2011 Patriots Mock Draft 1.0

We’ve been studying up on the 2011 NFL Draft for longer than we care to admit, but this is our first look at the Patriots 2011 NFL Draft in its entirety. Here is the list of 2011 Patriots Draft Picks that we used, and the current 2011 NFL Draft Order.

Feel free to chime in each time and tell us what picks you agree or disagree with or how you might change the draft – be it by different picks or innovative trades. On to our first Patriots Mock Draft!

1st Round (via OAK)
We here at NEPD are fond of saying that the Patriots have the best “worst defense” around. That said, some consistent pressure on the QB would really help out the young secondary. Ryan Kerrigan (DE, Purdue) would certainly help out in that department. His non-stop motor and repertoire of moves/counters would provide Belichick a weapon to deploy from many different angles.

1st Round
While Patriots fans might be sick of the front office spending high picks on defensive backs, Coach Belichick realizes that you can’t have enough of them. When Leigh Bodden wen’t down with an injury, the Patriots were fortunate to have Devin McCourty right there to pick up the pieces. Brandon Meriweather has regressed this year, and Pat Chung is better with a solid cover safety with him. Rahim Moore (S, UCLA) would give the Patriots a smooth, reliable, cover option that doesn’t make many mistakes.

2nd Round (via CAR)
With the uncertainty surrounding the futures of Logan Mankins, Stephen Neal, and even Matt Light, expect the offensive line prospects to get a healthy look this spring. Ben Ijalana (OL, Villanova) is a menacing figure that reminds us a lot of Mankins. He can play multiple positions well, has a mean streak, and can move his feet well. Patriots scouts have visited Villanova a couple of times already this year.

2nd Round
With the Raiders failing to be bad enough for Marcell Dareus (DE, Alabama) to be an option, another seven or eight 5-tech defensive end prospects instantly became on the Patriots wish list. Muhammad Wilkerson (DE, Temple) is a relatively unknown prospect to mainstream fans that will make some waves come draft season. He is an ideal 3-4 DE who sheds blockers with ease and can anchor against double teams. There are a host of other 3-4 guys that the Patriots may look at, but Wilkerson is the most likely to be around in this spot come April.

3rd Round (via MIN)
Clint Boling (OL, Georgia) is another four-position lineman that will shore up any depth issues that the Patriots could be facing on the offensive line in 2011. He is a great run-blocker that can struggle at times against quicker defenders. Best-suited at guard for in New England.

3rd Round
The Patriots running backs have done an excellent job this year, although Sammy Morris, Fred Taylor, and even maybe Kevin Faulk may have reached their shelf life. Daniel Thomas (RB, Kansas State) would inject some new blood to go with Green-Ellis and Woodhead. He runs hard and is shifty enough to make NFL defenders miss.

4th Round
According to “Planet Theory”, there are only a few guys that can play 3-4 NT in the world. Kendrick Ellis (DT, Hampton) is one of those guys. He should add some competition to the wide-open depth chart behind Vince Wilfork if he can keep his work ethic up.

5th Round
Ricky Stanzi (QB, Iowa) is a college quarterback that flashes the tools that NFL scouts love: poise, arm, feet, mind. That said, he also flashes some bad habits that need to be coached up. Stanzi would be a project 3rd QB for the Patriots that they would hope to develop into a starter someday.

6th Round
Dain Taylor (DE/OLB, Drake) is a DII player that projects as a 3-4 OLB in the NFL. His relentless style of play and solid fundamentals make him a solid prospect for the Patriots practice squad or a darkhorse to make the team, a la Dane Fletcher.


28 Responses to “2011 Patriots Mock Draft 1.0”

  1. larry says:

    Substitute a CB for your first rd Saftey pick and a Saftey instead of an RB in the third rd and an RB instead of your QB in the fifth and a QB in the sixth…………….

  2. Tim says:

    I thought the Pats had a 4th rounder from Denver for the Marroney trade?

  3. John says:

    Right now, I’m hoping the Patriots picks will be 15,32,33,64, and 72. This would mean that they won the super bowl. To speculate on who they draft is mind-boggling and I’m getting a big headache because a lot of the mock drafts vary too much as to where the prospects go. I think the Patriots will use their 15th pick because a very good player will drop down to them. If they move up I think they’ll use their 32nd and another pick to get a player around 25th. If they do pick 15th and 25th, I want them to pick a DE and CB with their first picks. I would then draft the best offensive lineman available with the first pick of the second round. I don’t want them to go for a WR at all and if they want to get a running back , I’d wait until the 3rd round since there’s no superstar after Ingram. Some people may disagree with me but DE and CB would be my top 2 needs. I would try to get a halfway decent RB in free agency to back up BJGE .

  4. Ryan says:

    At this point, I think if we resign Mankins we should focus on Defensive players. I think the DE from UNC would be solid, but I could also see Kerrigan. If Prince slips, I say take him haha. I dont want a RB in the first round or WR. It just isn’t worth it to me. Maybe some OL and RB help in the second. I also think some of the UNC players who were kicked of the team may show up early in the second round, I’d like any of the LB’s or DE’s. I think they are Raw, but are big enough to fit into the 3-4.

  5. JimC says:

    The Patriots will trade up by moving their Raider and Panther Picks to Buffalo for the #2 pick in the draft. Seeing that this is a rookie salary cap this year the Patriots will build for the future and draft Andrew Luck QB – Stanford. Luck will have time to study under BB and Brady for a few years and then be the air apparent.

    • Steve says:

      I love the certainty of this one…

      Do you have knowledge or a crystal ball? Are you saying this is what you would like the Pats to do, or it’s been revealed to you via magic?
      I believe it’s way too early to draft Brady’s replacement, although I love Luck. Brady has at least 4 plus (again, the minimum, if healhty, obviously) years left of top play. Remember, he’s a pocket passer…he knows if he even holds the ball he risks injury, nevermind running with it (see Rogers, Young and other running QB’s…not wise, but it can work in the short term).
      They do NOT need a replacement to sit for an entire contract waiting to replace him…rediculous really.

    • Steveospeak says:

      It would take considerably more for the Patriots to move up to the 2nd spot (which isn’t Buffalo) than just the Raiders and Panthers picks. You would need to include at least the Pats 2nd and 3rd rounders and that might not be enough.

      With the rookie scale likely coming into effect it makes the top draft picks even more valuable. Of late teams balked at trading up and paying all that money, but now if those picks are limited it really increases their value.

      • Steve says:

        I”m not sure of that cost, but I do agree it would take more than just the Pat’s first and the Carolina pick. I would trade both 1st rounders to move up along with a 3rd or 4th, and there a soooo many teams out there that just stink…many looking to rebuild with new coaches, systems etc…that they would value more players over an elite player. Especially with these QB’s this year being highly questionable. Meaning, if they have the opportunity to drop into the teens while picking up another pick(s) they avoid over-drafting and over-paying the player (QB?) they desire.

        If you think the Pats have holes, which they do, think of the other teams out there! We tend to put our team, and the players, under a microscope. We are 12-2 with the youngest D in the league. We have “needs” not gapping holes all over our team. These teams need volume…to over-simplify things. Two first round talents and a 3rd over one top ten player is a great play for a rebuilding team; which describes about 75% of the league right now…lots of BAD teams.

        I never liked this value chart…it’s a tool; and if you look at past drafts you’ll see that it’s worth, in hindsight, is not so great. Meaning, many first-rounders are busts, and so on…We’ve all seen the draft re-do’s. For example, where would McCourty be drafted tomorrow if the draft were re-played? Top 10? Right behind Suh? This perspective grows as time goes by and we see how many guys are out of the league altogether.

        I trust in what the Pats do…I see the system and the coach etc…I love the fact that they don’t over-spend, over-pay, and value character more & more every year.

        But, this year I want them to go and get Quinn…he’s Peppers with less bulk and more speed…more of a system fit at OLB. I like what Cunningham is doing….Quinn is just much more athletic and on an entirely higher level.

      • JimC says:

        My whole point to this post is that talking about the draft at this time of the year is senseless. You can’t dismiss any opinion at this time of the year. Drafting the Obvious is not one of Bill’s best traits.

      • Steve says:

        Well, college football is almost over…and it’s no secret as to who the very good players are, and which ones will most likely come out…aside from the obvious seniors. So, why is it sensless to discuss now, or at any point for that matter?

        The Big O on WEEI says this often, but I follow the draft from a Patriot’s perspective, and I do so trying to figure out what this coach will do. Like you pointed out, it’s usually something different…that’s great…I’m not competing. I guess it’s just a hobby to try to see who is going to join this great team. I like to try and evaluate the talent also.

        We’re fans…this is one aspect of following the team…as a going concern. And, there aren’t many trades in the NFL, and unlike MLB we get to see the talent coming up via the NCAA….so, the players are known to us. Then there are systems, needs etc…

        But, I don’t try and pinpoint who will be drafted at what pick…obviously, when there is one trade up or down, or a QB is over-drafterd etc…the whole thing is tossed out the window. I stick to who I believe is a fit and a possibility; then I sit back and watch our team try and improve by bringing in young talent…fill holes.

      • JimC says:

        Actually Steve I enjoy the drafting process also. I do follow the combine and watch tons of college football so many of these players are not foreign to me. I also do expect Bill to trade up this year in the draft due to the rookie salary cap. This will be a first for Bill.

  6. Steve says:

    I realize trading up will depend heavily on the new union agreement and, hopefully, a new rookie pay structure. It doesn’t serve the majority of the players in this league and it hasn’t helped the bad teams get better; therefore it “should” be improved upon. That being said, I’m hoping this happens before the draft…an agreement is reached…and the Pats do move up to get a more solid player in a very weak draft (in my humble opinion).

    I will add that this year you could have many teams wanting to get out of the top 10. Also, I believe the move up could be done with less risk seeing if they target Quinn and he is taken ahead of them still they could still get a top corner, top DL, or even Green at WR. I don’t see the downside to doing this. There is a massive drop off from these top tier players, and I’m not sure there are more than a handful of top players worthy.

    All the more reason to move up this year. Last year, and prior years, I believe moving back was the play.

    Either way, the Pats are picking from a position of strength, most all teams are short on picks, short on time (jobs on the line!), short on fans (bad teams), desperate for a QB etc…We’re in great hands, especially seeing what they did with the top picks last year. There will be fewer positions available (something fans don’t realize when being critical of past drafts…who was going to unseat those great, or very good, players? It’s a factor that isn’t mentioned enough).

    I do see them taking a back somewhere…Morris and Taylor could both be done, and BJGE is officially a player, but they do need depth and I like a few 2nd – 4th round talents. Lashore is my favorite right now…If Ingram gets out of the 1st round, or is there at the end of the 1st, maybe they reach, but I wouldn’t count on it. I love his vision…he would help, but the defense needs big holes filled right now, backs can be had soon after with more picks.

    • Steveospeak says:

      Personally I think it is a fairly strong draft, (of course depending on exactly what Juniors come out), but maybe that is just me. I also am a fan of a team who will likely be in the top 10 and if they are smart will trade back and address multiple needs.

      Regardless of depth it just seems like a smart move for the Pats to trade up, they could use a star player like Quinn, Dareus, Peterson/Prince, or AJ Green. And it isn’t like they will have to give up all their draft picks to move up as well. So they could still come out of this draft with 4 picks in the top 75.

      • Steve says:

        I guess you never know, but I have been getting online and watching the film on these top players and I am just unimpressed. Kerrigan is hard to figure out for me…I like him, but he runs so unathletically. More so, I know most of the top talent…guys on the fence…came out last year do to the threat of what may happen this year…rookie pay restructuring etc…So, logic tells me there is less talent this year.

        I don’t see the usual talent at tackle…most came out last year, this year is weak, but there are guys who may pan out. The QB’s, beside Luck, all come with huge question marks. Running back is ok, but no top studs…no Petersons etc…Some big wide outs, but they are the risk of every draft because of the transition. There are some decent looking corners…that’s good news for the Pats. Mostly, I’m very hesitant to say any of these OLB prospects are worth a first round pick. Von Miller looks, to me, like a one-trick pony…outside speed rush by lousy college competition. I just don’t see it, and Ayers, as I already mentioned, looks like the most over-rated player I’ve seen in years. He looks the part, but doesn’t seem to have the play…not a good thing, especially when he’d be asked to play a new position in the big leagues, and on a team that asks their OLB’s to do a lot of stuff…and think. Houston for Georgia is more of the same…not very impressive, aside from all the hype. I want to see it, but I just don’t. I see a second round talent, but I could be dead wrong…need to see more, or maybe I’m watching the wrong film/games.

      • Steve says:

        Also, we all get our info from the big guys..Kiper etc…Do you think these guys would ever come out and say emphatically time after time that this is a terrible draft? No, they hype players to build interest…year after year. They may offer some honest opinion, and I do listen, but I take with a large grain of salt. It’s their living to keep this draft stuff going…they aren’t about to shoot themselves in the foot and say, “not much this year fans…see you next year, because so much talent left college last year”. They would be fools…they act like so many guys are can’t miss. The greatest example of this is Brady Quinn (I’m fixated on Quinns…haha)…looks the part, but can’t play (yet?). You have to watch these players and try to project them into the next league…a massive step up, and then they have to have the character to improve, because most, if they make it, NEED to step up and actually learn to play the right way, and most don’t.

        I look at last years 2nd round talent and see this years 1st round…excluding a small handful ….Luck, Quinn, Peterson, Bowers, and about a half dozen others…then it’s a crap shoot as to if they will actually make it in the league at all.

  7. Steveospeak says:

    I was curious if you thought there was any chance the Patriots might trade up in this draft. I know their M.O. has been to trade back and stockpile picks, but they have such a young team with a number of good players, but not a ton of stars. I feel like given their depth in premium picks, they are in a rare position where they could trade in the 5-8 range land a defensive stud like Dareus, Quinn or even something crazy like AJ Green and still have 4 picks in the first 3 rounds. Now a lot will depend on where all these picks end up but if they package the Raiders pick with either their own 1st rounder or the Carolina pick, they would only need to add their own 3rd rounder to move up in that range.

    Anyways I just wanted to hear some Pats fans thoughts on that idea.

  8. Steve says:

    Sorry, I meant “Offense” not defense…I realize WRs play on offense

  9. Steve says:

    I’m not sure on Kerrigan…not sure how well he fits as an OLB in their system, but I wouldn’t complain if they take him. Meaning, I wouldn’t mind a reach at that position…we NEED more of a pass rush. I think Ayers is terrible…very over-rated…all looks, arm tackles or shoulder tackles, runs around…no instincts.
    Quinn is the guy…go up and get him…that’s the play here to me, and I completely understand BB’s history on trading down, but he has shown the ability to go up occassionally to secure the player needed. This team is very young and talented, this draft is very weak; so, use your chips and go get the best player in the draft…who happens to be the perfect player for your team. He has issues, obvious enough, but that was rampant on the the NC team…a mistake, but I see a freakish athlete that BB can set loose on offenses for years to come…train, and he seems like a very good kid.

    I don’t see them taking the big guard at the top of the 2nd…he’s not their type of O-lineman…I do think they take one, and maybe sooner, but not him. On that note, don’t rule out Mankins coming back seeing that he helped turn this team around and clearer heads may prevail. Although, they still may want some depth…someone to play center/guard would be my guess.

    Merriweather is a stiff…an athletic stiff, but he may not be back; so, if they see a talent I wouldn’t be surprised if they jumped on it. Cornerback is always a need, and the talent in the mid-first round seems ripe for a nice corner.

    I don’t see one of the big receivers coming this way…I do like Broyles though, if he comes out and can show he has the brains to make it in this defense. I see some of these larger WR’s as redundant to what Hernandez brings. But, there are a few out there that may get into the 2nd round and it may be worth a shot.

    GO GET ROBERT QUINN BILL, over pay, toss out the value chart on this one and live happily ever after.

  10. STEVEN GAYER says:

    Have plenty of nose tackle types on roster, no need. Also the same at saftey(Page n Brown, plus saftey on IR). Still trade Merriweather. Instead a big WR or another 5 tech would be preferrable. love these mocks!

  11. Eric Saint says:

    I would be pumped if our first pick were Kerrigan or Clayborn so thats fine with me. I just dont see Bill replacing Merriweather with another highly drafted safety. How do you feel about another Iowa defender in Tyler Sash later in the 3rd round? Also, if you dont go for Rahim Moore do the pats have any chance of landing a big WR like Julio Jones, Malcom Floyd, or Jon Baldwin after passing on Dez Bryant last year and still trading Moss. Hate it when Felger is right.

    • NEPD says:

      I’d be surprised if Sash declares, but I do like what he brings. All three of the WR’s that you mentioned (Michael Floyd) are nice prospects – Belichick will have to determine if he needs help there next year or not.

    • Eric Saint says:

      Okay now my follow up question to the kerrigan or clayborn question…with the little to very little progress pryor or brace has shown this season, (due to injuries or not) I really like a guy like Drake Nevis who can get TFL and push the line of scrimmage into the opponets backfield. He is undersized but, Wilfork will draw the double teams almost every play and the patriots have been known to run multiple defenses while i agree the 3-4 is their main package. If Nevis falls a bit to the early or late 2nd round depending on where you rate him, would this be a good pick for the pats?

      • NEPD says:

        Nevis is certainly a 4-3 guy, so if he does fall into the 2nd round, the Patriots will need to think that their sub packages need a guy like Nevis.

        While he is a good player, I think that using him in a 2-gap system would be a waste of his talents. Not impossible, but improbable that he is on the Patriots radar in my opinion.

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