The Aftermath: Patriots vs Jets 2.0

Some former teammates take each other out to dinner. Danny Woodhead brought his former teammates to the woodshed.

After the Patriots 45-3 thrashing of the New York Jets on Monday Night, many Boston sports fans are looking forward to a deep playoff run. Just how deep of a playoff run will depend on how this young defense continues to improve.

According to one leading oddsmaker, the Patriots are the favorites to win the Super Bowl 2011, at 7-1 odds. Others aren’t quite as convinced, with still ranking the Falcons ahead of the Patriots.

While Mark Sanchez certainly did the Patriots some favors with some of his decisions, the defense did show some progression. Brandon Spikes didn’t bite as hard on play-action and had a pick to show for it. Darius Butler got back on the field and stuck with some decent receivers. Devin McCourty showed that the DROY talk wasn’t out of line.

To rip a cliche right out of Belichick’s hoodie pocket, the offense is what is. The Patriots are going to score a lot of points. To win it all come February, however, will take a full team effort for sixty minutes like Tedy Bruschi bore witness to on Monday.


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