itself with a solid cornerback. Now they just need to make sure Justin Blackmon doesn’t end up in the AFC South, as he gave the Prince some fits last year.

  25. Jeff says:

    10. Washington – Da Quan Bowers DE Clemson

    Doubt he will last this long but Orakpo was the only Skin with more than 2.5 sacks on the year. This would give Wash a scary pass rush.

    • Rockdog says:

      If Bowers falls this far, the Pats are selling their two firsts to get up and grab him. He’s going to be a STUD and I believe he could play OLB in Pats system.

  26. Nicky F says:

    9. Dallas Cowboys – Cameron Jordan DE California

    Dallas needs an athletic end on their D-line and Jordan bookends with Anthony Spencer quite nicely.

  27. Zach says:

    Tennessee Titans – Cam Newton QB AUBURN

    VY is done so it’s time to give them a new face of the franchise/entertainer.

    • Brody says:

      Sorry I didn’t see you already picked someone. For some reason my computer always does that.

  28. Tom says:

    San Francisco 49ers – Patrick Peterson – LSU

  29. Alex says:

    6. Cleveland Browns-Julio Jones

    Browns need an offensive playmaker for Colt McCoy.

  30. John Morgan says:

    5. Arizona Cardinals – Robert Quinn, DE/OLB, North Carolina

    Cardinals lacked a pass rush last year and Clark Haggans and Joey Porter are both 34 years old.

  31. Kevin says:

    4. Cincinatti Bengals- Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri

    Carson Palmer is the past. Blaine Gabbert may not be the future but he’s the best available.

  32. otis says:

    3. Buffalo Bills – Marcel Dareus, DL, Alabama

    The safest pick in the draft. He will be an anchor on the line.

    • John Morgan says:

      I was just going to say Dareus to the Bills, you beat me to it. Buffalo needs to improve their defense and the way to do that starts with upgrading the middle of their defensive line.

    • TD says:

      Dareus and Kyle Williams would be a tough matchup for teams including us.

      • Jeff says:

        based on their last two first rd picks..both were busts..Darius will not be…so Im thinking Cam Newton or another QB..but got a feeling QB it will be.

  33. Derek Havens says:

    2. Denver Broncos – Von Miler, OLB, Texas A & M – The Broncos continue to build their front 7 & add a force opposite Elvis Dummervil

    • Brody says:

      The Broncos are switching from the 3-4 to the 4-3 so I don’t agree with that selection. If they were keeping the 34 then I could understand the pick.

    • Jimmy Freeze says:

      I think Von Miller drops like a stone to #9 minimum…not based on talent, but based on the fact that he put his name on the lawsuit. Most of the 1st 8 teams picking are small market teams who won’t want a union militant poisoning their locker rooms.

  34. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    1. Carolina Panthers – AJ Green, WR, Georgia
    The Panthers want a new quarterback… in 2012.

    • TD says:

      Thanks basically for our third first rounder for…..Armanti Edwards a QB converted to WR, we got a nice one two years ago in the seventh round.

    • Bill says:

      I agree. Since Carolina is trapped in the #1 pick, in a year no NFL team wants the #1 pick, they should draft AJ Green. Carolina lacks a quality QB to throw the ball to Green. Drafting Green is the equivalent of tanking the season so Carolina can draft Luck or the USC QB to throw the ball to Green next season.

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