2010 Patriots Breakout Player: Open Thread

Darius Butler

After breaking up passes in 2009, can Darius Butler break out in 2010?

“It finally clicked… Things just seemed easy… The game seemed to slow down…” – All phrases uttered by players that showed a significant change in their skills, or what some call, a breakout.

While second-year players like Brandon Tate and Pat Chung flashed for me in 2009, only one 2009 Draft Pick showed me that he has the chops to be a Pro Bowl player in 2010. We were very high on Darius Butler prior to Bill Belichick selecting him in the 2nd round, and last season did nothing to change our opinion.

A quick Twitter poll seemed to back up that sentiment.  Butler garnered over 70% of the votes, with only Brandon Tate, Ron Brace, and Shawn Crable receiving other votes.

With three corners often on the field, there is plenty of room for Butler to make a big impact, even if Leigh Bodden and Devin McCourty end up on the outside.  Butler’s instincts and quickness have shown that he has the right stuff to make game-changing plays.

Now it is your turn – What Patriot, rookie to 10 year veteran, do you see having a breakout season in 2010?

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10 Responses to “2010 Patriots Breakout Player: Open Thread”

  1. Jared says:

    Vacations….havnt had the time to post anything-but i did keep reading the posts on your site when the mrs wasnt lookin 🙂

  2. Jared says:

    If Welker wasnt alredy back….and was out until say…wk 7….the answer would be Julian Edelman. But with Wes, and Torry, Price and Tate… lot of guys at WR. But at corner, you have 3 solid guys, and Darius Butler is the breakout player in the group. I would like to see Chung be the guy, but I think there is some guys ahead of him on the depth chart. Butler, was my favorite draft pick lst year in April, aqnd during the season…he showed Asante Samuel-like recovery speed in some instances, and corners in NE are tough for a rook’. So my breakout guy would have been Edelman, but im going with Darius Butler, starting opposite Bodden, or playing slot guys in the nickel back spot.


    • NEPD says:

      Good to see ya back Jared. Butler is a guy who might start on the outside and switch inside at times.

      Agreed with Edelman, but he could still be impressive – even in spot duty.

  3. Coach Bill says:

    I’m going with Laurence Maroney. Contract year is going to bring some hard-nosed running.

  4. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    Not sure if you can still call him a breakout player, but I’m going with Sebastian Vollmer. Going to have a big year.

  5. JMC says:

    All these young guys have got to make the step up for this team to succeed this season- I’ll looking forward to the impact of Spikes and Tyrone- lots of impacts at the line of scrimmage… Go get’em kids- It be really good to see a tough New England Defense again-

  6. Jeff says:

    I have to agree…but would love to see Chung and Brace take more of a role this year. Tate is very talented but needs to stay on the field…if he does stay healthy I expect him to make a huge impact on ST and the offense.

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