The Aftermath: Patriots vs Jets

Patriots vs Jets

It was a tale of two halves for Tom Brady. The Patriots QB on today's performance - "We just sucked."

NEPD Staff Writer: Jerry F

In a game that was preceded by war of words, gamesmanship and a lot of hype, the New England Patriots reverted back to their 2009 ways by playing hard in the first half , laying down towards the end of the first half, and then seemingly mailing it in by the second half losing to the Jets 28-14.

The Patriots showed so much promise from the commencement of the game, putting together a long, sustained drive. However, they came away with nothing after a Stephen Gostkowski missed 37 yard field goal attempt; Gostkowski had connected on a 32 yard attempt that was nullified by a delay of game penalty on the Patriots.

The Patriots defense came on and put the clamps down after the Jets missed field goal and forced a Jets three and out, after which Brady and company went to work driving down 75 yards in an 8:10 drive that culminated in a 6 yard TDn pass to wonder boy Wes Welker to take the 7-0 lead.

The Jets then put together a long drive of their own which ended with a 10 yard pass from Sanchez to Braylon Edwards to tie up the game at 7-7

Then it happened: after all the Revis Island –Randy Moss talks that had been ongoing since last year, Randy Moss showed Revis he was not a “Slouch” by making a sweet one handed 34 yard TD catch from Tom Brady while staying a couple of steps ahead of Revis. Revis pulled up gingerly, reinjuring his hamstring and did not return to the game.

The Jets closed out the first half with a field goal to make it a 14-10 scoreline and the Patriots never got on the board after that. The Jets came into the second half rejuvenated and held the Patriots scoreless the rest of the way while forcing three Patriots turnovers. A Nick Folk field goal and two Mark Sanchez TD passes to Braylon Edwards and Dustin Keller put the game on ice, the Jets taking a 28-14 victory over the Patriots.

In losing to the Jets today, the Patriots exhibited the same problems they had in 2009-mainly not playing with the same fire and intensity through 60 minutes on both offense and defense. Penalties were also a thorn in the side of the Patriots today as Tully Banta-Cain, Kyle Arrington and Darius Butler took turns committing costly fifteen yard penalties.

The defense continued to make average QB’s look good, allowing Mark Sanchez, who was  ineffective last week vs the Ravens, to complete 21 of 30 passes for 220 yards and 3 Touchdowns with a passer rating of 124.3

As the Patriots try to bounce back from this defeat , they are somewhat fortunate to be hosting the inept 0-2 Bills, who so far have totaled 17 points in two games this season. The Patriots can utilize to get back in winning ways and try to correct some mistakes and mental errors before approaching the hard part of their 2010 schedule with games against,Miami, Baltimore, San Diego and Minnesota.

The Patriots also hope to have all-everything RB Kevin Faulk back as he left the game with an apparent lower leg injury.

Hopefully, next week’s game will put Patriots nation in a better mood than today. Losing to the arch rival Jets is always harder to deal with than any other team but, as Bill Belichick would say, “it is what it is.”


12 Responses to “The Aftermath: Patriots vs Jets”

  1. Smittyboy13 says:

    First off Faulk is history with acl tear. Giant blow to team. Secondly when is control freak Belichick going to get a true high quality offensive coordinator? Who made him an offensive genius. He has been getting outcoached in the second half of games week after week for the last 2-3 years making little to no adjustments offensively. Has he lost control of his ego to the point he thinks he can do everything himself? Seems that way to many of us fans and from media types I have heard from. Time for Kraft to stop kissing his behind and speak up. He does own the team dosen’t he?..or does Belichick think he does?

  2. John says:

    I caught a little bit of the second half and the one thing that stood out the most to me is how terrible Darius Butler played. I’m going to start nicknaming him “toast” because he’s getting burnt on every play. I’m also starting to think that Randy Moss is a good receiver and not a great receiver anymore. People may disagree with me but since Randy is going to want big bucks, I don’t think he’ll be worth the money he wants.

    • Ryan says:

      And I think thats exactly why the Patriots will not pay him what he wants and why he most likely wont be here next year. Could be a lot of movement next year, next years draft class seems to be QB and Defensive heavy in the first round. However, AJ Green and Julio Jones will most likely be first round picks. In my opinion, we have a pretty nice offensive group. Remember, this is Tates, Gronk and Hernandez’s first year. As well as Taylor Price hasn’t played much. IF anything I’d like some OL help, the longer Brady has in the pocket, the more time defenses have to worry.

      • JerryF says:

        It just seems like the Patriots too many weapons on offense to be shut down the way they were in the 2nd half vs jets.Yes it might be GronK,Hernandez and really tate’s first year BUT each one of those guys so far have shown flashes that they are capable. they need to get the ball more.Moss was targeted 10 times in that game and came up with 2 receptions.

      • Jeff says:

        If you want to upgrade the offense next season by subtraction I would let O’Brian hit the road. I really question his ability to calling of a game.

      • Ryan says:

        I agree…this is possibily Bill O’Briens last year, so far he has stuttered, with the most stacked Offense in the leage. I do not understand why we cannot do flats, and outs and just plain stuff. Welker and Edelman can get open to get the damn ball, why not keep it simple and let their abilities show.

        What I meant earlier about the younger players is that, I dunno if missing Moss is going to be that big of a deal. I would still draft another top WR just to have one, but I do not think him being that gone will be as big of a deal as some may think.

        If you ask me, there is no question that we should be hitting the TE’s more, for short gains. Why throw hailmarrys to Moss all the time? Thats not the identity of this team any more. Snap out of it.

  3. Jeff says:

    What is scary is the fact that this is what they did last year. Play well in the first half play like crap in the second half. The play calling in particular in the second of games last year was terrible…so things dont change I gues. Second, BJG-E is a practice squad player getting lots of PT. R. NIkoveich (spelling) is terrible…another practice sqaud player starting in the NFL…D. Butler should be a third CB..not a starter.

    Bill said they just need to play better…no offense Bill but open your eyes some of the players starting shouldnt even be playing in the NFL.

    Once again…YOU passed on Clay Mathews…he has like 5 sacks in two games and around 10 hurries!!!

  4. Ryan says:

    This game was rediculous for a few reasons:
    1. Randy Moss is the number one, but when the slot is open hit the slot. (Welker, Edelman, Hernandez)
    2. Defense had sacks, why not do it more.
    3. Gostk. needs to make the damn kick, period.
    4. Stop forcing plays to Moss, it was almost unbareable.

    We did not lose that game, we gave it away. We have far to many options on offense to let a game like this happen. TE’s are definitely make a difference. Tom had all day in the pocket most plays. Pretty disappointing.

    • JerryF says:

      Those two interceptions were definitely forced passes to Moss.we have too many options on Offense for that to be happening.those two Int’s were very critical.

  5. JerryF says:

    Sanchez was clearly pressured in the first qtr but that last drive b4 the half seemed like they backed off and allowed him to put a FG drive together.that’s what probably gave him confidence to come out and light it up in the second half.

  6. Matt says:

    I was upset with the pass rush on Sanchez today. Clearly when the Ravens brought pressure last week, it made him loo like a high school QB. He had all day to pick apart our secondary. Anyone know why Meriweather didn’t start?

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