2011 Patriots Mock Draft 4.0

Derek Sherrod NFL Draft

This NFL Draft Prospect would make Tom Brady happy for years to come.

We’re back with our 4th edition of our 2011 Patriots NFL Mock Draft. You may now commence praising, ripping, or completely re-doing the entire mock draft in the comments section.

1st Round – #17

Aldon Smith (DE/OLB, Missouri) is quite the polarizing prospect. People say that he “can’t cover”, but all the tape that we see of him has him taking decent drops (and even making a nice interception) on the VERY rare occasion that he was asked to drop into coverage at Missouri. Others say he can’t play the run. While we’ll agree that he can get stronger anchoring against tackles and that he needs to improve his backside pursuit, those are correctable errors for a guy that will only turn 22 during the second half of the 2011 season.

The larger question is, would drafting Aldon Smith make the Patriots a better team? If you are willing to stick with Rob Ninkovich or Tully Banta-Cain as potential starters, and not very good depth players, then we can’t help you. That said, Smith is a rare prospect with the requisite size, length, speed, and skill to excel as an outside linebacker in the Patriots 3-4 system.

He is still raw, but mixing him in during the 2011 season while he gets stronger and learns the system, a la Jermaine Cunningham in 2010, seems like the correct course of action. He’ll still be able to contribute greatly on 3rd down, where the Patriots need it most, with the ability to become a full-fledged force late in 2011 or early in 2012.

1st Round – #28

The need for help on the defensive front is obvious. Injury concerns were rampant in 2010, with Ty Warren, Mike Wright, Myron Pryor, Ron Brace, and others missing significant time. Muhammad Wilkerson (DE, Temple) would provide some youth at the position, while also upgrading the quality of the group.

Wilkerson has the ideal build for a 5-technique defensive end, but will need some coaching on how to 2-gap and stay low. All the physical tools are there though – Patriots coaches would be happy to show him the ways.

2nd Round – #33

Derek Sherrod (OT, Mississippi State) is the guy that does nothing spectacularly, but everything well. He is probably the most complete left tackle in this draft, but lacks some of the upside of the guys like Nate Solder and Tyron Smith.

If the Patriots decide to slide Sebastian Vollmer to the left side to eventually replace Matt Light, you can substitute guys like Gabe Carimi or Anthony Castonzo in here. Both of those prospects are able to play either tackle position.

2nd Round – #60

Stephen Neal. Logan Mankins. Dan Koppen. All of the aforementioned stalwarts of the Patriots interior line could be gone after 2011, with Neal and Mankins probably having played their final game for the Foxboro faithful. Enter John Moffitt (OL, Wisconsin), who brings with him the nastiness and toughness that Coach Scarnecchia adores. He is also from Wisconsin, which just might help.

Moffitt moves well for a 320 pound guy and has the ability to play both guard and center. That is the sort of versatility that will turn heads in the offices of Gillette Stadium.

3rd Round – #74

After addressing the interior line with Moffitt and the edge with Sherrod, you might think that the Patriots would be done with the offensive line. If Clint Boling (OL, Georgia) is available here though, they may have a tough time not adding some quality youth and depth at the position.

Boling is great in pulling and screen situations, which really boosts his value to the Patriots. His experience playing four OL positions at Georgia will also look good to the New England front office.

3rd Round – #92

We had Jeremy Beal (DE/OLB, Oklahoma) rated as a 1st-round prospect going into the 2010 NCAA season and a borderline 1st-2nd after. Things changed for Beal at the Senior Bowl, where he was consistently bested by linemen.

Beal’s work-ethic, football smarts, and leaderships make the Patriots a smart bet to try and get some production out of this former Sooner star at the LOLB position.

3rd Round (trade using 4th and 5th round picks)

While the Patriots would love for Ahmad Black (S, Florida) to fall to them in the 4th round, they’ll probably have to snag him with one of their third rounders. With already selecting Beal and Boling, we had the Patriots package their 4th and 5th round picks to move up into the tail end of the 3rd round.

Black is a special-teams demon that will also be able to contribute as a defensive back. He has a very small build for a safety, but he will excel covering the slot as a 3rd safety.

6th Round

With an already relatively-stacked roster, the Patriots may just take a flyer on a guy like John Clay (RB, Wisconsin). A big bruising back would rekindle flickers of clock-killin’ Corey Dillon in Patriot heads everywhere.

Clay has some serious concerns with his work-ethic, but in the right locker room he could thrive as a power-back in the NFL.

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61 Responses to “2011 Patriots Mock Draft 4.0”

  1. rdf63 says:

    Latest news – Nick Kazur won’t take a pay cut and is on his way out. Stephen Neal’s career may have one year and who knows if Mankins will be with the Pats next year. Looks like its time for the Pats to rebuild the offensive now and protect Mr. Brady.

  2. larry says:

    Since it usually takes most rookies until their second NFL season to really produce Bellichick is done with trading for future draft picks…..Why is this you ask because my guess is Brady plays no more than 4/5 more seasons max so the time to win is now……….

  3. Kent says:

    I believe you must look further into the future than just the
    Next season when drafting. I also KNOW the following is
    A SWAG (silly wild a** guess) but here is my contribution
    To the madness; in this order but at what # in the round?
    Watt DE
    Sherrod OT
    Weisnewski C
    Watkins OG-OT
    Rameus OLB
    Black S
    Moffitt G-C
    Trade the #5&6 and use the comp picks on a RB/WR/practice squad types

    • rdf63 says:

      Good picks. What is interesting is all of the picks below and a couple other added could be availale in the second round. I’m starting to think that the Pats may try to pull off a trade and get rid of one or maybe both of the the 1st round picks. Remember many people didn’t even list McCourty in the 1st or 2nd round in last years 2010 draft. Imagine if the Pats could get these players in the second round or further.
      Sherrod OT
      Weisnewski C
      Watkins OG-OT
      Rameus OLB
      Black S
      Moffitt G-C
      Muhammad Wilkerson DE/DT
      Clint Boling – G
      Phil Taylor – 3-4 NT
      Justin Houston – OLB

  4. 1984Jerie says:

    Actually, my earlier post should have shown that one of the two 2011 2nd round picks would be traded for a 1st round pick in 2012 in keeping with BB history of stockpiling future high draft choices. However, IMHO this year BB may reverse his MO in order to move up in the draft to target eight selections in the first three rounds (2 firsts, 2 seconds, 4 thirds) by trading all picks in rounds 4,5,6 and 7 that are not compensatory ones. In other words quality over quantity.

  5. CC says:

    Value-Smalue, constant value without anystudd’s in the stable does nothing but get you blown out of the play-off for year’s in a row……..?

  6. CC says:

    BB has a historic bust rate with every third round pick he has ever made. Only Nick Kazur has ever scene anytime as a starter in the NFL as a BB 3rd round pick…..exception 2that; Ellis Hobb’s and he hasn’t been a Patriot for some time now. All others chosen by BB in the thrid round are basically a waste & crap!
    Tate-(still can’t see why ppl have hope in that dude). Combined, they all equate for playing like maybe 25 games total…………..
    Third rounder’s are no good BB pick’s as history show’s. Very little exception could be made there.
    *Get rid of them both, unless something super fall’s in our lap.

    Personally, I’d package them both up(together that’s worth 352 on the board), that put’s us at #22 in the 2nd round as well as having the 1st and the 28th! Two first rounder’s and three 2nd rounder’s…….YUP!

    If you want to get better than adding the +/- #22 spot in round 2, then toss in a player or two that’s meaningless to us with the deal or even some decent ack-up type kid or even a late rounder like the 5th or 6th we have.
    Who care’s about all these “Value players” we have if there is no playmakers in between them????
    With a compensatory 6th rounder and like (3) 7th rounder compensatories, we can pick up all sort’s or extra’s and project’s if we needed too, but get Playmaker’s -Peroid.
    and if that mean’s trading up and tossing in a player that’s not starting material/up to our standard’s then so be it.

    This is my medium option, that is too say; if they are not willing and jump up to the first for top teir talent.

  7. 1984Jerie says:

    #17 DL (Watt or Jordan)
    #28 OL (Pouncey or Carimi)
    #33 RB (LeShoure or Williams)
    #60 WR (Hankerson or Young)
    #92 OLB (Romeus or Moch)
    #124 QB (Dalton or McElroy, Jr.)
    Remember opinions are like as****es, everyone has one.

  8. Rich says:

    Trade or not the Patriots have to do focus on three things OL, DL, DE/OLB. Nobody can predict what BB and the Pats will trade but it doesnt change the focus. If they decide to stary, think next year will be the last year for Stephen Neal, Logan Mankins , Dan Koppen will be gone. Pats have the opportunity to rebuild the entire line in one year and wnat an opinion of these picks:

    #17 Tryon Smith – OL
    #28 Justin Houston – OLB
    #33 Muhammad Wilkerson DE/DT
    #60 Rodney Hudson – G
    #74 John Moffitt – G/C
    #92 Clint Boling – G
    #124 – Richard Sherman CB/FS

    • Bruschi54 says:

      I like the look of that top 3, not big fan of Hudson at 60, but would like Moffitt there. Plug in Randall Cobb, WR Kentucky at 74 and this would be great draft weekend for Pats. Solid young OLineman & 2 more young defensive impact players for that front seven.

      • Rich says:

        #17 Tryon Smith – OL
        #28 Justin Houston – OLB
        #33 Muhammad Wilkerson DE/DT
        #60 John Moffitt – G/C
        #74 Randall Cobb – WR
        #92 Clint Boling – G
        #124 – Richard Sherman CB/FS

  9. Joe says:

    One thing to remember, this draft is loaded with DE’s.
    one can be had in 2nd round and beyond.
    at 17, 28, 33 Belichick needs game changers.

  10. Joe says:

    DE and OLB are very strong NEEDS, but if Mark Ingram is sitting there at #17 I don’t see Belichick passing on him or trading down.
    Moving the chains wins games.

  11. Caleb says:

    This would be awesome

  12. McTash says:

    Patriot Draft Guru

    Great reply to the non-sensical and arrogant comment by Mike. Everything any of us post here iks opinion and anything but fact since it is for the most part amateur and uninformed opinion.

    Mocks and theorizing can be fun but one trade and/or one team reaching throws everything out of whack. I also applaud the author for not “wasting” a high pick on a RB. He certainly has addressed needs though I strongly believe you will not see a WR picked in the first three rounds as we have some very young, athletic and talented on the roster. Let them develop.

    I love Cobb’s talent and versatility but he probably goes in round 2. Quinn, IMO, is the stud and steal of the draft but unless he falls past 10 it will take too much to move up and grab him and face it there are doubts about his and all the others odds for success. Look at the past top pick sure things year after year who fizzle out. Trust your judgment but play the odds by spreading risk and choosing more with multiple picks. I do believe 28 and 33 are prime trade bait for something slightly lower this year, meaning backwards, and something added from next year where Pats picks are very limited.

  13. Bob says:

    Great Mock Draft. Finally someone with enough common sense to say that the patriots don’t need to waste a high draft pick on a rb.

  14. Common Cent$ says:

    COME ON, MAN!!! Can’t we all just get along? We all know that none of this really matters until the Draft Combine and the workout days that the schools have for the scouts. I don’t know about you but I enjoy all this speculation and diffences of opinion. Last year, alot of us thought that BB would be lost on draft day without Scott Pioli. How’d he do? I think it’s fair to say we had the best overall draft in the league: McCourty(Defensive ROY), Spikes, Cunningham and Deaderick on defense; Gronk and Hernandez on offense and let’s not forget Zoltan! Regardless of anything, most of us agree that we need help at: a. Pass rusher both OLB and DL b. OT and G c. WR d. DB e.RB. I think it is imperative that we deal with a. and b. in the first three rounds. Some how I believe that BB will get that done whether it is through the draft, trades or free agency. Let’s just hope that these knuckleheads settle their labor dispute so we don’t have to watch scab football.

  15. mike says:

    Bad tackling techniques indicate lack of effort and long term liability. If you think that is an easy issue to fix, you are a joke. Look at denver on that mcfadden play. Look at jenkins from cowboys. Physical league requires physicality. Run stopping ability is something long term. There is hardly any examples of college run liability players fixing the problem.
    As for coverage, those plays you referred to are schemed. Anyone with any brains and decent college level football skill can do it . Miami heats coach said it best, greatness is consistancy. One, two plays means nothing.

    The rest of the picks are likely and great picks. Gotta love it

    Rip me if you like, but fact is fact. Prove your point if you have some kind of mental intelligence.

    • Patriots Draft Guru says:

      Could you be more of a blowhard Mike?

      “Rip me if you like, but fact is fact. Prove your point if you have some kind of mental intelligence.”

      Your opinion is far from fact, and you calling the rest of us out on our mental intelligence is 3rd grade at best.

    • NEPD says:

      Smith is FAR from a “liability” against the run. Can he improve? Yes. So can every other prospect out there.

      So can Tully. So can Nink. You make it sound like Smith is out there with a red cape and a funny hat.

  16. Ken says:

    Here’s what I see happening if the Labor issues work themselves out in time for a somewhat regular offseason.

    1) Patriots take care of their in-house issues, re-signing Light, Mankins, BJGE, Warren etc.

    2) Patriots pick up a solid RB and CB in FA… they have some need at both of those positions and those two positions are heavy with talent in this year’s FA… which means they will be able to sign good players for reasonable amounts.

    3) The Patriots attack this draft in an unforseen way. The majority think they need to focus on OLB and DE… then they will take a TE and Safety with their first two picks.

    How I’d attack the draft-

    17 traded for the best deal that includes a 2nd rounder this year

    #28 – Phil Taylor – 3-4 NT
    There are no Suh or Seymour types in this draft, but Wilfork has shown he can be a force at DE and Taylor would give another pure NT option who can allow him to play 50% or more of the snaps there in 2011.

    #33 – Quinton Carter FS/SS
    Meriweather’s contract is up after 2011. Can’t have enough hard hitters in the middle of the field.

    2b – Leonard Hankerson WR

    2c – O-Lineman

    3a – Greg Romeus OLB

    3b – Cliff Matthews OLB

    Give me Romeus and Mathews over the over-hyped 1st rounders, they have a lot more upside and getting them in the 3rd means there is little risk, but a lot of potential reward.

  17. Brian says:

    If I had to make a guess, we will trade down to New Orleans spot and take Phil Taylor with our first pick. We all kow how BB likes guys that are athletic and over 300lbs who are good against the run.

    • Bruschi54 says:

      I agree that, that sounds much more like a BB move, Taylor may be a guy that he grabs in RD1. I can see him making that pick before Watts for sure, would be curious to know how he has evaluated Jordan to this point. With strong combine/pro day, Taylor could be gone prior to Saints pick though, he is a one of a kind item in this draft & it seems like 1-2 more teams go to 3-4 defense each year. If Haynesworth is not back with Skins he makes sense there at #10 or #18 to Chargers in need of NT. When we think we have finally figured out that BB will trade down or out, maybe he fools us again and trades up?

  18. Brian says:

    While it’s fun to speculate what our team could be doing come draft day. I can’t help but think we will be trading down, or all together trading one of the first rounders for a 2012 first. Don’t think theres much of a chance we draft Aldon Smith with the 17th as it poses too much of a risk but in my dreams BB finds a way to grab Robert Quinn to give us fans the hope of a decent pass rush. I like the Wilkerson pick and hope we grab some O lineman but who knows what BB will do come draft day.

  19. Bob says:

    They use the Draft wisely and were in the SB

  20. John says:

    There are some nice photos of Laurence Maroney on some different websites today. Do you think the pats know the right time to get rid of a player? The pats also did great in getting rid of Randy Moss for a 3rd round pick. What a mistake it would have been to sign Moss for another 3 years at a ridiculous amount.

  21. CC says:

    All the more reson 2 move up and get a Cam Jordan before he’s gone.

    We are in desperate need of impact “NOW” player’s not projects, 2nd rates and hopefull’s…..& We need a DE, bad.
    We can talk all we want about maybe and what-if’s; Unless the hassles back and forth of the CBA are delt with and we know that we can trade/sign free agents(like a DE Jason Babin for example – picking him from the Titan’s would be great), & bring in someone with a good balance of veteran leadership and proven ability in that specific spot which is and has been sorley missing…….., moving up is the way 2go…..Period.
    **Even if it’s just one move, move up and grab that one piece of clear impact now TALENT!!

    Draft down and away later if felt needed 2 later, don’t do anything else and work only with what ya’ got, but definitely make that “one move” we all know that has too be made……Move up!!

    The rest can be picked up along the way, but not giving ourselves a guarantee of a RIGHT NOW IMPACT DE one way or the other is just stupid.

    Have that possition taken care of with “better than” talent that doesn’t have “Project”, “2nd rate”, or “Hopefull” accross the back of their jersey, then the only other thing we can hope for in the stocking is a T-B-C replacement : )

    Come whatever may, in whatever fashion it come’s as long as they don’t have “project”, 2nd rate” or “hopefull” on their back’s I’m good!!

    • Steve says:

      Move up to Buffalo or Denver’s spot and just take Quinn and get the best OLB we could ever hope for. Peterson may edge him out as the best athlete in this draft, but it’s pretty close. He’s faster than Peppers, but not as big….perfect size to play that position in our system.

      Belichick can turn him into the next LT (and I”m not talking about the loser RB from the Jets…the origianl LT).

      GO GET QUINN!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • cash says:

        Im with you steve, Quinn is my favorite for the Pats too. Lets hope his year off from school helps the Pats out by making his draft stock drop some. He can do it all and he is a complete monster at his size I think hes 6’5 and 270, and fast enough to get the QB

      • Bruschi54 says:

        It would be nice if Quinn is still on the board when Washington is up at #10, they make a lot of sense as trade partner for the Pats. They need lot’s of help thru the draft, and if they are looking QB they can probably get the same player at 17 that they can at 10 & pickup more draft picks. If Pats move up to Buffalo or Denver pick my guess would be it is because they have rated/evaluated Dareus or Peterson extremely high and see them becoming impact players immediately. Let’s pony up the money for Lamar Woodley and stay where we are in the draft, he is far better player than Babin.

  22. Common Cent$ says:

    I love Cam Jordan, however, after his performance at the Senior Bowl (he was a beast) he will be long gone at 17. He’s 6’4″ and 285 with room to grow so he’ll play on the D Line. I prefer Justin Houston over Aldon Smith for several reasons: More experienced playing in space, he’s better against the run,he’s just as fast and an equal as a pass rusher( led the SEC in sacks with 11). I like Wilkerson at 28, Sherrod at 33, Moffit at 60. Third round though, should be a RB (Jordan Todman or Daniel Thomas?) and WR(Tandon Doss?). Love Davon House at 4. Best player available at 5 and 6.

    • Bruschi54 says:

      I agree, I think Houston is better player and will be better pro. Like the picks through first 2 rounds, would make run at Cobb from Kentucky with first pick in round 3 rather than RB. If Pouncey is still there at 28 I hope we jump on him no matter what else available. Much better chance of Wilkerson still being available at 33, Pouncey never makes it past Pittsburgh at 31. Pouncey will end up being an All-Pro player and we will be kicking ourselves that he is with Steelers, and that we had two chances to get him and passed.

  23. JimC says:

    Forget drafting a defensive lineman with the #17 and #28 unless that person can play in the 3-4 OLB position. Having T. Warren, Wilfork, Wright, Brace, Deadrick, Prior, Love, Moore, Weston plus G Warren if he resigns I doubt BB goes after any more of the NT type players. In the 3-4 defense the rush usually comes from the outside not from the interior linemen. Drafting someone like Cam Jordan @ #17 would be perfact – a great booked end with Cunningham on the outside. Jordan would not be a project player given the fact that UOC plays a NFL prototype 3-4. Here are my picks for this 2011 draft.

    #17 Cam Jordan – OLB
    #28 Gabe Carimi – LT or RT
    #33 Mikel Leshoure – RB
    #60 John Moffitt – G/C
    #74 Randall Cobb – WR
    #92 Mark Herzlick

    • Steve says:

      Didn’t Jordan play 3-4 DE/DT, not OLB? Do you feel Cam Jordan can be an OLB in our system?

      • NEPD says:

        You are correct Steve. Cam Jordan is a great 3-4 DE (or 5 technique). Was not an OLB at Cal.

      • JimC says:


        I do think he can play OLB. I see another Willie McGinest. Vrabel was another college DE that switched over, same with Cunninghan. He fast enough to hold the edge in order to stop the run and won’t get lost in the blocks. A lot of these tweener DE’s make very good OLB’s in the NFL. I believe Jordan will play OLB the majority of the snaps in the NFL for which ever team he is drafted by.

      • Ryan says:

        I’m waiting for the combine to determine where he fits. As of now in my mind he could fit either position.

      • Steve says:

        Thanks, I actually heard it again last night…about him playing outside. I think it all comes down to people not understanding 3-4 vs. 4-3 positions. They think he can play linebacker because someone says he can move to the outside, but they mean DE in the 3-4, not OLB in the 3-4.
        But, someone combared him to Willie McGinist…I know I heard that.
        I realize he played DT in college…thanks for responding.

  24. McTash says:

    Morpheus wants a new coaching staff. Most wins last season and in the last 10 years. Many had Pats missing the playoffs last year. A legitimate S Bowl contender every year. What exact changes would you make – who would go and who would replace them? Which coach or group of coaches have equaled or exceeded what BB has done?

    Somebody else senes a panic? Based upon what? Which people inside of the organization do you directly speak with to obtain this sense? Identify what it is that makes you sense this?

    I read the complete Mock Draft and then the synopsis. Am I missing something? In the mock #17 was Smith; #28 Costonzo; #33 Wilkerson and #60 Hankerson. How does the synopsis skip Costonzo and add Sherrod?

    With all the vagaries and unknowns the post that is most sensible states:

    in short, any DE and OLB pairing of Watt/Smith/Jordan/Houston/Wilkerson/Liuget would be good start for the Pats.

    I agree.

    As for the offense if you look at the most reputable non-professional mocks Watkins and Boling and Pouncey are first round talent. Moffitt and Hudson are early to mid second round along with Wisniewski.

    I don’t sense a panic nor do I see a need to change the coaching staff. I see a very bright immediate and long term future for a 14 – 3 team, which wasn’t quite that good as they had more than their share of luck, with a young and developing defense that will get better especially with the addition of a DE and OLB and OT and OG. Skill positions can wait though I would love to get LeShourse just don’t see that happening. Maybe instead Daniel Thomas from Kansas State at #60. I see a big RB as much more of a need then another developing WR. Let the ones we have actually develop.

    Watt a 17. Trade at 28 to very early round 2 (and 3) and use that and 33 to pick of OL and OLB – Houston may fall further than you think. Liuget very highly rated – hire than Wilkerson, by many.

    Read Mayock, Rand, Nawrocki, Bunting,Muench and McShay, and Kiper if you must. They are the most reputable who perform their own analysis and do not just mimic what others mock.

    This is shaping up as a very deep draft and while BB may shuffle some picks into next year it may make more sense to make the picks this year.

  25. Alex says:

    I agree with the site that the focus of this draft should be on both sides of the line. I’m worried about how much Matt Light has left in the tank and who knows how the Mankins situation will play out. Vollmer is legit and Koppen is as solid as they come, but that leaves three spots on the OL that will make me lose sleep from now until we win another one….I wouldn’t rule out drafting a safety either (2nd or 3rd rd) as Meriweather is entering the final year of his contract and I’m not sure he’s going to be the consistent “right place, right time” kind of DB that we’d all like to see back there….I’m looking forward to watching Ron Brace next season as well. He just looked so overmatched and out of place in his first year that it was hard not to label him a bust, but he made some impressive strides last season and has shown that at the very least he can be a decent backup. Hopefully that progression continues next year.

    • Steve says:

      There opinion of Brace is a big X-factor…that’s for sure. He was playing more and doing some good things. He has the size they like also.
      So, if they think he’ll be healthy and project him as a starter this changes a lot.
      The same goes for how they feel about Ty Warren coming back. If he is coming back, if they want him back at all???

  26. Pats Fan says:

    Don’t like so many OL in the draft. Aldon Smith might be gone by the 17th pick, so it would be wise to draft a DE like Cam Jordan. Here’s my dream draft for the Pats:

    1:17: Cam Jordan, DE
    1:28: Nate Solder, OT
    2:33: Mikel LeShoure, RB
    2:60: Leonard Hankerson/ Titus Young, WR
    3:74: John Moffit, OL
    3:92: Either traded for 2nd in 2012 or Jeremy Beal, OLB
    4,5,6 Traded for late 3rd and late 4th
    3: Danny Watkins, OG
    4: Davon House, CB

  27. Ryan says:

    Does anyone believe we need an ILB? I still feel like if Spikes doesn’t make the jump this year we are going to be looking for one. To me it seemed like the Safeties were helping him out more then they were covering. I guess my question is this: If we see a decent ILB do we take him? or not? It still want Morrison on our team, wanted him last year.

    • Steve says:

      I think Spikes is good, but he’s very limited and can NOT improve his running/speed…it’s just not there…he can fill holes and bring attitude, along with great instincts, but he just can’t run. That’s why other teams thought he was a 3rd round talent, we took him at the bottom of the 2nd.

      It will be interesting to see how he performs year two, and how the team thinks of him now…with the other stuff he’s brought to the team.

      There aren’t that many secure jobs on that defense, let’s leave it at that….Mayo, Wilfork and McCourty have jobs and playing time secured, the rest have to fight for time or a slot on the team.

      • Ryan says:

        The next time he gets in trouble is 8 weeks correct? We’ll have to see what he is capable of. Lets hope he works his tail off.

    • Bruschi54 says:

      Seems like BB grew more confident with Dane Fletcher as the year went on last season, and Ninkovich can move inside if they look OLB early in this draft. If Spikes is not the guy for Pats, Martez Wilson is big athletic thumper that would probably be available at #33. I think the priorities need to be along the outside of defense and OL with the early picks.

  28. TomDickHarry says:

    JPP had a similar buzz going last year and he fell into the 15-20 range…..Now, I like Smith a whole lot more than JPP, a lot a lot a lot more (JPP I thought was even more raw and somewhat stiff, a 4-3 DE project only, in my mind) so it’s possible Smith does go earlier than 17.

    But if he makes it past the Texans than the odds trend in our favor…..I would not hate using a 3rd rounder to move up to 10th to get ahead of Houston who might take Smith….. or moving into the low teens if he does slip past HOU, just to be safe (we’ll likely trade back from 33 and receive another 3rd in return so I’m not too worried about using a 3rd to land Smith).

    Wilkerson and Sherrod are right on target, Corey Liuget is another option at DE and all the aforementioned OT’s would fit as well.

    If the Pats choose to go with Watt or Jordan at 17 then they might have to move up from 28 into the low-20’s to land Justin Houston who might go to KC. Houston is a solid prospect but I’m not quite as high on him as Smith…..but I am a big fan of J.J. Watt and I think that presence at DE could be just as important as landing someone like Aldon Smith.

    In short, any DE and OLB pairing of Watt/Smith/Jordan/Houston/Wilkerson/Liuget would be good start for the Pats.

    I like Moffitt but I really like Watkins…….those are the two OG’s I’d try to land in the late 2nd and early 3rd ( and I’d throw in a 4th to move up from that 3rd to get that pairing).

    I really like this mock draft, it fills all the Pats needs, with the exception of adding a big bodied possession WR.

    Ideal Draft;

    A. Smith, M. Wilkerson, G. Carimi, D. Watkins, J. Moffitt,
    Big-Bodied-Possesion-WR and Bruiser-RB.

  29. Steve says:

    That would be a dream draft for the Pats at this point, before any testing etc….combine stuff. I’m a huge Aldon Smith fan, like Wilkerson in our system, and feel Moffit would be a nice fit for our O-line….nice addition. I’m not sure of Sherrod…haven’t seen much of him.

    I like the idea of the Pats throwing early picks at the defense. I want that dominating defense back, and I do think that’s the way this will shake out. Not all the picks, but more on defense. They can work on the offense via free agency and some patch-work…one O-line pick with the first 3 rounds of picks, maybe a running back and receiver mixed in with middle round picks, but that’s it. Mostly defense! Hoping that these guys all make big steps up in their second & third year…the current players. Hoping for Bodden & Warren(s) to come back stong and healthy. Adding 3-4 young studs will only help.

    I just don’t think Aldon Smith falls that far. Could happen, but I think his skill set shows far too much upside and teams will be willing to wait for that to unfold. Again, it’s all about getting to the QB, and he has that. 17 is far to fall, but I’d be elated, if he’s a good kid, and I do want the Pats to continue to pass on jerks and draft cool dudes, even if they have less skill.

  30. Bill says:

    I sense a panic in the Pat’s organization that is troubling. The Pat’s do not need to concentrate their early picks on DL’s, or LB’s(except for JJ Watt). The Pat’s need to concentrate their early picks on OL, to protect their franchise QB(even if he has become an annoying GQ twit).

    My picks: Watt…Castonzo…Wisniewski…Moffitt…then draft CB’s and RB’s.

    • Steve says:

      Funny stuff on Brady…I think I’ve been in denial, but you’re 100% right with the GQ stuff…it pains me. I guess I just look at the on-field results and don’t care to focus on his personal modeling career.

      I think the panic is coming from the media…again! Remember last year with the ramblings of no coordinators? I know they lost another playoff game, and it may have been from coaching, but we did go 14-2. Personally, I’m not looking at a few shake ups as a bad thing. It tells me they are taking action, and early…better than saying it’s all fine and doing nothing. The media would be all over him (BB) if he did that, that’s why he treats the media like they deserve…like scum. They take any situation, and quote, any-thing, and turn it around to sell programming and newspapers, ratings. So, he gives them nothing, and instructs his players to do the same.

      • Ryan says:

        I’m sorry but I pegged the Patriots at 9-7 this season. To be honest, if you look at our schedule it pretty much fell into our lap. We got lucky against the Ravens in OT. Played a BEAT up SD and Colts. When we played Green Bay they didn’t even have Aaron Rodgers. When we played the Vikings we took out Farve luckily, because we barely got by. With the Bears who knows that the deal was, but that was a convincing victory. The second time we played the Jets they lost their S. I realize we got better, but we also had a little bit of luck. I knew we didn’t have Super Bowl material. The Patriots are still rebuilding, and next year might be worse yet.

      • Jeff says:

        Ryan…are you serious? This was a young team and this might have been BB best coaching yet. Another year for the young to develope also there are 500 Free Agents on the market.I would think this team can get only better next year. Not saying they will be undefeated just saying this team should be contending for another SB

  31. Morpheus says:

    I like the fact the Patriots would be addressing DL OL and OLB in your mock. The prroblem I have is I wish the Patriots would change their coaching staff.

    The changes that they made and will have in 2011 does a dis-service to whatever draft they have.

    • Joe says:

      Exactly what changes would you have them make? It seems to me that the coaching staff did a great job in preparation with all the injuries they had and thhaving to use so many 1st and second year players. Where do you see the disservice? Even some of the players they got off the street made some contribution.

  32. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    I don’t think Beal falls that far – even with his poor showing this post-season.

    • Steve says:

      I’m with you….I don’t think he falls that far either, but I’d love it if he did.

      I think what will get him picked earlier is the simple fact that he gets to the QB…he moves so well in pads and has that explosion. It’s too valuable a skill, and he does come from a big program.

    • Ryan says:

      I’d have to agree with you two, my guess is if he isn’t a late first rounder he won’t last until the middle of the second round.

      • Jeff says:

        Im thinking Beal is more a mid rd selection. With McCoy gone this year he didnt have the same inpact that he had has a jr.

    • Ken says:

      What I see here is a trend in your mocks, a fixation on Smith and Wilkerson and to heck with whatever else transpires (IE – Senior Bowl, Combine) or whatever other players may be available as stock value rises or falls for these kids.

      I have seen a lot of people projecting for DE and OLB because they feel that is the team’s biggest need… and they are going to fill that need with the top picks, even if the value isn’t really there.

      There are a lot of things that can happen, a trade down/out of #17 is likely, taking C/G Pouncey, or someone totally unexpected. Smith is way too much of a projection, and way too unproven, to grab for the Patriots’ 3-4 with a mid-1st pick IMO.

      • NEPD says:

        Fair criticism Ken, but guys that are “moving up” in people’s minds after the Senior Bowl such as Cam Jordan I already had in the Top 10 of the draft months ago.

        I try not to change my thoughts on a whim – I’ll stand by my initial evaluation of both prospects.

        I’ll keep Smith and Wilkerson in there until I find a better prospect that I think will be available.

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