Patrick Peterson and Friends

Patrick Peterson

Patrick Peterson matched Charles Woodson pose-for-pose in college - can he have similar success in the NFL?

When looking for a cornerback that will help your team, a prospect’s mental makeup is almost as important as their physical skills. When you find a corner that possesses both elite mental and physical skills, you get a very special player. LSU’s Patrick Peterson is one of those rare finds.

Peterson has elite speed, stating publicly that he will run a sub-4.3 forty yard dash at the NFL combine. Combine that with his excellent ball skills and you get quite the dynamic prospect. His size (6’1″ and 220 pounds) is also a plus.

The former Tiger isn’t perfect however, as there are a few things he can improve on. His diagnosis on routes is still improving, although his speed and change of direction has masked this so far in his career. He can also improve his technique on his backpedal, as some of the better NFL receivers may exploit him if he gets too high.

Asked about what he brings to an NFL team, Peterson statedI bring a winning mentality. I hate losing, I hate going down as the second man going into battle. I always want to be the first man on top. I can bring a lot of things to an NFL team. Whatever they need me to do I’m more than willing to do it. If they need me to catch punts, if they need me to guard a receiver or play safety, I can do anything. I can bring a lot to the table for any NFL team.

This confidence and emphasis on winning will serve him well in the NFL, especially since he will probably be drafted by a team that won four or five games last year. Peterson is expected to be drafted in the top 10 picks of the 2011 NFL Draft.

The Denver Broncos, picking second this spring, will be the first team to have to evaluate if Peterson fits their team. They may be without the services of Champ Bailey next year, and need to add youth and depth to their defensive backfield even if Bailey is retained.

Picking fifth overall, the Arizona Cardinals might be tempted to eschew drafting their next quarterback and go with a defensive player. Joining Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Peterson would add a 2nd playmaker at corner.

The 49ers, at pick seven, would also be a potential landing spot. Nate Clements is a shell of his former self, but San Francisco does have other pressing needs. Coach Harbaugh will have a difficult decision to make this April if Peterson is still on the board.

The farthest that we could ever imagine Peterson falling is to the Detroit Lions, although Jim Schwartz and company will probably have to settle for one of the next four prospects. The New England Patriots, who are always in the market for good defensive backs, and the Baltimore Ravens are other teams that will be eyeing up these players.

Read the rest of the article at Patriots Insider to see the rest of the Top 5 CB’s.

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25 Responses to “Patrick Peterson and Friends”

  1. mike says:

    Guys, if there is no lockout next year. Should we be excited for the famous “second year jump”?
    I’m looking at tate , price, mccourty and cunningham.

    And when mayo add blitz package to his game, I think this will be the best pats team yet…

  2. Charles says:

    Panthers are seriously considering taking this kid. Fairley and Bowers are extremely overrated and Martey Hurney and the Panthers draft BPA, not for need.

  3. Bruschi54 says:

    Peterson looks like great prospect, no way they move up high enough to get him. If they move up inside the top 10 it would be for Dareus or Bowers if they slipped a little. At 17 Kerrigan looks like a guy who can set the edge vs run at OLB & get after the QB. I agree with Mike, Peterson is much more valuable prospect than Jones, if for no other reason than he would be nickel back and special team player immediately. If Taylor Price can develop some chemistry with Brady he may take on a more important role this season. Better pass rush will make our current DB’s look much better, hope that is what BB targets this off-season.

  4. mike says:

    It is amazing to read some of these incredible ignorance.
    1. Someone mentioned drafting julio jones over peterson. Okay, that is an absolute joke. Jones is an inconsistant player who cannot contribute in receptions on a regular basis,has zero versatility, have no specialty team values. So Ill just take this guys comment as a joke.

    2. Someone actually said setting the edge is overrated. Setting the edge is more important than any other aspect of being on the edge. Otherwise they will run outside and exploit your defense all day and watch brady drinking gatorade for 45 minutes in a game. The loss to the jets is mostly due to being ran over on the outside, because of they cant set the edge.

    In the NFL, inability to stop rushing attack equals execution. There is no hope. So dude. You know nothing about football if you call setting edge “overrated”.

    • Steve says:

      Amen on the setting the edge thing…especially 99% of the media in this town…they just don’t get; even after last year the Pats drafting Cunningham and passing on more pure pass rushers.
      It’s why a guy like Von Miller is almost out of the question…he’s a specialist, in my opinion. He may be a great fit somewhere…most likely will be…lots of sacks, but he’s not how our system works.

    • cash says:

      That was me that wrote about setting the edge. I didnt mean that setting the edge is overated, I probably should have made it more clear. I meant that the criticism of Smith not being able to set the edge is over rated.
      I totally agree that setting the edge is very important, and thats why BB wont draft one trick ponys like Clay Mathews. He wants his LBs to be very versatile, not just rush the passer all the time. Clay is good but you know what hes going to do everytime, same with Shawn Merriman when he was healthy. I laughed last year when the Media wrote that the Pats were gonna draft Sergio Kindle. knew it wasnt gonn happen.
      Steve, I totally agree with you about the media. Almost no one follows the draft enough to comment in the local boston media, so I hate when they make predictions and/or judge picks

  5. John says:

    It’s amazing how overrated pass rushing LB’s are.

    If one wants to use the Steelers, all you have to do is look at 2009 and 2010 when they don’t have Polamalu. They are borderline dreadful.

    The team is much better going for the NFL best secondary and flexible LB’s who can rush the passer.

  6. prioris says:

    I don’t see pats getting a first rounder for #33 pick unless some team does stupid thing.

    • Steve says:

      That’s how we got the pick…Carolina doing a stupid thing…mortgaging the future.

      This happens because these GM’s, and coaches don’t have a good team, and they don’t have something more important: job security, so they will panick and sacrifice the future to try and help the team now.

      Sometimes they just feel they’re doing the right thing…fall in love with a player and want him that badly…overpay.

      But, I agree…it shouldn’t happen.

  7. John says:

    It’s nice to be back. This is my first reply since the Patriots lost to the Jets. I’m still not over the loss and I want someone to hypnotize me so I don’t have to remember the loss. I’m hoping that Prince Amukamra falls to the 10-12 range and the Pats move up in the draft and take him. I also agree that the 33rd pick that the pats own will be traded, hopefully for a future 1st rounder in the 2012 draft.

  8. Bill says:

    The article mentioned Charles Woodson. I remember the year he was drafted by the Raiders. The Raiders had the fourth pick in the draft and wanted to trade down for multiple picks. Al Davis targeted the Pat’s since they had #18, #22 and a mid-second round pick.

    The Pat’s could have had Ty Law and Woodson as their CB’s for many years. During the draft, that year, Kraft was interviewed about the possible trade. Kraft pretended to be a dog that refused to allow a bone to be removed from it’s mouth. Very strange. But at least he has the ability to learn from his mistakes and hasn’t interfered in the draft process since the Katzenmoyer pick.

    Peterson will be a very good player in the NFL. But, having watched Julio Jones dominate Peterson for two consecutive seasons, I would rather have the Pat’s move up in the first round to draft Jones instead of Peterson. But, that’s not going to happen because the Pat’s have other needs.

    • Steve says:

      Woodson is the more fluid athlete…Peterson clearly stronger. I think Peterson has to show he can cover top receivers before he’s compared to the likes of Woodson.
      The good thing about the combine is the flexibililty of the corners is exposed…if they can’t turn their hips and run it stands out.
      I think Peterson will be a very good player, possibly great; but if he fails to live up to his billing as a superstar cover corner then he can be moved to safety, while still remaining a top kick returner. Meaning, picking him has safety nets worked in…value etc…

      • TD says:

        Go back and watch some game film and check the DBacks other than McCourty, mostly Butler and Arrington. When they are getting beaten you will see how poor their technique is by noting the direction of their hips. Butler almost always has his hips pointed to the wrong side of the field when trying to force a WR in a certain direction. This is why he is a step behind.

      • cash says:

        I dont think 2 potential lockdown corners is really needed. First off its going to be very expensive and pressure on the QB is whats really needed. Look at the 2 teams playing in the Super Bowl. The Steelers dont have a shutdown corner and the Packers have Woodson whose pretty old. But they both have have great LBs who apply a ton of pressure and make the Defensive Backfield a lot better.
        The Pats had a lot of big leads this season which means teams passed a lot and I see that continuing in the future, so a pass rusher is needed.
        Ive seen people bring up Aldon Smith From Missouiri. I havent really seen him play but people keep bashing him about not being an everydown player, but people were saying that about Demarcus Ware too. He is very young so he could def fill in his body even more and hold the edge. Plus that whole “hold the edge” case is kind of overated, hes plenty big enough. He seems like he might get snatched up in the 10-16 range in the draft though, so who know if the pats will even have a chance.

  9. TD says:

    More than likely one of the first three picks is getting traded, most likely #28 or #33 since the gap between them is small and the difference between players will be also. But to another team it won’t be.

    • Ryan says:

      My guess is 33 gets trade for GOLD. Its the second most perfect pick ever invented. Its like the #1 pick on day one. Solid pick. Maybe get a 2nd and a 3rd from it.

      • Steve says:

        I know…it’s like the poker player with the giant stack of chips. The new day helps…all night for these teams to bid on that pick; and most all of these teams have their one, and only, first rounder, then one 2nd etc…We don’t have to do anything, and they know it. It will be very interesting to see which players fall out of the first round.

  10. PatsFan1986 says:

    Yesterday, I posted this on comments section of the Pats Mock 3.0 article, figured I’d repost since some may have missed it.

    It will be very unfortunate for the Pats if the CBA isn’t worked out by the time of the draft (and, hopefully it gets resolved several weeks before the draft). For starters, they won’t be able to trade any of these picks for experienced players (not saying they would or they need to, but not having this option at all is certainly a detriment that hurts their leverage). Secondly, I think through free agency they can curtail some of their needs. Again, not saying they would/could do this, but imagine if they made a spalsh and signed Woodley or Hali–that would completely change their strategy heading in to the draft. That said, it doesn’t look like this will be worked out in time for the draft. So life goes on.

    With how young the team is, I think it’s safe to assume that there are not 9 openings (i.e. # of picks in ’11) on the current roster for incoming rookies. So they are looking at either trading up in 2011 or trading into 2012 for some of these. I would for sure be open to trading up to anywhere from 6 to 12 to land an impact player on defense. Hypothetically, labor agreement aside, if they signed an OLB (like Woodley or Hali) I would love for them to go up and get another lock down corner like Patrick Peterson (if he made it to 6). This would likely cost the 17th and 28th pick. Maybe a crazy idea, but imagine a defense with Wilfork-Mayo-Woodley-McCourty-Petersen (I’m assuming they cut Bodden and his $4M salary). If Ty Warren can come back to form then they are really back on the right track with this defense.

    Even if there is no CBA, I wouldn’t mind them trading up to get a stud D-Lineman in the top 10. And then keep Bodden.

    For 33, unless something really egregious happens (i.e. Ingram falls out of the first round?), I think we’re fooling ourselves to think that the Pats will actually make a selection with this pick. This is a valuable pick and I think will either be A.) traded for a 2012 first rounder or B.) traded back in the draft (past trade partner San Diego has 18, 50, 61, 82, and 89). Would you put it past BB to send the 33rd and our 4th/5th round pick to San Diego for 50 and 61? Don’t get me wrong, I would not be happy about this. But this sets us up for 50, 60, 61, 74, and 92.

    Someone in this organization (maybe this has been something Floyd Reese has come up with?) believes that the sweet spot in the draft falls between the late twenties and early 60s. Look at their last two drafts: McCourty 27th; Chung 34th; Brace 40th; Butler 41st; Gronkowski 42nd; Cunningham 53rd; Vollmer 58th; Spikes 62nd. (Trading up aside, I know I know) the above trade with San Diego puts them squarely in this range and affords them the flexibility to trade up to target any players they like.

    Maybe they trade 61 and 74 for the 38th pick and select someone like RB Leshoure.

    With 50 and 60 they take a center (who can play guard in 2011) and the best d-lineman available.

    History alone indicates that, 92 gets traded into 2012 for a 2nd round pick. That’s pretty much a given. But if not, maybe they take a chance on a guy like Herzlich. He would bring the toughness this defense needs.

    4th – traded to San Diego
    5th – D-Lineman
    6th – O-Lineman (shame last year’s 6th round pick, Ted Larsen, is a starter for the Bucs)

    This is just one person’s view of what could happen based on recent history. Overall, I don’t think I would be 100% thrilled with this draft, but I wasn’t thrilled with ’10 initially (not many of us were—go back and read the comments of readers on this website! Very comical!) and look how that is turning out. I put them trading up for Petersen (or someone else in the top 10) at 35% but if they could acquire someone like Woodley/Hali then I, personally would love it.

    So offseason could look like this franchise Mankins, draft CB Petersen or a stud D-Lineman, RB Leshoure (38th), a guard and d-lineman (50th and 60th), trade 92 for a 2nd in 2012 or Herzy, a D-Lineman and O-Lineman (5th and 6th). And, if money permits and they are available sign someone like Woodley or Hali.

    • cash says:

      WAAAAAAAAAAAAY to long. stopped about half way throught the first paragraph haha

    • Steve says:

      I read somewhere that if they franchise Mankins they have to pay him top O-line money; meaning, that includes the averages of OT’s…not just guards. There point was that this is the main reason Mankins will not be fanchised…too much money.

      Does anyone know the answer to this?

      Personally, I don’t think they’ll franchise him. I believe they will either sign him or let him walk away; mainly because of the bad blood, Mankin’s continued attitude (not saying he’s wrong, but he’s obviously got lasting issues with ownership), and being able to draft at the position seeing we have all these picks….spending the money elsewhere. I just don’t that BB wants to pay a guard such big bucks, and I’m afraid the stupider franchises will make him rich and he’ll take the dough…end of story…adios. We’ll get a compensatory pick and be done with him.
      I am hoping they sign the guy though…he’s a good one.

      • PatsFan1986 says:

        Mike Reiss has written that it will cost the Patriots around $10M to franchise Mankins. Reiss speculated that the situation could be similar to that of 1.) Wilfork (franchise him work out a long term agreement), 2.) Cassel (frachise and then trade), 3.) Samuel (franchise and promise not to do it next season as long as he plays in X amount of games).

        There is certainly still some bad blood between the two sides, but with the franchise tag (which is expected to be there regardless of CBA negotiations) the Patriots have all the leverage. Would be stupid for them not to apply it and risk Mankins leaving for nothing.

        He’s a great player and I too would be unhappy to see him leave. It was obvious the effect he had on the team when he was in there this season. Plus it saves us a draft pick.

      • Steve says:

        Thanks…sounds like the tackle money/salaries are included.
        I would be suprised if they pay him that much even for one year, but maybe they will and he’ll show up. Sounds like if they do he’ll just not show up, but maybe they can trade him (as everyone pointed out) after the tag is on and get more than the compensatory pick? Maybe a 2nd rounder? Instead of the end of the 3rd rounder? I believe???
        I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’ll get an unreasonable offer from some idiot franchise and we’ll let him walk and take the compensatory pick and draft a replacement (ahead of time), or get a free agent after. That’s my take on the situaltion, and I hope I’m dead wrong and he signs and plays out his career here and we win a few more bowls.

  11. TD says:

    If BB is operating business as usuall, there is no way he moves into top 10, dealing away draft assets and paying a lot of money. We can get good athletes further down at less cost; a two for one scenario.

    • Steve says:

      TD…I follow, but there is something about this year…it just makes too much sense to pull the trigger and go up and get a player…a blue chipper. I realize you can draft two good players, and in most drafts that makes sense. And, we’re looking how they nailed last year’s very deep draft so it seems like the move to keep the picks; but this year is different. I think the draft falls off in a big way, so those picks won’t have the same value to us, and we really need a talent, especially on defense.

      Not to mention (but, I’m mentioning), there are other teams picking high that a blue chip player isn’t going to change their team…they need more, and they have limited picks. We are dealing with so many picks we have the opportunity to cash in and fill a need with a special player, instead of taking the chance that the two (or more) players we could draft are even going to make it in the league. There’s no guarentee that they’ll amount to anything…last year was special and they hit a home run on all picks…it’s not the way it usually works.

      I’m ending every entry I make with one word: Quinn

      #1 to be a clown

      #2 with the hope that some Pats staff’s is bored and looks at this and decides to make it happen…my little pipe dream

      #3 to make it very clear that this guy is the best player for the Pats

  12. mike says:

    Ive watched many LSU games this year. This is an intelligent patriot type of player. Unfortunately for the patriots have more pressing needs and due to draft position have no chance of taking him. Peterson’s most likely destination could potentially be denver , niners and detroit just as the article says.
    If peterson works hard enough, he can be among the best corners to play the game. As a skill position player, his athletism is unparalleled in this year’s draft , he is an absolute beast of a player.

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