Patriots vs. Browns: The Aftermath

What started with Peyton Hillis hurdling past New England defenders, ended with Hillis doing the same.

Browns coach Eric Mangini was then doused in yellow gatorade, equaling the color shown by Patriot defenders on the shores of Lake Erie today.

Behind Hillis’ 184 rushing yards, Colt McCoy was able to lead the Browns to a 34-14 victory, made all the sweeter by the physical manner of defeat. McCoy, the rookie from Texas, only needed to loft 19 passes to defeat the formerly 6-1 Patriots.

The Patriots offense struggled mightily, with Tom Brady barely completing 50% of his passes. Ben-Jarvus Green-Ellis was held without a touchdown for the first time in five games.

The Browns move to 3-5, while the Patriots still sit atop the AFC East with a 6-2 record.


Danny Woodhead – We’re not sure if he is ever NOT going to be a gameball. One of the few bright spots on the offense today, Woodhead continues to be a nuisance for opposing defenses.

Jonathan Wilhite – Some decent coverage and tackling from the slot corner. Often picked on in the past, Wilhite was solid in coverage today.

Aaron Hernandez – “Ninja” finally gets on the board with two touchdowns. Hernandez looks to be the only vertical threat for Tom Brady right now.


The Patriots’ “Manhood” – When faced with stopping the Browns run-game in the 4th quarter to give the offensive the ball back, Peyton Hillis and the Browns offensive line beat up New England’s defensive line for sport. Their was either a lack of talent or heart on the defensive side of the football field today.

The Patriots’ Mental Discipline – Pre-snap penalties. Ridiculous turnovers. Blown plays. Dropped passes. Poor communication. This looked like a team that had been reading its own press clippings.

Rob Gronkowski – You are better than three drops, a holding penalty, and two turnovers.


4 Responses to “Patriots vs. Browns: The Aftermath”

  1. John says:

    The Patriots better have a great week of practice because they are probably playing their toughest game of the year at Pittsburgh. If the Cleveland game isn’t a good wake up call I’m sure the Steelers game will be. I think we all know that the Patriots team are not ready to be ranked number 1, but we are hoping they can be ranked in the top 5. If you look at the time of possession again the pats had the ball 22 minutes to clevelands 38 minutes. You’re not going to win too many games doing that. If that game wasn’t bad enough, we are also watching the patriots top ten draft pick of 2011 move later in the first round. Could the NEPD send me his email address because I’m having problems sending in comments or questions.

  2. Ryan says:

    My thoughts are this:
    1. This is a very young team and this was bound to happen (And may happen again).
    2. ANY team coming off a BYE week is going to have it in for you, I’m Sorry but in the NFL that is just the way the cookie crumbles.
    3. I don’t care what anyone says abou the Browns but they are a good team. (The have also beat the Superbowl champs the last three years)
    4. Leadership is going to be tough all year, with Bodden Warren McGowen Chung Page out, its going to hurt.
    5. I’m not exactly sure the rotation of the O-line was a good thing, I’m a believe in chemistry.
    6. A bad week of practice will do this to a team.
    7. Lastly, if your not ready to play when you get off the bus it just wont happen.

    Lastly, a little off topic, I’m not sure if Spikes is the man for the job. I like him a lot and I was happy they drafted him. But from the games I have seen him play, he looks a little slow out there. BUT he is a rookie and I think he can over come anything with some conditioning. I will say this, if anyone wants to prove me wrong, don’t through a tackles state or somthing like that in my face. I realize he can tackle, but where is he making the tackle at. I’m not writing him off yet, but we’ll see how he does.

  3. Justin says:

    This is probably the only game I will miss this year, and, after reading this, I’m glad i didn’t see it.

  4. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    Well that was certainly a beatdown. The Patriots will be fine though. The Browns are a good team.

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