Open Thread: Overrated

The NCAA Bowl season is over. Auburn has been crowned the champion. Draft boards will be at a standstill for the next few days as the Shrine Bowl, Senior Bowl and other post-season events don’t begin for another week or more.

Instead of looking at who has impressed us during the 2010 NCAA season, let’s decide on who has left us wondering this: What do people see in this guy?

Give us your three top overrated 2011 NFL Draft prospects, explaining why they haven’t impressed you so far. If someone picks on one of “your guys”, defend their honor! We’ll get things rolling.

Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA

As we say in our scouting report on Ayers, this Bruin has all the physical tools. That said, he just doesn’t make the kind of plays that he should. He doesn’t get off blocks with ease, and when he does, he tackles poorly, which is pretty much a death sentence for your chances of being picked by a Bill Belichick team.

Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas

We had high hopes for Mallett this year, hoping that his footwork would improve. It hasn’t. His cannon-arm will be get him drafted much higher than the rest of his game warrants. He is a 2nd-round talent that could possibly go in the top-10.

Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Pitt

Purely on potential, Baldwin could easily be a Top-20 pick. That said, he struggles against physical cornerbacks and fails at time to gain separation from even mediocre defenders. The combine, however, will tantalize NFL GM’s as Baldwin will surely put on a show.

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18 Responses to “Open Thread: Overrated”

  1. Jeff says:

    Demarco Murray – as an OU fan I can tell you I have seen every carry of his career. He runs hard and plays with heart. That said two knee surgerys, hamstring issues and ankle injuries seem to creep up every year. He has lost his speed and is not the same player he was 3 years ago. Not a fluid runner but a tough runner. 3rd round at the best.

  2. Jeff says:

    Jake Locker – I have seen this guy play for the past several years….and he is an average college qb. His pass pct is not more than 55% which is terrible in college. why all the “experts” love him is beyond me.

  3. prioris says:

    I think this draft may be decent to good for CB position.

    Saw one draft have CB Jimmy Smith at pick 32. Looking at his films he seems to really suck.

    Brandon Burton 6ft 185 seems like he could be a pretty good CB and they expect him to go second round.

    Which CB’s do you think are under rated

  4. prioris says:

    How do you feel about Aldon Smith as 3-4 OLB for patriots?

  5. mike says:

    Cam Newton, he need at least triple his accuracy before becoming a legitimate NFL qb.

    • cash says:

      i think newton lost about 15 million in the bowl game. his stock was soaring, and even though his team won he looked awful throwing the ball. especially when he missed his RB wide open in the endzone

      • Ryan says:

        I’d only draft him as a TE.. Thats just me…

      • prioris says:

        i keep forgetting about his size
        yeah maybe he could make a terrific TE (maybe FB also)
        he certainly has the necessary size
        he may be worth a mid first round pick for that
        so rolling the dice on whether he can throw
        wouldn’t be necessary but just an added bonus
        if it does happen

  6. Sciz says:

    Adrian Clayborn, Cameron Heyward, Marcell Dareus, Allen Bailey, Cameron Jordan, Jared Crick

    …and that’s just the DE prospects

    • Coach Bill says:

      Agree on most, but Dareus will be good.

    • Jeff says:

      Dareus has been a consitant force in the SEC..thats saying something. He is a lock to be a solid pro. If on the board I would hope the Pats call his name.

  7. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    Demarcus Love – seems way too slow to play in the NFL.

    Patrick Peterson – he’s a great player, but I think he will play safety in the NFL.

    Jonathan Baldwin – can’t get separation.

    • cash says:

      could peterson be the next michael huff? an athletic player with no true posistion.

      • Steve says:

        I would say he’s pretty safe, if not a solid corner, then he could switch to safety with his size & speed, along with being an amazing kick returner.

    • Steve says:

      We generally don’t take big road-grader O-lineman, just don’t fit the system, and you have to be able to move and LAST with Dante, meaning no slobs.

      Baldwin is the type of player that has possibly the highest risk attached to him…going from a big down field college receiver to the pros where you have to get off the line, beat guys who are probably as fast, if not faster, than you, catch the football 95% of the time etc…It’s just not worth taking such players; and, they don’t seem to fit our system. Now, if a guy like Floyd is there in the 2nd, maybe? I think they bring in a free agent receiver…a Donald Driver type, or someone who has some proven skills to step into our system
      Moss was an exception…a real freak of a player for a big guy, and he had proven to be able to do it well before we brought him in for a mid draft pick…low risk even for a proven player like that. So, in case anyone was going to throw Moss in my face.

      Ayers: Those are my words again…that’s my assessment from earlier entries, so why repeat myself. He seems to play soft and not tackle well. Shoulder tackles from a big strong linebacker….I don’t think so.

    • Steve says:

      Isn’t Travis Lewis going back to school? I thought I read that from a reliable source somewhere.

      • NEPD says:

        You are correct. That will teach me to work ahead…

      • Steve says:

        This draft is slipping further and further into the terrible range. Today Blackmon & Floyd both dropped out of the draft. I’m not saying they werer Pats picks, but they take up slots somewhere.
        This is all about the CBA now…a terrible sign, because Blackmon would have been a top 20 minimum.
        I would think the Pats will be dealing 1 or 2 picks now…trying to push off to next year. I still would rather they trade up though with a couple of picks; maybe do both???

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