A Female Touch: Week 2


How did THIS ever happen?

The NFL opened their season up last week, and for that I was very excited. Ending up in a tie with Mr. NEPD in our Pick’em contest is just gravy. This week on “A Female Touch”, I’ll state a few of my beefs with the NFL and, as always, provide with you my superstar NFL picks.

Commercial, Kickoff, Commercial – Just when I’m all excited about a Patriots touchdown, the NFL decides to show me 3 minutes of “Saved by Zero“, a kickoff, and 2 minutes of “This is our Country.” Disgusting… and I change Princess NEPD’s diapers.

Announcers – First of all, why do we have these guys.  They add nothing other than give my husband something to complain about.  I wish I could mute these guys and keep the crowd noise.

My Carpet – I like my carpet. I do not like it when Mr. NEPD has to pace back and forth in close games, he nearly wore a hole in it last year in the opener against Buffalo.

I’m sure these picks are the opposite of what Tony Kornheiser thinks:

ARI @ ATL (-6.5)

TB @ CAR (-2.5)

BAL @ CIN (+1.5)

KC @ CLE (-1.5)

CHI @ DAL (-7.5)

PHI @ DET (+4.5)

BUF @ GB (-13.5)

MIA @ MIN (-5.5)

PIT @ TEN (-5.5)

SEA @ DEN (-3.5)

STL @ OAK (-3.5)

NWE @ NYJ (+1.5)

JAX @ SD (-7.5)

HOU @ WAS (+3.5)

NYG @ IND (-5.5)

NO @ SF (+4.5)


4 Responses to “A Female Touch: Week 2”

  1. Jorgo says:

    No I was saying why would you pick Buffalo over the Packers. There is no chance there unless CJ Spiller has a great game (which for my fantasy’s sake I hope he does).

    • Patriots Draft Guru says:

      Do you not know what the spread is? If Green Bay wins by less than 14 points, than that would be a win for her.

      I doubt that she thinks BUF wins outright (Maybe, never know), but picking them to lose by less than 14 isn’t a terrible bet.

  2. Jorgo says:

    I say Bears beat Cowboys, Cincinnati beat Ravens, Green Bay definitely beats Buffalo (really???) Houston beats Washington and I agree with everything else. Good luck.

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