Rookie Roundup: Brandon Spikes

Brandon Spikes

Can Brandon Spikes follow in Jerod Mayo's shoes?

Third in a series of seven by NEPD Staff Writer Jerry F.

When you talk to anybody in reference to Brandon Spikes, they would always describe him as a football player. Despite a 5.06 40-yard dash, Coach Bill Belichick saw enough in Spikes to make him a second round pick.

Spikes had a solid college career at Florida where he amassed  307 tackles, 6.5 sacks, six interceptions and four TD’s in his three seasons. In the two preseason games for the Patriots, Brandon Spikes has 6 tackles in limited time and looks poised to battle veteran linebacker Gary Guyton at the inside linebacker position next to Jerod Mayo.

Spikes is a tackling machine that diagnoses plays very quickly and has very good speed to the ball, although he has been beaten on a few outside runs.  Coverage will be the crucial learning point, as both Mayo and Spikes have given up multiple catches underneath.

The former gator figures to benefit immensely from Belichick’s linebacker friendly defensive scheme and has a good chance of starting on day one versus Cincinnati Bengals.

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4 Responses to “Rookie Roundup: Brandon Spikes”

  1. JimC says:

    There are two requirements of the Inside Linebacker position: 1. Stop the run and 2. Stop the pass. Neither Mayo or Spikes have been able to stop the short pass in either games and look out of place in the longer plays.

    The Tight ends have been eating them both up at times, especially in the Atlanta game. This will be the true test of evaluation for both going forward into the season. Both need to improve or it will be a long year on defense.

  2. Jared says:

    The favorite to win Patriots rookie of the year right now-is Hernanadez. But im sticking with Spikes. Totally agree with AP on him and Mayo beeing all the difference. Gary guyton is a nice player, but Spikes adds the beef and the toughness that they lacked last season. Pats defense has to get their swagger back, big Vince has it-but no-one else. Spikes could add some of that.

    • JerryF says:

      Barring any unforseen circumstances like an injury, the Patriots LB combo of Mayo and Spikes will be interesting to see this year.they are going to feed off each other and will be in position to make big plays. I anticipate a Patrick Willis/Jon Beason or Mayo rookie season type year for Spikes in 2010.

  3. AP says:

    Spikes and Mayo will be key cogs in the Patriots defense for the next 10 years… Barring major injury of course…

    Great pick, great job of doing their own due diligence and not letting a silly 40 time, in no pads, in February effect their evaluation of a player.

    Defense looks better this year and so does the offense… we (err, they =) are “rebuilding” – but, can certainly contend for a title… Hopefully no lockout and the team will be even better in 2011!

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