Open Thread: Top 16 Draft Picks

Jake Locker Senior Bowl

All three NFL Draft Prospects pictured could be off the board by the Patriots pick at #17.

Here is something to do while watching the Senior Bowl today.

Per reader request, this edition of “Open Thread” is going to look at who we think will be picked before the Patriots get a chance to be on the clock – which, unless there is a trade, is slot number seventeen.

If you’ve read our 2011 NFL Mock Draft, you know who our top 16 picks are. Let’s hear who you think will be available for the Patriots at #17 and who you think will already be off the board.


20 Responses to “Open Thread: Top 16 Draft Picks”

  1. Smittyboy13 says:

    If any of you can even begin to fathom what BB will do especially in this years draft with all his picks you may also be the person who finally finds the cure for cancer. [ My mom died of cancer so I’m not trying to be crude] The mad scientist baffles all the experts and I’m not even going to try to predict anything even though I know its just for the fun of it. He could trade half his starters and all his draft picks for Hershel Walker for all we know. One thing though PLEASE GET US A PASS RUSH BILL. I’M BEGGIN YA MAN!!!!

    • Steve says:

      Amen…I agree on trying to mock any draft, never mind Pats, especailly with all these picks. I still love to see the mocks to try and figure who is noticing where the talent is, not where the player goes specifically; it’s about team building really…for me.
      And, I have mentioned a few times that BB does seem to learn and change…he has evolved as a coach; who would have ever thought he would have had an “offensive” team?
      We’ll see on the pass rush, I’m still thinking we will never draft a specialist, like a Miller, but I’m hoping he sees the light and will bring in a Robert Qunn to play on the outside, while keeping his system and standards in place.

  2. TD says:

    I would say, based on my inexperience and by reading and hearing draft pundits;

    1 Fairley
    2 Bowers
    3 Gabbert
    4 AJ Green
    5 Von Miller
    6 Peterson
    7 Amukamara
    8 Dareus
    9 Quinn
    10 J Jones
    11 Kerrigan
    12 Locker
    13 Jordan
    14 Ayers
    15 Brandon Smith
    16 Aldon Smith

    Maybe a run on QB’s (doubtful as needy teams can still get them in 2nd round) could insert Newton in there. A run on DL could insert guys like; Watt, Clayborn & Austin, or more likely OT needy teams get nervous and take guys like: Solder, Costanzo & Carimi.

  3. Steve says:

    I spoke too soon…they have Wilkerson’s Penn St game on Youtube now. He looks ok, not great explosion, but a nice player and he has the size for the DT/DE position. But, I’m not sure about his athleticism…his feet and explosion; he also seems to give up to easily when he’s engaged properly.
    The combine, if he goes, will be telling…do the cone drills etc…lifting.

  4. Steve says:

    Also, I was wrong on Costanzo in your mock…from what I’m reading (and saw) he could easily be there at #28; all 4 of those big senior OT’s didn’t help themselves. At the beginnning of the week people were speaking well of them, but now they are saying it wasn’t very positive.
    I guess they are back where they started…towards the end of the first…possible left tackles, but right tackles for sure…nice players, but not great.
    I’d still love to see Aldon Smith slip to us, but that is asking a lot; yet stranger things have happened.
    If the Pats want to address the defense with a veteran like Babin that would be great….love to see an established guy come in and bring a proven game to this young team.
    Like you said, it will free up a draft pick also.

    Question: does anyone know if there is film on Wilkerson actually playing? I can’t find any and would like to see him actually play football. He looks the part, and interviews well, but I want to see him toss a few people around.

  5. Tommy says:

    I’m hoping that Von Miller Falls to the Texans so they take him and not Aldon Smith. If the Texans get Miller, Smith will fall into their hands at 17. After that i’m thinking O-line with the 28th pick and Titus Young with the 33rd.

  6. CC says:

    Agree’d on moving up 2 get a “TOP” impact player; but I’m thinking more about being able to grab both Wisniewski and Pouncy “both”, and then grab the rest; meaning an OLB, OT, DL and CB

    *personally, I’d Grab Free Agent Jason Babin from the Titans for a DE right now with the quickness and not waste a pick on that specific DE worry possition.
    If not him, there is still Cullen jenkins, Ray Edward’s, Mathias Kiwanuka, Marcus Spears and/or Charles Johnson. We could still get and save a pick on that possition. But Babin along with Aldon Smith…. who is a DE/OLB….


    *I actually like the free agent RB market as well so we don’t need to grab a Mark Ingram and use a pick on a RB either. A shove it down their throat RB ala’ Antwon Smith /Corry Dillon. We havent had that in a while have we folk’s?
    The smaller law-firm and Woody tandum is o.k., but it’s just that, a small tandum & neither one can really do what a Dillon Or Smith could……which is “Take it to the house”! & the rest of the NFL team’s know this……, another reason we have become very predictable!!!!!

    RB Free Agent’s De’Angelo Williams 1st and or even Amad Bradshaw 2nd would be great choices.
    & If not those 2 straight power type R Back’s, there is aslo a list of free agent RB’s that could highly impact the run game & have special team’s capabilities as well (which BB likes alot).
    Cedric Benson-Cinnci., RB/KR would be up to par and ahead of both are guy’s.
    Leon Washington-Seatle, RB/KR &
    Darren Sproles-SanDiego. RB/KR.
    All Free Agent RB’s come to mind & with special teams capabilities verses just a straight Power RB like the other two listed.

    I wouldn’t use a pick for either the DE or RB possition’s and would contact all right now. ****Especially Jason Babin 1st without question. If I’m BB, I’m knocking on Babins door with a Pat’s jersey and a check in my hand with his name already on it before I even ask! + DeAngelo Williams2nd stop, then/or Cedric Benson if a 3rd stop is needed.

    With that said; and not wasting pick’s on those two possition’s………..
    # 9 on your list Nate Solder is the only one who is on your list of 16 who I would want to have if any on it.
    if your mock draft is true to the first 16, then i’m way good providing BB tag’s Jason Babin DE and DeAngelo William’s in Free Agency like he should. If not Jason Babin and Cedric Benson.
    Doing this makes sure both the O-line and the D-line is what the draft will be primarily for…….as it need’s to be.
    I’m all for Jason babin DE free agnecy A.S.A.P. ( like locking him up before the draft).
    and Aldon Smith for the first pick as an OLB that can also be a DE when we also have Babin…… i said Fageda’ bowdit!!

    I like the list and could go with it easily, it’s only after the 16 that i’d swap around a bit.

    Sorry, but your list is actually pretty friggen on point with me, I’m not changing a thing except maybe trading up if I feel Aldon Smith may be not there.
    But I want both Free Agent DE Babin and Drafting Aldon Smith hand’s down from the get go !!!!
    ………………………After that, it all about Pouncey and Wisniewski both.

    • Steve says:

      So, are you trying to say you like Babin?

    • Liam says:

      Jason Babin is a 6’3″ 260 lb DE coming out of a 4-3. There’s no way he works as a DE in our system. He would be an OLB. At 30, with no 3-4 experiance, with only 1 good year under his belt (fewer than 20 sacks in 6 years before this year) commanding and extremely high price and with no CBA in place (meaning no free agancy), there is no way this move happens. Sorry, you really seem to like him.

  7. Ian says:

    I would prefer to package 17 and 33 to try and get into the top 7. I think the targets would be Peterson or Dareus. Most likely will not happen but I think the youth movement has done it jobs as far as getting this team younger and faster and now we should start targeting high impact players. We can’t afford to wait two or three years for the talent to develope. With that said I don’t see the draft being that deep and suspect that BB will do what we hate and trade down and out of the first round. Look for a similar draft like the one we had in 09. I think they trade 33 for a 2012 first and a 2011 third rounder.
    As far as picks go if nothing else changes I suspect they go with Jimmy Smith at 17 and Wilkerson at 28. If they keep 33 they’ll go offensive line.

    • Steve says:

      I’m with you…I’m hoping they trade up, but to get Quinn…the others would be nice also, including Green.

      I find it odd that anyone would say they know with any certainty who any team is picking at any pick, never mind 17 & 28. It’s comparable with the lottery…meaning your chances of being right are highly unlikely. Most people don’t have Smith in the first round, but I like him and want another corner. I’m just not sure he’s the guy at that slot…maybe it will happen if blows everyone away at the combine.

      • Randy (Detroit) says:

        I would LOVE for the Lions to trade pick 13 to New England and in return get your picks 28, 33, and 92 of the third round. You guys could grab Julio Jones and another stud player very early and still have four total picks in the first three rounds. Detroit could use the extra two picks, but with picks 28, 33, and our own 45 we can get three solid additions to our team at CB, LB, and interior OL. You guys get right in front of St. Louis and grab the second best WR in the draft and another impact player at 17.

        Would you do it?

      • Steve says:

        Randy, I would never trade all those picks to move up a few spots…makes no sense. You’re giving up way too much.

        Is that from the trade value chart? I hate that thing…it’s just a tool or a guideline; and I would say this year you can throw it out because the draft is not strong.

      • Steve says:

        Meaning, “WE”, The Patriots (not Detroit) are giving up too much

  8. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    1. Fairley
    2. Bowers
    3. Gabbert
    4. Green
    5. Miller
    6. Jones
    7. Locker
    8. Newton
    9. Dareus
    10. Mallett
    11. Peterson
    12. Quinn
    13. Amukamara
    14. Hankerson
    15. Ingram
    16. Kerrigan

    • Steve says:

      So, you think Hankerson is a lock to be picked before the Patriots? The exercise here was to label player that are 100% locks to go in the top 16 (ahead of the Pats).
      I couldn’t say that about Kerrigan, Ingram, Mallett, Jones, Cam Newton, Amukamara, and especially Hankerson.

      I guess it’s the Hankerson thing that really throws this off to me.

      • Patriots Draft Guru says:

        No – just predicting the top 16 picks. Thought that was what we were supposed to do.

      • Steve says:


        No, too funny…I was just trying to figure out who (at this point) anyone could say was definitely in the top 16. Meaning, there’s no way they are their for the Pats.

        (See my list of 8 above)

        For example, I wouldn’t be too shocked if Amukarama slipped to 17, or Julio Jones, or some others, but barring some knife fights, arrests, drug convictions etc…those 8 won’t be there for the Pats…In my humble opinion.

        I gather you included Hankerson after watching the Senior Bowl? I taped it and haven’t watched it yet. I’m more curious about the lineman on both sides of the ball…guys like Cameron Jordan and Ballard, and the guards like Mallett, Watson etc…Maybe seeing Costanzo also.

    • Bruschi54 says:

      Pretty good list of 16 that have good shot at being selected before the Pats selection. I do not think that Locker or Hankerson will go in the first half of round 1, but the rest of the list will more than likely be unavailable for Pats. If BB wants the best player available without worrying about one of the smaller DE prospects converting to OLB, Pouncey or Taylor could be the pick. He may be able to trade down 8-10 slots and still acquire the same player. If Logan Mankins is not going to be re-signed, a high quality interior lineman is an absolute must, and Pouncey is clearly the best in this draft. Even if he does re-sign he could end up as great replacement for Koppen after next season. I know it would break the mold, but with the #33 pick in our pocket, it sure seems like the perfect time to trade into the top 5 to 7 picks if we could land Dareus or Quinn. We can still get very solid O-line help at 33 & 60. Those two guys would be difference makers for us immediately, and we are not to far away.

  9. Steve says:

    I’ll try now (in no particular order):

    1. Bowers
    2. Fairley
    3. Peterson
    4. Dareus
    5. Quinn
    6. Green
    7. Gabbert
    8. Miller

    These are the only players I can say will be definitely gone in within the 16 picks ahead of the Pats.

    I guess this is the debate/topic…

    More so, as a Pats fan, I’m hoping that the QB situation adds to this list, especially seeing there are a handful of teams NEEDING a QB picking ahead of us. So, if Locker has a great game, and the others have great combines and pro days this will possibly add them to this list and push better players down to us.

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