NEPD Radio: Combine Preview

Jonathan Baldwin NFL Draft

Pitt WR Jonathan Baldwin is one of many NFL Draft prospects looking to make a name for themselves at the upcoming NFL Combine.

Shane Hallam of will be our guest on this edition of NEPD Radio – airing Tuesday night at 6:30pm eastern.

We’ll be discussing the upcoming combine events, as well as getting Shane’s views on some of the top defensive ends, outside linebackers, and offensive linemen. We know that Shane’s 1st 2011 NFL Mock Draft doesn’t come out until after the combine, but we’ll see if we can get him to see where he might be leaning for the Patriots.

Feel free to leave questions for either Shane or I here on the site, or hit us up on Twitter at either @NEPatriotsDraft or @ShanePHallam.

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5 Responses to “NEPD Radio: Combine Preview”

  1. TD says:

    How far does the talent drop off at CB after Petersen and Amukamara?

  2. Bill says:

    My favorite NFL Draft moment was when the Pat’s drafted Chris Canty. The Pat’s and the Packers had the last two picks in the first round, that year. When the Pat’s were about to announce their selection, the cameras switched from the Pat’s “war room” to the Packers draft location.

    Ron Woolf was the Packers GM. When the name “Chris Canty” was announced as the Pat’s selection in the first round, Ron Woolf nearly fell out of his chair laughing. I believe the Packers then choose Verba, who had many productive years as a Green Bay OL.

    Which team is likely to have to most laughable moment in the first round of this year’s draft?

    • Bill says:

      WAIT. The current Pat’s draft room is BLOATED with those who are draftnik’s from the Ron Woolf era. It must be nice to be SOO smart AND remain employed by an organization which is more focused on draft candidates from the Middle East than those from the USA mid-west.

  3. Waldoon says:

    Dontay Moch is rumored to be in the 4.2 range in the 40. Giving his success as an overall defender and his Senior Bowl weight of 227, what are his chances of a conversion to safety at the NFL level?

  4. TD says:

    Shane, what are the biggest needs of teams below us at #17, since that will probably dictate what BB does with that pick and who is available.

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