2010 Patriots Roster Prediction 5.0

This Tuesday, the Patriots front-office will complete the first round of cuts this season, bringing the total number of players to 75 or less. Five days later, on September 4th, they’ll have to cull the roster down to the final 53.

Here is our fifth, and next to last, prediction of what that roster will look like.

(Changes in Bold)

QB: Brady, Hoyer (2)

RB: Maroney, Faulk, Taylor, Morris, Green-Ellis (5)

WR: Moss, Welker, Edelman, Tate, Price, Aiken (6)

TE: Crumpler, Gronkowski, Hernandez (3)

OL: Light, Koppen, Neal, Vollmer, Connolly, Ohrnberger, Levoir, Wendell, Ojinnaka (9)

DL: Wilfork, Pryor, Wright, G. Warren, Deaderick, Lewis, Brace (7)

LB: Banta-Cain, Mayo, Spikes, Guyton, Cunningham, Ninkovich, McKenzie, Burgess, Murrell (9)

DB: Bodden, McCourty, Butler, Wilhite, Arrington, Meriweather, Chung, Sanders, McGowan (9)

ST: Gostkowski, Mesko, Ingram, (3)

Last Guys In: Aiken, Wilhite, Wendell
Last Guys Out: Fletcher, Wheatley, T. Williams, Bussey
Reserve/IR: Mankins,  Ty Warren, Kaczur, Weston
Practice Squad Possibilities: Larsen, Welch, Fletcher, Farnham, Clayton, Myers, Brown


17 Responses to “2010 Patriots Roster Prediction 5.0”

  1. Ryan Buske says:

    Apparently Florida Ted, is not a Patriot. The past two drafts must have been terrible, Vollemer, Chung, Butler, Tate, Gronk, Hernandez, Spikes, McCourty those are players who have started. And for players who have played Pryor, Brace, Deadrick, Price and etc.
    Personally I think the last two draft classes are keeping this team alive. The defense is all younger players, except for the DL and OLBs. And this draft class shows much promise. Including a promise for Cunningham, since no one has really seen Cunningham play does that mean he is not good? If you put ANY 2nd rounder espicially in a deep draft on the practice squad they will be taken very quickly. Cunningham was drafted because he has size, quickness and versatility. He came from a good program, who we happend to nab TWO other players from. I think he is either injured or struggling with the playbook, at any rate I’m not going to stick up for him or be little him until I see him play.

    As for this season I’m afraid it COULD (not necessarily will) get ugly. 🙁 Our defensive line may possibly be one of the worst in the NFL and I’m not sure you could give away our OLB’s. Aside from those problems our OL is mediocre at best without Mankins. The only upside is the young talent in the secondary and ILB, and Brady being surrounded with amazing talent at WR and TE.

  2. florida ted says:

    The window is closing for Brady to win superbowl. Coach hoodie continues to trade 1st rounders for later picks and has passed up pro bowl players bot oline and dfense Pats have to stop shopping at the dollar store and spend on top talent in the first round most pats picks busts but are kept on roster because they are cheap to keep. 5 PICKS IN 2011 possible in the top 80-90 they shoud use all of them and not trade for 456th rounders or next year draft. Brady window is closing take a shot now before its to late.

  3. JMC says:

    I see them keeping five RBs-

    • Ryan says:

      I wish they did no thave to keep five running backs. It would be nice to have 2-3 solid runningbacks so that other roster spots could have more room to expand.

  4. JimC says:

    Slater will make the team as a defensive special teamer. Bill will also keep 10 defensive backs with Slater playing the 5th Safety spot. I hate to say it but Sammy Morris is seeing his last game in a patriots uniform.

  5. Sean says:

    Here’s my list of the five guys that get Cut/IR’d on Tuesday.

    Josh Barrett SS/IR
    Brett Lockett FS/IR
    Carson Butler TE/Waived
    Matthew Slater WR/Waived
    Darnell Jenkins WR/Waived

    They are too thin at other positions and most of these guys are injured and not playing or not in the cards anyway because what they helped the team out with last year has been improved upon.

    • JMC says:

      Slater may go on PUP or IR-

      • Sean says:

        Slater just practiced so he can’t go on the PUP. Similar to how Kaczur can’t. His big job on ST was as a returner and there are so many options now for that position he is not needed. They have better options on ST for guys at other positions like OLB and DE that they need to keep instead of a 5th Safety/7th WR.

  6. Jared says:

    Agree with the Guru. Cunningham…on the practice squad??? C’mon!! Terrence Wheatley is still here last time i checked, because he was a 2nd rnd pick. if Wheatley was taken in the 6th rnd…like he would be if they did it again…he’d be gone already. Cunningham will be on the roster, but as I suspected when BB took him out of left field in the 2nd round….he wont make much,(or any) impact. And as for the D-line…maybe im a glass half empty guy…but they look screwed…They have two backups starting,(Wright & G.Warren). And their backups..should be 3rd stringers. Crazy to see the strength and backbone of the Pats team…become their weakness, less than a year later.


  7. AP says:

    Cunningham will probably make it to practice squad, he hasn’t shown anything for any other team to pick him up.

    Also, why is everyone so high on Deaderick? I haven’t seen anything from him either… another practice squad guy, in my opinion.

    I think they cut it to 52 and pick up a guy that was cut, they do that a lot.

    • Patriots Draft Guru says:

      No possible way that Cunningham makes it to the Practice Squad – you just don’t do that with 2nd-Round picks. IR or 53-man Roster for him.

      Deaderick could be the odd-man out if they pickup another d-lineman, but right now, who else would you have replace him?

      • AP says:

        I thought Cunningham was in the 4th round for some reason… He was a reach at 2 and hasn’t shown anything… Why is everyone so impressed with him?

        53 seems like a lot of guys until you start laying it out and really wish you had more roster spots.

    • JMC says:

      I don’t think a second round pick will be a practice squad guy- I was worried about him being placed on IR-

  8. JMC says:

    Wheatley makes it over Wilhite. There may be a few other cuts for the wavier wire: OL-DL- secondary (slot)-

    Will Cunningham be on the PUP?- I don’t believe has has played all pre-season-

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