Patriots Draft Mockumentary – Volume 1

Marcell Dareus

At least one NFL Draft expert sees Alabama DE Marcell Dareus falling to the Patriots.

While we have our own 2011 NFL Mock Draft for you rabid Patriots fans to peruse, it’s always good to get a second, or 3rd-6th, opinion.

We compiled a short list of five of our favorite mock drafts out there for you to check out.  Read what they have to say about each of their first choices after the jump.


Patriots 1A  (Oak)

Patriots 1B

Draft Countdown Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue Cam Heyward, DE, OSU
Draft Breakdown J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama
Walter Football Tyron Smith, OT, USC Justin Houston, DE/OLB, Georgia (Kiper) Cam Jordan, DE, Cal Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland
Draft Ace Marcel Dareus, DE, Alabama Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Pitt on Kerrigan – Purdue’s Ryan Kerrigan may not possess elite size, speed or athleticism but he’s just a terrific football player with a non-stop motor who finds a way to get the job done and that will endear him to a franchise like New England. on Watt – Great pass-rusher who lives in offenses’ backfields and will add another dominant defensive lineman to New England’s repertoire. He may just have an impact similar to McCourty’s in 2010. on Smith – Highly athletic at only 290 pounds, Smith has the frame to put on a lot of bulk (he’s rumored to be 305 right now). He shut down the impressive Cameron Jordan in their matchup this season.

Kiper on Jordan – A defensive end with the versatility to play either the 4-3 or the 3-4, his experience at the 3-4 at Cal makes him an ideal kind of Bill Belichick player. Smart, versatile and able to help the team in that role early. on Dareus – Marcel Dareus should be high on their list due to his experience in the 3-4 system at Alabama. He has the potential to start from day one opposite Ty Warren.

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9 Responses to “Patriots Draft Mockumentary – Volume 1”

  1. CC says:

    Either way BB has a historic bust rate with pick’s in the third round.
    *Brandon Tate/Price/Crable/O’connel/Mckenzie…….all 3rd round BB pick’s and combined the account for like maybe playing a total of about 25 games?
    Only Nick Kazur and one other has had a consistent starting career as a BB third round pick, and the other is Ellis Hobb’s….as you know-he aint a patriot anymore and hasn’t been.

    The third round pick’s are the ones to “GET RID OF”.
    Trade-up and or Trade away, either way unless something big fall’s and is available…….both 3rd round pick’s need 2 and should go.

  2. TD says:

    If this draft is deep in DL and OLB, then if someone at a position not deep like Ingram a CB or WR is available at #17 look for a trade with a team needing those guys like Saints need a RB, Ravens a CB and BB trades down and still gets his guy. Remember last year, he traded down twice and got McCourty?

  3. CC says:

    **Trading 2 of their first three + maybe a late rounder??? That’s alot to give up man………..
    Both Kazur & Neal are / will be good for only 1/2 the season( one was out all year with a back injury-the type that just doen’t go away), the other although steady with us has always been injury prone & is retiring), TBC is a waste who should have never been brought back, and the D-line is exploded with inujry.
    Just because they put on a Patriot jersey-doesn’t make then superman.
    There is just too much real need to consider giving three pick’s away like that IMO. I’d wanna move up as well, but two of the first three + a possable late rounder???? NOWAY.

    The best OLB, OT, DL & OG in no particular order-are my first four draft thinking, and when free agency hit’s; Get the best DE and the best RB around-period!

  4. Ryan says:

    Bill’s philosphy has not been in the past to take someone because they fill a need. I think his philosphy is to take the best player available. Therefore, I really don’t understand why he would draft players because they could help in an abbreviated season. I’m not disagreeing with your picks, I’m just wondering if thats why your justifying your choices. I justify the Patriots picks by simply saying, that guy is the best available for what they need.

  5. Bill says:

    I sense the Pat’s are calculating there is going to be a significant loss of regular season games this season(probably six weeks of the season). That’s the main reason it makes sense for the Pat’s to franchise Mankins(it also saves them a draft pick). The highest paid Guards during BB stay with the Pat’s are probably Mankins(first contract) and Damien Woody. BB inherited Woody as a Center. So, why would BB pay Mankins $10 million as a franchise player, unless he believes he will need Mankins experience at mid-season. Mankins has proven he can step into the lineup and play at an all-pro level at any time during the season.

    Given that, the Pat’s are going to draft players who can contribute immediately when the regular season resumes in October. That’s why the picks of Draft Breakdown make the most sense for the Pat’s. And the picks of Walter Football make the least sense.

    JJ Watt. Ingram. LeShoure. J Jones. Baldwin. Moffitt. Those are the players who can help the Pat’s the most during an abbreviated regular season.

    • TD says:

      It’s BB’s strategy to tag someone while they try to work out a long term contract, otherwise once a new CBA comes in, Mankins could be a FA and we get zilcho for him. In 10 years, BB has taken exactly 1 OLineman in the first round and I don’t expect to see him do it again this coming draft as there is depth at OLine. I would say second round or later, someone like Sherrod OT, Hudson G/C, Boling G or Moffitt.

  6. Sciz says:

    According to Wes Bunting, Dareus has weight and learning issues. As far as the Patriots’ scheme, I’m more worried about the lack of height and length. He seems like a 1-gap 3-4 DE or a 3 tech in a 4-3.

  7. Bruschi54 says:

    Draft Ace needs to put the pipe down, many of the professional draft experts (including NFL Network) has Dareus moving ahead of Fairley as better prospect. He probably goes top 5, but no way he get’s out of top ten unless something hanging over him that has not gotten out for public consumption yet.

  8. Steve says:

    Draft Countdown: I like Kerrigan, but don’t love him, and I think Heyward would be a nice addition. I just like that he has two defensive players that may fit our system. I’m just hoping for someone with more upside with that #17. If they draft Kerrigan (anywhere) I will be his biggest fan, but I would rather it be at 28, or 33, if at all.

    Draft Breakdown: Bad…don’t like JJ Watt, he’s one of the few players I’m really worried about translating to the pros. If they take him I will hope I’m dead wrong, and assume I am seeing they know more than me, obvious enough. I love Ingram in our system…he seems to be a perfect RB for BB….a larger Kevin Faulk for every down, yet not having to carry the load because of BJGE. The sexy pick, but I almost like LeShoure better, in fact, I do like him more; but I would rather have people making plays on defense than a RB and will be surprised if this happens.

    Walter Football: This one is confusing to me. I say Light comes back for another year, but if he doesn’t I believe Vollmer is the LT of the future; so why take a RT at #17? Maybe I have this wrong…? Houston has grown on me and it’s such a huge need I believe his talent makes sense. Any player that they take as a conversion OLB is going to have to really blow them out of the water in interviews and more…it’s just too demanding in our system, but I do like Houston, but maybe at #33 more.

    Kiper: I will be very happy if they can grab Jordan at #17, I wasn’t high on him at first because of his lack of size/weight, but maybe he can get to the passer more. I still believe he’s not ideal for our system though, and if he’s going to be a Jarvis Green type then it’s pretty high for a part-time player. I’m still hearing people talk about him playing OLB, and I’m starting to think I’m nuts or they’re nuts. Dareus seems like the ideal DT for our system, and I’m no longer calling them ends/DE’s. Someone is either a DT in our system at 320 or an OLB. If they pull the trigger on a receiver it means they really like him, so I’ll be excited. I’ve watched film and I like him, but it’s a huge gamble to me. I love Cobb in the 2nd….overdraft that kid and be very happy.

    Draft Ace: Do they know of some crime Dareus has committed to where he slips to #17??? It would be another Wilfork situation…an obvious top 10 player falling to us, but Wilfork didn’t fall that far. I would absolutely love it…he’s about as ideal as it gets and a big need, with all the coaching/competition etc…It’s just pure fantasy to me. Baldwin is the type of receiver I would doubt we draft, but we need another talent, and if they take any receiver I’ll be excited because after Chad Jackson some kid is going to have to blow BB away by being the total package, especially in the first round with the need for O-line, and defense in general.

    I love my mock draft…very simple: trade 2 of their first 3 picks (and a mid-late rounder if needed) to rebuilding teams like Buffalo, Denver etc…and just get Robert Quinn. Have the best athlete in the draft (maybe Peterson edges him here), fill a massive, long-time need, that will put pressure on the QB, give BB the ultimate toy (like the real LT) and at the same time you improve that secondary by about 25% because they won’t have to cover for 10 seconds!

    We have too many picks to make this team…why bring them in here, get the game changer even if you have to over pay. I’m saying you pull a Ditka (meltdown) and trade your entire draft, but move on up and make your team much better. Then, get the best players with the remaining picks you have, and you’ll still have many!

    Sorry for being so long…

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