A Female Touch: Week 3

A Female Touch - Week 3

I cannot wait for this to be Mr. NEPD.

Although the real “Event” was me beating Mr. NEPD in our picks contest, I also thought that “The Event” was pretty intriguing… up until the (spoiler alert!) plane got swallowed by “something”. Why do shows have to be so dang crazy?

You know what wasn’t crazy?  The “Modern Family” premiere was out of this world.  Everybody had a car like that, and I can’t wait until my husband has to build a Pink Castle for Princess NEPD.  Oh, there will be teaparties.

The touching moment at the end when Luke pulled his “jar o’ sunshine” out really got me.  You know you have your own “jar” somewhere, be it a souvenir, a photograph, or just a memory.  Pull it out and reminisce for a while… you’ll be happy that you did.

Before I reminisce on my winning picks from week two for too long, here are my NFL Picks for week three.

CLE @ BAL (-10.5)

CIN @ CAR (+3.5)

DAL @ HOU (-2.5)

SNF @ KCC (+1.5)

DET @ MIN (-10.5)

BUF @ NWE (-13.5)

ATL @ NOS (-5.5)

TEN @ NYG (-2.5)

PIT @ TAM (+2.5)

PHI @ JAX (+2.5)

WAS @ STL (+3.5)

OAK @ ARI (-4.5)

IND @ DEN (+6.5)

SDG @ SEA (+5.5)

NYJ @ MIA (-2.5)

GBY @ CHI (+2.5)

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