NEPD Radio: Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick NFL Draft

Former Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick will be our guest this Tuesday on NEPD Radio.

Over 3000 yards passing and 1000 yards rushing from a high-powered “Pistol” offense will get you noticed by a lot of NFL teams. Back that up by showing teams some pocket presence and an arm with so much promise that we are having trouble deciding whether to call it a “laser” or a “cannon” and you have yourself a fast-rising prospect.

We’ll have the privilege of chatting with that player Tuesday night at 6pm, when former Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick will be joining NEPD Radio.

If you have any questions for Colin, leave them below in the comments section and we’ll try and work them in on air.

Also on the docket, we’ll be getting in the Valentine’s Day mood and discussing other prospects that we love – including the afore-mentioned Kaepernick, a Big 12 defensive back, an SEC lineman, and more.

The interview starts at about the 15 minute mark.


4 Responses to “NEPD Radio: Colin Kaepernick”

  1. john kaepernick says:

    Colin,Knowing that in High School you played baseball and basketball as well as football.I was wondering if you feel that participating in sports year round benefited you when it came time to play football at the collegiate level?

  2. Bruschi54 says:

    Would be interesting to know if he is working on changing his throwing mechanics prior to combine/pro day workouts. His two biggest drawbacks seem to be the style offense he has played in with everything out of the gun, and the long baseball style of delivery on his passes. A lot of similarity to Tebow last year, though the motion issue is totally different, Tebow was looping and long, his is like baseball windup. There is no question about his athletic ability and arm strength, only Ryan Mallett in this draft compares with arm strength. The other thing that you have to like is he is winner & leader on the field, starting to sound more and more like Tebow.

  3. Jordan Sheehan says:

    Would Colin enjoy sitting behind an NFL veteran for a year or two and learning about the NFL, or would he prefer to start straight away?

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