A Female Touch: Week 1


Is your wife looking at you like this while you watch football? Invite her to do an NFL picks column with you!

Staff Writer: Mrs. NEPD

Editor’s Note: Please welcome my wife, Mrs. NEPD, as she attempts to beat me in our pick’em contest.

With a fresh NFL season starting tomorrow, I am not only in suspense about where the Patriots pass-rush is going to come from. There are so many questions going through my mind – first of which is how many games am I going to beat my husband by?

Is Tom Brady’s hair long enough for a ponytail? Please tell me he is cutting it soon. Which teams are sporting new cheerleader uniforms? As a former cheerleader myself, I can say that the Patriots cheerleaders have really stepped it up.

What memorable nicknames can I create for the new Patriots? Graham cracker (Daniel Graham), Wendy’s (David Thomas), and Crazy Eyes (Reche Caldwell) are all gone, but I am liking the new names for the Patriots TE triumvirate (Samurai/Ninja/Sumo).

With NFL football also comes new TV.  On that note, will Michael and Holly finally get together? I hate AJ with a passion. Can Gloria from Modern Family put some clothes on? If not, can the Dunphy’s marriage survive?

Enough questions, here are the answers:

Vikings at Saints (-5.5)

Bengals at Patriots (-4.5)

Dolphins (-2.5) at Bills

Raiders at Titans (-6.5)

Broncos at Jaguars (-2.5)

Panthers at Giants (-6.5)

Colts (-2.5) at Texans

Falcons (-2.5) at Steelers

Browns (+2.5) at Bucs

Lions (+6.5) at Bears

Packers (-2.5) at Eagles

49ers (-2.5) at Seahawks

Cardinals at Rams (+3.5)

Cowboys (-3.5) at Redskins

Ravens (+2.5) at Jets

Chargers at Chiefs (+4.5)

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One Response to “A Female Touch: Week 1”

  1. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    Love it. We’re joined up and ready to beat both of you.

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