Patriots vs Colts: The Aftermath

Colts Patriots

Danny Woodhead: I am Legend

With the Patriots leading 31-14 with 10-plus minutes remaining in the half, no fan felt secure.  One only had to remember one year earlier to see how quickly that lead can evaporate.

James Sanders, however, was having none of that.  His acrobatic interception of Peyton Manning with the Colts furiously driving the ball down the field sealed the grim-faced one’s fate, and sending the Gillette-faithful home happy with a 31-28 Patriots victory.

Here are our best and worst of the day:


The Offense (3 Quarters) – Through the first three quarters, the Patriots offense was nearly flawless. Save for a sack given up to Dwight Freeney, there was nary a missed block, dropped pass, or penalty.  A few three and outs in the fourth quarter nearly let the Colts catch back up, but Tom Brady, Danny Woodhead and company did just enough to get the job done.

James Sanders – Saved. The. Game. If Sanders “Asante Samuels” that ball and lets it hit the turf, Peyton Manning probably has a different look on his face right now.

Danny Woodhead – We struggled to find a guy to single out for a third gameball, but we decided to give it to Woody for his great play on offense and special teams as well.

Honorable Mentions: Zoltan Mesko, Tom Brady, Jermaine Cunningham, Run Defense, Vince Wilfork, Devin McCourty


Play-Action Defense – Early in the game, the linebackers were getting great depth on their drops and disrupting Manning’s passing lanes. After they started biting on the play-action however, things started parting like the Red Sea.  Don’t bite on the PA pass against the Colts. Ever.

Pat Chung – Clearly not playing at 100%. He doesn’t seem to be at full speed and was beat multiple times over the middle.  Probably his worst game this year.

The Texans – C’mon man.


3 Responses to “Patriots vs Colts: The Aftermath”

  1. carlos says:

    …because of his man coverage skills, that is. He’s greatat zone, but asking him to go man-to-man from the NB is asking a mismatch to happen.

  2. carlos says:

    I wasn’ disappointed with the wayChung played overall, bit keeping him at nickelback is a terrible choice and that clearly affects his game. He surely brings something to the table blizting from there, but it’s just not worth it as he’s a liability against the pass.

  3. Dutch Patriot says:

    The Texans indeed…..Sheeshhh

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