NEPD Radio: Senior Bowl Recap

While you are probably able to read tons of initial reaction of what went on today at the Senior Bowl, we’re going to take a couple of days to re-watch the game a few times and fully digest exactly what happened.

This Tuesday, we’ll be back with some more NEPD Radio to talk about what we learned. As always, please send us your questions (Senior Bowl or not) by comment, email, or twitter.

We’ll also go into the whole Larry Fitzgerald situation – that should be interesting.

Here is what we’ll be discussing:

  • Offensive Linemen – Who separated themselves from the pack?
  • Pass-Rushers – Who might fit the Patriots system?
  • Offensive Skill Positions – Are there any WR’s / RB’s worth a high-round pick?
  • Larry Fitzgerald – Should the Patriots trade for him?

The show will start at 11pm eastern Tuesday night. You can listen live, or listen to it / download it here.

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46 Responses to “NEPD Radio: Senior Bowl Recap”

  1. Robert says:

    I really hope The Patriots look into Casey Mathews @ Oregon, he is listed at ILB but can play both at a very high intensity. I watched alot of films and this kid plays hard every single down , we almost had his Brother and lets face it ;How can you go wrong with a Mathews?

    • Bruschi54 says:

      Casey Matthews style is closer to Bruschi than his brother Clay. I agree he plays the game with the intensity that you would like everyone to, is not going to replace Mayo, not sure he is upgrade over Spikes. Not as long or quick as his brother, but maybe Clay will share his prescriptions with his little brother and he could be effective on the edge.

  2. mike says:

    Jeff, i’m simply stating facts.

    Point is patriot is better off picking cam jordan first instead of olb anyways.

    I’ll make another statement, if any 3-4 team takes Aldon Smith, count on it, he is a B-U-S-T. He has no skills aside from pass rush, little football intelligence, cannot cover or set the edge. Why don’t you ask the bills about Maybin, about him being coached up ? Ya, that’s right, maybin is a HUGE bust. Classic example of dumb players with mediocre work ethic ‘s FAILURE to translate into a 3-4 system which is reserved not for athletes, but intelligent hard working guys. You would be a fool to think Belichick will spend a first rounder for a 1 down player for the next 3 or more years in hope of possible future improvement.

    • Steve says:

      So, your logic goes like this: because one stupid franchise over-drafts one player, Maybin, all potential OLB converts should never be taken; you complete disregard all the players that made the switch? Furthermore, your point says that all the successes are because they worked hard and are smart.
      Well, that’s like saying that because you drafted TE Watson & Graham high you should never draft another TE again. Last year the Pats took Gronk (moved up) in the mid/upper 2nd…Watson end of the 1st…same difference…high/valuable picks. Gronk is a game-changer…great looking player.
      My point is this: you can’t draft scared…he have to evaluate and make decision and then live with the reality that most picks will not make your team in a few short years, or you won’t want them anyway. There’s a probability to drafting…at least 50% failure rate, and if you add in when a player was drafted you will be dissapointed way more often than not. We Pats fans need to simply go to and look at past drafts from other teams…not just the Pats. It’s a graveyard of failed players and picks.

      I agree that Smith has a huge jump to make, but I (personally) can’t say I know about his character and work ethic, nor his intelligence, so I see a special athlete that can possibly become a full-time/everydown OLB in our system.

      Maybe you know more about his character and all you mentioned??? I’m not being a wise guy, I’m really asking: do you know about his brains and work ethic?

      You do need to reach in the first round….you need to risk a little, and it’s a balancing act between risk, value and reward.

      But, if Smith is a lazy kid and not very bright the Pats won’t draft him…that much I do know, so you’re 100% right in that regard. I just don’t get one failure by one franchise as being proof that players can’t convert to another position at the next level. There’s an added risk, and that’s why BB goes for guys with pro film, or established players, while skipping over all our mock hopes. The risk is not worth it to him when he knows he has another player narrowed down to a higher probability of making it.

      • mike says:

        It is very alike in circumstances. Again, setting the edge is the most , and most important part of 3-4 olb. He cant do that, anything else he can bring is simply extra. Hardly good enough to be picked that high. Smith did not improve very much if you kept tabs on him throghout the years, meaning no potential or terrible work ethic, either way, BAD.

  3. TD says:

    We need 3 down DL at Seymour’s old post instead of the dizzying array of sub DL packages the last 2 years. That would allow us to have a place for a pass rush “specialist” like Jarvis Green was. To all of those thinking BB could “get” Fitzgerald, Hali, Asamough, Ochocinco, Emmit Smith; please put down the joint and think clearly, we are talking BB here. Look at where all this “we only need one player” mentality got teams like: Carolina, Oakland, Cincy, Dallas. It takes years for teams to recover mentally and financially.

  4. The Sweetness says:

    This draft as far as OLB has a few of the Belichick size OLB which is rare these days

    Quinn 6’5 270
    Aldon Smith 6’5 260
    Greg Romeus 6’5 6’6 270 he could be a steal in the 4th round. He had back surgery but was suppose to be a 1st or 2nd before that
    Jabaal Sheard 6’3 260
    Sam Acho 6’3 260
    Ryan Winterswyk 6’4 270 a little slow but in 6 or 7th round

    We need the days of McGinest and Slade back this could be the year to do it.

    • prioris says:

      Also Houston and Beal.
      Nice list.
      I’ll take a look at romeus.

      • The Sweetness says:

        Thanks. Yeah I ‘ve heard good things about both of those guys. I know Beal didn’t do the best at the Senior Bowl but I’ve seen video on him and I think he could be really good. If you can get him middle of 2nd to beginning of the 3rd round that would be ideal. Good all around OLB.
        Houston I don’t know as well but have heard good things.

      • Steve says:

        I like Houston now…wasn’t so high on him, but watched some more and he looks ok…nice athlete…good fit. I have been high on Beal all year…explosive player. I hope he does slip and they scoop him up. He doesn’t have the length they like, but he gets to the QB…great quick moves and fluid athlete. Houston is more powerful…has more height and strength.

      • Robert says:

        Have you looked At Casey Mathews @ Oregon? Puts the I in intensity

      • The Sweetness says:

        Yeah I looked at Mathews but he is projecting to be an inside linebacker not an outside like his brother. I’ve also seen various height and weight on him, I think he is a bit small even for a 3-4 inside linebacker

  5. Sciz says:

    Aldon Smith is better against the run than most people give him credit for. He’s pretty raw, but he has the highest ceiling of any OLB prospect in this draft.

    • prioris says:

      if aldon is only one downer bb should not touch him first round. If there is enough evidence that he is capable on nfl level of setting edge, bb should grab him. From what little I seen, I sense he could.

      Pats do not need dl pass rusher. They need 3 down olb.

    • The Sweetness says:

      I agree I think he has the size 6’5 260. He also looks to have the frame to add another 10 or 15 lbs. His 40 is in the 4.5 4.6 area as well. I think he is very raw but he just needs to learn good technique on the run and he could be a beast.

    • Steve says:

      Amen! When you draft first rounders you love potential…upside…you’re looking for game-changers, and he has all of that and more. I doubt he makes it past the low teens if out of the top 10, but he’s 2nd on my list, Quinn still remains #1 on my wish list (trading up).
      Smith in not a 1 down player…not on the outside…he’s a freakish athlete, but he doesn’t have to come in and set the world on fire and play every down. They can coach him up, put a few pounds on him, he’s young…that will come easily; then work him on passing downs while he learns the system.
      He’s a freak…go get him if he slips out of the top 10.

      • TD says:

        Is it possible for Quinn to slide? What with the possible run on QB’s and OT’s and his off field issue(s)? He seems to me to be a cross between Clay Matthews and Suggs if he has a brain and motivation.

      • The Sweetness says:

        I think it is possible for Quinn to slide. Everyone has him top 10 even top 5 but he didn’t play at all this year and the off field issues. We will have to see him at the combine and maybe get lucky

      • Bruschi54 says:

        Quinn could slide for sure, not out of first round, but certainly to the middle or lower. The teams that are falling in love with Von Miller and Aldon Smith could take them off board first if they continue to impress in pre-draft workouts. It would not be that hard to imagine Quinn being there at #17, a lot of the teams drafting #8-15 are there because they continue to draft for need over talent and will continue to do that.

  6. The Sweetness says:

    I think if we could get Larry for a reasonable price I would go for it. not for a 1st two 3rd’s and a 4th though. The Pats can really solidify their team for years to come if they do well with this draft. Max I would do for him is our 28th pick and a 4th that’s it. Because then we have to sign him long term and we really need to sign Mankins and maybe Light for the right price. Here is what I think would be great if we could pull it off

    1. Sign Mankins long term

    2. Sign Nnamdi Asomugha Having him opposite McCourty would instantly help our defense. This a rare opportunity to have a player of this caliber as a free agent. Having potentially 2 shut down corners would instantly shore the defense up. Obviously this is probably dreaming but I think worth doing.

    3. Pick 17 we either need a great DL or Pass Rushing OLB. Robert Quinn, Von Miller, Ryan Kerrigan, Cam Heyward, Cam Jordan, JJ Watt’s

    4. Pick 28 whatever we don’t pick at 17 pick here. DL or OLB maybe Phil Taylor

    What do you think?

    • cash says:

      Im loving Cam Jordan lately, and I believe that pass rush is our most pressing need. The Pats lack of pass pressure makes our pass defense look worse then it is.

    • Bruschi54 says:

      I agree that re-signing Mankins should be huge priority, and signing Nnamdi would be incredible(but possible) pickup. I like all of those names at 17 except Heyward, not great effort guy, think he will continually frustrate those waiting for him to “live up to his potential”. If we are going to roll the dice let’s go with someone who is high energy/effort player. If deal can’t get done with Mankins, then Pouncey has got to get long look with one of the two first round picks.

    • Steve says:

      If they want a 1st, 3rd & a 4th I’ll hand deliver them the picks for Larry Fitzgerald in his prime with Tom Brady. But, I doubt it will happen just on probability, but stranger things have happened. They should be asking, they have the picks and that would settle the offense down, along with a few picks on the O-line, free agents etc…

  7. cash says:

    What do you guys think the chances are the Pats trade for Larry Fitzgerald? On a Scale from 1-10. 1 being low 10 being high.

    I dont know if any of you heard the rumor, but here it goes. Supposedly some guy who works for the Cardinals got extremely drunk at a christmas party (shocking!) and was blabbering that a deal was already in the works for the Pats to trade for Fitzgerald during the upcoming draft for one of thier 1st rd picks two 3rds and a 4th.

  8. mike says:

    Oh , kerrigan’s concern is about raw talent. There is no question he will be able to translate the success into 3-4. The skpetics doesn’t believe he is athletic enough to be a force in the NFL.
    Maybe the skeptics are right. But I’ll say this, Kerrigan is a low risk pick who likely won’t be a bust. Will at least be a good solid starter for years who will make comsistant production. I see a bit of jared allen in him.

    • prioris says:

      Kerrigan was getting neutralized on blocks. He is not 3 down player so not patriot fit.

      Phil Taylor would be good. Could be another Willford plus depth.

      • mike says:

        Oh, so your telling me he is suposed to beat nate solder everytime? Dont make me laugh. He beat a good player clean on several occassions and that was enough to impress many scouts. If you think aldon smith is a 3 down player you are just downright ignorant. He can only pass rush, unable to cover and play run defense. Aldon smith is at best a third down and long player in patriits system.
        This comment right here is proof of ignorant fans who goes out and make bad names for educated patriots fans everywhere.

      • Jeff says:

        Mike…are you related to Kerrigan?

      • prioris says:

        Kerrigan as one downer is good late second or third down pick. Pats dl is generally fine. It does not need pass rushers. It could increase depth quality to stop rush. I would look at Phil Taylor.

        There is not enough film to make definitve on aldon smith settiing edge but from little I see, he seems to have that. If he adds 10 pounds,he is same build as quinn.

        One down players are not first round draft picks.

  9. The Sweetness says:

    I think we need to really focus on the O-line, D-line, and Passing rushing OLB this draft. It’s obvious we need a bigger more physical defense. I think with 17 it’s either a DL or OLB. I think Ryan Kerrigan would be a great fit. Some are saying he may not translate into a 3-4 olb but during senior bowl practices he apparently was doing ok in coverage. Also the Pats are in sub packages 50% + of the time anyway and would immediately help the rush at the DE in subs. Great Motor, ethic and character as well.
    For 28 I agree with Bruschi 54. I have been keeping a close eye on Phil Taylor. Granted we have Wilfork but having 2 like this on your team creates some scheme flexibility. Wilfork can move all over the line and terrorize but it seemed if he wasn’t at nose whoever was never held the point as well. Also you could have a heavy 3 set with Brace (who I’m still out on) Wilfork and Taylor a 2-5 set aka Green Bay. I think it could be great. Depending on the combine we might be able to get Taylor at 33. If so I would go DE with 28 if JJ Watt is there great or like this site says Muhammid out of Temple. If we could get 3 defensive players like this it would really help.

  10. Bruschi54 says:

    Phil Taylor from Baylor helped himself incredibly this week. Massive presence in the middle for 3-4 teams looking for somebody on the nose. When he wants to create push he is a load who looked very dominate at times. Just not many guys like him available, if he follows this up with strong combine and maintains 335-340lbs until draft he will be off the board in round 1 for sure. BB always looking for guys like Taylor in his rotation, don’t be surprised.
    Von Miller and Ryan Kerrigan lived up to the draft hype all week and are going to both be very disruptive NFL players for a long time. Hankerson is the other guy who really helped himself this week, just don’t see BB going there at #17 or 28.

    • Steve says:

      The answer on Phil Taylor comes through the Pats opinion on Brace…did they see enough of him, and in him, to project him as a starter…with nice production???
      If they feel he can’t stay on the field, can’t play, then drafting Taylor and having him play the nose while setting Wilfork free to play the other tackle/DE would make sense. That’s a solid line of beef…Wilfork could collapse a few pockets and have more fun…make more plays.

  11. TD says:

    WR is not a priority, getting top defensive players (DL, LB’s, CB) is with the first 2 rounds.

    • Jeff says:

      The good news is that this draft seems loaded with quality DTs and DEs…..and a solid Oline class…all of which the Pats could use.

  12. mike says:

    Oh oops, about the RB position. Leshour and ingram are possibilities but only if they drop . Example leshour late second round or ingram late first round to early second.
    Though dont expect to see skill positions until later because of other pressing needs. Of course that could all change if the patriots sign certain notable free agents. Such as if Hali is signed here, one of the first rounder will become an o line instead.
    Expect the RB position to be done through free agency. An interesting to point out is Thomas from the saints is likely targeted by the pats. Pats have considered trading for him in the past and now he is officially a free agent. Expect pats to go after him.

    Ok, one last thing. I mentioned earlier about olb drft risks, another example is adalius thomas . Another bust. So be conscious of the facts. Dont get into the player hype and bandwagons .

    Hope no one takes offence to my posts, i’m just a fan who wishes nothing but the best for the patriots. Any thoughts on my comments are welcome.

  13. mike says:

    No. Hankerson looked uninterested and lack competitive spirit for way too many times this year. He is also inconsistant , makes catches more difficult than it really need. I would not even consider him until late second round or later. One good game proves nothing as WR in drafts frequently proved to be high risk gambles.

    The pass rusher patriots need could be interior as well as exterior. Cam jordan is a natural fit for 3 4 system as our replacement and maybe even an upgrade from seymour. The olb position at the best case scenario is to sign Temba Hali in free agency. Otherwise, natural fits in the patriot olb may include Quinn, Kerrigan, Houston and Ayers.
    In case your wondering, aldon smith is a 4 3 DE, projects horribly in 3 4. To top that off, he is major liability in rush defense which Belichick absolutely hate. So assuming smith will even drop to 17 th ( which is a stretch ), he will be passed by Belichick. If you want proof ask buffalo fans about Maybin about his transition to 3-4. Thats right major bust. If you want belichick to risk his first rounder? Ya right.

    Another piece of news, mankins said to boston herald a deal is not likely to get done. So, look for a franchise tag and a potential trade if the bad blood continues. What does this mean? Scarnechia , the leagues best o line coach, our o line coach will tell belichick who he wants in this draft and bill will likely pounce on the oppotunity. Wisnieski second round or pouncy first round are all good possibility now. With that said, if mankins dont sign, he’ll be tagged and then traded.

  14. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    Is Leonard Hankerson worth the #28 pick, regardless of WR need?

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