Unfortunately, It’s NFL Draft Season

With a 28-21 loss to the New York Jets, the New England Patriots season is over. All eyes now will move to the 2011 NFL Draft and how the Patriots can build on an impressive, yet disappointing 2011 campaign.

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66 Responses to “Unfortunately, It’s NFL Draft Season”

  1. TD says:

    The big problem with our main AFC foes is that depending on the CBA looming, most of them may have serious cap issues;

    Jets: Edwards, Holmes, LT, Mangold, Ferguson, Revis, Cromartie, Leonard, Scott, etc, etc. They cannot pay them all and a few are on last year of contract! For them, it’s this year or bust.

    Steelers: How to pay all 4 LB’s, Troy P, Ben, Wallace. They are more in line with Pat’s payroll stance, although OL is an issue.

    SD & Colts: How to pay all those stars and maintain quality depth if and when injuries occur. Freeney and Mathis getting older and AJ Smith alienates players.

    It seems to always be a juggling act; salaries vs maintaining quality depth when injuries occur. Some manage depth via draft some with FA’s and some cross their fingers.

  2. TD says:

    No one is waiting for Butler to become a shut down corner and stop complaining about him.

    Hell, he can’t even get on the field! Arrington beat him out and if not for Wilhite going down he would have been sitting next to Taylor Price every game.

    • Steve says:

      TD, Very true…the Pats just turned-over their team in a big way…mostly on defense, and many of these guys come cheap and are locked up for a few more years at short money. We’re in great shape with the cap, and all the other teams are hurting, getting older, and won’t be able to compete during any kind of youth movement. The Steelers need a new offensive line, they have Pouncey, but how are they going to do all this and pay their stars?

      Going into the CBA thing the Pats are looking like the most solid franchise going forward. The talent and money is spread out, the system is in place, and we have plenty of draft choices to make moves and fill holes.

      Some of these teams may be forced to let players go…players they really wanted to keep; and, more than the usual higher paid veteran cuts. Obviously, all depending on the new CBA…so, we’ll see…should be very interesting, but the Pats should be in good shape to handle all outcomes….they braced for this, planned ahead.

      • TD says:

        Steve, it will remain to be seen w/new CBA, but can Jets maintain their strategy of obtaining 1-2 yr star castoffs/mercenaries. The only reason it’s worked the last 2 yrs is extreme luck in not having injuries. If they have injuries to starters like Pat’s and Colts, they are 8-8.

        Meanwhile BB and staff have a lot of work to get the D from last to top 5, especially on 3rd down. Pass rush from somewhere is needed as well as healthy DLine.

        It will be key to our success for 2009 draftees to step it up: Butler, Brace, Chung and Tate.

        Also, after big start, the special teams were like last year-not so special.

  3. TD says:

    Make no mistake, BB does not put someone in the game if (1) he is not healthy, (2) he understands the scheme, (3) he is ready during practice, not hope he is ready. I have read that the coaches actually quizz the players on strategy and what their assignments will be during the week. If a player does not know or understand, they aint playing.

    So if a guy like Butler does not start/play or get in on a few downs it is because he is not ready and has not shown he can cover during the week at practices.

    Do you think a guy like Taylor Price would be inactive if he were healthy, ready and knew his job and BB/TB had confidence in him, but instead they had Slater as backup WR?

    Also, I doubt any Patriot player has time more less motivation to check out what fans are blogging about them.

    • prioris says:

      I’m absolutely sure Price would be inactive if BB had full confidence in him this past season.

      Could BB bench someone for political reasons – YES

    • Steve says:

      Slater is in there for special teams…the guy makes tackles. It’s a risk to the WR depth, but this move doesn’t say that Price just isn’t a better receiver than Slater. The team had some depth at WR this year, and it’s a big step from the college ball Price played. He showed some skill and should compete next year; so, this year he sat, and hopefully learned and will become a good pro.
      Slater has zero to do with Price sitting. Although, it does say that Price didn’t show value at covering kicks, which could have got him in games/dressing. So, he may have limited himself there, which isn’t good.

  4. john says:

    Arrington should be evaluated on if he is better than the 4/5th receiver of the opponents. Also, Butler is a much better slot guy so he should still have value.

    However, from what I have read, CB is stacked this year so a stud in the second/third round is certainly feasible. The one thing that Wrecks is correct about (along with Belichick) is in today’s NFL, you cannot have too many good CB’s.

    Personally, I would give top priority to the Oline and a OLB to compliment JC.

    The value picks would be a big RB/WR.

  5. TD says:

    I don’t see some of the better DL dropping like Dareus, to many teams need DL’s. There will be plenty of conversion DL into OLB’s as well as OL’s. No OC’s in this draft as someone wanted.

    It looks to me like Butler’s confidence is shot right now, he is always a step behind WR’s, especially Jets Edwards. Arrington was a good stopgap and made some plays, especially the pick 6.

    • Ryan says:

      I’m not afraid to admit when someone isn’t that good. But Butler has been relatively close to his guy and has good coverage, but often the receivers have made great plays example Jets Edwards. It will be nice to take pressure off of him, and get him and working out and see how he does next year. But thats my opinion

      • Steve says:

        He got beat twice against Buffalo and the only reason they weren’t touchdowns is the QB stinks and he over-threw the receiver. he’s usually close, but just not close enough to make the play. Either way, it’s a completion…you don’t get points for being nearby and making it tough. You have to be close enough not to be flagged and make the play an incompletion, to state the obvious. Also, you have to see the ball once and a while, and actually pick it off, that way the QB (human) gets it in his mind that he may not want to throw that way anymore, or not as often. Like McCourty, Revis, Champ Baily, Woodson etc…the good ones…QB’s tend not even to look their way. So kids like Butler (like Hobbs) get picked on…as a plan.

    • prioris says:

      >It looks to me like Butler’s confidence is shot right now

      let’s face it, unless Butler becomes a shutdown CB, people will nitpick him with petty and frivolous criticism

      • Ryan says:

        Unless, a pass-rush is developed and the need for shutodwn CB’s disappears.

      • Steve says:

        These guys are professional players…they are subject to idiots (fans) like us watching the games and seeing what they do, then talking about it. It’s just no secret that Butler hasn’t taken that step up…he’s had time, lost his job (so BB seems to agree), and came back in and still can’t cover anyone.
        I hope the kid does it…it’s not nitpicking, he’s a tremendous athlete, but he’s got a target on his back and every team will attack him until he shows he can stop a play. Remember what happened to Hobbs…tried very hard, but got picked on, thrown at, and beat more often than not.
        I hope he makes the transition, I would say it’s 50/50 on whether or not he makes it back to being a starter in this league, and I’m pulling for him.
        Is BB (a guy with some knowledge of defense with his 5 Super Bowl rings) “nitpicking” & “petty & frivolous” when he pulls him out of the position?
        Wouldn’t it be funny if BB pulled Butler from the starting position, as he did, and Butler actually said to him, “coach, I believe you’re nitpicking, and your criticism of my play on the gridiron is both petty and frivolous”….haha…maybe he did, maybe he’s a geeky kid from Uconn?
        If he did say such a thing it didn’t work…he still lost his job for the bulk of the season, probably because the coach was saving him for the playoffs, because he was making so many plays and NOT getting burned play after play.

        Get real dude….we are fans talking about pro players…they get paid and it’s part of deal to watch the games as fans and tell it like it is.

  6. john says:

    A Bodden and T Warren will be huge since Bodden will allow more blitzing and Warren will provide more pressure. Also, Pryor and Wright will be important since they would be “Jarvis Green” type players.

    A T Warren return and a G Warren resigning would allow for Wilfork to move out to DE. Warren/Warren/Wilfork would be an effective base with Wright/Pryor pass rush and A Brace/Deaderick/Love in the rotation.

    The whole Arrington concept is misplaced. He’s a special teamer 4/5th CB guy. If Bodden was healthy he would never have been out there.

    • Steve says:

      I agree…Arrington did a noble job…thrown to the wolves and he’s tough as hell, and a very good special teams player. Maybe he’ll improve and be able to contribute more (and better) as corner…he is young. Maybe Butler takes that huge step up?

      I believe Wilfork willl play the nose more often than not going forward, but I hope G Warren returns…he played well. It would be nice to see Brace take that next step up also…he has the size for that position.

    • prioris says:

      >He’s a special teamer 4/5th CB guy.

      That’s the way I currently see him. Outside of pass defense, he has a very strong skill set. If he could significantly improve pass defense, he’d be really good. i just don’t hear anyone projecting such a jump in that area. I think if he hangs around as 4th/5th CB for a few years, it may give him enough time to develop himself. CB position is a difficult position to learn if natural talent isn’t there. I wouldn’t know what his limits are so don’t know if there is any light at end of tunnel for him.

  7. Steve says:

    Did someone say, “Butler is one of the better cornerbacks in the NFL” above here??? Are you kidding me…they guy has justifiably benched most the season because he can NOT cover anyone. He’s usually close, but not close enough and he lost his job to Arrington. They were forced to play these guys because of the huge lose of Bodden (who isn’t a star, but a nice cb).

    Don’t get me wrong, I am pulling for both of them to step up, but Butler has been out there for 2 years now and he can’t make the plays…he can’t cover. He gets there often, but fails to find the ball. McCoutry was doing this early in the season, but developed and started locating the ball, turning his head, then he made the next step toward the end of the season where he turned, looked, and actually went for the balls he was knocking at earlier. That’s developement. Butler, is still in the phase of simply trying to stay with his man, he’s not finding the ball, and he’s certainly not intercepting the ball…the other team is attacking him (and Arrington) for very good reason.

    • prioris says:

      Except for his first two games, he played very well. BB made a mistake keeping him out so many games. the pats defense came together once he got back on the field. the pats were a top 5 defense when they added him.

      Too many patriot fans have a way of permanently putting a player down once they get into BB doghouse no matter how well they play. Since the player is view as unfavorable by the football powers that be, the minion fans want to burn that player at the stake. They get some sadistic joy out of it. It is not coincidental that Meriweather who also went to doghouse also gets thrown into the fire.

      • Steve says:

        Do you really believe that BB would put a corner out there that is second best at that moment? Meaning, he has an issue: Bodden goes down, McCourty has to start and saves the season by becoming a very solid corner almost right away; so now he has the only the other corner position to worry about on this young defense, and you think he’s playing “games” and “politics” with Butler? I would be my left one that he was doing everything in his power to boast the kids confidence and coach him up, but Butler didn’t get it done, so he HAD to go to Arrington.

        Who cares what the fans say? The majority don’t know what players can and can’t play their positions.

        You’re a fan who actually thinks this obsessive coach would make his team weaker to prove a some kind of point to a player he drafted not long ago. Why?

        If you’re playing the Pats you’re game plan starts with attacking that “other” corner…that’s just obvious. Teams did this, and he failed…he got abused all season when in there. Arrington played his ass of and he didn’t do much better. The team was stuck…that’s all they had due to injuries of the Bodden and Wilhite…it was a killer.

        The coach wasn’t playing games!

        Meriweather IS a stiff, I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if he’s not back next year. I was thinking before the loss to the Jets that they may keep him till the end of his contract, but he may just be gone. Very athletic, hard & demanding position, but he’s shown that he’s just not so special, or even very good at times, if not terrible.

        That’s probably political too…BB wants to send a message that he can cut an pro bowler, or maybe Merriweather took his parking spot one day and Bill is out to ruin him, while making his team (and his legacy) much weaker.

  8. Steve says:

    I think Darius looks like a nice player…he has the size & weight, not to mention the coaching/system (Saban, top competion also), so I would gather he would be high on their list, but I like him. There aren’t many big dudes like him in this draft. I think he’ll be a top 5 guy, if he’s a good kid, but I doubt he gets out of the top 10.
    Another factor would is Ty Warren, and what his situation is. How he opted for surgery after missing camps to finish his degree is something the team would never comment on, but I would bet it didn’t go over too well. It sounds like a player playing his cards to the fullest….in his favor…saving his body and taking care of number 1 after all the frustrations with the union etc..
    That being said, maybe he has the best intentions and will be back next year healthy and ready to go??? It’s a huge factor in their plans…he is the ideal 3-4 guy and a very nice player…not a star, but very solid.

  9. TD says:

    If this draft has a lack of talent like a lot of people say, then when in doubt; BB will trade, trade and trade some more in hopes of getting better value or position the following year. I think he would rather bring in UFA’s at little cost and coach the bejezus out of them like this year.

    • Steve says:

      Amen TD….I’m thinking the same thing. Perillo was on TV tonight talking about a dream: trading some picks for Larry Fitzgerald. This had actually crossed my mind last year, after Arizona lost the Super Bowl and failed to pull their team together…no QB etc…So, it seemed obvious that the team may want to give up their star in order to rebuild, which made sense and still does.
      Perillo made another very good point that Fitzgerald may want out…not want to see his prime years go by without a QB to get him the ball.
      He would be huge here…to state the obvious.

      But, our issues run deep (no pun) on the defensive side, I could see them trading for a difference maker there first.

      My gut tells me the Pats will be making any & every move possible this year. The positives on this team are if Warren & Bodden are going to come back healthy; then there are a few very specific holes to be filled, and lots of picks to help make this happen…using them, or trading them.

      I also am positive about how Nick C, BB, and the rest of the staff handled last year…they hit the ball out of the park! I like Floyd Reese also…I’m not even sure if he’s involved, but I used to always like his comments regarding talent when he was on the network. I have feeling he has a say and BB listens to him. I hope he stays and they do well again this year.

  10. Ryan says:

    Any thoughts on J.J Watt, or Christian Ballard? I think Kerrigan is going to be far gone by our first pick. LeShoure is projected at the end of the first round? Do we take him or leave him?

    • Steve says:

      I don’t like Watt, maybe I’m missing something or have seen the wrong footage/games. He seems to get out-muscled, while his big plays come against situations (in college) where’s he’s simply not blocked…or half-assed blocked. Lots of energy, but I don’t see a run-stuffing 3-4 DT, or DE at all. If he’s there in the 2nd round I would thing maybe, but not with either of those 2 first round picks…no way!
      Now, watch him go to the Hall of Fame…
      Leshoure has been my top back (neck & neck with Ingram) for the past 2 months, and everyone was giving me hell, but now even Kiper has him in the first round. He looks explosive to me….a larger, faster BJGE…not a bad thing, and I’ve seen him make a few very nice catches.
      I think the running back “thing” has been touched upon quite a bit on here….value, multi-back trend, injury/life, can find them later. So, a team like the Pats will have the decision of grabbing a very nice back or maybe a starter on a defense that needs HELP!!!

  11. TD says:

    Usually these CBA’s get done at the last minute with one side or the other “giving” in on something they did not want to, then when it is up there is another big threat to games being played. I suspect the same thing will happen this year and the draft will be done “business as usual”. In this scenario, I think BB finds some physical DE, OL or starts the “lets make a deal” strategy, trading down and/or getting picks next year. That 33rd pick will be a big chip to play this year. The Rams had a lot of offers for it last year but ended up taking their stud OT, Saffold.

    • Steve says:

      That’s what I’m afraid of TD…that the CBA does come down to the last minute. My wish for the Pats to move up and take a blue chip difference maker (Quinn) will be less likely if the Pats don’t know the rookie cap is more realistic (less money for top 10 players). I still say they should do it with this player. I just read Borges column, and he’s right in many regards, we just don’t have those elite players right now. Maybe they tried to get Peppers last year and he went to the Bears. But, we need difference makers on defense, and sometimes that means being more bold. We can’t allow QB’s to stand back there and pick apart this young secondary. Butler & Arrington have no business being out there in the first place…that’s the sad truth…they get picked on all day…they can NOT cover.
      Your point on Saffold is true…he was a home run for the Rams, they got their franchise QB, then a nice looking LT in the 2nd…that’s a dream draft and a franchise changer; but this year is different, it’s just much weaker and we can’t hope to get a difference maker at the to
      p of the 2nd round…I just don’t believe top talent like Saffold is available. I don’t think top talent is there past our first pick at 17.
      So, the Pats should gamble (knowing more about the CBA rookie cap possibilities than us, obviously) and move up and make that young defense much better…bring in that top talent and let the guy make plays….especially come playoff time. The over-achieving thing, just do your job, is brilliant and he’s the greatest coach ever still, but the talent needs to be there come playoff games. Those big-time players make game changing plays…on their own.
      And, if they need to pay a guy like that than so be it…he’ll earn it and be worth it.

      • JD says:

        Steve – What are your feelings on Marcell Dareus? I know you’re big on Robert Quinn, but if Dareus somehow falls out of the top 7-10 picks, I wouldn’t mind trading up for him. We know Belichick loves big, versatile D-Lineman…and he comes from a Saban system. Interested in your thoughts. Thanks!

      • prioris says:

        >Butler & Arrington have no business being out there in the first place…that’s the sad truth…they get picked on all day…they can NOT cover.

        Butler is one of the better cb’s in nfl

        arrington has been poor overall pass defender but he is
        only a rookie. if he can hone that skill to combine with
        his other skills, he will be awesome. let’s see if he makes
        jump next season

        pats may want to draft another cb who can play ST to build quality depth at position

    • prioris says:

      that is why i won’t even bother reading news on it.
      they will take it to last minute. there certainly won’t be
      any strike. they will work whatever they can out and
      take it to next year if they have to.

      • Steve says:

        I think the only thing in our (fans) favor is the state of the economy. There are some hurting franchises out there, and the league is on top, as a whole. They have become America’s sport…passed baseball, and hoops. So, will some smart guys, like Kraft, operate this thing with this in mind….not wanting to ruin such momentum in such hard times???

        I’m guessing they get it done and surprise us all. Maybe not by the draft, but possibly, or soon after, so the season and camps go on as scheduled.

        They will be playing with fire if there is a lock out…people are struggling out there, and a lock out would piss off the fans for years to come, and I’m not just talking about the fans that can afford tickets (not to mention the parking), I’m talking about the fans that watch the games…bringing up ratings and buying stuff…supporting their teams so loyally. Those hard working people (which are the bulk, and are important) will be pretty pissed off.

  12. TD says:

    It is correct from above and BB says that his take on value includes: football IQ, past performances, size, weight and projecting how they would fit in his D or O system.

    I would also add his value system includes where BB and others think the player’s ability is, where he should be drafted and how much it will cost to sign them. Although the new CBA may bring about a new draft/pay scale system, BB is operating in “business as usual” mode.

    It’s hard to say where he has guys rated, but you can bet the top 5 guys on everyone’s boards are his top 5, after that we know that pass rushers that can only rush are rated pretty low, as are OLB shorter than 6-3 & lighter than 250. Not sure how he rates WR, but they are not good at finding them in the draft, like say the Packers and Colts are.

    • Steve says:

      Yes, the CBA is going to spell it all out…with those 3 top picks we stand to lose or gain the most. Salary is without a doubt a factor, and has been. Positions take on a value, but they also have a fall-out % (like WR…very high, DT much less risk, for example).

      So, it’s complicated, and with 31 other teams picking you can’t get the players you want, you can only try to get the best players on your board; while trying to move towards players that seem to be falling to you.

      I’m sure there’s some initial plan, based on all the “info” they gather on which teams like certain players. I’m sure he covers all the bases, then sticks to a plan and works the phones. They’ll be a lot of that this year, we need to remember the Pats are operating from a position of strength, even though they just got bounced. The GM/coach has job security, We have a QB, and we have all those picks to add to a young and talented team.

      Other teams have new coaches, new GM’s, Old coaches & old GM’s on the ropes and needing to win in order to save their jobs, fans that are pissed off and not spending money etc…

      Meaning, I see the Pats being very active in everything to make this team better, but the CBA is something every team will have to deal with. I can’t imagine that a new rookie salary structure would not be wanted by all. The teams must hate it, and the players must not like it because the guys that are good in the league are, more often than not, guys who haven’t received that big payday yet…on average. So, the players union would want more cap money available to more DESERVING veterans. When they see some kid come in making $20 million who hasn’t done anything, and they are a starter making $500,000 it probably doesn’t sit very well, and there are plenty of examples of this, maybe not so extreme, but they have to look at that money as being theirs if there were justic and a new rookie cap.

      The league itself always wants an even playing field…they don’t want teams wallowing at the bottom because a salary structure for rookies keeps them drafting in the top 10 and therefore cripples this team, because, not all players make it (see: Matt Milan). It’s in everyone’s best interest to do this, except a few top 20 college kids coming out this year…they don’t have that big a voice though…no leverage. That’s why so much talent came out last year and this years draft is not so hot….to state the obvious.

  13. JimC says:

    I say we draft a offensive coordinator…Our current one can only read plays from a playbook that Bill puts together. He has no clue on adjusting an offense to a defense.

  14. TD says:

    We need to get more physical D all around. Outside of Vince and Mayo, everyone is a step behind. Sorry state of affairs if Wright is the top sacker here. We need edge rushers, interior rusher, another physical CB.

    Also, we need to get back to more physical Offense. Since, 2007 BB & Co. have relied too much on the passing game. Look who has most success in playoffs lately outside of aberations of ’07 Pats and ’09 Saints: ground and pound, the pound being the Defense. Jets could get pummelled by Steelers if Sanchez is Sanchez.

  15. Ryan says:

    Personally, maybe not with our first or second pick. But we need a WR who is A) going to catch the ball when thrown too (Tate) B) going to stretch the field (Tate) and C) not get jammed off the line and pushed into a different route (insert name here). Sorry, but Branch is old and to be honest I didn’t think he looked that good this year. Wes at best should be the 3rd option in a system. Tate cant catch the ball. And yes every team has figured out that we throw to our tightends everytime. That Emanuel Sanders pick is looking like one Bill should have taken. Yes we need DE’s and OLB’s but we also need someone who is not selfish (moss) that is going to allow our short passing game to work.

  16. prioris says:

    Asmugha said he would like to play for NYJ or GB.
    NYJ are a dying team.
    GB does not need him.
    Unless he comes at discount, pats can’t afford him..

    • Adeel says:

      We should be pretty set at CBs with Leigh Bodden coming back. But the biggest concern is over-emphasis on Passing game (we saw it many times when defenses successfully able to confuse Brady by not showing the coverages). We need a stud RB who can help TB12. Also I hope we can finally have a run stopping group like steelers or raven (return of Ty Warren should help), but we still need consistent pressure, a guy similar to James Harrison or Demarcus Ware. One other thing I felt in Jets loss was the ability of receivers to get open or go high and pluck the ball, we need a guys like that.
      I am with you steve, I will be rooting for Steelers to shut up these jets and then GB to win it all. I am pretty sure Jets won’t be able to keep everyone next year with Salary cap coming back.

      • prioris says:

        maybe draft another cb with higher potential that also can do ST to replace sergio brown. develop quality depth in case of injuries.

    • Steve says:

      I want Champ Bailey to come in here for a couple of years

  17. Steve says:

    I want to puke still and it just turned Tuesday…go Steelers!!!
    I want those Jets to feel my pain…

    I’m trying to remain positive with this team, and a big part is realizing how young the team is, especially the defense. At the start of the year they looked pathetic, and they finished strong. The fact is they are just not that good…yet. The defense needs that other corner…Bodden or someone new. They have the 3 picks in the top 33 so they should be in good shape.

    The one positive out of losses like this, now 3 in a row, 2 first game losses….all heart breakers, is the team will be forced to react, and they have the chips to do this.

    I stand by my thoughts on Quinn…going up and getting the kid. I’m sold on our “system”, but sometimes…in big games…you need players that just can make a special play…in the system or just on their own. McGinnest was a top pick…he played in the system, but he also made plays…put some pressure on the QB in clutch times…big games. This makes all the difference. I’m hoping BB sees this now…he needs a difference maker on defense. The rest of the issues are smaller and can be fixed, in my opinion.

    I also keep telling myself that GB was going to win the Super Bowl…they scared the hell out of me after they played us so tough here, and with Matt freakin Flynn; but after seeing them the last 2 games I was thinking they will win it all…just a seriously well-rounded team, but who knows?

    If the Jets lose I’ll be happy and holding some solid food down.

    • John says:

      One thing that people tend to forget is that in 2000, when BB, arrived most of our core playmakers had already gone through the formative years and were 4/5/7/8 year players.

      The 2010 defense equates to 1998/9/2000. Those were not exactly halcyon days.

      Also, a pass rusher is not the same as a pass rush. I would prefer a top secondary and blitz packages vs pass rushers covering a secondary secondary.

      Let’s face it, Bodden is superior to all our guys not named McCourty. He comes back and we throw another quality guy in, Arrington as 5/6 CB is outstanding.

      You can then get creative with a Warren/Warren/Wilfork…..Pryor/Wright pressure package. With the LB’s this could get down right exotic.

  18. Adeel says:

    It was tough loss especially against Jets (though to keep everything in perspective we over-achieved this year a bit; but with 14-2 expectation were very high). We need to bolster DL first (need stud pass rusher and another run stuffer). After that look towards RB with receiving skills and a tall receiver (in Moss’s Frame). After that OL if things don’t get resolved with current crop.

  19. mike says:

    Guru is absolutely right. If only we are willing to pay asomugh well tho. Let’s also hope he is win starved and want to start somewhere new like with us.

    • dave says:

      Unfortunately, reports are that Asmugha wants to play with Jets Revis so Pats D and OL need to be off season focus.

  20. Jorgo says:

    I completely agree on that we need to spend time this offseason to look for some pass rushers, not only in the draft but possibly free agency as well. Looking at the game I realized how much they miss a pass rush as the more time we let the QBs sit in the pocket, the more effective they can be in burning our young secondary. I think it might even be necessary to move up a bit in the draft to pick up some elite talent to help in that department.

  21. Pats Guru says:

    Of course everyone was frustrated with the loss. I was too, but I think the Patriots will finally realize their problem for the past 2 or 3 seasons. Mark Sanchez who at best is probably the 20th best QB in the league had all day to throw. He tore up the secondary very easily. The Patriots should draft not 1, but 2 defensive players. Ryan Kerrigan out of Purdue is an all out monster and teams will have to double team him. Cameron Heyward will be another great pick if he slips down to the 28th pick. As for the secondary, Nnamdi Asomugha if a perfect fit for the Pats. Hopefully this loss like the Colts loss in 06 will make the Patriots load up for the upcoming season.

    • SteveC says:

      Right on the money. Then take the best available OL with either of the second round picks.

    • Bruschi54 says:

      Ryan Kerrigan would be perfect fit coming off the edge, plays with non stop motor and has the size (6’4″ 263) that BB been looking for on the edge. Quinn also fits the bill but will probably be off the board. For the interior of the OL Pouncey from Florida is very versatile and would be great pick at 28, he will be gone by 33rd pick if the Steelers get a shot at him. I agree that Asomugha is a perfect fit for BB, smart with good character, probably to expensive though if there are any plans on keeping Mankins and/or Light around. Still trust BB to keep the train rolling strong, the image of Bart Scott talking shit on the field after the game will sting for a little while longer! It’s going to be great winning the SB on their home field next year.

    • Adeel says:

      I would probably agree, two top picks for two best defensive guys (OLB and DE) and then next two for OL and RB. After that we can get a receiver, another CB and so on ….

      • Steve says:

        That’s not how it works…you can’t just take the best player at a position. Over the long haul you would be taking lesser and lesser talented players and your team, system, would stink. You have to have a big board where there players you want (for your system) are graded out; then as they fall to you (or you move to them accordingly) you take the guy who is near the top of the list…mixing need, position value, etc…

        As an example, and this year it may be true, if the Pats took the best OLB prospect at 17 they may be actually taking their 40th ranked player on THEIR big board. Other positions may be just better talented this year. I personally don’t like the OLB prospects people are mentioning this year and would avoid them in the 1st or 2nd altogether.

        To finish the example, their may be a cornerback that is there at number 17 who the Pats actually have in their top 10, and he is the best player on their board, and they do NEED another corner, so they take THEIR best player available at that time. Why would they take the 40th best player instead of the 10th best player, according to all their scouts (research, system, interviews, testing, and evaluation)? It would result in a terrible team going forward if that’s the way you took players in a draft, in any sport.

        It’s not that convenient, and we heard it last year with them not taking the best available pass rusher in the first round…because it was assumend (and I tend to agree) it was their biggest need. They took McCourty (that turned out to be a home run) and drafted their OLB the next day in Cunningham.

        Now they moved up to get Gronk, so you can tell they are thinking about what other teams may be doing; so, they are active in moving around while filling out their roaster/picks…trying to gain the players they covet. We’ll never know who those players are or if they blew a deal by asking too much, or whatever…it’s fast paced and imperfect.

        I do believe that the Pats have adopted a plan to gain MORE picks, because of the misses…all teams miss…again, it’s imperfect. So, having more will result in more players coming to camp and more hits. We know this is true because of all the free agents on this team.

        It’s an illusion, or delusion, that these gradings of players by Mel Kiper, and all of us, are worth very much…time will show a great deal of players that simply never play well…they’ll be out of the league, and soon. Not to mention all the players that would be reshuffled in new drafts…for example, where would McCourty grade out today now that we see the player doing his thing after one season? He and Gronk, and maybe Hernandez, would be clear 1st round talent…McCourty probably top 10.

        It’s a dream of mine to take a peek at the Pats big board before the draft…see how different there’s is than mine, ours, and all the “experts”. It’s easy to say that the “Suh’s” of the league are near the top with everyone…those guys are easy, but after that I’m sure BB goes into his own world of evaluation.

      • Adeel says:

        Ofcourses everyone drafts by THEIR own boards …. Our needs starts on defensive side so BB will get the players that are best for our team. I just hope we can find OLB, DE in this draft.

    • dave says:

      Totally agree! Two defensive players (Quinn, Kerrigan, Paea) an absolute MUST! Plus an offensive lineman with the top three picks.
      Moving up is OK but moving down is UNACCEPTABLE this year. Defense wins championships. Also, not signing Mankins UNACCEPTABLE!!!

  22. eddie says:

    I take a different view of this year. I think the receivers were lost much of the time when covered initially the way they were. They too often stopped rather than keep going. New blood on both lines will be found and Belichek will tweek OBrien more as he lost his rhythm in this game. This is fixable and I am already looking forward to next year when the young nucleus is one year older and we are one more year away from the drafts of 07 and 08 that cauised us so much trouble.

  23. Bill says:

    Pat’s are winless in their last three play-off games. Brady’s QB ratings for those three games…82…49…89. The Pat’s OL was pathetic in all three games.

    It’s time to rebuild the OL. Draft the OL from Boston College. Draft the C/G from Penn State. Draft a couple of guards and draft Rudolph from Notre Dame.

    • TD says:

      I noticed some communications issues among OL in 1st half with Connoly, but he has been out for about a month. After that they did quite well, giving Brady a ton of time. Granted, the status of both starting guards is uncertain at best, sign Light and the OT spot is set. I would see a top guard or center will be needed shortly if not sooner.

      The D Line is mystifying with all the injuries. We do not some pass rush from both inside and outside. I don’t think we will find someone that can rush and play run in this draft, unless you are in the top 5-10.

    • JMC says:

      For three playoff games in a row, the OL has failed. They had a greater than expected regular season this year- but against the Jets they and Brady were pathetic.

      • Jeff says:

        Well…Light and Mankins looks like they will be gone and Neil cant stay healthy. Top it off Connely is more of a back up…i would say a huge makeover to the oline and maybe to the overal offense is going to happen….and should.

  24. Bruschi54 says:

    As much as it hurts to say, we without question got out coached today. The slow motion pace to an offense chasing a 10 point deficit reminded me of Donovan McNabb during the 4th quarter of the SB vs Pats. What happened to the hurry up not only due to the score, but to try and create some tempo to the offense? Return units were a joke other than Edelman during garbage time. Sad to see another visiting playoff team come in and be so much more emotional and inspired than us for 4 quarters. Maybe now we will start to realize how important it is to find a pass rusher or two in this draft!

    • TD says:

      I don’t agree w/ the outcoached idea. They picked up on the D strategy from Cleveland and GB. Employ different coverages at different times. We missed our chances in the 1st by leaving 11 pts on the field!

      These D schemes, much like BB’s don’t confuse the elite QB’s (Manning, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, etc). They are meant to confuse the guys that they are throwing to. How many times did Brady & Manning have all day, but no one open. The young guys just cannot read coverages that were thrown at them and could not get open.

      Had we capitalized on those first 2 drives it would have been 14-0!!! Different ball game! Just like a major golf championship, you don’t get those chances back.

    • JMC says:

      “Out-coached”, “tempo to the offense”: Two very good points. Going to a three step drop passing attack- beginning about mid-second quarter would have done wonders of loosening up the Jets pass rush. Also: The drive in the 3rd-4th that scored a touch down took up a great deal of time.

      The first three 2011 picks might include: two DL and one OL -or- one DL one OLB and one OL- Richard Marshall (Carolina) might look good as a Patriot too-

      • Jeff says:

        Its wasnt about the x’s and the o’s it was the about the fact that the jets had the better jimmy and joe’s. they have better talent….fact. Compare the talent of this years team to the roster in 04…its not even close. If Bill wants to win another SB he better spend some $$ in FA this year.

        Look what the final four teams have in common…PLAYERS THAT BELONG…Harrison, Mathews, Peppers, Harris, Pace, Woodley(Who by the way is a FA). But we have Nickovick, TBC (Who couldnt even make it in SF)

        I would agree O”Brien did a terrible job calling plays and adjusting.

  25. TD says:

    Jets are xtremely lucky again this year with minimal injuries all year, only with 2 good players on IR they were the healthiest team in playoffs by far. Also, with uncapped year they went all in w/ FA’s or cast offs with 1 yr contracts. We are built for the long haul, unfortunately not this year. With a cap next year, no way they can keep everyone.

    • dave says:

      true, and if jets needed an easier super bowl road, they should have beat Pats in dec! How many wild card teams have won the SB?

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