2011 Community NFL Mock Draft

Cameron Jordan NFL Draft

It's up to the readers where Cameron Jordan will go in this 2011 NFL Mock Draft.

With ten short weeks left until the 2011 NFL Draft, we’d like to hold our first Community NFL Mock Draft, where you are in charge of drafting the first round for the 32 NFL teams.

Here are the ground-rules:

  • Go in order – if you need to, use our 2011 NFL Draft Order page as a guide.
  • Wait your turn.  If you want to make the 8th pick, wait for the 7th pick to be made.
  • Don’t make two picks in a row, give other people a chance.
  • No trades – we’ll allow trades in a Community Mock Draft closer to the actual draft.
  • Use the “reply” button to discuss picks – keep the actual selections on the first level of comments.
  • Try and use the format below to keep us organized.  We’ll get a running list of selections going here as much as we can

We’ll start things out and give you a format that you guys can use.

1. Carolina Panthers
Nick Fairley, DL, Auburn
Fairley will give the Panthers that nasty defensive presence that they have been missing since Julius Peppers left town. AJ Green, Patrick Peterson, and Cam Newton are other strong possibilities.

—-Community Picks—

2. Denver Broncos
Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

3. Buffalo Bills
Cam Newton, QB, Auburn

4. Cincinnati Bengals
AJ Green, WR, Georgia

5. Arizona Cardinals
Von Miller, DE/OLB, Texas A&M

6. Cleveland Browns
Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson

7. San Francisco 49ers
Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska

8. Tennessee Titans
Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri

9. Dallas Cowboys
Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado

10. Washington Redskins
Julio Jones, WR, Alabama

11. Houston Texans
Robert Quinn, DE/OLB, UNC

12. Minnesota Vikings
Rahim Moore, S, Vikings

13. Detroit Lions
Marcell Dareus, DE, Alabama

14. St. Louis Rams
Titus Young, WR, Boise State

15. Miami Dolphins
Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama

16. Jacksonville Jaguars
Brandon Harris, CB, Miami

17. New England Patriots
Aldon Smith, DE/OLB, Missouri

18. San Diego Chargers
Cameron Jordan, DE, Cal

19. New York Giants
JJ Watt, DE, Wisconsin

20. Tampa Bay Bucs
Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue

21. Kansas City Chiefs
Corey Liuget, DE, Illinois

22. Indianapolis Colts
Nat Solder, OT, Colorado

23. Philadelphia Eagles
Justin Houston, DE/OLB, Georgia

24. New Orleans Saints
Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA

25. Seattle Seahawks
Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa

26. Baltimore Ravens
Tyron Smith, OT, USC

27. Atlanta Falcons
Cameron Heyward, DL, Ohio State

28. New England Patriots
Anthony Castonzo, OL, Boston College

29. Chicago Bears
Gabe Carimi, OL, Wisconsin

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67 Responses to “2011 Community NFL Mock Draft”

  1. Bruschi54 says:

    33. Pats – Phil Taylor DT / Baylor
    BB can’t resist grabbing the big man

    • Steve says:

      This would be another very telling pick. If they feel Brace isn’t going to be the guy, and I’m noping he will be, this will speak volumes on their opinions and plans on that D-line.
      Obviously this allows them to have some fun with Wilfork at DE…moving him around etc…

      • Patrik says:

        I don’t like the idea of having Wilfork at DE. He’s good, but why would you purposely place your all-pro NT at DE?

      • Billy C. says:

        I love this pick for the Patriots and although there have been a few questions about a few personal issues (Patriots will due their due dilligence) I believe he’s the real deal. It gives Bill the flexibility to move Wilfork all around the line and much needed insurance if Wilfork goes down. In addition, I think the D-line is the weakest part of the defense. There is really only one starter in Wilfork and everybody else has huge question marks. The D-line injury situation at the end of the year is alarming and we just cannot count on most of these guys coming back and producing at the level we expect. The bottom line is the talent level combined with the injuries begs for more talent.

  2. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    32. Green Bay
    Derek Sherrod, OT, Miss State

    Sherrod and Bulaga would rule the NFC North for years.

  3. Billy C. says:

    31. Pittsburgh Steelers OL Pouncey
    Stud lineman to go with his twin on the interior. Even though the defense is beginning to get older this is an area that needs to be upgraded.

  4. John says:

    30. Muhammad Wilkerson DL

  5. Tommy says:

    29. Chicago- Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin. Bears were chasing Logan Mankins because they need a nasty O lineman. Looks like they could get one right here.

  6. CoachBill says:

    28. New England Patriots – Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College
    Patriots need some depth and young guys on the OL.

    • Paul says:

      This would be a great pick for the Pats. Getting younger on the OL must be a priority in this draft, and Castonzo could easily develop into the best OT in this class.

    • Bruschi54 says:

      Hopefully he is the bookend to Vollmer that we need, I would still prefer Pouncey here because of his versatility and talent. Even if Mankins stays long term, Pouncey would be tremendous replacement for Koppen or Neal. There seems to be a lot of OT’s with similar skills that will go in this area of draft thru the middle of 3rd round we can get.

      • Steve says:

        Yes, it’s going to be very interesting to see how they plan on the O-line; and who they take and at what position (G or T) will be a big fat clue.
        Solid pick…I wouldn’t complain.

    • TD says:

      Hard to say what Pat’s will do when it comes to taking OLine. It’s not entirely clear what attributes they are looking for, but it seems that at OT they are definitely looking for height these days. It is time to start replenishing this OLine with younger guys, especially in the interior.

    • StevieG says:

      Not to thrilled about taking OL here. Feel the same can be had in rounds 2n3. Go for Wilkerson here.

  7. Bruschi54 says:

    27. Atlanta Falcons – Cameron Heyward DE / Ohio St
    Biggest need area for sure, lot depends on his medical eval following surgery. TE Rudolph from Notre Dame will get serious consideration if Tony G thinking about hanging them up. Pats on the clock

  8. alphilip77 says:

    Ravens could use a RT since Gaiter is likely done in Baltimore. Would also be able to play G and would add to their road grader mentality in running the football.

  9. Patrik says:

    26. Baltimore Ravens – Tyron Smith – OT

    They could reach for a WR or DB. I don’t think any of the players at those positions still on the board can justify this draft pick. So, they go with BPA at a position they have a slight need.

  10. cash says:

    Bob Sanders was released by the colts, wouldnt mind him and Chung in the secondary…

  11. Ryan says:

    25. Seahawks – Adrian Clayborn – DE

  12. Andre says:

    24. New Orleans Saints – Akeem Ayers OLB

    very versatile olb falls on the Saints laps, its BPA and a need win win for the Saints

  13. Bruschi54 says:

    23. Philadelphia Eagles-Justin Houston / UGA
    Andy Reid get’s very versatile LB, can play in space and get after the QB. Akeem Ayers is another option here.

  14. Andre says:

    22. Indy – Nate Solder – OT

    Pass protection is ok but run blocking is not great – instant upgrade

  15. Patrik says:

    21. KC – Corey Liuget – DT

    Liuget or Taylor, and since Pioli is running the show I think Liuget gets picked over Taylor.

  16. AM says:

    20. TB – Ryan Kerrigan – DE – Purdue

    The Bucs desperately need help at defensive end. Kerrigan is a little undersized, but he’s physical and aggressive enough to work in Tampa Bay. He would provide instant help on the line as a situational rusher, and could be starting by midseason (if there is a midseason).

  17. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    19. NYG – JJ Watt – DE – Wisconsin
    Giants never seem to pass up D-Line help.

  18. Ryan says:

    San Diego – Cam Jordan

  19. Joshua Wood says:

    17. Patriots
    Aldon Smith – boom or bust – time to take a chance on the OLB of the future

    • NEPD says:

      Figured Cameron Jordan would be the pick here if he fell, but hard to complain about Smith.

    • Steve says:

      I would be very happy if this happens, mostly because of the kids upside. Yes, it’s a risk, but he has that freakish athleticism and length (bats down balls and gets in a QB’s head) that I think BB will just love, and want to develope. I think at worst he becomes a situational pass rusher, and that wouldn’t be good, but we certainly need some of that.

      Nothing against Jordan…he’s growing on me, and whoever they take will be welcomed in this slot. I hesitate to say, “even JJ Watt”, but I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen; maybe he’ll be a hall of famer? I just don’t see it (about Watt).

      • Evan says:

        Aldon Smith sounds more like a fan pick than what Belichik will do. He doesn’t pick OLBs this high, they’ve been available and he’s passed. Not that I don’t wish he would, I think the theory that converting a DE to OLB is just too risky\unscientific to justify that high a pick must be true.
        BB has however taken 3-4 DEs this early, see Seymour and Warren, that’s one reason I can see them taking Cameron Jordan here. Besides being an athletic stud, he’s a senior which the patriots prefer drafting and he’s not just any senior, but a senior from a 3-4 defense who can therefore play immediately. The clincher is his versatility in also being able to get after the qb that he showed in the senior bowl. The Pats struggles on 3rd down and the majority of their snaps in the pass-rush 4-3 I think really make this guy valuable.
        As for Justin Houston, he seems to be exactly who the Pats could target, available in the 2nd, big and athletic, if not elite, atleast an upgrade. Throw on top that he’s also already spent time as a stand up OLB in a 3-4 and this pick looks real good to me.

    • StevieG says:

      With Smith, Jordan, n Watts still available here, Pats fans should be awfully happy. Tuff choice but good one. more DE available later.

  20. James says:

    16. Jacksonville Jaguars
    Brandon Harris, CB, Miami
    The Jags have an awful secondary. Harris has good size, elite speed, can tackle, and is good in coverage. Could also go pass rush with Ryan Kerrigan

  21. Bill says:

    15. Mark Ingram
    A logical landing spot with the inevitable departure of Ricky Williams. He’ll be a three-down back who’ll be a thorn in the back of AFC East teams for a long time.

    • Steve says:

      His time, and LeShoure’s time, at the combine will make the call if these two slip out of the first. I’m waiting on this….
      I’m also hoping they run a bit slow, and we can grab one at the top of the 2nd, or move up in the 2nd to grab one of them.
      I think we Pats fans look at the draft with through (spoiled) Pat’s lenses….we have so many picks that it’s easy to forget that these other teams only have one, and their teams probably aren’t that good, also; so they have to make them count.
      Taking a running back these days in the first round is just so obviously a risky, if not foolish, move. We’ve all talked about all the many reasons why, and our backfiled was made up of 2 undrafted dudes!

      I wouldn’t be surprised if teams just pass on the 2 RB’s, but GB could be the last stop for one of them if that happens.

  22. Matt says:

    14. Rams- Titus Young/ Boise State
    Rams take a gamble here on a homerun threat down the field. Bradford needs a reciever who can stretch the field. The next Desean Jackson goes early.

  23. Bruschi54 says:

    13. Detroit Lions – Dareus / Bama
    Not the top priority, but if this happened we would see if what GM’ s always say about drafting” best player available “really applies, or are they full of BS! He and Suh would be monster front. Would have to think that lot’s of teams would be trying to move up here in this scenario, Pats included.

  24. CoachBill says:

    12. Minnesota Vikings
    Rahim Moore, S, UCLA – they need some playmakers in their defensive backfield.

  25. Steve says:

    11. Quinn

    I don’t care who is picking here, I’m not even looking, but I’ll take maybe the best talent in the entire draft outside the top 10 any day, and play him at 4-3 end, or 3-4 OLB and be happy.

    • Steve says:

      And, if he’s sitting there at 11 and the Pats don’t trade up you will all be reading about me in the newspapers!!!

      • Ryan says:

        Not just you Steve, I assure you that.

      • cash says:

        i know a couple of us have been saying for a while that quinn si the best player out there for the pats. It wouldnt take much to trade up to this spot either, swap 1st rd picks (17) and throw in the later 2nd and maybe a 5th rd for good measures. I would do that anyday of the week and twice on sundays for quinn.

      • Steve says:

        Ok…when the combine rolls around and this kid sets the place on fire with athleticism see how quickly people forget about how he hasn’t played football in a year, or whatever.
        I always find that argument to be a bit foolish. I look at it as being more fresh…not injured and hopefully in great shape ready to play some pro ball, but I do realize playing the game is very important.
        I just feel that he has it all and it will jump off the screen. If you think scouts went ga-ga over Cameron Jordan at the Senior Bowl, watch how they react to this guy at the combine.

        All will be forgotten, but maybe I’m hoping he is a bit slow (in time) or whatever, and he somehow slips to us. I just don’t see it happening.

        Just remember this about mocking…when the actual draft comes around the best players are taken first…ok? Just because a team “needs” a corner very badly (say Houston, conveniently), doesn’t mean they will take a corner at number one and pass on players they have graded higher.

        If teams do this they end up with a bad team…because they’re always drafting for need rather than over-all talent. You have to do it the other way around, move a bit, do your homework and have a plan. But, what’s the sense of grading out players if you’re going to ignore the grades and just go with need.

        Finally, the other thing you have to remember about football is injury. Last season, for example, the Pats didn’t need a number 1 corner…everyone went nuts when they drafter McCourty (not me). Then Bodden goes down, Butler can’t seem to cover anyone, and they suddenly NEED a corner and the kid saved our season…literally. My point is this: it’s football…there are injuries, so you NEED all positions; so try to take the best players.

        Of course, QB is a seperate issue and certain positions have values…importance, like LT’s over guards etc…

  26. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    10. Washington Redskins
    Julio Jones, WR, Alabama
    The Skins need a big threat to help kickstart their passing offense – Jones is top-notch.

  27. Ryan says:

    9. Cowboys – Jimmy Smith

  28. Andre says:

    8. Tennessee Titans. Blaine Gabbert

  29. Brody says:

    7. San Fransisco- Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska

  30. Ryan says:

    6. Cleveland – Da’Quan Bowers …Not sure they could pass him up at the 6th over all pick.

  31. Bruschi54 says:

    5. Arizona Cardinals – Whisenhunt knows how to build it from days in Pittsburgh, everyone thinking QB, but he goes Von Miller and get’s most disruptive defensive player in this draft. If Miller goes higher the pick will stay defense with Quinn or Dareus.

    • Ryan says:

      My guess is they will have a QB before the draft, if not shortly after. I say Kolb is the guy for them. But we’ll see.

  32. PatsFan401 says:

    4. Cincy Bengals- A.J. Green-WR-Georgia. Best prospect in the draft.

    • Bill says:

      I agree, AJ Green is the best prospect in the draft. Which means the talent level in the early part of the first round is very weak this year.

      Suh is a much better player than Fairley. The QB’s this year are awful. Peterson remindes me of Mike Haynes, but should NOT be a top five pick in any draft year.

  33. CoachBill says:

    3. Buffalo Bills – Cam Newton, QB, Auburn
    After his great workout, I’d be surprised to see Newton get past both Carolina and Buffalo.

  34. Franklin says:

    2. Denver Broncos
    Patrick Peterson, Corner, LSU
    The Broncos defensive backs are going to suck, especially if they let Champ Bailey walk. Peterson is a freak.

    • Patriots Draft Guru says:

      You beat me to them, I would have picked Miller. They are going to need another edge rusher. Not sold on Dumervil at DE.

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